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Smartphones have made it easier to record audios. You can record your voice notes, songs, presentations, podcasts, and anything you want to record. Your smartphone allows you to record audio in high quality. If you are trying to record audio for some professional purpose like a voice over for your video or a podcast or even only for fun, then you might need some editing on the recorded note to make it more impactful. It was assumed that you need a setup and some expensive software in your computer to be able to edit audios but different audio editing applications have broken this myth. You can edit your audios efficiently with audio editor apps on your phone. If you are using an Android device then there are plenty of options to choose a good audio editor from. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best audio editors available for Android which you can use for various purposes. So let’s scroll through the list.

WaveEditor for Android

WaveEditor is one of the best audio editor apps available for Android. You can do the recording, mixing, editing, and all the necessary things while editing audio on this app. It is effortless to edit audio on WaveEditor because it supports files in multiple formats. It has got in-built visual tools like FFT, Oscilloscope, and Spectrogram which will let you edit and mix multiple tracks. You can import audio files on this app in more than 30 formats but the export is limited to AIFF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, PCM, and WAV.

This app has also got a stand-alone recorder which allows you to record audio even during the editing. Editing functions like zooming, panning, and selection makes it easier to edit and processes such as Fade, reverse, and invert are going to give the best effects to your audio. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and you can also buy the paid version at $3.99 to unlock premium features.


If you are looking for an app that will let you record, edit, mix, merge, extract, and convert audio files then you can download Mstudio for free from Google Play Store. Advanced functions on this app like tempo change, pitch adjustment, mutter, and omit will help you in putting effects in your audio. You will also be able to remove audio from a video clip, amplify, or to play the audio in reverse. This app is certainly going to help you in editing your audio professionally on your phone only.

Voice Pro

Voice Pro is another good audio editor app which comes packed with all the essential features. You can record your voice or music in more than 100 formats on this app. It also allows you to backup and restores your audio files from cloud storage services. If you are using this app, you will be able to add real-time background music to videos, record, mix, and merge audio files in any format. This app can also help if you want to convert an audio file in different formats. This app includes some amazing effects to put in your audio. You can also use the call recording feature of this app on your phone. Voice Pro is also capable of converting your audio files into text in 40 different languages and comes for $12.99.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

If you are looking to use an audio editor with some advanced features then you can use Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. This app has got all the basic features of a good audio editor app which will let you move, cut, trim, and remove tracks from your audio files. Using the advanced features you will also be able to do MIDI sequencing, sample rate conversion, Latency correction, and much more. You can also add effects and virtual music instruments to your files to make your audios more impactful. This app is capable of doing almost every important thing during the audio editing and comes for $6.99.

Fl Studio Mobile

FL Studio mobile has got a wide range of effects like chorus, auto ducker, limiter, filters, delays, reverb, and much more which will let you efficiently edit your sounds. Using capable synthesizers, drum kits, and samplers you will be able to create your music. This app is a really good audio editor if you are looking to edit your music and comes for $15.99.

The audio editor apps mentioned on this list are some of the most capable audio editing apps available for Android. You can install these apps on your phone to experience professional-level editing.

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