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Times Square Mall and Residencia is a wonderful and fastidiously arranged blended-use improvement situated in Bahria Orchard, Phase 4, at relatively close to Raiwind Road. It is a venture of Sheranwala Group - one of the most recognized and dependable land designers in the district.

The upscale business and apartment building flaunts a striking façade that is supplemented by contemporary design and lavish inside. Standing tall against a dynamic rural scene, this unique 10-story building covers an area of 14 kanal. The cellar, ground, and first floors of the undertakings are saved for faultlessly planned shops while the subsequent floor will house complex office spaces. The 1-room extravagance condos will be situated on the third, fourth and fifth floors while the 2-room units will be housed on 6th and seventh floors. The eighth floor is devoted to choice penthouses. The undertaking likewise includes a roof garden, sun deck and pool, making it an important expansion to the flourishing extravagance housing market in Lahore.


The Mason Cash mixing bowl is made from high quality, plastic-free stoneware. It is sturdy and chip-resistant. This heavy-duty but light-weight bowl is suitable for many uses, including the kitchen, a home kitchen, or in the office. It also comes in three different colours. It can be used in your kitchen as a regular one or for entertaining guests. For a perfect kitchen accessory, you need to invest in this stoneware bowl.

Whether you need to whip up batter or serve salads, you'll love the mason cash mixing bowl. Its classic design and high-quality materials make it the perfect kitchen tool. The bowl measures about 12" in diameter and holds about 5 litres of batter. This means it will last you for a long time and will not chip or lose its color. You can even hand wash it, which is an added bonus!

Mason Cash mixing bowls are very durable and are dishwasher- and microwave-safe. These ceramic bowls can also withstand a high-speed blender, making them the perfect tool for the kitchen. If you are a serious cook, it's worth investing in a Mason Cash mixing bowl. They will make your life much easier. If you like the look of ceramic bowls, consider investing in a Mason Cash mixing bowl!

The classic Mason Cash mixing bowl has been popular for generations and is known for being chip-resistant. Featuring a raised pattern on the surface, you'll be able to use it as a grip for whipping batter. The bowl is made of slick enamel and will never fade or chip. These are also dishwasher- and microwave-safe. And as a bonus, they are dishwasher-safe, so you can easily clean them with soap and water.

While most mixing bowls cannot be shipped, a Mason Cash mixing bowl is durable, versatile, and functional. It can be used for everything from preparing salads to preparing a meal. They are also available in different colors, and you can find one to match your kitchen decor. No matter what you're cooking, you'll be pleased with the Mason Cash. So, don't delay any longer, and get a MasonCash-style mixing-bowl today!

A what kitchenaid attachment for cookie is not only durable but also very functional. It has a raised pattern that acts as a grip when you're whipping batter. Plus, the enamel is resistant to chipping and fading. It can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, or handwashed. The Mason Cash mixing bowl will make you feel good about baking. It is a great kitchen accessory! So get one today!

If you love the classic design of the Mason Cash mixing bowl, you'll love its durability and versatility. These ceramic bowls are made from durable stoneware, and are perfect for all kinds of recipes. The slick enamel of this bowl makes it easy to clean and will never fade or chip. This is a very durable mixing and serving bowl. It is an excellent choice for home cooks. They are durable and can be used for salads and for mixing batter.

The classic design of a Mason Cash mixing bowl has been loved by home cooks for decades. The bowls have a raised pattern that acts as a grip when whipping batter. And they won't fade or chip, so they're a great kitchen addition. They can also be used for serving salads, and are ideal for mixing salads. Moreover, they are available in a variety of colors and patterns that will match any kitchen's decor. Aside from being a useful kitchen accessory, a Mason Cash mixing or serving bowl can also make a baker feel better.

The Mason Cash mixing bowls are designed to last. This baker set have a raised pattern that works as a grip while you are whipping the batter. Moreover, they are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. And they are also highly resistant to chips and stains. They also come in attractive patterns and colors that are sure to complement any kitchen's decor. The Mason Cash bowl is a perfect choice for the home cook.


This Kitchenaid Professional mixer has been in use for quite a while now. Restaurants and bakeries and home cooks use it for cooking. It's tough and durable but it also allows you to live a healthier lifestyle. Today, the use of the use of preservatives and chemicals in food have gotten out of control. It's hard to tell the ingredients you're eating and the place it was cultivated and processed. With some of these chemicals linked to cancer, it's somewhat frightening to consider what the long-term effects of food could be. Diabetes with high blood pressure and extreme food allergy are increasing and the cost of healthy and organic convenience foods are staggering.

This kitchenaid professional  mixer allows users to take better care of yourself as well as your family. Let's begin with the easiest option - bread. Once you've mastered the art of making bread is easy to make. It can be frozen and be a fantastic source of energy. It is also easier than you may believe. Baking bread involves more being organised than staying all day in the kitchen stove. Making bread dough takes a couple of minutes, and then you take it off for a while to complete other tasks for about an hour. Then return to spend a few minutes working on it, and then do something else for a bit longer while it rests before returning to bake it. You can make everything you require to have for the week in the afternoon, and you don't have to spend too much time working in your kitchen. The process is made even easier by using the help of a Kitchenaid 5 4 quart mixer.

what kitchenaid attachment for cookie is five-quart mixer is an ample capacity, as well as motor to allow an entire family of four to bake every bread cookie or cakes you'll ever need. However, if you have a an extended family, often entertain or prefer to save time by making more batches of bread at once, the Kitchenaid 6 4-quart mixer is ideal the right mixer for you. It can bake large quantities of bread at once, making it even easier to save time. Nothing is more delicious than freshly bread baked, however for a healthier option, buy grains mill Kitchenaid attachment and begin making bread that is more nutritious now. If the bread is made for a longer period of time after it is milled, the less nutritional value is present in the grain. Bread companies typically utilize grains that have been milled for a lengthy duration, which lowers the amount of nutrients that you get from the store bread. It is likely that you've heard about how easy to create the most delicious mashed potatoes using the Kitchenaid 6 4 quart mixer. It's hard to beat the wonderful texture they offer exactly like the ones that restaurants make. This is the truth and the mashed potatoes can be more nutritious than French fries and are easy to prepare. You can also create an even healthier version of your potatoes by adding cooked carrots, celery root, or the rutabaga. Make mashed sweet potatoes with any other root vegetables to create a healthier option. This is a great method to introduce vegetables into a children who aren't a fan of eating.

Whichever model you choose to use, the Kitchenaid mason cash mixing bowl, or Kitchenaid 6-quart mixer,, both are able to use the features of Kitchenaid attachments. For those of you or the loved ones enjoy Ice cream, the Kitchenaid attachment can create a healthier and healthier Ice cream. What about an organic fruit sorbet. It's easy to make and will keep for a long period of time, so that you always have it available. A very well-known of the Kitchenaid attachments is the shredding and slicing attachments. It makes meal preparation fast and simple. Additionally, you can prepare gorgeous looking meals to impress your family and friends. It doesn't matter if you require the huge Kitchenaid 6-quart mixer, or whether you think the Kitchenaid 5-quart mixer can meet your needs, making healthy and healthier meals will give you energy and increases the quality of life for yourself along with your household. Kitchenaid Professional mixer series Kitchenaid Professional mixer series is designed to help you stay fit and fit.



There is loads of exhortation with respect to wellness and exercises when working out. Some exercise tips do convey solid base and others are misdirecting. The deceptive exercises are just what we call exercise fantasies. So what are a portion of the exercise fantasies we have out there?

• An individual will gain twofold weight on the off chance that he/she quits working out 

The main way an individual gains weight is the point at which he/she keeps eating as much as she used to previously and stops to work out. It prompts no loss of muscle versus fat on the grounds that as one likely could be consuming some fat, he/she includes increasingly fat from the run of the mill diet. at long last, it has makes no effect at all subsequent to expanded muscle to fat ratio. Diet ought to be modified by an individual's action to help support metabolic rate. Any sort of activity helps in loss of muscle versus fat. Such exercise remember utilizing the flight of stairs for the working environment or strolling a separation. 

   neutral. Like

• Performing crunches or other stomach exercises empowers one accomplish a level stomach 

Crunches and other stomach exercises empower an individual reinforce the center muscle. This is acceptable over the long haul. An individual loses fat in the stomach when working out at a consistent pace. It relies upon losing by and large muscle to fat ratio. Thusly an individual ought not target just a particular piece of the body for loss of muscle versus fat. 

• Walking consumes less fat contrasted with running 

Running and strolling are extraordinary. Every ha diverse power of action. Strolling and running consumes a similar measure of calorie per mile. Running gives the heart a superior exercise in light of increment in the pulse. It is separation and power that considers a factor to consuming of muscle versus fat however not the movement. 

• Workouts at home are not powerful contrasted with exercises in the rec center 

Rec center exercises happen in a progression of in vogue activities and hardware use. A fixed home exercise dependent on routine produce a similar outcome as exercise in a rec center. The determinant factor for being successful in any exercise is to have self inspiration and be a starter. What is important is accomplishing a normal exercise schedule. One more thing, the activity should be performed utilizing the correct procedure and browsed practices directly for the body type. 

• It is smarter to practice on a vacant stomach 

A vacant stomach doesn't give moment vitality required during exercise. It is subsequently significant that an individual eats least dinners thirty minutes before practicing if feeling sufficiently hungry.

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