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Netflix may be the king of streaming service. However, you cannot ignore the Amazon Prime streaming platform. Amazon’s collection may not be as large as Netflix or Hulu’s library, but there is various content which accessible on Amazon, which you will get only on Prime service.

Contents like hit films to indie darlings, Prime provides a large quantity of content that you will not locate anywhere else like shows of the third party, Amazon originals and also the vats backlog of the HBO shows. If you are finding the best content to stream on Amazon Prime, then you are on the right post.

Source:- 5 Best Shows on Amazon Prime to Watch in 2020

The lists of best shows of Amazon Prime

  • The Office
  • 30 Rock
  • The Boys
  • Undone
  • Suits

The Office

If you have seen the American version of The Office available on Netflix, but you have never watched the original show, then you must stream the UK version of it. You will enjoy the series in few hours; the series is of 12 episodes and 2 Christmas specials which is based on the adventures of Tim Canterbury, David Brent, Dawn Tinsley or Gareth Keenan. These characters together made the British version of Michael Scott, Pam, Jim, and Dwight. The series became popular because of the cringe humor and the mockumentary plan.

30 Rock

Tiny Fey is the most famous performers and writers on the Saturday Night of the 2000s, and that’s why it makes the exact intelligence as she utilizes her experience as a female writer of a series to make 30 Rock. A series carry out Liz Lemon who is the head writer of the sketch comedy in Newyork city. As Jack Donaghy has become the president of NBC, then Liz has been pushed to cast the famous fickle film star, Tracy Jordan as a cast, the complete is pushed into confusion.

The Boys

The Boys was the hottest series of 2019 and the amazing success of Amazon after the premiere. It is based on the comic book of the exact name. The series is about the society in which superheroes are common and are part of the regular life, as they are popular like celebrities, influencing as the politicians and get praised for the amazing work that they execute in the society. Naturally, as they have powers, then it does not mean that they will utilize it for good. The series is an all-around team that calls themselves The Boys because they fight against superheroes who use his powers for wrong.


You will be forgiven for not knowing about undone; it is an initial original animated show that was streaming on Amazon. It was generated by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, who is the mastermind of the show, Bojack Horseman, on Netflix. Including the entirely different animation mode and also with a thoughtful tone. It is one of the top show of Amazon Prime in 2019 and probably the best animation of the online that we have seen in these years.


One of the biggest hits of the USA in the 2010s is the Suit which is a greatly popular famous series that stills air these days. The credit goes to the amazing writing, popular cast and mystery of a series. Suits are about strong Corporate lawyers, Harvey Specter in the NewYork city together with the group of Louis Litt, Donna Paulsen, and Alex Williams.



Amazon Prime provides some great collection of horror films to provide a thrilling experience. Though horror has always been the less of a genre as compare to others by one who inclined, viewers at huge have wakened up to the quality of horror, as several horror films and TV shows have got great reviews and praise and great profits at the box office. Every streaming service and studio have the horror content, hits including Stranger Things to craze pieces like Into the Dark. All streaming services provide different collections and so Amazon Prime is not at all unusual. The services include the several terrific terror stories from the classic to new. From amazing classic to indie gems, Amazon Prime offers the horrors to compete with the services out there.

Source:- Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime in 2020

Here are the Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime in 2020:-

  • Absentia
  • Carrie
  • Ginger Snaps
  • Hellraiser
  • Invasion Of The Body Snatchers in 1978
  • Night Of The Living Dead in 1968

The most eminent filmmakers of horror today is the Mike Flanagan, the director of a popular series of Netflix Haunting Of Hill House. He becomes popular recently by directing movies, including Gerald’s Game, Oculus, and Hush, however, the first film was terrifying indie Absentia in 2011. To open much about the plot can be harmful to the new viewers, as it can be the best for the audience to know as little as possible to experience it better. Absentia is the movie that is to make the viewers uncomfortable and upset than making them excited or gross, and it is the best option below the radar pick on Prime.


The most popular writers around the world, horror master Stephen King has seen tasks on both small and big screens number of times. Carrie on Amazon Prime is the first one that makes sense because Carrie was the first published novel by King in 1974. Sissy Spacek, who cast as a titular Carrie White, the teen girl who gets to know that the changes in her body due to puberty also arise the strong telekinetic capability, one who is powerful enough to strike at her tormentors and including the religious zealot.

Ginger Snaps

The werewolf is the horror film’s oldest monster for decades, going back to Universal classic Wolf Man casting Lon Chaney Jr., which is the most creative content of the werewolf tale Ginger Snaps in 2000. It was directed by John Fawcett that has earned a huge fan base through this. Goth sisters Brigitte and Ginger are preoccupied with the word death until the death itself comes to their doors through the attack of a werewolf on Ginger. And soon the Ginger converts into the murderous beast, and it’s the work of Brigitte to try to stop her terror.


Body genre is the sub-genre in the world of horror, including films like The Fly, The Thing, and Scanners fitting in that shape, and Clive Barker, who is the filmmaker and novelist, has crossed all the limits within the film Hellraiser. As the doorway to hell is unlock, consideration of the puzzle box known as Lament Configuration monsters, which are known as the Cenobites guide by the soul-destroying Pinhead. As precipitate, the plot of terrific events takes place when the victim tries to exit from the torture place underworld that lives on a human’s blood.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers in 1978

Several sci-fi tales will surely never lose deepness, and one of a great example will be Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which is a classic novel by Jack Finney. The story is by the director Philip Kaufman in 1978, which is the remake of the original film of 1956, which is available on Prime. Moreover, updating the book for a different generation.

Night Of The Living Dead in 1968

The movie is directed by the master of genre George A. Romero, Night of a Living is about the zombie sub-genre which is created for the audiences. Before the Romero’s film, the zombies were not the resurrected dead who lives on the human flesh, and also they are not dead by attacking them on their brain. The movie’s influence in view, mostly every fiction of zombie, has been received from it like AMC juggernaut The Walking Dead. The movie is also popular as Black man, was in the lead in the era when it’s a topic.

Chloe Deckeris a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. She writes for Norton security products at



Based on the novels of the same name, the hit American sci-fi TV series The Expanse is returning for a fourth installment. Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergus developed series recently dropped a trailer for its upcoming season. The series started airing in late 2015 and has dropped three seasons already. The latest season is set to have ten episodes, all releasing on 13th December 2019.

The story is set in the far future in a human colonized solar system. There is a spar of war flaming amidst humans because of the limited amount of resources. The different factions of social positioning and privilege in existence are walking on eggshells as the balance throughout the planets may unravel at any time.

All the prior seasons have followed the story of their parent novel, and going by this pattern; the fourth season will adapt the fourth novel, Cibola Burn. We will follow infinite new worlds accessible to exploration as a result of wormholes happening at the end of the third season. Tension will grow on a new planet between the greedy corporations and the independent settlers. The settlers are desperate in their attempts to leave the past behind, while the corps simply want to exploit the planet’s resources.

The trailer was dropped on the official YouTube channel of Amazon Prime Video, and it hints on what can be expected from the forthcoming season. Like the prior trailers, this one also does not reveal any major plot points, but the expected amount of action and drama is confirmed via the trailer.

The series is a stand-alone production by Alcon Entertainment, and it previously aired on Syfy. Syfy decided not to renew the series because of the restrictive license agreement, which allowed network only the first-run linear rights. This means that the show had to be watched live, or it would not be successful. The task seems immensely difficult, given the fact that nowadays, people prefer digital media over traditional means of entertainment. Amazon picked the show a couple of weeks later, and it finished filming earlier in 2019.

The show is an independent production that is filmed and sold as a package, which means the quality would not be dropping no matter what network releases it. This was somewhat confirmed seeing the trailer for the upcoming season. JFK’s 1962 speech was used in the trailer, which is as fitting as it is ironic. Fitting in the sense as now humanity has access to the infinite world throughout the galaxy; however, the human tendency to turn on itself and ruin everything could prove to be fatal. The show is much-awaited throughout the globe, and everyone is waiting to see how good of an adaptation the fourth season would be.

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Path of Exile works with Amazon Prime. If you subscribe to Prime, you will light up the purple sacred logo for free. Purple Skeletons and Lavender are weapon effects. In fact, Prime is a service that provides players with quality attributes that are unique to customers with a valid Amazon Prime subscription. Unlike other weapons, this is a weapon that can't be purchased with Path of Exile Currency.

Until May 23, you can start a free one-month trial with Prime, and you can associate your Path of Exile account with Twitch so you can redeem these weapons for free. However, this promotion is only available to players who have a Path of Exile account on our main international server and only for countries accessing Amazon Prime. This gift is usually redeemed on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 premium service items.

Path of Exile is definitely a net action RPG set in the Wraeclast Dark Fantasy Planet. In fact, it is built around the Internet project economy through deep role setting and competitive gameplay. The game is completely free, never «pay to win», you can trade Poe currency and POE Orbs PS4 in this game, and some players buy PoE currency on third-party websites. You can search for «Poe Currency» on Google and then you can find sales, exchanges, and purchase sites. Of course, the first few are very trustworthy.

Then there is a question raised, what is Prime? How will the player get a purple cosmetic set?

In fact, Prime is a service that provides quality attributes that are unique to customers with a valid Amazon Prime subscription. This involves an ad-free experience and offers free content material and game discounts every month.

For you personally, you can access Twitch Prime through Amazon Prime video subscriptions in your country. After you purchase a Amazon Prime video subscription in a newly supported country or region, you can get Twitch Prime offers and Amazon Prime video offers at no extra cost! In addition, Amazon Prime Video offers access to Amazon's original content, exclusive movies and popular TV shows.

If you already have an Amazon Prime or Prime video account, you can connect it to your Twitch account, and then you can enjoy all on-Twitch for several of your accounts, including, ad-free Twitch viewing, custom emoticons, specific chats Badges, etc. Finally, it's important to emphasize that in most countries, you can get Twitch Prime by becoming an Amazon Prime member and then associate your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch Prime account.

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