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On Monday, Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman of the Kansas City Chiefs and Melvin Gordon III of the Denver Broncos, apparently sponsored by EA, entered Twitter.

All three players stated that they will receive Madden 21 Coins on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

All NFL players and EA ask fans to do is to simply forward images with Madden21 hashtags to get a chance to win free games. "Madden 21" was released globally on August 28. Because it was welcomed by fans and the media, it did not attract much positive attention.

In fact, the review score is the lowest in history. I reviewed it and gave a score consistent with what most people in other publications feel.

Last weekend, as the Negative Train started to lose focus and boundaries on the absurd, we saw the trend of the hashtag #NFLDropEA on Twitter. That is to say, from a strict point of view, this does indicate a fairly common dissatisfaction with the product.

However, unless EA sees a decrease in sales and spending of microtransactions in MUT, they don't care much.

Having said that, no major organization likes bad news, but "Madden 21" generates a lot of news. Can this player-led plan balance all the negative content on social media? Who knows, but you can be sure that thousands of people are forwarding their free copies.

The release of Madden 21 can be said to meet the expectations of some people. Many players hope that they can play better in the game, but many players are not very skilled in technology and cannot reach higher heights. At this time, you can Buy Madden 21 Coins to improve yourself quickly.


With the cover of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, EA Sports' upcoming Madden NFL 21 is expected to bring more superstar firepower and more features to fans. MUT 21 Coins can also get many stars in the game Character.

The latest important sports series will be released on August 28, and a lot of information has been made public. These include popular information about player levels, and new features that are always important in key modes such as Ultimate Team.

Mahomes clearly led his team to the Super Bowl and is arguably the best direct player in the league. And Donald played another elite season with a career score of 93.6.

Patriot’s corner Stephen Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore) won six passes, the Panthers ran back to Christian McCaffrey (Christian McCaffrey) to surpass the 2,000 yard mark between sprinting and catching, and the Saints The team's Michael Thomas (Michael Thomas) exceeded 1,700 yards.

This year's feature list is not an easy task. In terms of games, this year’s release is expected to become an offensive game manufacturer and bring more innovation and flexibility. The new spins, slides and obstacles on the technical bar mean that the gameplay better mimics the current very offensive leagues.

It's not that EA Sports will only let the offense run wild without authorizing the player to counteract certain offenses through defense. The skill stick also provides players with a large number of options for passing and rushing the ball, which can be selected at any time. Now the requirements for adjustment are higher.

Painting "Faces of Franchise: Fame" more broadly in the "new" category is a new player-oriented career model. Perhaps the most interesting is that this year's Madden release will not only update player ratings every week-the game manual for specific teams will also be fine-tuned weekly to reflect the use of each team in all aspects. The effect of MUT 21 Coins is still irreplaceable.

In the life cycle of a franchise, there are only many new directions. No longer hope that a certain team can play certain games like the real team, that's great, and it can reduce waiting time. In the past, I waited until next year’s game release, which may be just a week of waiting.


EA made some changes to the franchise model last month. The developers have made a special version of Gridiron Notes to reveal some relevant details after the franchise rights owned by players have improved. Identifies that EA has a franchise team, reminding the community that Madden is a real-time service that can update after release, which contains some advanced details about the planned model improvement this year’s competition and Madden 22, and reiterated the importance of community participation. They can get more MUT Coins from it with no effort.

According to the breakdown, Madden franchise team will get a higher percentage of team capacity to promote the improvement of this year’s competition and the future release of Madden 22. From the current situation, as long as EA does not make trouble, all the next work will carry out smoothly. There is no doubt that in the EA development team, there are some people who can provide the franchise model experience that satisfies fans. It sounds as if the group is free to show off its talents.

These days, they have added a lot of content after they released Madden. According to Gridiron Notes, EA appears to have committed to grouping in a franchise model through these updates. In the post-release update of Madden NFL 20, players will see the new X-factor and Superstar abilities, and the new mode of Superstar KO. There is also a lot of constantly developing content that Madden Ultimate Team expects. The new scene is magnificent, but it’s only a small part, and it doesn’t really make the Madden series the best of its kind.

Players will see the efforts of the game team in Madden NFL 21. Their current plan is to continue to provide Madden 21 related updates in the coming months. There will be more new things in the game. Players also need to Buy MUT 21 Coins as soon as possible to get their favorite player cards and items. The future Madden 22 will definitely be better.


The #FixMaddenFranchise movement started more than a month ago. Although EA has spoken on this topic many times, the details of their promised improvements have not been shared. Given the latest news about NFL football games (current and future), EA seems to have more incentives to repair Madden 21 Coins.

Last week, 2K announced its second major partnership with NFL-related entities. It has already obtained a license for non-simulation games with NFL team names and logos, but the recent agreement also allows 2K to use NFL players in upcoming football games on multiple platforms.

We are still talking about non-simulation, but if you are familiar with PARK in NBA 2K, you will know what kind of monster 2K can be created in a non-simulation environment. When you have the ability to use an NFL player, the possibilities are almost limitless.

NFL MyTeam, NFL PARK and other 7vs7 competitions, including microtransactions, player building, etc. If you upgrade the game engine of All-Pro Football 2K8, then a powerful framework will be in place.

EA will not ignore these possibilities. In fact, people believe that the unannounced EA arcade mode "Yard" in the video game "Madden" will be forced to reduce the momentum that 2K games similar to NFL-PARK may generate.

From EA's point of view, all of this makes sense, but this is another approach that EA can take to not only answer the 2K potential arcade game champions, but also enhance Madden's control in the simulation field.

By making every effort to improve the franchise model of Madden 21 after the release, and then making Cheap MUT 21 Coins a priority for Madden 22 (meaning to enrich it to make it the best version of the concept of this type), EA can emphasize its dominant position in No permission to operate in the 2K area. Although 2K can develop the fun of arcade games, it still has certain limitations. These are restrictions that EA does not have at any level.


EA provides a basis for those who are not sure whether to buy Madden 21. After reading these reasons, players will definitely be willing to buy it to experience the latest Madden content. It will synchronize the new content of Madden 21 with the progress of the NFL season in proper time. They should also remember that it is best to get some MUT Coins from online sellers who sell cheap currencies before entering the game.

EA has been working hard to introduce the career model to Madden. Soon players will see a new franchise model in the upcoming Madden 21. They will experience an unprecedented good feeling in the alternative model. Their journey will not only start in high school, but will also include the chance to win two college football championships. They can also serve as QB, RB or WR this year. With the appearance of Rich Eisen and Snoop Dogg, this is an opportunity to realize the NFL dream.

There are also many interesting changes in gameplay. User defenders will feel slower, which is counter-intuitive and actually a good thing. In the past few years, an excellent Madden player can almost defeat the opponent with just one super player. We have even seen MUT players and defensive linemen conduct sideline interceptions. It stimulated the game. Well, this should change in Madden 21, so there may be over one way to play the game and develop some more diverse and exciting offensive strategies.

The Yard which is a very brand-new game mode and will expand players’ game horizons. And anyone who purchases Madden 21 on Xbox One’s PS4 will be dual-allowed, allowing them to upgrade to next-generation products for free. Under many factors, Madden 20 players will transition to Madden 21. They must remember to Buy Cheap MUT 21 Coins before entering the brand new Madden 21. Players can experience it at the end of this month. Let’s see.
August means Madden 21 is just around the corner! Since your game budget is so competitive this year, here are the five reasons you buy Madden 21 and Cheap MUT 21 Coins.

Franchise Faces – High School to Hall of Fame
EA has been working hard to introduce the career model to Madden. The first is Longshot, which was bitten twice by a cherry. Last year was "Face of the Franchise", which has more prospects. This year is the "Face of Franchise-Rise to Fame". Your journey will not only start from high school, but will also include the chance to win two college football championships. You can also serve as QB, RB or WR this year. With the appearance of Rich Eisen and Snoop Dogg, this is an opportunity to realize the NFL dream.

Gameplay-change user defense
The #FixMaddenFranchise movement may continue to maintain a certain speed, but a major game adjustment may change Madden's strategy this year. User defenders will feel slower, which is counter-intuitive and actually a good thing. In the past few years, a good Madden player can cover almost the entire field with one player. We have even seen MUT players and defensive linemen conduct sideline interceptions. This greatly stimulated the game. Well, this should change in Madden 21. This means that there may be more than one way to play the game and develop some more diverse and exciting offensive strategies.

In the Yard-New Backyard Football Model
This has been leaked, but rarely confirmed. The paddock looks like a hybrid of the MUT house rule event and the superstar you created. The game mode is 6v6, described as "a new challenge to Madden with backyard rules!" It seems that it also includes online co-op and multiplayer games.

Free next-generation upgrade
Madden 21 will arrive on August 28, two or three months earlier than the next-generation console. But don’t worry about buying the game twice or waiting to get it on PS5 or Xbox Series X. Anyone who purchases Madden 21 on Xbox One’s PS4 will be dual-authorized and can upgrade to the next generation product for free!

Uniforms and rookies etc.
Several teams already have brand new uniforms. A series of sensational rookies also came into being. Several teams also moved to new homes. This is in line with the ideas of some players. The new cities and uniforms will undoubtedly make players full of freshness. Madden Coins allows you to experience the new uniform as soon as possible.

Some players do not want to buy games on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X because they want to experience the next generation of games directly to avoid unnecessary costs. With the upcoming release of Madden 21 getting closer, players are actively preparing MUT Coins to deal with the upcoming content in the new Madden. The increasing number of game platforms has also expanded the number of players.

EA Dual Entitlement allows Madden 21 users with PS4 and Xbox One version to upgrade to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of these games for free. However, this free upgrade feature does not seem so clear. Whether the game in hand is a digital game or a physical game, they can use dual authorization to upgrade. Those players who have purchased Madden 21 can download the upgraded version for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X. For upgrades, digital owners can download upgraded versions of these games on their PS5 or Xbox Series X, while physical disc owners need to insert the disc to use the upgrade.

The PS5 version of these games can only upgrade to the PS5 version, and the Xbox One version can only upgrade to the Xbox Series X version. They can use dual authorization to upgrade Madden 21 to the next version until the next game in the series release. It means that players can only use this feature before Madden 22 release. The good news is that if they have already received an upgraded version on the next-generation platform, then they can play Madden 21 on PS4 and Xbox One.

What is worth making players happy is that the rewards they receive in the game will be transferred with the conversion of the platform without losing items. Facing the fierce Madden battle, many players have been preparing for it for a long time. They have already Buy Cheap MUT 21 Coins a lot in order to obtain useful items and player cards as quickly as possible to gain an advantage in the game.

The arduous task of EA Sports’ Madden franchise is to rank all NFL players and their attributes. Although they can correct these rankings through seasonal roster updates, there are still some problems with the players’ initial rankings. Therefore, The Game Haus will analyze the most suspicious ratings of players on each NFL team. This article will study the ratings of players belonging to the Miami Dolphins. As Madden 21 gets closer and closer, it is time for players to get some MUT Coins.

Devante Parker, playing for the Miami Dolphins with a total score of 84, is the team’s most robust receiver. People have underestimated his strength, but his performance on the court is enough to shock every player who is not optimistic about him. Unfortunately, the Madden team only gave him a total score of 84. Parker’s touchdown in 2019 has more than doubled his career record, and for the first time in his career, he has exceeded 1,000 yards. Since entering the NFL, he has also taken part in all 16 games for the first time, showing what he can do in a healthy state.

Another player that surprises players is Byron Jones with a total score of 88. In this year’s offseason, a team gave him a five-year, $82 million contract. This level of contract only enjoyed by football superstars. But thanks to his strong defensive ability, he really won a contract like this. In the last season, players discovered that his performance on the court was obviously not good. So players have all doubted that his data does not match his current contract. Jones must surpass his reputation to get an 88-point rating.

As far as the current situation concerned, there will be more players who will surprise players. The first task for players is to Buy MUT Coins for the powerful player cards released games. The emergence of Madden 21 will also bring more fun mechanisms and changeable challenges for players. They must now use Madden Coins to improve their strength to gain an advantage in Madden 21 soon.

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As the game's August 28 release date approaches, the developers have released additional details about gameplay and player ratings. On Thursday, Madden announced that it will add a new Superstar X-Factor feature: Yac'em Up. This feature will give players more chances to score goals. San Francisco 49ers guard George Kittle is the only star with Yac'em Up ability. Madden also announced Los Angeles Chargers receiver Keenan Allen, Green Bay Packers receiver Davante Adams, Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill and New Orleans Saints receiver Michael Thomas. Madden players hope to have the opportunity to use MUT Coins to get these powerful player cards.

Kittle completed 85 games in 2019, and he has 5 touchdowns in 14 games. His Yac’em Up ability proved his frequency of turning quick passes into multiple rounds. The 622 yards after receiving the ball ranked third in the league after Christian McCaffrey and Austin Ekeler. Thomas set a single-season record of 149 receptions, which is even more impressive considering that Drew Brees missed five games last season. The maximum safety X factor function can ensure that the receiver has a high success rate in the hit rate.

Thomas won this title. According to professional football reference, since 1992, when it was first regarded as statistical data, his receiving rate of 78.1 ranked third in at least 400 receptions. Fans can check the full list of announced Superstar X-Factors on Madden’s official website. Before the release of Madden NFL 21 next month, full player ratings have also disclosed.

Madden players reacted strongly after seeing these powerful player cards. They hope to see these player cards in Madden 21 by then. But from another perspective, it also has prime requirements for players’ reserves of MUT Coins. The better the player card corresponds to the higher the price. Therefore, players had better go to Buy MUT Coins a lot in advance to prepare.

Last year, in order to make the star players of the NFL stand out, EA introduced the function of X-Factor into the Madden series. When Madden 20 debuted, only the elite players of the league were designated as the "X-Elements", so they gained special game abilities that could be activated by Madden 21 Coins. The trigger condition will unlock this ability, so that the player has a special promotion to a specific area of ??the game. The X factor will return again in Madden 21, providing players with some new and updated features.

Madden 21 will have more than 50 X-factor functions. They will be displayed every day of the week. After the start, EA focused on the X-factor ability of the league's top quarterbacks.

Patrick Mahomes is the highest rated quarterback in Madden 21 with 99 points and bazooka. It seems to be more exclusive, but what is undeniable is what it deserves. While in the field, the shooting distance will be increased and activated by passing more than 30 meters. After being fired, he was removed from the penalty area.

Russell Wilson will have the "Assault Radar X-Factor" feature, which will highlight more assaulters. It can be activated by three battles of more than 10 yards, and if he takes two sacks, it will be deleted. It feels a little weird, because even though it has something to do with Wilson's ability to compete, I feel that bystanders like Tom Brady and Drew Blaise also have a pretty good sense of surprise. Brady's mobility is zero, but it is sufficient to identify defenses.

EA chose to provide both Tom Brady and Drew Brees with professional reading ability, which reflects their ability to read defenses and quickly find open recipients, while ignoring pressure. Trigger Pro Reads by Buy MUT 21 Coins, right in their cab. They were fired and kicked them out of the penalty area. In general, I think this reflects the play style of Brady and Blaise. Both sides have a knack for quickly finding an open receiver and getting rid of the ball before the pressure reaches the opponent. They have mastered the skills of quick release.

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