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Our Kidney Failure Treatment Centre In Delhi in India. Our certified doctors give a free consultation to the patients suffering from kidney disease. For ex-chronic kidney disease, acute kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome in children, iga nephropathy, kidney failure diet chart, kidney disease symptoms, kidney disease treatment

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Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment

Rerenal capsules are for rejuvenation of kidneys through herbal Ayurveda. These are Clinically Tested medicine (treatment) for dysfunctions of kidney, urinary disorders, stone reduction, prostate health, blood cleansing & effective diuretic.

There are two kidneys in the human body. These are located on either side of the spine, just below the rib cage. Kidneys are about the size of a fist. The kidneys are shaped like kidney beans. Kidneys are connected to bladder by tubes called ureter. Kidney may be best described as filters of your body. Rerenal capsules facilitates kidney to mainly filter and expels sodium and water. Required essentials are retained in our body and unessentials are rejected. There are many other functions kidneys do and they include making of urine, removal of waste and extra fluid from the blood, it helps control your blood pressure, makes red blood cells, balance hormones and body chemicals, maintain healthy bones. Chronic renal failure is a progressive loss of kidney functions. The kidney attempts to compensate loss of kidney functions for renal damage by hyper filtration. Hyper filtration further results in loss of kidney functions.

Best Kidney Treatment

Dr.Dassan Ayurvedic treatment (Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment) has been successful in treating the patients suffering from Kidney problems all over the India and even abroad with the product named Rerenal Capsules.


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Rerenal is an ayurvedic medicine. It is a combination of five herbs that is important for Kidney’s

health i.e. Gokshur – increases the urine output. Punarnva- it repairs nephrons. Varun- it clears the

urinary passage. Guduchee- it reduces body heat and also increases the immunity. Kasini- it is for

digestion of the medicine.

 This medicine is purely herbal and it is made with selected herbs collected from the selected places

aand made through a special extraction process for Kidney treatment.

 For the renal disorders people usually prefer allopathic medicines but allopathy doesn’t give results

and moreover, allopathy doctors don’t have knowledge about herbal medicines so they suggest

dialysis and transplantation which is a very expensive treatment – Best Kidney Treatment.

·Rerenal is made under FDA norms; it is a food supplement and has no side effects on patients.

  Rerenal helps in improving the quality and quantity of urine as well it helps in decreasing

frequency of dialysis time. It covers all the Kidney disorders and gives the patients a new life

without putting any adverse effect on the patient.

·         Rerenal capsules facilitate Kidney mainly to the filter and expel sodium and water.

·         Rerenal gives results in a month and patient finds that his disease is getting cured with time.

·         For the patients who are suffering from the kidney disorders from a long time, it will take atleast 2 months to get the best results.

  Causes of Kidney Problem

Diabetes, Blood loss, dehydration, bladder obstruction, prostate disorders, High B.P, specific cysts and sepsis, analgesics, antibiotics and kidney stones.

Sign and Symptoms

Feel sick too often, feel tired or dizzy, swelling in your feet, hands or face, usually have back pain, have bloody, foamy or dark colored urine, sensation of frequent urination than usual.


1 to 2 caps, thrice or four times a day with fresh water or Subject to convenience of the patients. Take out the contents of the capsules and mix in a glass of fresh water/milk or as directed by physician. For any query, contact helpline.

Proportionately reduce or increase dosage according to age, history & severity of the disease. Undertake Treatment for minimum 30 days and after experiencing greater degree of relief, continue the medication according to history & severity of the disease. Rerenal Capsules are proven to be safe, which ensures patient compliance even on long-term administration.


·         Develop the habit of walking and doing yoga are advocated.

·         Food should be high in calories and low in proteins.

·         Avoid fast foods; Maida based foods, Canned, Baked, Processed & Preserved Food.

·         Avoid excess intake of fruits or fruit juice.

·         Avoid Cheese & Nuts.

·         In Case, patients are also suffering from BP or diabetes, they may take respective medicines along with rerenal capsules. Rerenal Capsules are also recommended during dialysis as the patient can see the difference in raised level of blood urea & serum creatinine.

Proportionately reduce or increase dosage according to age, history & severity of the disease. Undertake Treatment for minimum 30 days and after experiencing greater degree of relief, continue the medication according to history & severity of the disease. Rerenal Capsules are proven to be safe, which ensures patient compliance even on long-term administration.

The centre had been established by Ayurvedic Specialist Dr. C.L.Dassan who had been awarded Rashtriya Swasthya Samman Puraskar and had specialized in treating patients for the last 52 years.

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Karma Ayurveda is the all around refreshing Ayurvedic facility that has cured numerous kidney disease understanding through normal methodology. Best Ayurvedic Kidney disease treatment with customized eat less carbs graph design helps in the recuperation procedure of the patients. They are protected, fruitful, and give persevering answers for the disease. Karma Ayurveda is the all around trusted facility to offer Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney with appropriate eating regimen gets ready for prevalent recuperating.


Kidney disease treatment In Ayurveda 

are natural and works with the little positive change in way of life and adjusted eating routine. Karma Ayurveda gives Kidney disease treatment that takes a shot at the underlying driver of the disease and aides in the full recuperation of the patients without dialysis and transplants.

Karma Ayurveda is the authoritative Ayurveda facility offering Kidney issue medicines that are home grown and free from chemicals. Tips, such as moving to the home grown tea from typical tea, bring down the admission of protein in the eating routine, and staying away from high salt nourishment, can be helpful with Kidney treatment for kidney with ayurvedic medicine for quicker recuperation.

For the people who have started the dialysis starting late, with our ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure it is possible to stop kidney dialysis. For the people who are as often as possible on dialysis, repeat of dialysis can be lessened at in any case, Later on, with time kidneys can be passed on to its run of the mill limit.

By controlling the High circulatory strain, and diabetes, the chronic kidney disease can be averted in the patient. Kidney disease is the condition where the kidney is unequipped for turning out the red platelet, and channels the waste items from the blood. Ayurveda has demonstrated that kidney can restore with time on the off chance that they are treated with herbs and adjusted eating regimen. Karma Ayurveda gives the best Kidney disease treatment with ayurveda through the regular procedure. Kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda is protected, powerful, and deals with the underlying driver of the disease.


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