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Parita Anni

According to a survey of chief financial officers that was recently released, the longest economic expansion in the history of the U.S. could soon come to an end. The financial chiefs identified growing economic uncertainty and trade wars as their major fears, which could eventually halt the record streak of U.S. GDP growth that is only a month shy of its 10th year.

About 48% of the chief financial officers predicted that the economy could go into recession by mid-2020. This is according to the quarterly survey conducted by the Duke University/CFO Global Business Outlook. Over 69% of the surveyed financial experts also predicted an economic downturn by the end of next year.

“It looks likely that an economic recession is on the horizon for 2020,” says John Graham, a finance professor at Duke University in a video comment.

The recent prediction is the third consecutive prediction from chief financial officers, which also matches other reports of a weakening U.S. economy. According to financial analysts from Morgan Stanley, a recession is possible in just nine months.

In what looks like a response to the predictions, the Federal Reserve has said that it is open to cutting interest rates, a move it typically does to stimulate the economy during a slowdown. This is coming after President Donald Trump called off his threatened tariffs on Mexico. The Fed had raised its benchmark rate four times last year.

The fear of an economic slowdown is global with a survey more than 500 CFOs across the globe revealing that CFOs in other parts of the world were more likely than those in the U.S. to predict a downturn in their countries within a year.

A whopping 85% of African CFOs believe that their countries will be in recession before the end of 2020. Sixty-three percent of the counterparts in Europe, 57% of Asian CFOs and 52% of Latin American CFOs also had the same belief.

“For the first time in a decade,” Graham said, “no region of the world appears to be on solid enough economic footing to be the engine that pulls the global economy upward.”

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Parita Anni Jun 22 '19 · Tags: business, finance
Parita Anni

According to Fitch Ratings analyst, James MacCormack, there is a likelihood of the US Dollar surrendering its exorbitant privileges and ultimately losing its special global standing due to a number of factors. Some of the factors that have been identified by James are related to U.S. policy decisions. The statement from James seemingly received some sort of backing from the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Putin told participants at the event that US actions undermine the advantages created by the Bretton Woods system, thus “trust in the US dollar is falling.”

The major reasons for the dollar’s dominance in the global space are inertia and the lack of viable alternatives. However, analysts have stated that policymakers in the United States should not be too comfortable with these reasons particularly in the longer term. The economic sanctions and protectionist trade initiatives in the U.S. foreign policy are some of contributions to a diminished role for the dollar. Such protectionist policies will ultimately divert trade away from the U.S. and might even induce new trade partners to settle in other currencies other than the USD.

Competition from abroad

U.S. policies in recent times have pushed countries like Iran and Russia away from the dollar. China and the euro zone have also been actively touting their currencies as reserve and transaction substitutes.

Several European officials have hyped the role of the euro, with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in his 2018 annual program address that it is “absurd” that 80% of European energy imports are settled in dollars. This is a clear indication that countries across the globe are continuously looking for substitutes for the dollar, especially as it is becoming increasingly difficult to bridge policy differences.

Finding safe haven elsewhere

Disentangling the causes and consequences that tie the dollar as the world’s reserve currency to U.S. Treasury securities is difficult. However, the effect of foreign investors – central bank reserve managers in particular – seeking risk-free dollar assets other than Treasurys should be considered.

More economic news and other related information as well as the services offered by Pacific Capital Advisors can be found on their website.


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Dynapost was established in 1998. It started with major businesses in internet and network technical services. In 2002, we added a surveillance speed dome sales department and started marketing Dynavision speed dome product lines. In 2003, Dynapost expanded its business territory into security camera system integration and installation and has been providing specialized services to our customers in the DFW area since then.

Our mission is to provide high quality custom video surveillance solutions with reasonable and acceptable prices to help you protect your investments and loved ones. Since everything we sell is manufactured by Dynapost's direct business partners, Dynapost is uniquely qualified to offer customized solutions that are designed to handle the most challenging and complicated conditions. We offer a wide selection of residential, commercial and industrial video seurveillance products to meet your needs. So, whether you just need one or two cameras to put around the house to keep your kids safe or a multi-camera solution for your office and warehouse, we promise we have a solution priced to fit your budget.


Dynapost provides the world's best platforms of digital video security camera systems, while embracing the human morals and traditions of business practices.

We provide full surveillance systems to meet our customer's needs. Our products include Stand-Alone DVR, PC-Based DVR, Monitors, Day & Night Cameras, IR Cameras, Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, PTZ Cameras and many more different types of high resolution cameras. Our systems also support internet remote live video monitoring. We also provide system installation service and maintenance service for our products.

Dynapost procures most of the security system components directly from the manufactures and stocks the parts in our local warehouse. Therefore, we can integrate our systems with minimum lead time after a customer places the order.  In addition, the prices we quote will be wholesale, that makes us much more competitive in the market.


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For information about individual parts such as, housing brackets, lens, monitors and more, please Contact our parts manager.

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Marlyn Moor

Businesses need funding because of many things, and one of the most common types of borrowing is unsecured business loans. This type of loan requires payments to be made every month until the whole amount is paid back. Since the loan is not tied to any security, interest rates are usually higher. However, knowing how and when to use unsecured business is very important when seeking small business funding.

How Does It Work?

Unsecured business loans work in a much similar way as other types of loans do. In other words, a small business loan is given to the business and the business repays over a certain period of time. The interest rate for this type of loan usually fixed and a fee may be charged for arranging it, which can then be added to the loan itself. You can get this kind of small business loans from specialist business lenders, banks, angel investors, peer-to-peer lenders or through government loans. 

The Difference Between Unsecured and Secured

For both unsecured and secured business loans, the repayment amount and interest rate are fixed for the term of the loan. Unsecured business loans aren’t linked to any security like assets while secure business loans rely entirely on assets as collateral.

Unsecured business loans usually have a higher interest rate when compared to secured loans, revealing the greater risk extended to the borrower by the lender. This might however not be the case depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness. 

What isn’t Considered an Unsecured Business Loan?

It is sometimes easier to understand what isn’t considered an unsecured business funding:

Vehicle Loans- Including vans and cars which the lender can collect when you fail to pay.

Business Mortgages- A loan that allows you to buy premises for your business which can be re-possessed by the lender in the event that you can’t pay back.

Why Should You Get an Unsecured Business Loan?

Unsecured business loans can be a suitable financial option for a number of purposes:

·         Working capital to manage or increase your cash flow

·         Acquiring new assets such as equipment, plant or vehicles

·         Expanding your business or premises

·         Refurbishment 

Advantages of Unsecured Business Loans

Basically, the main advantage of unsecured business loan is that you don’t need to put up any assets. That means that if your business is unable to pay back the loan, the lender will not have any claim over your assets. Other advantages seeking these small business funds include:

Easier to Access- This type of loan requires less paperwork, thus making it quicker and easier to access it.

Flexibility- When you have extra cash on hand that you can use whenever you need it is good when you want to hire, need IT software or working capital.

Building Relationships- Getting small-business loans from lenders will help you to establish a relationship with the lender. This way, you can get another unsecured loan anytime from the lender.

There you have it! This basic guide covers all the most important points that you need to know about unsecured business loans, including restaurant loans. For more information, please visit this link. 

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Siska Wijayanti
Sukanto Tanoto is a dynamic personality, visionary and pioneer in a number of industries in Indonesia. He established RGE (formerly known as RGM) in 1973. He set up RGM to enter the plywood business, transforming Indonesia from an exporter of raw materials (logs) to a value-added processor. Sukanto Tanoto is also active in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Philanthropy. RGE believes that good corporate governance is essential for a company to be successful and sustainable.

1 .Ittefaq =27.40 Crore Income =Average

2 .Shadi Mein Jaroor Ana =6.50 Crore Income =No Comment 

3. Qarib Qarib Single =12 Crore Income =No Comment 
4 .Tumhari Sulu =29 Crore Income =Plus
5 .Aksar 2 =2.40 Crore Income =No Comment 
6.Julie 2 =70 Lach =No Comment

CI = 



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This week, Bengals beat writers J<a href=""> Andre Smith Jersey</a> im Owczarski and Paul Dehner, Jr. break down five free agent questions surrounding the club as they head to the NFL Scouting Combine. The “legal tampering” window begins March 7 and the new league year begins at 4 p.m. on March 9.

At this point in time last offseason, Bengals fans couldn’t wait to upgrade the right tackle position and allow former first-round pick Andre Smith to find another team in free agency.

He battled inconsistency along with injury his final two seasons in Cincinnati, and with not one, but two top draft picks waiting in the wings the time came for both sides to move on with Smith signing to play for Mike Zimmer in Minnesota.

One year after experiencing<a href=""></a>  what the youth movement had to offer in a revolving door at right tackle, the idea of bringing back the previously embattled Smith doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to many fans.

Would that be possible? Sure. At the very least the option would be open as Smith again hits free agency.

Cincinnati Bengals free agent tracker

Smith signed a one-year deal worth $3.5 million<a href=""></a>  with Minnesota last year. He started at right tackle but only played four games before hurting his triceps, requiring surgery and being placed on injured reserve. This marked the second time in three seasons his year ended on injured reserve and third straight failing to suit up all 16 games. Smith also injured his elbow nine games into the 2014 season and was shut down.

The Vikings will look to replace multiple pieces on what turned into a train wreck of an offensive line last year due to injury and poor play. It appears up in the air whether Smith will be part of the rebuild.

At 30 years old, Smith will look for a landing spot and could represent a bargain fit back into his starting role at right tackle, giving the Bengals flexibility<a href=""></a>  should free agency not break their way with guard Kevin Zeitler. The free agent guard is expected to fetch somewhere around $8 to $10 million on the open market, a price the Bengals likely won’t be willing to shell out for his position.

If Smith returned, an option of shifting 2014 second-round pick Jake Fisher to guard would become an option. He’s served as a reserve there in the past. Or, in the very least, Smith would provide insurance should Fisher falter trying to assume the tackle position.

Andre Smith (71) was a first-round pick of the Bengals

Andre Smith (71) was a first-round<a href=""> Andre Smith Youth Jersey</a> pick of the Bengals in 2009. (Photo: Mark Zerof, Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports)

A history exists of players leaving the Bengals only to return soon after. Defensive end Michael Johnson left for Tampa Bay and returned one year later after the Bucs cut him loose. Pat Sims signed for two years in Oakland, then returned in 2015 to the Bengals. Wallace Gilberry signed with Detroit last year, but returned to Cincinnati midseason after being let go by the Lions in an injury settlement.

Traditionally, the Bengals like to latch on to players they know in free agency and obviously, having spent his first seven seasons in Cincinnati, Smith would fit such a mold.

Baseball season is here


Bringing you coverage of your favorite local teams


No ill will exists between<a href=""></a>  Smith and the club. In fact, Smith offered effusive praise of the influence Marvin Lewis had in his life when the Vikings returned to Cincinnati for joint practices in August.

“He did a great job in raising me, helping me become the man I am today as far as being a pro on and off the field and making good decisions,” Smith said. “I have nothing but love and respect for him."

Would Smith want to return to the team that ditched him? Would another team be able to guarantee a starting spot? Would the Bengals even be interested in taking away the first slice of stability given to Fisher when he<a href=""></a>  showed relatively well in his first foray at the position last year?

All are questions both sides must answer in the coming weeks, but the option to reunite is available.

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Angel92 Feb 28 '17 · Tags: business

Adam Thielen h <a href=""> Adam Thielen Authentic Jersey </a>可以说是最好的游戏的本赛季在明尼苏达维京人的任何进攻球员在第16周期间失去了绿湾包装工,现在你可以跟踪他实际上是多么好。

使用NFL的“下一代统计信息”页面,粉丝<a href=""> http:// www / shop-by-players-adam-thielen-jersey-c-2_50.html </a>现在可以从你最喜欢的维京人的球员跟踪大时间游戏,Thielen的主要表现对包装工队在休息。



该图表显示了动态<a href=""> Thielen是的,他的效果是感觉从短,中间和深层的路线的所有领域。一个有限制的自由球员,毫无疑问,Thielen在他的突破季节后是一个发薪日。


Angel92 Feb 28 '17 · Tags: business

亚当Thielen有[url =]亚当Thielen地道泽西[/ url]可以说是任何进攻球员的最好的游戏为明尼苏达维京人本赛季在第16周期间失去了绿湾包装工,现在你可以跟踪他实际上是多么好。

使用NFL的“下一代统计”页面,球迷[url =] http://www.officialvikingshop。 com / shop-by-players-adam-thielen-jersey-c-2_50.html [/ url]现在可以从你最喜欢的维京人的球员跟踪大时间游戏,而Thielen的主要表现反对包装工队在其他人中脱颖而出。



该图表显示了Thielen的动态,使用[url =] /shop-by-players-adam-thielen-jersey-c-2_50.html [/ url]他的效果被感觉到从短,中间和深层路线的所有领域。一个有限制的自由球员,毫无疑问,Thielen在他的突破季节后是一个发薪日。


Angel92 Feb 28 '17 · Tags: business
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