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Andrew Wilson

Jewelries are always preferred by every person in this world as a fashion statement. There are some jewelries which complement the dress you wear. This is why they are named fashion jewelries. Unlike the traditional jewelries, these kinds of stuff are made of off-bit materials like steel, copper, wooden bids, leather, or plastic. These jewelries help the dress-up to get completed. Without such jewelries, your dress will not look fulfilled. Thus they have captured a very crucial position in the life of both the male and female fashion enthusiasts. These kinds of bracelets come in different designs and they fulfill the place of bangles on your wrists.

Most people like to wear traditional jewelries made of traditional materials like gold, silver, or platinum. But modern jewelries are made of some off-bit materials like wooden bids, plastic bids, leather, and so on. Nowadays, there is no particular distinction between men’s and women’s jewelries. But still, some sheer differences are there. If you want to gift somebody on any special day, such mens jewelry can be a game-changer for you. Many a time, these nice bracelets for guys can be the means to say your words of mind to him. You can put a pendant in the middle of the bracelet and can engrave your message on it. On the other hand, you can also ask the manufacturer to engrave some special lines on the bracelet band so that it can carry your messages to him.

As we have discussed before, that heavy men's jewelry is not getting out of date. People mostly like the light-weight jewelries. Therefore the nice bracelets for guys can be made of other materials like leather too. These kinds of bracelets are not that heavy and are also fashionable. This will give the person a different kind of look. Other than these materials, you can also gift them bracelets made of alloy metals like white gold or red gold. These materials are mixtures of gold and other metals. These alloy metals make the bracelets look beautiful as well as they make the ornaments farm enough to hold the shape. The ornaments will look glossy too due to the natural gloss of the metal. On the other hand, if you can put some precious stones on them, they will look more attractive.

Since bracelets are made as ornaments for the wrists, you can also get bracelets watches. The dials of the watch come in different designs and therefore there will be no need to wear a watch separately. They also won’t cost you too much but the purpose will be served pretty well. It can be the exchange of love between the couples too.

Andrew Wilson

You can get an amazing and extraordinary look by layering different kinds of bracelets with your outfits. Men along with women have also become aware of how layering bracelets can make them look smart and handsome. Today, men are concerned about looking glamorous and gorgeous similar to women and they also are into experimenting with different kinds of jewelry. Bracelets are one of the most-loved jewelry among men and layering them has become the latest trend among them.

There are different kinds of bracelets for men, but leather and metal bracelets look the best on them. Slipping into multiple bracelets made of leather and metal can transform any man into a handsome hunk. Wearing this kind of jewelry will help you to have fun with any kind look, from bohemian chic to a modern and rugged one.

Layering up Metal and Leather Bracelets 

You can express your style and change your look anytime by layering different bracelets. Think about the looks that you try out with the type of bracelets that you have inside your wardrobe. You have the freedom to rearrange them and pair them as you wish. When you pair bracelets made of different materials, you have an endless number of options to make your wrist look beautiful. Here are some of the tips that you need to follow while layering up bracelets.

  • Pick a Central Point

Start by thinking of the focal point of your look while stacking up bracelets. Choose one bracelet that you want to focus on and then decide the others. Try to pick designs and textures that match and finally you get a sophisticated and fancy look. If you want to focus on leather bracelets for guys, the chosen metal or cuff bracelets to layer.

  • Accentuate and Enhance

When you have decided your focal bracelet, now it is time for you to choose the bracelets that help to accentuate and enhance your look. Try to pick up something that complements not only your focal bracelet but also your entire look. If your focal bracelet is a leather one, then always choose others that are subtle that will give you an understated look.

  • Mixing the Materials

Forget the rules of pairing bracelets made of the same material. When you are layering, everything goes well. Even leather and metal bracelets can look gorgeous together when stacked up together. Rather it is a very interesting combination. Focus on the look that you want ultimately before choosing and layering a variety of bracelets.

  • Incorporate Different Sizes

Size is another important thing when layering bracelets. You can either choose leather bracelets for guys of various sizes or you can choose different bracelets in different sizes according to your final look.

Andrew Wilson

Leather is being used more and more in the fashion industry. So the popularity of leather bracelets for men is increasing day-by-day. More people are finding it classy and sophisticated to sport a bracelet made of exquisite and high-quality leather with both their formal and informal outfits. Leather bracelets also complement various accessories so men are buying more of them to be trendy and fashionable.

Importance of Wearing Leather Bracelets

There are some important factors for which men think they should sport bracelets made of exquisite leather. Those factors are as follows.

  • To Attract the Opposite Gender

The most important factor for wearing cool mens leather bracelets is to attract the opposite gender. Any woman notices what a man is wearing at first, so it is important for a man to stay updated regarding fashion and fashion accessories like bracelets.

  • To Get Appreciation

Everybody loves to get appreciation. And men love getting appreciated for following a particular style statement or wearing something that is fashionable.


  • To Look Sophisticated

Another important factor for men to wear nice bracelets for guys is to look gorgeous and sophisticated. Glamour is not only for women but for men too. They even want to look glamorous and sophisticated in front of others.

Categories of Leather Bracelets

There are three broad categories of leather bracelets that you will find at any jewelry store. They are:

  • Simple leather bracelets.
  • Fancy leather bracelets.
  • High-end or luxury leather bracelets.

Choosing the Best Men’s Leather Bracelets 

With so many options available in the market, choosing the right kind of leather bracelet is the most difficult for anyone. Here are some of the things that you should consider an exclusive bracelet made of leather.

  • The Material

The most important factor to choose cool mens leather bracelets is to check the material. Make sure that the leather used for the bracelet is durable and can be easily maintained.

  • The Style and Design

The next important factor is the design, style, and variety of leather bracelets. There are various styles and designs available in the market and you can choose according to your personality and fashion statement. Always remember to choose an exclusive bracelet. 

  • The Age

Your age is very important when it comes to choosing nice bracelets for guys made of leather. If you are from the young generation, then you can choose the beaded designs. And, if you are from the older generation, go for cuff bracelets.

  • The Color

Choosing the color of bracelets mostly depends on your likings. If you like bold colors go for black, brown, navy blue, and olive and dark green. And if you want a subtle color, opt for white and grey.

Andrew Wilson

If an outfit is a cake, jewelry must be the icing. While some men are reluctant about wearing jewelry, some like to sport fashionable accessories. However, there are many stylish ways to sport trendy accessories and jewelry for men. Bracelets are one of them. They come from a breed of jewelry that every style-conscious man can wear without feeling out of place or overdone.

Be it dressy, casual, or formal occasions, bracelets for men provide distinction. This little sober piece of jewelry allows you to stand out and be unique in the simplest way. Bracelets can be characterized as relaxed, playful, and laid-back accessories for men that do not need anything else to complement it.

Top Bracelets for Guys to Look Cool

Bracelets can be worn by men of all ages. It can be carried off by a young guy and a man in his 40s. But there is a slight difference in the designs and materials of the bracelets that they like to wear for various occasions and events. Here are some of the best top bracelets that can be easily carried off by young guys.


  • Beaded Bracelets for Men

The beaded bracelet is loved by young guys. It is a great option for you to add to your existing collection. This is one of the cool bracelets for guys that can be worn in any casual events and occasions. For multipurpose use, opt for subtle and natural colors like dark browns, blacks, and nudes. Otherwise, opt for rich colors like navy, emerald and olive green, and burgundy to wear with denim.

  • Leather Bracelets

The leather bracelet is the most versatile one among all the varieties. They can be worn to casual, formal, informal, as well as special occasions. Leather bracelets read stylish and cool if you do it rightly. Always stick to dark colors for mens leather and silver bracelets. Try to buy thinner and thicker leather bracelets to match your outfits.

  • Anchor Bracelets

Anchor bracelets represent marine influence. They have all the playful elements of sailing. These bracelets are perfect for you if you love to travel. Make sure to choose a small and delicate anchor. Anchor cool bracelets for guys and available in a wide color range and they easily brighten up your monotonous outfits. Copper browns, vermillion reds, cobalt blues, and military greens are great to express your nautical vibe.

  • Rope Bracelets

The rope bracelet is perfect for young guys apart from mens leather and silver bracelets for a rock look. The key to carry off these is to be confident and look mature after wearing. Rope bracelets come in solid colors and various designs and textures. Choose according to your fashion aesthetics.

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