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The Amazon Echo Show 10 is not just Amazon’s best smart display but also the most innovative, complex, and best-sounding smart home hub ever. The brushless motor that rotates its 10.1-inch HD display around a 350-degree arc practically silently is the first thing that will catch your eye when you pull it out of the box, but there will be plenty more to get excited about once you start using it to its full potential.

The Echo Show 10 spins its display around its base based on feedback from its integrated 13-megapixel camera and far-field microphones, ensuring that it is constantly facing you. Whether you follow a recipe, make a video call, or watch a Netflix movie, this is a great tool.


The display is mounted in a new, rather large barrel speaker base, and the third-generation Echo Show 10 looks more imposing than its predecessor. It can follow you about — not from room to room, luckily, but as you engage with it, the screen flips to direct its face at you.

The Echo Show 10 should be placed at least 15.5cm away from the wall. Of course, this does not rule out the possibility of putting it in a corner or on a shelf, but doing so would significantly restrict its movement and some of its most important features.

The screen is connected to a lever on the top of the main body, so you can tilt it manually, although you still cannot nod correctly when you speak. The bottom edge of the screen is 6 cm higher than the surface to be installed, and the top edge of the screen can be up to 24 cm, depending on the slope.

The main body of Show 10 is completely free of buttons and is covered in a fabric produced entirely of recyclable materials. A mic on/off button, volume settings, three little mics (one forward-facing, two on each side of the mute button), and a basic camera cover slider that not only hides the camera but also inhibits movement are all located across the top of the screen.

These buttons work fine, but they aren’t clearly labeled and thus end up frequently turning the mic off when attempting to lower the volume. Of course, this isn’t a huge deal: if you accidentally muted your music, you’ll see an orange bar at the bottom of the screen, and you can always say “Alexa, turn the volume down” to change the volume of your music hands-free.

While you can change the brightness of the screen on-screen by swiping down from the top of the touchscreen, you can’t do the same with the volume.


On a strong driver-packed plinth, the Echo Show 10 feels like a large, moving smart tablet. That isn’t always a bad thing. The capacity to track you around is the main feature here.

When there’s another person in the room, the Show 10 can get a bit confused, but the accuracy is nearly uncannily good for the most part. It doesn’t always follow you; after a few moments of inactivity, it returns to a central point and waits patiently for you to engage with it again.

You can even program the screen to silently display the latest football scores, weather forecasts, or headlines, which we found to be far less obtrusive and far more useful than we expected during our testing.

Netflix and Amazon Prime apps are effectively integrated when streaming TV content on Show 10, but there are a few holes in the video offering, including Disney Plus and YouTube. You can tell Alexa to look for YouTube videos. You can even program the screen to silently display the latest football scores, weather forecasts, or headlines, which we found to be far less obtrusive and far more useful than we expected during our testing.

The camera has been upgraded from 5MP to 13MP, and this is where one of the most significant improvements can be found. You can ‘drop in’ visually from the Alexa app on your smartphone by selecting ‘communicate’ and tapping on the Show 10 symbol — and no one on the other end needs to answer. You can, however, go much further. On the Alexa app and the Show 10, tap ‘All devices,’ then ‘camera,’ to get a live view of your house. Swipe your smartphone left or right to manually move the Show 10 around your room in real-time.

You now have a surveillance camera that zooms in and out depending on how close a moving object is to the screen, allowing you to check if the family silver has been stolen, see if a package has come, or simply spy on the cat. It’s an interesting feature.

It’s also a complete home hub, as you’d expect from Amazon’s flagship smart device. It can be used to set up and control Zigbee smart home devices such as lights, doorbells, and thermostats.


Echo Show 10 can be used as a Bluetooth speaker without using WiFi or streaming media. Connect your iPhone and play with a lot of passion and weight across the frequencies, even if it feels a little squeezed.

If you don’t like a bass-heavy presentation, the Alexa app allows you to adjust the Show 10’s bass, midrange, and treble EQ settings. The Echo Show 10 isn’t being marketed as a sound device because the screen partially obscures the drivers, but it’s also not a particularly detailed or expansive listen for its price range. It has a lot of power, but the little over-emphasized bottom muddies the clarity of the voices and the expressive texture of the musical instruments.

But, while we’re naturally focusing on the Echo Show 10’s visual and sound quality for this review, focusing solely on these aspects does the gadget a disservice – it’s about so much more.

The perfect location for the Echo Show 10 is on a kitchen counter, where it can cheerfully swing around displaying the new recipe you’re trying out, playing a podcast to keep you company, and possibly offering a second screen to keep you up to date on the football.

Alexa works smoothly, the sound quality is decent enough for a kitchen dance with your oven gloves on, and while it lacks auditory brilliance, that isn’t its raison d’être. In the end, you’d buy this device for the added convenience and utility that a screen provides.


The Show 10 is practical, instructive, and simple to operate, and it will quickly become a valuable and dependable addition to any household. We weren’t expecting to like it as much as we do. It won’t be your new sound system – at this price, we’d expect more in terms of quality – but it is an excellent smart device.

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lena marley

Many people are expecting Amazon to revive the failure of its Fire Phone to bring back Alexa as a first-class mobile assistant. There are a lot of hopes that Amazon may re-introduce Alexa as a voice assistant, equal to Google Assistant and Siri. However, it’s not sure if an Amazon-branded phone is a way to go. 

Undoubtedly, when we talk about mobile voice assistants, the two big names that come to mind are Google and Apple. It is because Android and iOS have the ability to offer on-the-go assistance when compared to Alexa.

Talking about smartwatches, the two best devices available in the market are Apple Watch SE and Series 6, featuring easy access to Siri. On the other hand, some of the best Android smartwatches that include Google Assistant are Fossil, Oppo, and Mobvoi. 

According to recent news, future Fitbits, including Sense 2, Versa 4, and all other upcoming devices will no longer be compatible with Alexa. Though Amazon has its presence on third-party wearables, it doesn’t deliver the same experience as first-party providers. 

Notably, Amazon has been trying its best to give Alexa more of a mobile experience, but unfortunately, it still couldn’t beat Google and Apple. For instance, Amazon’s first attempt was when it introduced a version of Alexa in the car. Not only this, but other third-party car accessories for Alexa haven’t progressed much. 

Now that you’re familiar with attempts made by Amazon to bring Alexa out in the real world, there are a few ways that could help Amazon make mobile Alexa wearable. For instance, Amazon came out with expensive versions of Kindle-e-readers, which offered free 3G connectivity. Don’t you think it’ll be an amazing idea if Amazon includes the same in future wearables featuring Alexa? 

Furthermore, Amazon is already in action with certain health and fitness services, including Headspace, WeightWatchers, OrangeTheory Fitness, Aaptiv, and more. Have you ever paid attention to what would happen if these health and fitness partners get expanded from the Halo experience to Alexa fitness wearable? It’ll help in the adoption of such a device. For instance, asking Alexa to guide you on a workout or prepare your meal, the way you do with your Echo Buds. 

Are you the one looking forward to trying an Alexa smartwatch or next-generation wearable? The idea of Amazon turning Alexa more mobile sounds incredible. Therefore, it’ll be more exciting to see when the plan is converted into action.

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Tiger Jarvis
Working and Benefits of Smart Socket

Working and Benefits of Smart Socket. Today is that the era of up to date technology during which new inventions can happen. Due to these inventions, work becomes more manageable than the previous couple of decades — new technology discussed during this article, and this new technology known as a smart plug. A smart plug device is constructed so that it allows other devices to plug into it.

smart socket

This smart socket is a smart plug because of the facility from the outlet. Through This Plug, you’ll on/off the connected device’s power or Set a Timer for on/Off through App, Or by voice through Google home/Alexa. The app works on a smartphone. You’ll monitor the energy consumption of the connected device. Smart plug control works through the internet, and therefore the device is connected through your Home Wi-Fi. Scheduled the devices’ facility and monitors the energy employed by the devices plugged into a smart socket. We will say that a smart plug system can control other household energy devices with one click. When a home used a smart plug system, it’s a smart home.


Smart Socket plugged into the prevailing outlet, inserted into a wall, and allows other devices to be plug-in. And people’s devices filled within the smart socket are called smart devices because they’re using the smart technology as mentioned within the last paragraph that Smartphones used for the functionality of smart socket. When a user can install an application named “Alexa” from the google play store, it can Power On /off connected devices Through Smart Phone, Google Home, or Alexa. Timer Function for on/off. Or monitor the energy consumption of connected Electrical Equipment; it needs a WIFI connection for functionality. Smart Plug works with Alexa to feature voice control to any outlet. Smart sockets should connect with Alexa. And it plays the guard’s role as well; once you aren’t at home, and you would like to show on the lights, ask Alexa to turn on the lights it seems that somebody is at home. 

By using the application, you furthermore may schedule that when the devices activate and off. We will say that smart plugs are an antitheft device. Some smart sockets have an option of Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll turn on and off the devices plugged into the smart socket any time and from anywhere. WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity depend on the company they’re introduced in their invention of the smart socket. The below Picture shows the smart socket used at Smart home and every one appliance controlled by a smartphone.

smart socketBenefits of Smart Socket:-

Smart Sockets are entirely beneficial for homes, offices, marts, shopping malls, etc., several advantages are. 

  • With the assistance of an intelligent socket. You’ll activate and off your devices remotely.
  • You can monitor your energy use from anywhere within the world. 
  • You can improve your home, office, etc., connectivity. 
  • Manage your devices by easy scheduling. Stuck the devices that aren’t in use. 
  • It can Control by Smart Phone or Voice control through Google Home and Alexa. 
  • Keep your home secure with smart plug temperature control. It seems to seem reception while you’re not.

Amazon Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker With 10-Hour Battery Life Propelled in India at Rs. 4,999

Amazon Echo Input Portable, another shrewd speaker that is intended to convey sans hands Alexa access progressing, has been propelled in India. With seems to be like the current Echo speakers, the Echo Input Portable is touted to convey 360-degree sound understanding to clients close by offering far-field voice acknowledgment. The savvy speaker incorporates a variety of four mouthpieces to empower discussions with Alexa colleague from over the room. In any case, what basically makes the Echo Input Portable unique in relation to all the current Echo speakers - including the ultra-versatile Echo Dot - is the worked in battery that is appraised to convey as long as 10 hours of nonstop music playback on a solitary charge.

Customers can utilize the Amazon Echo Input Portable simply like how they would utilize any of the current Echo speakers. This implies it serves Alexa to the majority and furnishes them with the capacity to play music, tune in to the most recent news or climate cautions, or set an alert by essentially passing voice directions. There is a speaker driver just as the four-receiver exhibit to empower a brilliant speaker experience.

Having said that, Amazon has given an inherent 4,800mAh battery to recognize the experience somewhat and to oblige new use cases. One of them could be to utilize the Echo Input Portable to get a compact Alexa experience that can move starting with one room then onto the next. The other use case that Amazon presumes could be to bring Alexa closer to kids.

"Commonly kids, they don't [remain] in a similar spot - either to do thinks about or to get their work done or even to play, they simply move around the spot inside the home. What's more, we accept that the children could simply convey this one [Echo Input Portable] starting with one room then onto the next room as they coolly start learning," said Parag Gupta, Head of Amazon Devices India, during a media preparation in New Delhi.

Purchasers can likewise control their shrewd home gadgets, for example, savvy lights or attachments by utilizing voice directions through the Echo Input Portable. Essentially, it permits to stream music from administrations, for example, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, and Hungama Music just as offers access to tune in to book recordings from Audible and Kindle while moving around the home. There is likewise Bluetooth availability to stream sound to remote speakers. Nonetheless, there isn't the choice to get a stereophonic encounter by associating various Echo Input Portable - the usefulness that exists on gadgets, for example, the Echo and Echo Plus.

The Echo Input Portable is based on a similar equipment design that appeared with the Echo Input, which Amazon divulged back in September a year ago and propelled in India in January - however the inherent speaker and battery pack are new. There are physical volume catches to increment or reduction the sound just as a power catch to close down the gadget. Further, a committed quiet catch is accessible over the Echo Input Portable to let clients electrically disengage the installed mouthpieces. The speaker accompanies a 4-LED battery pointer, nonetheless, the notable LED ring that is highlighted on existing Echo speakers is absent.

Amazon has given a Micro-USB port to charging the Echo Input Portable. In any case, in case you're set to associate the new speaker with your cell phone or a home theater framework through a link, a 3.5mm earphone jack isn't there to fill your need.

Gupta while talking at the instructions featured that while the engineering of the Echo Input Portable depends on the Echo Input, the gadget is basically structured through the buyer criticism that Amazon got since the dispatch of the Echo Input. The India group at Amazon likewise built up the Echo Input Portable as another item by utilizing the buyer experiences it got past different channels, including on the web surveys, client assistance, and the media.

"The criticism that we were getting about things we need in our gadget was ordered on transportability in India," said Gupta.

The Amazon Echo Input Portable is accessible for pre-arranges in a solitary dark texture structure choice at an early on cost of Rs. 4,999 (real cost of Rs. 5,999). Clients can pre-request the keen speaker through the Amazon India site, and it will be begun shipping from December 18. In addition, the gadget will be accessible for involvement with Amazon gadgets booths situated in shopping centers the nation over.

At first, the Echo Input Portable is selective to India. Gupta, in any case, referenced that after some time, it would arrive at different markets, as well.

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Billy Mark

Amazon Echo and Alexa record and save hundreds of requests regularly. It is very secure and safe to use Amazon Alexa to save your history and recording. But if your storage is filling up, then you can choose to clear your Alexa history and delete recordings by following the steps listed below.

office Setup - :

Steps to Clear Your Alexa History and Delete Recordings Through Voice

  •     Open the Alexa application on the computer or smartphone.
  •     Go to the Main menu.
  •     Click on the Settings tab.
  •     After that, select the Alexa account.
  •     Choose the Alexa Privacy option.
  •     Open the Review Voice History menu.
  •     By going to the Review Voice History column, there you will get the Enable deletion by voice button.
  •     Press on the enable or disable slider for activating it.
  •     Verify the selection you have made by pressing on the Enable option.

Steps to Clear Your Alexa History and Delete Recordings Through Application

  •     Go to Alexa on the computer or smartphone.
  •     Press on the Menu option.
  •     After opening the Sidebar, open the Settings tab.
  •     Choose the Alexa account.
  •     After that, you have to choose the History option.
  •     You will get all your voice recording on the History window.
  •     Choose the recording which you wish to clear from the Alexa history.
  •     Press on the Delete Voice Recording option.
  •     You have to clear your recordings one by one because there is no option to clear all the Alexa history at once.

Alexa will also permit you to play voice recordings. In case you wish to play and review the recordings, then here are the steps listed below to search for the recordings:

  •     Click on the Alexa application provided on the Home screen of the computer or smartphone.
  •     Go to the Settings option.
  •     Log in to the Alexa account by entering the email address and password.
  •     Open the Alexa Privacy column of the menu list.
  •     Click on the Review option to get the voice history on the system.
  •     You will get the voice recording menu list on the screen.
  •    Choose the file which you want to play and after that, press on the Play option.

Start using the Echo application to clear the voice history. Follow the steps listed below:

  •     Press on the Echo application on the computer or smartphone.
  •    Open the Settings tab.
  •     Choose the Alexa account option.
  •     Open the general menu of Alexa privacy.
  •     At last, Open the Review Voice History option.
  •     Here, you will get the menu list of all the requests and recording which you have done.
  •     In case you have not removed anything yet, then you will get all the history on the menu list.
  •    Choose the recording which you wish to clear from the Alexa history.
  •    Press on the Delete option.
  •     In case you wish to clear all your requests, then click on the Delete All Recordings for Today button.

Steps to Clear Your Alexa History and Delete Recordings Using Amazon

  •     Open the default browser.
  •     Click on the Alexa Privacy Hub option.
  •     Press on the Privacy Settings option.
  •     Go down and press on the “Manage smart home devices history” URL.
  •     Log in to the Amazon account by entering the email address and password.
  •     Go to the Your Devices option.
  •     Search for the menu list and find the Echo option.
  •     After getting the Echo option, press on it.
  •     Press on the Delete Voice Recordings button.
  •     Amazon will send you to the warning message.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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Billy Mark

Want to hear your favorite track out loud on Amazon Alexa? Alexa has an inbuilt speaker to communicate or play media. But, the sound is not enough for a big room or in a noisy environment. You can connect and use an additional speaker with your Alexa speaker. Amazon’s Alexa devices – Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Echo Show support external speakers. They can be connected with both types of speakers – wired and wireless. Here is how to connect and use an additional speaker with Alexa.

Norton Setup - :

Before connecting Alexa with a speaker:

  1.     Put your Alexa device at least one meter away from the wireless speaker, if you’re using a Bluetooth speaker.
  2.    For best sound quality and connection, use the certified wireless speaker. Click on “” or “” to check the compatible speaker with their features and price.
  3.    Disconnect Alexa from other devices. Only one wireless device can be connected and used with Alexa at a time.
  4.     Check the external speaker’s battery and charge it if the battery is low.

How to connect and use a Bluetooth speaker with Alexa

  1.     Put the Bluetooth speaker in the pairing mode. In some Bluetooth speaker pairing mode automatically activates when they are power on. But, some have a separate pairing button that needs to be held down to enable the pairing mode. Check your speaker’s user guide for detail.
  2.    Open the ‘Alexa app’ and tap on the ‘Devices.’ When you open the Devices tab, you’ll see Alexa devices on the screen.
  3.     Tap on your ‘Echo’ device.
  4.    After that, tap on ‘Bluetooth Devices.’
  5.     Tap the ‘PAIR A NEW DEVICE’ button.
  6.     Now, wait for your Bluetooth speaker to appear on the screen.
  7.     Tap on your Bluetooth speaker when it appears.
  8.     And go through the screen directions.

Your Alexa device will connect to the Bluetooth speaker. You may also hear a beep confirming paired or connected. Once the speaker is connected, you’ll be able to use it with Alexa.

Tips: You can easily connect your Alexa with the previously connected Bluetooth speaker by saying, “Connect.” Before this, make sure the speaker is on.

How to connect and use a wired speaker with Alexa

Amazon Echo has a 3.5 mm jack on it, which you can use to connect Alexa with a speaker. You can easily connect an Echo device with an external speaker by using a 3.5 mm audio cable or aux cord. Here is how to connect an external speaker with Alexa through a cable.

  1.    Obtain a 3.5 mm audio/aux cable.
  2.     Insert the one end of the aux cable into the 3.5 mm jack of your Alexa speaker. It is at the back of the Echo near the charging port.
  3.     Then insert the other end of the aux cable into the audio jack of the speaker you want to connect with the Alexa.
  4.     Verify the connection.
  5.    Turn on both the devices.

Now, try playing audio on your Alexa, the sound will now come from the connected speaker.

Have fun!

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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Doesn’t it sound really cool to take your Amazon Echo with you when you travel? You are amazed to have an Amazon Echo device with fully set up Alexa. It is working well at your home. You may ask her to turn on the lights, make coffee, set timers and much more. You must miss that comfort while you are out. So now you don’t have to worry about it, you are not going to lose Alex when you are on vacation. Bring it along with you. So now you don’t have to feel bad if your hotel does not echo you. You may take your Echo device with you as it is an excellent companion and it fits comfortably in your suitcase. Smaller Echo Spot is more comfortable to take along. Whatever gadget you use, the process for setting it up is the same.

Here is a small guide about how to set up and use your Alexa device.

Set Up Alexa Device
  1. Plug in your Echo and let it get the power.
  2. Launch the Alexa app on your device.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Your Echo should now be visible in the list of devices.
  5. Click the name of your Echo.
Switch the Wi-Fi Network
  1. Click change in the entry of Wi-Fi Network.
  2. To start your set up on the next screen, click the button connect to Wi-Fi to continue.
Fix Wi-Fi Connection

If you don’t see the orange lighten up screen on your device, hold down appropriate action button to fix the Wi-Fi setup.

Connect Devices
  1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone.
  2. Choose the name of your Echo device.
  3. It must be the word followed by a dash and three letters.
Choose Wi-Fi Network
  1. Alexa will now tell you that you are well connected to the device.
  2. Click continue.
  3. At the next screen, choose your local Wi-Fi network.
Finalize your Wi-Fi Set Up
  1. On the next screen, click the connect button.
  2. Input the password.
  3. Wait for a few minutes for your Echo to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  4. You will now see a message telling you that the set up is complete.
  5. Echo is connected.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Now you can start talking to your Echo.
Change the Location of your Device
  1. You may now need the help of Alexa in telling you about the nearby hospitals, local information and weather reports. Echi doesn’t know where they are actually. So, you manually need to change its location setting.
  2. Come back to the Settings in Alexa App and click the name of Echo.
  3. Toggle down the screen and click the entry for the location of your device.
Enter the New Location
  1. At the location screen of the device, enter a full street address or the city and the state or ZIP code of the current location. Click save now.
  2. You may now ask Alexa for the local information, directions, and recommendations and she will reply on the basis of your current travel spot.

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Karen Minton is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Karen has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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