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Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows software by Microsoft and has been widely used across the globe. Besides its innumerable amazing features and qualities, it stops working properly due to more occupied storage space on the hard drive. Unnecessary large files and programs in storage often result in system crashes, corruption, and bad functionality. If you are facing the issue of not having enough free storage space on your Windows 10 system, here are some of the best and most effective ways to free up storage space on Windows 10.

By Removing Junk Files With Storage Sense

It is one of the best and first steps to free up storage space on your Windows 10 system or laptop. Junk files always corrupt other files and crash the system. If it’s the scenario, you can eliminate all the junk files by using storage sense on Windows 10. To do so:

1.     Open settings

2.     Click on System from the available options.

3.     Select Storage and navigate to the ‘Change how we free up space’ option.

4.     Click on the Run it Now option and you are good to go.

By Freeing Up Deleted Files In the Recycle Bin

It is amongst the most critical point that users ignore even when they face the low storage space issue on their Windows 10 system. Recycle Bin is the place where all the deleted files are present but they still occupy space on the system. It is always advisable to clear the deleted files in the Recycle Bin on your Windows 10 system. And to do so:

1.     Click on Start.

2.     Find Recycle Bin in the Windows search bar on the bottom left corner of the screen.

3.     After opening the Recycle Bin, press Ctrl + A to select all the files.

4.     Right-click on the screen and click on delete.

5.     Confirm on Yes from the prompt and all files will be cleared from the Recycle Bin.

By Enabling Storage Sense

Storage Sense is a built-in feature on Windows 10 which amazingly manages the storage on your Windows system. The feature effectively prevents you from running out of storage space and to enable the feature to follow the steps listed below:

1.     Open Settings and choose System.

2.     Click on Storage and under the storage section.

3.     Click on ‘Change how we free up space automatically’.

4.     Click on the Run It Now option and the issue will be resolved.


Howdy, I’m  Mia Davis. I’m a software engineer living in Manhattan, New York. I am a fan of technology, photography, and design. I’m also interested in music and blogging. You can visit my website


Reddit is amongst the top social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion platform. It is a self-proclaimed internet’s front page. If you are an iOS user, then luckily you have a wide variety of apps and alternative Reddit browsing apps. Here I have shortlisted some of the best apps to browse Reddit on your iPhone & iPad.


Reddit app itself is one of the best options to browse Reddit. The app has amazing features which include commenting, posting, and uploading media files. Reddit app offers a fine range of features. The app is free to download and has a monthly $6.99 fee for its premium version. The premium version of Reddit allows you to access the lounge subreddit and 700 coins free per month subscription. It is an official app of Reddit and cooperates amazingly on Reddit browsing. Reddit official app is suitable for almost every user.


Narwhal is another amazing app to browse Reddit. It offers some seriously amazing features to its users. The app is easy to use and consists of the best combination of features. Narwhal is quite similar to Reddit official app and has many more features. The app does everything you need, shows your content and media you prefer. Users can make changes in the app according to their preferences. You can close unwanted pop-up ads and a lot more all-in-one place. It even enables you to keep an eye on a particular active thread or a conversation. Narwhal has the best combination of features and simplicity.


BaconReader is another excellent app very similar to Reddit official app. It has a very simple and sleek design with quite amazing browsing features.  BaconReader offers a dark mode feature for more convenient Reddit browsing even at night. It allows you to vote on posts you see on Reddit every day. BaconReader app has filters that keep unwanted stuff aside. It shows you posts you prefer on Reddit.


Apollo is an ideal and best Reddit browsing app for power users. It is amongst the most likable apps among the Reddit community. Apollo has stunning looks and features in it. It offers in-line media previews and GIF’s rewinding and fast-forwarding. Everything in Apollo is customizable so you can make changes according to your preferences and convenience. Apollo is one of the most likable apps for Reddit browsing. Apollo app is suitable for the majority of Reddit users.

 Beam for Reddit

This is a free app that does not come with pro options. You can switch between the dark and light modes. It allows you to post content, tracks your history, and supports thumbnails.


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