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Newsletters help us to keep up with the trend and to make us aware of the latest news. However, it gets frustrating when you see that your inbox is stuffed with these newsletter emails. Sometimes, when you have subscribed to multiple newsletters, these mails can outnumber your important emails.

In order to pay more attention to your important or business emails, you may unsubscribe from these newsletters. Unsubscribing all newsletters one by one can be a time-taking process.

In this article, you are about to learn how to unsubscribe to these emails at once. Let’s get started.

How to Bulk Unsubscribe from Newsletters in Gmail?

Unsubscribing all newsletters one by one can be a hard task. If you are getting unnecessary and too many newsletters on your Gmail, then there are several methods to get rid of them. Here’s how to unsubscribe newsletters with manual and automatic processes:

The first method to unsubscribe to newsletters in bulk is simply to search “unsubscribe” in your inbox search bar and then unsubscribing all mails manually. It is a quite lengthy process, especially when your account is too old, and the senders are uncountable. You can leave this method as it is time taking.

Using Third-Party Tools or Apps

There are several third-party tools on the web that can unsubscribe all mails at once. You should be careful while using such services since you will have to give them access to your email account. Some third-party tools sell your contact information to the marketers. Here are some of the best third-party apps which can help you unsubscribe all newsletter emails in bulk: is a popular service among smartphone users that can unsubscribe all of your newsletter emails by flicking them to the left. This app comes in free and paid versions. It may also sell your information to marketers and advertising companies but without revealing your identity. You can read their privacy policy if you are worried about your privacy. Their privacy policy is pretty clear, and you will understand how they are going to use your personal email information.


Cleanfox asks for email permissions from you, and once it gets, your newsletter emails will be highlighted in the inbox. In your inbox, you can easily unsubscribe all of them by just swiping them to the left. Isn’t it easy? The Cleanfox app comes for Android, iOS and other web platforms.

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