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Feroz Ali

With the New Year just a month ahead and Christmas lurking round the corner, you might want to get a head start on getting your gifts ready. Some gifts are truly valuable and I do not mean the emotional value, but the actual monetary value of the item. You would not want any damage to occur during transit. Neither would the recipient like to receive a damaged gift from you, Vape packaging boxes especially after the anticipation rises on seeing the gift package. What do you do in such a situation?


Why Gift Packaging Boxes? The best way to secure your valuables is by using gift packaging boxes. You must be thinking, "Why gift packaging boxes? I can use any box in the house." The thing about gift packing is that people take a lot of care to store the product with appropriate cushioning. Try and remember the last time you tried to pack a gift for your friend and you would realize that you went through a lot of efforts to make sure that everything was just right.

The Cushioning Gift packing boxes are made with appropriate durability and often come with cushioning material such as bubble wraps or wrapping paper.

Even if you don't get these with the gift boxes, you can always use newsprint or packing paper to cover the valuables before storing them in the box. Now that the basic cushioning is taken care of, you might want to ensure that the product is intact and does not move around even when the package is shaken.

The Wrapping It's time to wrap up the box. Put on the top or lid of the box if you have one or simply close the end that is open. Be sure to tape off everything carefully. With Vape packaging boxes, you could get marked places which you need to bring together and attach. So it is safe to say that a lot of your "precision" work is already taken care of. If you wish to add another layer of wrapping paper, then you could do that. Just pay attention to the overall packaging and check the sturdiness of the entire package.

Some Points to Remember If the valuable item is delicate or fragile in nature, then you should try to disassemble it and separate the central / main piece from the attachments. Try to group common items together and then pack them individually in separate boxes. All of these boxes can be brought together and wrapped collectively in a large box. This helps to ensure the safety of the contents. Moreover, do not forget to label the packages individually as well as collectively.

It is really important that you place the right information on the surface. If you happen to use old packing paper, then make sure to remove or smudge any previous marking or labelling as it could cause confusion during the delivery of the gifts. With a little precautions and some preparation, you would be able to pack your valuables easy with gift packaging boxes. Gift packaging reflects the emotions of the person who is giving it. We may not be able to pack it like you, but we can surely give you the materials to bring your emotions to life. At DCG Pac, we value our customers and ensure that every packaging material is of the highest quality.
Feroz Ali Dec 13 '21 · Tags: box
Retail Packaging

To reinvent one is not easy at all. To change ourselves is not easy at all. To stop doing what we used to do by now is difficult. To start doing what we were not doing until now is something strange. Change has never been easy for humankind. If we go back into the past, we will come to know that most of the populations of their times had always been resisting against the waves of change. However, positive changes or the changes that deal with the betterment of the humanity eventually prevail across. Similarly, earlier on the beginning of the wave of COVID-19, we were not in favor of living away from one another, avoiding hugging one another and refraining to keep washing hands repeatedly but gradually, as soon as, we come to know that social distancing and washing hands is necessary for the common cause of common good, we started practicing it. However, those who are in the field of Custom Packaging and use to make custom printed cardboard packaging boxes with logo of different types like custom retail boxes, custom wholesale boxes, custom display boxes or custom gabble boxes etc. have already been practicing such health friendly principles. These boxes are already facilitating the users or those who buy these to pack their items because these boxes keep the products packed inside from dirt or pollution. These boxes keep the packed items clean and protect the items from the attack of unseen germs present in the air, on the surfaces of different things as well as on the hands of those who may grip these boxes. Hence, these cardboard made containers enable us to buy clean of germ free products for our daily use. Thus, these are rightly playing an active role in post COVID-19 era in keeping ourselves safe from the attack of this toxic disease. Moreover, these customized containers with logo also enable the brand owners, who make millions of products and then pack almost all of these in these containers, to transport their items successfully from their production houses to the wholesalers’ warehouses and from these warehouses to retail outlets and from these outlets to the houses or offices of the end users. To make this journey of packed products possible during these days without letting these to be contaminated with toxic germs like corona virus is not less than a miracle really. For sure, if it is happening amid the corona age then all credit goes to the custom printed cardboard made packaging boxes or custom Kraft packaging containers.

Symbolic Role of Product Packaging

Apart from the discussed above actual role in protecting the packed items from being contaminated with the attack of deadly corona virus, custom packaging stuff is also playing a healthy and effective symbolic role. These boxes are made of cardboard. Cardboard packaging has helped the world a lot in making it free from pollution. In the times, when these boxes were not being used for packaging, plastic bags were widely in use across the world as packaging stuff but these bags were not decomposed even after remaining buried under the soil for thousands of years. Thus, these were becoming a cause of soil’s infertility. These were also polluting the water reservoirs. On the other hand, cardboard or Kraft paper made custom boxes are decomposed within six to eight weeks after being buried under the soil. Thus, these boxes have played an integral part in decreasing land pollution. These are also easily dissolved in water with a few days. Hence, the residue of these custom packaging boxes made of cardboard paper does not cause any harm to creatures living in water reservoirs like oceans and rivers, etc. Thus, the virtue of paper packaging boxes, which it exercises by keeping our atmosphere free of pollution, conveys a silent message to us, the humans, to play our part in making our surroundings hygienic. If we try to change our habit of creating and spreading mess everywhere and make it a rule to adopt health and hygiene friendly lifestyle, we can definitely defeat corona like germs very soon. If we try to reconstruct our habits and make our surroundings clean, keep washing hands repeatedly, especially after touching anyone or anything, we can protect ourselves from becoming prey to the toxic viral diseases. Hence, we can easily understand if we too like to become friendly with our surroundings like paper made boxes we will be safer than now.

Custom Box Design

As we have to reconstruct our habits to make these health and hygiene friendly, similarly we also have to try to redesign our packaging boxes in order to make these safer than before. If any of custom boxes has any side open in order to look beautiful or glamorous, it should be reshaped in order to protect the packed product from being contaminated. For instance, usually we buy popcorn's poured in the boxes with one open end. These boxes enable us to keep eating popcorn's without any inconvenience even while walking or working but the corona era is stressing on the need of covered boxes especially for edibles and generally for all types of things in order to protect us from becoming prey to any dangerous disease.

Packaging Wholesalers

Beside those who make product packaging, those who use to deal in the wholesale of cardboard Boxes and deal directly and closely with those who buy these boxes in order to pack their products, as well as with those who use to run retail outlets should also play an active role. They should advise the product manufacturers to buy only those containers that can cover their items from all sides in order to keep these safe from the attack of any toxic germ. If all of us will be more vigilant and more responsible and fulfilling our respective duties, we will definitely be capable to defeat the enemies of humanity no matter these are viruses, wars or anything else.

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