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McAfee, since its inception, has focused on two specific goals- fighting against cybercrime and adding to the welfare of society. It has been doing it successfully till today by providing highly advanced security software (mostly antivirus software), and by several CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives across the world. Here, in this read, we’ll be discussing a very significant web link-

McAfee is the most reliable brand that ups the surveillance on the data you’ve published online or has a digital version. And the web link will help you with the process of activating your subscription using a retail card. Once you’ve completed the procedures, you can spend more time online with strong protection protocols put in place by McAfee solutions along with minimizing your digital footprints.

Steps to activate your subscription

Given below are the steps that you’d have to undergo for the McAfee subscription activation:

1.       Use a web browser for getting into

2.       Feed-in your registered email and associated product key.

3.       Put a hit on the “Next” link after ensuring the data validity.

4.       Keep up with the displayed prompts to finish the activation.

Note: You can get your McAfee solutions in-store and from its official site online, and the product key will be unique to each unit, which holds a lot of significance at the time of activation.

Steps to activate your retail card subscription

Listed below are the steps to activate your subscription using your retail card:

1.       Pay a visit to McAfee’s official page.

2.       Get inside the “Account” option key.

3.       Choose the “Redeem your Retail Cark” key.

4.       Look for the product key on your retail card.

5.       Copy-paste it to the associated space on the page.

6.       “Submit” it and provide the email registered.

7.       Go “Next” and select the appropriate options.

8.       Now, put in the activation code with the same email.

9.       “Submit” the data and ensure the email validity.

10.   Navigate the received email for verification.

Note: You can install the software on your devices post-activation for a better McAfee protection experience. You can also choose to go to and follow the instructions (step 8 onwards).


McAfee provides the best-in-class products to work as the protection wall against cybercrime and its services are stretched globally. This read is specific to helping you with activating your McAfee subscription on Thus, give above are the elaborated steps for the same with and without the process for retail card redemption.

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McAfee offers security solution software to its users. This security solution software program that is also known as the McAfee Total Protection program protects your mobile or computer from several malware and viruses. After installing the McAfee Total Protection program on your device, you can surf the web without worrying about your online security and privacy. To install the McAfee Total Protection software on your device you need to provide the product key by visiting the webpage.

After providing the product key on the activation page, you will be allowed to download the desired product that you have purchased on To access the McAfee activation page you may need to log in to your McAfee account. Let’s move forward to discuss the steps to install the McAfee Total Protection software with the product key.  

Way to install the McAfee Software with Product Key

Make sure that your device is connected to an active internet connection and you have the details like product key and login information of McAfee account as these are primary requirements to complete the installation process of the McAfee Total Protection program.

1.      Using your device, visit the page

2.      Now, on the activation page, log in to your McAfee account

3.      After logging in to your account, you will be asked to provide the 25-digit product key

4.      Enter the product key carefully in the corresponding field and tap on the ‘Submit’ button

5.      Now, find the ‘McAfee Total Protection Program Download’ link and tap on it

6.      Then, wait for a while and let the browser finish the downloading process

7.      After completing the downloading process, locate the downloaded file on your computer or mobile

8.      For computer users, right-click on the file and select the ‘Run’ option

9.      Follow the instructions to install the McAfee Total Protection software on your device

10.  Finally, you have completed the installation steps for the McAfee Total Protection program


To sum up, install the McAfee Total Protection on your mobile or computer and start surfing the web without fear of online fraudulent activities. The easy and steps to install the McAfee security solution software are illustrated above in this post by us. Make sure to enter all the details correctly that are asked on the webpage to complete the installation process of McAfee security solution software quickly. 

All Tech Computers

All Tech Computers -

Why is computer repair best left to experts?

Are you always worried about repairing your computer?Many people have one solution to do when something goes wrong with our computers: turn it off and back on again. When that doesn’t work, we panic: “How am I supposed to do anything?” People often communicate with “ IT  knowledgeable people” or friends, staff or members of the family for help at the instant. But computer repair is best left to experts.


Consider the investment you’ve made in your computer. Now, ask yourself: when was the last time I backed up? Please, say recently! If not, consider the worth of the content you may lose if the computer  isn't handled with care. When a computer user sets out to investigate the matter, they are doing so with utmost caution. Before doing anything, they’ll know to create an identical to your drive. Then, in identifying and solving the matter, they know what's safe to undertake. They also know what actions to avoid.

The Price of Amateur Fixes

Your family / friend / tech support might intercommunicate the web for help. Sure, us technicians also look to Google for help sometimes. Will your oh-so-helpful friend know which answers are relevant to your situation and what may cause more harm than good? Trying various things is dangerous if the approach isn’t suited to the matter. When friends admit the repair is beyond them, you’ve already wasted time letting them take a crack at it. Worse, they'll actually break your computer or lose important files. You have to visit the experts now, All Tech Computers in Grant Pass, OR., for that new part or within the hope of retrieving the data.

Ask All Tech Computers in Grant Pass, OR.,. They go to possess various stories to tell about computers “fixed” by amateurs who made the matter worse, in which they'll even have lost data along the way (just consider the worth of all the knowledge the computer contains). Computer repair may look simple sometimes, but expert decision-making along with years of experience determines the only solution. Avoid doing more damage to your computer. Fixing a computer isn’t always simple. Get expert help to preserve the utmost amount of data as you will be able to, and avoid expensive replacements as long as possible.



Three Reasons why computer repair is best left to the experts

It is natural after you own a computer to become attached thereto to a specific degree. This can be also true if you're employed in an exceedingly company that uses computers, you'll become attached to the computer that helps you do your work. But persistently our computers have issues and that we are too invested in them to require notice. When an issue first starts, an expert has to have a glance as soon as possible.

  1. Little problems nearly always become big problems

There are several key things that a casual computer does on an everyday basis that may lead to a large problem down the road. These same problems are then repeated by people within the workplace, because people have similar computer habits at work that they need at home.


  • Over use of cleaning programs and efficiency scanners.

  • Refusal to acknowledge error messages.

  • Failure to clean out old programs and files.

  • Not getting routine maintenance.


When you don't correct these problems immediately they exacerbate. When problems deteriorate they eventually render the machine unusable. A visit to the computer  repair person is required and comes at a better cost than it might have. A correct care of a computer and routine sign in with an expert are both important to proper health and your wallet. The maximum amount as you mustn't go years without seeing your doctor, your computer shouldn't go years without seeing it's doctor.


  1. Consider your problems before you take it to a repair person

As most computer repair people will tell you, "we aren't mind readers, we'd like to understand roughly what's wrong to be able to fix it". You do not need to have a degree to be able to notice what's wrong along with your computer. But taking your computer to the repair person only to state that its acting "funny" doesn't facilitate your computer, or your repair person. Proper communication can mean you get your device back faster than if they need to guess what's wrong. If your repair service involves you they will need several days to mend an issue that might be fixed faster with better communication.


Sometimes the best act of giving them a call, and describing what's wrong, can ease your mind about what's happening, computer problems are scary. Especially if you depend on them to earn a living. An awfully simple problem may happen and it's just like the end of the world to you. But to your repair person it's an easy fix.


  1. All computers have an expiration date

We all wish our computer were stamped with a date when it's officially going to no longer function. This can be due partly to advancements in replacement parts and systems. Even with steady replacement of bad parts, good care, and a correct use of a computer it'll eventually die. Learning a way to judge when enough replacing is enough could be an art to the maximum amount because it is a science. You've got to balance your love of your machine with good judgment. Eventually you finish up investing quite a replacement device. a decent computer repair service is trained to grasp when and the way to inform you it's time to exchange it.


All in all, the simplest advice for someone considering a computer repair service or computer repair advice is this: Always consider if your judgement of the case is clouded or not by what quantity you're attached to your computer.


Have computer problems? We are able to help. We do computer repairs for a living! And our experts are friendly, too. To answer your questions or to produce Computer support and IT Support within Grant Pass, OR.,area please contact us. We'd be happy to listen to you. All Tech Computers have the experience and technical knowledge to assist you together with your technology issues. We all know technology so you do not need to.

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A question that pops up now and then in the recent digital era- What is ransomware?

Well, it is a malware or a type of cyber threat that has grown rapidly in the last few months. The hackers encrypt and hold important data and information to pressurize the victim to pay the ransom.

The victim can be a person, a family, a group of people or an entire organization. The data is held captive with no permission of access to the owners. The victims are demanded a certain amount of money in return for access.

According to McAfee, it is not enough to just buy an antivirus solution and installing it via

This is because when an organization is attacked with ransomware, every individual related to it gets entitled to worry. As in this technology-dominated world, data is stored and can be shared very easily.So let’s see what McAfee professionals have to say about it.

How to know about The Risk of Exposure?

As a consumer/client of an organization, you trust them with your personal data. You trust them with maintaining confidentiality. But, when such a thing as ransomware comes into the picture, it might be difficult for you.

They issue public reports, publish social media posts and make public statements to let you know about the kind of data that might be at risk, which is the best way to know that your data is now, officially, at risk of being exposed.

But with that transparency, you might find it less difficult to believe in them.


Apart from getting the best McAfee antivirus and installing it through, here are a few tips that might help you secure your data:

·         Maintain a backup of all your data

·         Maintain online safety with browsing

·         Ensure using secured networks only

·         Keep changing your credentials

·         Incorporate password manager software

·         Never settle on paying the ransom

·         Enable multi-layer authentication programs

·         Ensure a comprehensive security solution

Note: When talking about comprehensive security, is the best way to go and choose from a wide variety of virus detection methods.

CONCLUSION offers you the best solutions and helps you install your antivirus program software into your systems.

However, McAfee knows that ransomware attacks do not just affect one person or an organization. It affects and everyone related to it, and that is why they have recommended eight very significant and easy tips to safeguard yourself from these attacks.

And never paying the ransom is one of the primary goals as there is no guarantee of total security even after it is paid.

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We’ve all heard stories about accidents and sufferings because the individuals in the driver’s seat were on phone. Not talking over the phone, but texting. 

And because their important conversation over the chat couldn’t wait, the victim's family members keep praying and waiting for their fast recovery.

One of McAfee’s Family Safety Evangelists took the opportunity to suggest a few settings and applications that can help in avoiding these uncertainties. After all, she pointed out, safety is more than just installing your antivirus software through

Let’s get you familiarized with what she had to suggest to everyone to avoid the lifelong guilt and burden of hurting another.


McAfee thrives on the foundation of togetherness and delivers exclusive products and services with the sole hope of a united world that can fight against everything wrong.

They started with fighting cyber attacks and authorizing users to activate their antivirus subscriptions via Today, the organization with its stakeholders, offer suggestions to several online and offline real-life issues to make the world a better place to live in.

Here’s what you can do to avoid the text-and-drive accidents from ever happening:

  • Put the phone away

The easiest way to choose from getting distracted is putting your phone away so you cannot operate it.

  • The operating system shortcuts

Manage your iOS and/or Android smartphone settings to let your phone auto-reply to texts while you’re driving.

  • DriveMode

Install the software that launches automatically whenever it senses that your vehicle is at a speed of more than 25 miles per hour (mph) and responds to all texts/emails.

  • DriveOff

Get this application on your Android phones to shut off applications and block any incoming texts or emails while you are driving at more than 10 mph.


If it cannot wait, get this app that would read out your text messages in real-time and will respond without you touching the phone.

Note: These ways are easy and extremely free. So, you get customized experiences from your smartphones and avoid accidents at all times.


On one hand, getting your McAfee antivirus set up on will provide safety to your online or digital life, and on the other hand, the suggestions above will provide safety in real life.

Yes, there are ways to take precautions and avoid accidents, whether it is about avoiding cyber threats, or life threats.

So, adjust your settings, get that software, and install that application. One tiny initiative can save lives and save you from a lifetime scar of hurting a fellow human.

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McAfee antivirus programming is intended to forestall, perceive and oust malware assaults on computing gadgets, organization, and IT frameworks and can likewise ensure against a wide assortment of dangers, malware like Keyloggers, program criminals, Trojan ponies, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware, botnets, and ransomware. Antivirus programming typically continues running as a foundation interaction, analyzing PCs, workers or mobile phones to recognize and limit the spread of malware. The main five antivirus programming is Norton antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, Trend Micro Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, Webroot antivirus. 

Here is the rundown of the best Five antivirus programming you should know: 

Norton Antivirus 

Norton Antivirus will be antivirus programming, made and appropriated by Symantec Corporation since 1991 as a significant part of its Norton family PC security things. it is email spam isolating and phishing security. 

Symantec conveys the product as a download, a case copy, and as OEM programming. Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security, a connected programming, held a 61% US retail market of the general business for security suites as of the primary bit of 2007. 

Norton Antivirus continues to run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. Windows 7 assistance was being produced for variations 2006 through 2008. Transformation 2009 has Windows 7 supported update as of now. Variations 2010, 2011, and 2012 all locally support Windows 7, without requiring an update. Transformation 12 is the fundamental structure completely great with Mac OS X Lion. you can download it from

McAfee Antivirus 

Mcafee, LLC in the past known as McAfee Associates, Inc. in 1987–2014 and Intel Security Group in 2014–2017) is an American overall PC security programming association settled in Santa Clara, California and cases to be the world's greatest gave security development company. 

The association was gotten by Intel in February 2011 and ended up being a piece of the Intel Security division. 

On September 7, 2016, Intel pronounced a vital course of action with TPG Capital to change over Intel Security into a joint undertaking between the two associations called McAfee antivirus. That course of action shut on April 3, 2017. Thoma Bravo took a minority stake in the new association, and Intel keeps up a 49% stake. you can download it from

Pattern Micro Antivirus 

Pattern Micro Internet Security (known as PC-cillin Internet Security in Australia and Virus Buster in Japan) is an antivirus and online security program made by Trend Micro for the purchaser promote. According to NSS Lab close to the examination of programming items for this market in 2014, Trend Micro Internet Security was fastest in responding to new web dangers. 

Hostile to malware and web danger insurance, the superior adaptation of this product incorporates compatibility for PCs, Macs, Android or iOS cell phones; parental controls; wholesale fraud counteraction; a protection scanner for significant long range interpersonal communication locales; and 25 GB of distributed storage. 

Kaspersky Antivirus 

Kaspersky (Antivirus Kasperskovo); In the past known as AntiViral Toolkit Pro; much of the time alluded to as KAV) is an antivirus programming made by Kaspersky Lab. It is expected to protect customers from malware and is fundamentally proposed for PCs running Microsoft Windows and macOS, truth be told, a form for Linux is accessible for business purchasers. 

Webroot antivirus 

Webroot antivirus programming is created by Webroot inc. is a private American association that gives Internet security to customers and associations. The association was set up in Boulder, Colorado, US, and is at present settled in Broomfield, Colorado, and has US exercises in San Mateo and San Diego, and comprehensive in Australia, Austria, Ireland, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The widespread settle is arranged in Dublin, Ireland.

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Telecommuting has consistently seemed like the ideal circumstance for some individuals, however it is exceptionally simple to be frustrated by stares off into space when you are displeased about awakening at profane hours in the first part of the day for work. The new COVID-19 pandemic has, tragically, affected all parts of our normal lives and restricted a large portion of us to inside the bounds of our homes. This has incited numerous associations to request that their representatives begin telecommuting. While it might feel unideal to a considerable lot of us now for an assortment of reasons, the primary issue in the present circumstance is that of safety. To defeat Security issues introduce McAfee activate Antivirus Software. 

With true reports expressing that endeavors to hack into PC frameworks and take information are at a record-breaking high because of expanded utilization of distant innovation, it has gotten fundamental for us all to get our frameworks before we even consider getting to business related archives on our PCs and workstations. Without utilizing the legitimate security, you can give programmers the pathway they need to enter the organization and access touchy data that can be utilized against the organization that you work for. It can likewise prompt the records of your associates getting hacked. A decent antivirus program like McAfee Security can save from these threats. 

Steps to take to get your framework when telecommuting – McAfee Antivirus Software 

Continuously keep your framework in a distant and secure spot. It ought to be far from any youngsters in your home as they can visit noxious sites in their naivety and open you to hurt. 

Continuously utilize the utilization of a solid antivirus program. The most ideal alternative in such manner is the McAfee activate Antivirus program. gives you admittance to a large group of defensive devices and highlights like a firewall and constant internet examining. McAfee activates Antivirus can be downloaded effectively utilizing the item key. 

Subsequent to downloading McAfee Antivirus software from, ensure that you keep your software refreshed. 

Continuously attempt to utilize a protected or scrambled web association with the end goal of work. It very well may be finished utilizing a VPN, for example, the one offered by McAfee antivirus activate. 

In the times of COVID-19, your post box will be brimming with spam messages in regards to the wellbeing tips and cures you can put resources into during this pandemic. Be careful about these phishing endeavors and try not to tap on the connections or records gave. McAfee antivirus has an enemy of spam channel. 

Continuously utilize two-factor validations for your records. Besides, consistently guarantee the strength of your passwords and do whatever it takes not to utilize similar secret key for numerous sites.

For get support for Norton Antivirus OR Microsoft office 365 click here - For Norton antivirus visit at - and For Microsoft office click

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How to fix issues McAfee real-time scanning?

When you purchase a McAfee product and download it via you expect it to scan for viruses and malware. However, due to any reason, it might start giving you glitches and not perform the real-time scanning task that it is ought to do. In that scenario, a user might think it to be a waste of money as well as time to invest in such a product.

But, one should not get upset if he faces any similar issue with one of the McAfee products he is using because the issues with McAfee Real-Time scanning can always be fixed. All you have got to do is follow the quick as well as useful instructions given in this article and you will be able to scan for viruses again.

Ways to fix the issue

1.       Use McAfee Diagnose and Repair tool

This tool is specifically available on the website to fix issues with whatever McAfee products you are using. You just need to navigate to the official website and download the tool from there. After you have downloaded it, you need to run it on your device so that it could fix real-time issues with your product. After downloading it, do the following:

·         Click on the "Run" option

·         Double-tap on the file

·         Click "Yes" to allow it to make necessary alterations to your device

·         Be sure that you do not close the windows that open

2.       Reboot your system

When you restart your PC, all the programs present on it get refreshed. Once they get refreshed, some minor issues with it might also get resolved. This simply means when you reboot your system, McAfee software will also refresh and might start to work as expected.

3.       Uninstall any third-party antivirus

At times, using third-party antivirus solutions along with McAfee software may give way to conflicts between those programs. So, you should uninstall or disable any such software to avoid any such hurdle.


If the above-given methods could not effectively help you to get rid of the virus scanning issues, then what you should do is uninstall the products themselves. After deleting it from your device, you should reinstall it via 

James tech

What is the McAfee Total Protection Error For Update Installation On Mac Computers? 

On the off chance that you are a Mac client who utilizes McAfee Antivirus to guarantee their framework assurance and information security, you may at times end up running into a mistake when attempting to introduce an update for the programming. While it is very simple to download the program utilizing your McAfee Total Protection item key, McAfee establishment of updates can end up being a generally really testing task, especially for Mac clients. This mistake can spring up whether you are doing a programmed or even a manual update. 

How Might I Fix This McAfee Total Protection Error Issue On My Mac? 

There are a couple of reasons which can cause this McAfee Total Protection Error to spring up, for example, if the organization security for the Mac portion augmentation is unapproved or if your program or firewall settings are meddling with the update cycle. In light of the reason, you can take a couple of courses to fix this issue: 

Approving the Net Security for the Mac Kernel Extension 

On the off chance that you are utilizing an OS that is High Sierra, you should empower the Kernel Extension to guarantee that your McAfee activate application works the manner in which it should and can refresh. You can make this adjustment like this: 

Open the Apple menu. 

Snap on System Preferences. 

Pick Security and Privacy. 

Here, search for the alternative for the Mac Kernel Extension and empower it inside the Web Security for Mac application. 

Changing Firewall Settings 

Here and there your firewall might be obstructing the new updates to your programming, particularly in the event that you are downloading them on a Mac OS High Sierra. Changing the firewall setting will ideally fix the issue of the mistake: 

Affirm that the firewall is running and possibly raising the ruckus. 

Open Applications. 

From the rundown of the introduced applications on your computer, pick the firewall. 

Go through the McAfee firewall settings and guarantee that web security or web security choices are not impeded or handicapped. Empower them on the off chance that they are killed. 

Save the new settings. 

Getting Out the Browser 

In the event that the program is meddling with the McAfee Total Protection Error update, clearing the store and treats can help fix it: 

Open up Safari on your Mac. 

Go to Preferences. 

Pick Privacy Option. 

Here, click on site data. 

Select Remove All. 

Pick Done. 

Restart your Mac gadget to carry out the progressions and retry the refreshing.

Hi My name is James tech and I am a Web developer You can check my website collection by visit at, 

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If you are using the internet on your device there is a 100% chance to infect your device with Viruses, malware, and trojan, Hacker can steal your personal information from your device. But you Don't Need to worry about it. Because there are so many Antivirus Software Are Available in market. You can search from your web browser best Antivirus For PC. There will be so many antivirus software will show on your computer display like Norton Antivirus, Avast antivirus software, Mcafee Antivirus software, and many more. But as per expert Advice You should choose Mcafee Antivirus software Because this is one of the best Antivirus Software in the market in recent times. It is very easy to install Once you Have bought it from an online store or any local market store. Along with it you will get a Mcafee activation code. Visit at or search then hit on enter after that click on Activate now. You have to create your account or login with your old account to install it on your device.

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