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Devin Smith

You can ask the Amazon Echo to do common things, including control the smart home devices, play music or make you laugh. However, Alexa has many more skills than you think and you can learn about them here. Here are 6 hidden Amazon Echo features you must know about.

Alexa Can Locate the Keys That Have Gone Missing

When you reach home, it is easy to place the keys without noticing. Although the time that you spent to locate the keys can be annoying. But no issues as you can utilize Alexa to discover the keys while you are in a rush. You have to connect the RFID device to the keychain then connect it with the Alexa. Other options are to set the keys down anywhere or instantly trigger the Echo so that you know where you have situated it.

Alexa Can Chat With Dogs and Cats

Concerned about the fuzzy friends when you are out? Alexa can entertain them when you are away. You have to download the skill in the Alexa app like Meow for cats and Woof for dogs. The Alexa acts as the virtual dog or cat and entertains them by creating a sound like barking or meowing. Alexa can begin the chat, and if the pet responds, then, Alexa will continue imitating the animal voice. Just ask, “Alexa, enable Bark or Meow”, and then the pets will have company all day.

What Should I Wear, Alexa

No one has time to see the weather. If users are running late and want to know, then you can ask Alexa what you should wear sandals or rain boots, a jacket or T-shirt, shorts or pants. Allow the Dress Right skill in the app to know what you should wear. Begin by saying Alexa what I should wear. Then it will give you forecast the weather as well as the outfit depending on the weather.

Reminders for Medication

You always forget to take the medications, it can ask you to take the medicines depending on the medication you have to take. You’ll set the reminder by saying that take the blood pressure pills at 4 pm and so at 4 pm Alexa will remind you.

Writer’s Block

We all have tried to get the report or essay complete before morning, but you have not yet started it. It is known as the writer’s block, and everyone must have experienced it. Alexa has the skill known as Writing inspiration that may motivate you. When you have enabled this skill, say Alexa launch Writing Motivation and you get the writing assistant. 

Donate to the Charity

If you want to help, but you’ll have no time to volunteer, then you can surely donate to several reasons. To start to say, Alexa, I need to donate and then it will ask which charity to like to donate and then how much you want to donate. Ensure that you must have Amazon Pay customize before you donate.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites. 



Amazon Echo and other Alexa devices are amazing. Also, you can add your family member on Amazon Echo. Do you want to add multiple users on Amazon Echo? You can do this by following the steps mentioned below.


Here’s How to Add Multiple Users on Amazon Echo

• Open the Alexa Application

1.    Firstly, go to the Alexa application on the phone.

2.    Ensure that you are logged in with the Amazon account.

3.    Press on the hamburger symbol.

4.    It is located on the top left side of the screen.

5.    After that, press on the Settings option.

6.    Click on the Alexa Account option.

7.    Click on the Amazon Household option.

8.    You can give the invitation to a household member to join the same Amazon Echo.

• Adding the Adult Account

1.    You need to ask the contact whom you wish to add to the Alexa device.

2.    Otherwise, you have to enter the username and password of that contact.

3.    You need to take permission from the adult for entering the username and password registered with the Amazon Echo.

4.    Press on the Verify Account option.

5.    In case that contact doesn’t have the Amazon account, then they have to make a new account.

• Joining the Household

1.    After adding the contact account details, you will get a display which shows the Amazon Households option.

2.    Press on the Join Household option.

3.    This procedure will help you to register for adding this contact.

4.    The other window indicates you the Household has been made.

5.    The new contact is the Amazon Household users now.

6.    The display also provides the instructions to use Alexa in the Amazon Household.

• Register to the Device

1.    The selected contact have to sign in to the Alexa application on the device for finishing the procedure.

2.    In case they wish to use the same device as you are using, then sign out of the application.

3.    Sign in by entering the username and password again.

4.    By going to the Setup window, you will get the name of that contact.

5.    Click on the name of the contact.

6.    They can go to various screens for using the Alexa skills and requests.

• Adding the Child Account

1.    Start setting up the FreeTime.

2.    This procedure will let you add the child to the Amazon Echo device.

3.    You need to set up by going to the Alexa application by pressing on the Devices option.

4.    It is located on the right-hand side of the screen.

5.    Choose the Echo and Alexa to get the menu list of all the Echo device which are currently available.

6.    Press on the Echo on which you wish to add the child.

• Activating the FreeTime

1.    Below the settings tab, press on the FreeTime entry.

2.    You need to turn on the FreeTime option.

3.    You will get the context menu, which will tell you about its features.

4.    Press on the Setup Amazon FreeTime option.

5.    You will get the option to turn off certain services.

6.    Press on the Continue option.

7.    Press on the X button. It is given at the top right-hand side of the display.

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