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Also, if you farm lions near Dun Garok you can get big venom sacs and bruiseweed, which are wow classic gold used for elixir of toxin resistance. Quite lucrative if you were planning to be grinding anyway.Did this in Burning Steppes when I leveled a warrior onto a brand new server. Could not solo the elite dragons for ony however there was a bot hunter there killing them. Worked out well.

If you are a hunter and also have among those zones creatures tamed the bot will target the pet and split it until you walk from sight.I really bothers you guys and the rest of the couples playing WoW together.

That I really like my girlfriend and we have been living together for 6 years (we're a couple for over 10 years) but she does not like WoW since she says matches like that are too time consuming (and yes they're haha) and we ought to do something with much more value in our spare time... I play and she accepts it somewhat but she still does not like it. For me it would be my biggest dream to being able to play buy gold wow classic eu together with her.

Can associate, my boyfriend does not match like AT ALL not mobile, not console or anything else. We have been together 8 years, I will say that never stops me from playing or criticises (unless I fail such as house duties etc).

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