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Raghavendra Puthran

Ensure and improve your products with trademark, Brand Registry and listing optimization for maximum security and sales.


The means illustrated in this post are intended to shield entrepreneurs from ridiculous trademark protests, forgers and commandeering on Amazon. It is additionally intended to enable dealers to streamline their item postings for enhanced natural discoverability and transformation.


It's crucially essential to request for surveys viably and compensate clients post-buy for contributing.


Trademark Your Products and Brand

It's vital to characterize what precisely a trademark is before you begin with the way toward enrolling for a trademark. The United States Patent and Trademark Office characterize a trademark as: A trademark is a brand name. A trademark or administration check incorporates any word, name, image, gadget, or any blend, utilized or expected to be utilized to recognize and recognize the merchandise/administrations of one vendor or supplier from those of others, and to demonstrate the wellspring of the products/administrations


When you're preparing to enlist your trademark, consider it a descriptor. Your trademark ought to depict what your item or administration does. Try not to be nonexclusive and recall that the significance of your trademark shouldn't impact the manner in which your item capacities.


Having your items and brand trademarked give you numerous focal points. First of all, you can incorporate the ™ logo in the title of your trademarked items. This will give your items and brand believability that numerous purchasers need.


Listing Optimization

As the requirement for Amazon promoting increments for item disclosure, the requirement for item posting improvement should likewise so as to change over customers who arrive on pages. Be that as it may, numerous dealers are seeing high navigate rates and low transformation rates, which make high ACoS rates. This is going on in light of the fact that merchants aren't setting aside the opportunity to make and enhance convincing postings that convert programs into purchasers.


This implies you ought to incorporate applicable catchphrases in your duplicate however be cautious about watchword stuffing since web indexes punish this.


Moving more on Amazon all rely upon what number of value audits you get.


Brands ought to likewise put resources into SEO enhancement, particularly for Amazon, as it's an exceedingly focused condition for estimating, portrayals, audits, and elective items.


At long last, you have to comprehend Amazon's valuing structure and alter your estimating with it.


You can find a portion of the more compelling analysts on Amazon, at that point you can give them 99% limits in return for an audit.


For instance, offering a noteworthy markdown every now and then or running a day by day arrangement can get you enough brand introduction and pull in rehash purchasers.


That joined with extraordinary surveys and upgraded SEO can make for a triumphant procedure.


Nothing is more effective than reviews on other platforms.

Ø  Facebook

Ø  Twitter

Ø  G+

Ø  And many more.


Reviews play a significant role in ranking on Amazon.

Amazon listings can be Search Engine Optimized. They can be promoted utilizing PPC. They can be advanced by means of email and social.


Brand Registry

Enlisting your items and trademark with Brand Registry gives you assurance against fake and copy postings without getting hindered in printed material. The vault gives your image exact portrayal in the commercial center you're moving in. The vault likewise scans for postings that are utilizing your pictures, catchphrases and comparable ASINs naturally. Furthermore, the vault's image assurance include finds and evacuates suspected violators consequently.


Brand proprietors must utilize their current Seller Central qualifications in the event that they had officially enrolled another brand beforehand. Amazon will at that point check the trademark to finish enlistment in the program. From here, Amazon will request more brand information from the proprietor, which encourages it to keep up a legitimate brand database.


Brand Registry does not cost additional; it's an administration Amazon gives to brands no expenses. Pending and Approved-Pending Filing trademark statuses are not qualified for the new Brand Registry program. Just Active statuses are allowed into the program.


Brand Registry can just offer brand insurance inside the commercial centers where the trademark is enrolled. A U.S. trademark is just secured on and in no other commercial center. The U.S. trademark doesn't have an expert in some other nation. The Brand Registry program isn't a brand-gating instrument. You can't utilize it to implement circulation or evaluating. Brand Registry is an apparatus used to battle trademark encroachment, similar to copyrights and fakes as it were. Get your products listed on Amazon with LeapFeed at

AMZ One Step

Amazon is the number one online market place, according to a statistics more 197 million people worldwide, visit amazon to buy their products online. It is a huge count! Amazon is the most reliable platform for shopping, not only for consumers but also for the sellers. A lot of people sell successfully on Amazon, but success needs a strategy. 


A great strategy to be successful on Amazon is Amazon PPC Management. General management of PPC campaigns is a proper skilled based task, but when it comes to a pandemic situation like COVID 19, methods and techniques regarding selling have changed a lot. 


In this pandemic, people have isolated, which changed their preferences of buying products similarly, the sales of different product categories have also affected. Some categories like pharmaceuticals, groceries, home-office supplies have taken off while some have just grounded. 


How Amazon PPC Campaign Grows Your Business?


Amazon PPC (pay per click) advertising has significant impacts on your sales because when a seller or vendor runs the PPC campaign, they are buying the top places for the visibility of their products. Sellers who avail the potential of PPC by building a strategic advertising campaign, raise their business significantly year by year. But if you lack a defined strategy, it will make it difficult for you to achieve your Amazon PPC campaign goals.


What Is Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)?


Amazon PPC is a publicizing model offered by amazon in which promoters (sellers /vendors) pay a cost to Amazon when a customer taps on their (pay-per-click) advertisement. There are three Amazon PPC modules available which are:


  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands 
  • Product Display Ads (PDAs) 


Sponsored Products –when sellers empower their products through Keywords focused promotions. 


Sponsored Brands –when brands advertise to advance their custom features, brand logo, and up to 3 products. With the extent to send buyers on their store pages or a greeting page on amazon.


Product Display Ads –This advertisement type is only accessible for amazon vendors. These Promotions/ ads send customers to the Amazon product detail pages directly. It works best for interest focused buyers to deliver them the relevant product ads they actively look.


5 Key Takeaways With Amazon PPC Campaign  


The Generalized Pandemic trends on amazon pay per click subject during the pandemic situation are as follows; 


  • Huge Online Traffic 


During the pandemic, the whole world passed through the lockdown situation (coming to its end now), which generalized some pandemic trends in Amazon PPC. Like, People at home started to buy each and everything online resulting in massive online traffic (clicks on ads and products) 


  • Online Traffic Ad Revenue And Ad Spend Overall Volume Have Intensified


It is so apparent that when traffic increases, it leads to higher advertising revenue and spend. Besides, brands have higher demands, and better advertising pays. They can raise their advertising spend because it will generate higher revenues than spend. 



  • Advertising Efficiency In Terms Of ACoS And ROAS



ACoS (Advertising Cost of sale) and ROAS (Return on ad spend) are the different sides of a similar picture. It shows you the values you that what have you spent on advertising and, in return, what have you achieved. Keeping records of these insights and putting the right effort will make you able to generate revenues in this pandemic.  



  • Low Competition 



Another critical aspect to consider is, overall competition has decreased, so due to this reason, costs per click have lowered. The pandemic situation was unpredictable in estimating the exact sales or conversion rates because conversion rates were so fluctuating.


However, All these trends showed an increase in advertising investment (but all business needs strategy).


What is the Average Cost Per Click (CPC) Offered By Amazon?


On Amazon, the average CPC ordinarily goes from $0.02-$3. Your standard CPC can likewise differ significantly depending upon the Amazon item class or subcategory you sell in, and how severe your specialty is. 


How To Bid For Amazon PPC?


The Cost-Per-Click (CPC) on Amazon will consistently rely upon the most elevated bidder: 


Every Seller presents a default offer (the greatest they are eager to pay) for their advertisement. The most noteworthy bidder wins the most elevated advertisement position (promotion rank #1) and will likewise pay the highest CPC.


If a seller successes the sale with an offer of $4.00. If someone clicks their promotion, the expense of the snap charged to Advertiser 3 will be $3.51.

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