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The 586 is unique PVC protective film tape. The PVC film provides puncture resistance and flexibility. When applied to flat surfaces, film appears to “wet out” and form a protective layer. Low tack, firm acrylic adhesive removes cleanly from most surfaces –even with extended dwell.Get more news about Blue Protection Tape,you can vist our website!

Applications: Originally designed for use as a long term protective film for glass windows in commercial buildings. Both film and adhesive are UV stabilized and offer up to 365-day (1 year) protection. But given it’s unique composition, 586 can be used in protection of industrial requirements, such as aluminum signage, glass retail shelves, plastic extrusions, etc.
The single sided blue transparent PVC surface protection tape consists of a PVC film with an acrylic adhesive. The tape is self wound without a liner. Advantages of the blue transparent PVC surface protection tape are:

low tack for easy removal
leaves clean surfaces wittout residue
easy to reposition
ideal for temporary applications
no damages on painted surfaces
anti-aging and corrosion resistant
The low adhesive strength of the acrylic based adhesive makes tape removal easy and leaves clean surfaces without residue. Ideal for taping notes on instruments and sealing of sample boxes.
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