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Nancy Parkins

Are you too possessive about your partner?




It is quite natural for both men as well as women to feel possessive about the other in a relationship (for a new relationship try the video chat app). The situation though can be quite a taxing one and may spell doom for the relationship. A possessive partner makes the situation very uncomfortable for the other partner who may find it difficult to handle the situation.



Insecurity is apparently the main reason for possessiveness in people. A self-confident person has full faith in his partner and does not feel the need to control her or their relationship. On the contrary, an insecure person doubts the dedication of the partner and tries to control their relationship. Their action is aimed at preventing their vulnerability and making sure they do not hurt.



The feeling of possessiveness and a little jealousy exist in all relationship, however, you should watch out and ensure that the situation does not get out of your control. The reasons that make you possessive may entirely be your own and you must make an effort to identify them and resolve them to ensure a healthy relationship.


If you feel possessive for your partner, you should get rid of any fear or insecurity that you may have and work on building your self-esteem. It is important for both partners to avoid any negative feelings and make a genuine effort towards securing their relationship with love and devotion. The feelings of possessiveness in your partner can be overcome by just reassuring your love to him or her. So, let go of this feeling and reignite the love and care in your relationship.

Eva winget

If you want to use the dark mode on your phone, then it is fairly straightforward now. Google has released the latest version of Android known as Android 10. The operating system facilitates the use of dark mode everywhere on the device.

The dark mode is an essential feature because it helps you reduce the excessive amount of light and luminance from your device. As a result, you can use your device for a prolonged period without any eye strain. Google explained that with the dark mode turned on, the phone battery would last longer as well. The apps mentioned in this article support the dark mode.

Best Apps That Support Android 10 Dark Mode

How to Enable the Android 10 Dark Theme

Accessing the dark mode on Android 10 is pretty easy; it is much like turning on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In order to activate the dark theme, you should see the steps mentioned here:

  1. Unlock the Android 10 installed phone, now head to the Settings tab by tapping on the gear button located in the notification bar.
  2. After that, head to the Display option and then press the small slide button located in the front of the Dark Theme option. The night mode is now active.
  3. You can also enable the mode by accessing the notification panel and then tapping the night theme or mode option there.

This is how to enable the dark theme on the Android 10 device; however, the process of allowing the night mode can be different according to the device brand and model.

Apps that Support Night Mode in Android 10 

In order to experience the dark theme in the apps, you should update all apps from the Google Play Store. So here are some apps fully compatible with the Android Q dark theme.

Android Messenger

One of the best apps that support fully covered dark mode. Enabling dark mode on this app is pretty simple and you can do so with the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Head to the Messages app on your smartphone.
  2. Now go to General Settings.
  3. Tap the Theme option.
  4. Press the Dark option.

Google Calendar 

If you haven’t updated the apps from the Play Store yet, then do it now, or you will miss night mode in some apps. The Google Calendar can be turned to the black automatically whenever you enable the night mode on your smartphone. Here’s how to activate the dark theme in the Google Calendar:

  1. Go to the Calendar app.
  2. Once there, you should navigate the Settings.
  3. Now hit General.
  4. Then head to the Theme option.
  5. After that, hit the Dark option.

You can use the above instruction to enable the dark mode for the Google Calendar.

Google Keep     

This app can be used with full-on might mode. So if you want to take notes at midnight, then here are the steps to turn on the dark mode on Google Keep app:

  1. To enable the night mode, first open the Keep app on your device.
  2. After that, open Settings.
  3. Now tap the option saying “Enable Dark Mode” to turn on the black theme.

Facebook Messenger 

It is one of the most used messaging apps throughout the world.

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger.
  2. Hit the profile picture located in the upper-left corner.
  3. Look at the beneath to the picture; you will find the Dark Mode option.
  4. Turn on the feature by tapping the Dark Mode option.

Google Maps 

Driving a car at night and using Google Maps to locate the path? If yes, then a white background and theme can distract you sometimes. The night theme will help you to see Google navigation clearly without any distractions. To use the dark theme in the Google Map app, see the steps given here:

  1. Open Google Maps and then head to the Settings.
  2. Go to the Navigation settings option.
  3. Scroll downwards until you find the Night option.
  4. Now tap it to enable the night mode.

Enjoy Google Maps in the night driving by enabling the dark theme.

Eva Winget, an employee currently living in USA and working at a top printer service provider company in the day, and a technical writer at night. I am passionate about writing troubleshooting tips, beginner’s guides, news and other articles on varied topics like Brother printer support, Dell Printer Support, Kyocera Printer Support etc.

Source: Best Apps That Support Android 10 Dark Mode

Billy Mark

A flash card comes in handy while memorizing keywords for any topic, be it studying for an exam, public speaking or remembering mathematical formula. Flash card apps for Android have made it quite easier to make use of them without having to create an actual set of cards.

10 Best Flash Card Apps for AndroidSource :

Let us take a look at some of the best flash card apps available on Android.

1. Quizlet

Quizlet comes with a user-friendly interactive interface and works on your phone, tablet, and laptop. You can create your own flash card sets, time-bound quizzes, and can also join group quizzes hosted by the admin- by scanning the QR code or entering a passcode.

2. StudyBlue

This paid program allows you to add audio, pictures and also arrange quizzes. You can also copy and share cards with other users, in a group, or as an individual user.

3. Buffl

This cloud-based app helps you access its contents from anywhere and enables you to create slash card sets instantly.

4. Brainscape Flashcards

This good-looking app has a large number of card decks available. It also provides certified classes and user-generated sets, some of which can be unlocked after a paid subscription.

5. Anki

This flashcard app available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iPhone, Android has quite enticing features and add-ons. It allows users to access the app in both offline and online mode and many fields such as translation, examples of use, pictures, audio files can also be added. Additional plug-ins can also be installed.

6. Memrise

This flashcard app allows users to add anything to the card, like a picture which would make it easier for the user to associate and hence understand the definition in the card. A recommendation for memory enhancement and a funny picture makes it more exciting.

7. Rolandos Flashcards

This free software is simple to use and is quite basic. It allows users to create cards on the desktop. It doesn’t require any permissions or user account for access.

8. Flashcards

This simple app with a bold design comes with more than 75 million pre-created cards that you can share and learn from. And of course, you can create your own cards and set them as private or public.

9. AnkiDroid

This free app comes with plenty of extra features like the eye and battery- friendly mode,  statistics to track your learning, etc.

10. Lexilize Flashcards maker

This language-learning app offers card sets in more than 118 languages and comes with audio to help you with pronunciations. It also comes with a series of random games.

Billy Mark  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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