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Abigail Smith

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most iconic shooter video games. It offers you to play in Special Ops and multiplayer modes and you can explore different levels. But while playing the game, it might freeze.  If you are facing such issues on your PC, then read on and apply the solutions mentioned below.

Sources :- Fix Modern Warfare Freezing Issue on PC , Legit-Directory

Check the System Requirements

You should follow these steps provided below:

  1. Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to launch the Run section.
  2. Then input ‘dxdiag’ in it and select the OK button.
  3. You should check the details about the memory, processor and OS.
  4. Thereafter, choose the tab of Display to check the specs of the video card.
  5. Choose the tab of Sound to check the specs of the sound card.
  6. Now, select the Exit button.

Shut Background Apps

You should follow these steps provided below:

  1. Go to the taskbar and right-click on it.
  2. Click on the Task Manager.
  3. Then select the app you would like to shut and right-click on it and choose the ‘End task’ option.

Scan and Fix Game Files

You should pursue these steps provided below:

  1. Launch the application and select the ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ option on the left panel.
  2. Thereafter, select the Options button and choose the ‘Scan and Repair’ option.
  3. Now, click on the ‘Begin Scan’ option.

Modify In-Game Graphics Settings

You should follow these steps provided below:

  1. Click on ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and select the Options button.
  2. Then choose the tab of Graphics and select the Display Mode option.
  3. Pick the Full-screen option.
  4. Later, turn off the ‘Sync Every Frame (V-Sync)’ option.
  5. Move down to the tab of ‘Details & Textures’ and set the settings.
  6. Now, choose the Apply Settings option.

Turn off In-Game Overlay on GeForce Experience

You should pursue these steps provided below:

  1. Launch the GeForce Experience.
  2. After that, select the icon of a gear icon at the top right side of the screen.
  3. Now, tap the toggle of ‘In-game overlay’ to turn it off.

Install Modern Warfare Again

You should pursue these steps provided below:

  1. Launch the Battle net app and select the ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ option.
  2. Then click on the Options and click on the Uninstall Game button.
  3. Now, download the latest ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ version then install the game.

Hopefully, by following the solutions mentioned above, you will be able to fix the Modern Warfare freezing issue.

Abigail Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on Legit-directory and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

Jon Snow

Battle royale games in mobile gaming are as popular as the console and PC games. Most of the mobile players love to play battle royale games such as PUBG and COD. PUBG brought the battle royale trend in mobile gaming and COD raised the battle royale mode to advanced level. In terms of bringing new challenging tasks, competition amongst players, and rewards, COD is always at the top. Now Call of Duty Mobile will soon bring two Call of Duty Modern Warfare maps. From the reports, it’s been confirmed that COD Mobile will soon add two maps: “Terminal” and “Shipment.”

Right now, both of these maps are working on public test servers and they will be released soon. The public test servers are useful for developers and help get the feedback from other gamers. Developers often try out some new ideas on large public test servers. It also helps the developers learn about the glitches and bugs that can appear. However, with a proper update, developers usually remove them.

Call of Duty Mobile Will Bring Two Modern Warfare Maps in Next Big Update

Both Shipment and Terminal maps will get featured with their original layout rather than customized layouts that were found in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare. In the same essence, the “Shipment” map has the theme of World War II. It will be a nostalgic experience for those who have played the original version.

Currently, there has been no announcement from the Call of Duty Mobile about the upcoming maps. However fans have noticed the maps on the test server, but the developers of the game are still silent about the maps.

It will be a great surprise when Call of Duty Mobile brings these mega maps in the game. “Shipment” and “Terminal” both maps are taken from the PC version. Players who have played the Call of the Duty PC version must be well acquainted with the maps. In the mobile device, the gameplay experience and optimization of the game are fabulous. There are several modes like Frontline, Domination, Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Team Deathmatch included in the game to play.

Now that Shipment and Terminal maps are on public test servers, it is confirmed that the COD team is up to something, even if they haven’t confirmed it. Players can play on these maps, but they might face some bugs and glitches while playing. So until the actual update releases, players have to wait.

SOURCE:- Call of Duty Mobile Will Bring Two Modern Warfare Maps in Next Big Update


A discovery of quite a big magnitude has been seen in Call of Duty: Warzone. For a Battle Royale game like this, this is very big news. The discovery shows a massive figure moving underneath the ice next to the dam location in the Battle Royale game. The game of Warzone has been in an all-new hype as it had just kicked off its 4th season. The game has captivated its player base with a surprisingly good story and the new season is bringing new surprises.

This new discovery is a big deal as at the beginning of season 3, the players could unlock Bunker 11, and inside the bunker was a nuclear warhead along with the evidence of the construction of a nuclear missile. With such an interesting story, the players were hoping to see an escalation with the situation with the coming of the new season, but according to the video footage of the discovery, probably not in the direction they were hoping. The players have found mysterious shadows moving around in the water body underneath the ice next to the dam.

Reddit user Ronny972 was the first to make the discovery, which can be seen by Warzone players right now on the game’s live servers. The discovery came along as Ronny972 and his friends were playing near the dam during a match, while suddenly they saw a huge shadow pass underneath them under the snow, having caught attention now, the players found a helicopter and went up in the air for a better view. This revealed an elongated oval-shaped shadow or object, passing along the full length of the dam’s upper edge under the ice.

Adding to the mystery, this shadow beneath the ice does not only pass along the just the surface of the ice, but into the rocky terrain. What the shadow does is it emerges from underneath the rocky terrain of one side of the dam and continues to disappear into the other side of the dam again going under the land. According to the players, this can mean that there is a possibility that this part of the map is connected together by a watery tunnel system that runs through the dam section of the map.

Always ready for some excitement, Warzone players started jumping into conclusions. Of course, it was a big topic of discussion as it had been really big moments of focus in other Battle Royale games such as Fortnite. Some players think that it might be an underwater monster, like the Fortnite’’s monsters frozen in ice. But some players, including Ronny972, believe that the shadow might belong to a submarine. Of course, it being a submarine will go with the theme of Warzone a lot better than it being a monster. As soon as the news hit, leakers went about trying to find information about the mystery object, and noting that there are absolutely submarine-related files in Warzone. Whether they’re connected to the shadow under the ice remains to be seen.

Catching up with another detail in the new season, it is seen that the direction the shadow travels is directly in line with Bunker 10, and this was new information released in the 4th season that Bunker 10 has a live nuclear warhead, and this is in direct natural progression with the story of what was found in Bunker 11. This new information can be brought together and speculated that the shadow that might be a submarine might go to Bunker 10 and pick up the nuclear missile and bring it back and might even launch it from the top of the dam.

There is obviously a lot to come in the Call of Duty: Warzone as it moves forward. And players are already accepting a new map change as well as a potential in-game reveal of the next Call of Duty game. It is still to be seen as to how the story comes together with a live nuclear missile and the possibility of a submarine emerging, and how it will all tie together. Well, players can likely already start making connections. Season 4 is going to be very interesting.

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marierobert Jun 24 '20 · Tags: call of duty, warzone
Devin Smith

It’s been a month since the fans of Call of Duty are busy finding and opening the secret bunkers. However, they were finally able to reach all of them after a specific update released by its developers. The bunkers are helping gamers in acquiring loads of cash, weapon loot, and essential items. Although, numerous gamers have opened these bunkers, quite a few out of them know about the blueprint. This blueprint is available in the 11th bunker, and it will give an MP7 Dauber Mud SMG to the gamers. Although it is pretty simple now to find and open bunker 11 to obtain the SMG, the weapon will only be unlocked by a specific battle pass. In this article, we are going to provide a simple method to unlock the SMG. The following process is a bit complicated, so we do recommend you be attentive while reading the below-written workaround.

How to Unlock MP7 Mud Dauber SMG

The gamers first need to initiate the following process by visiting bunker 11. Once the gamers reached the exact location, Verdansk Warzone, after that, they needed to find a series of telephones. After that, the gamers will interact with the telephones, and soon all of them will start ringing. The gamers need to pick up anyone’s phone, and suddenly, they will hear someone speaking Russian. The gamers need to note down the three numbers that the Russian man speaks over the phone.

There will be around seven phones, and the gamers need to note explicitly down the numbers from Russian speakers to each of them. Once the gamers have successfully noted down all the numbers, then the bunker 11 will be opened automatically. After that, the gamers have to pick up the MP7 Dauber SMG, and then they need to unlock it using the numeral code. If they were unable to open the weapon, that means they have submitted the numbers wrongly. They need to rearrange the numbers and then insert them again.


Call of Duty: Warzone seems out to be the first game of the franchise that has so much new to explore. Unlike its predecessors, Warzone provides an adventurous fun in the battle royale segment.  There is a rumor spreading rapidly in the gaming world that says about several upcoming easter eggs in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, we all need to wait to see whether it is true or not. We hope that our article will surely fulfil your purpose of reading it alongside; you will find it helpful.

The gamers would like to obtain the gaming experience of Call of Duty: Warzone can play it on Xbox OnePS4, and PC.


Lucas Smith

The supervision of Infinity Ward and Raven Software has led Call of Duty: Warzone to another extent. The game has been greeted across the globe by gamers as well as critics. Although the franchise’s acquired popularity is enough for its new games to become an overnight sensation in the case of Warzone, its new features and perks have helped it to achieve the subsequent milestone. The game was released in post-March, and since then, it has persisted to entice more new gamers towards it.

The emerging demand for video games has led several to the establishment of several new games and companies. Thus, it is hard to acquire a top-notch position for a long time. The makers of Call of Duty understood this fact clearly; that’s why they are kept on including new features, events, and updates to the game. Recently, the game has been updated with a whole new feature known as Dismemberment Rounds. In the subsequent blog, we will share all the necessary and available knowledge about the newly added Dismemberment Rounds. Read the below-written workaround thoroughly to know about Dismemberment Rounds alongside the ways to use it.

How to get to the Dismemberment Rounds in COD: Warzone

The gamers who are unfamiliar with the Dismemberment Rounds feature; are the bullet attached to several guns. These bullets are so deadly that they don’t even spare the skin of the ones who are shot with it. These bullets have the tendency to kill anyone in one shot, whether the gamers aimed at the head or any other part of their enemy body. The bullets will instantly kill the aimed person.

Along with that, these bullets are also favorable because the gamers can use a non-upgradable gun with it. Thus, these bullets are in high demand, and every gamer wants to include them in their armaments. However, the gamers can only put their hands on the Dismemberment Rounds through operators’ packs. The game doesn’t include any other way to obtain these potent bullets.

The operator package will allow gamers to get a new weapon. These weapons are equipped with Dismemberment Rounds alongside advanced specs, including fingerprint sensors. There are various types of operator packs available in Call of Duty: Warzone. Below we have specified about each of them, select your preferred operator pack through it.

  • Asunder Brutalizer Pack: The gamers who are planning to buy the Brutalizer pack will get the Asunder weapon and Dismemberment rounds through it.
  • Torn Brutalizer Pack: The players who are willing to buy the Brutalizer pack will get the Torn weapon and Dismemberment bullets along with it.
  • Insurgency Iskra Operator Pack: The gamers who are planning to buy the Iskra Operator Pack will get the Insurgency weapon and Dismemberment rounds through it.
  • Heresy Iskra Operator Pack: The players who are willing to buy the Iskra Operator Pack will get the Heresy weapon and Dismemberment bullets along with it.
  • Skullhammer Mace Operator Pack: The gamers who are planning to buy the Mace Operator Pack will get the Skullhammer and Dismemberment rounds through it.
  • Bludgeoner Mace Operator Pack: The players who are willing to buy the Mace Operator Pack will get the Bludgeoner weapon and Dismemberment bullets along with it.
  • El Rut Talon Operator Pack: The gamers who are planning to buy the Talon Operator Pack will get the Elk Rut weapon and Dismemberment rounds through it.
  • Black Bear Talon Operator Pack: The players who are willing to buy the Talon Operator Pack will get the Black Bear weapon and Dismemberment bullets along with it.


Infinity Ward, along with Raven Software, is operating the Call of Duty: Warzone quite well. After the arrival of several battle royale games, Infinity Ward is keen to include new features and updates to its game at regular intervals. The arrival of Dismemberment Rounds is also included to enhance the gaming experience of Call of Duty: Warzone. In the end, we hope that your purpose for reading this article will be fulfilled. Alongside we do believe that you will find all the information provided in our article useful.

The gamers who haven’t obtained the gaming experience of Call of Duty: Warzone can play it on Xbox OnePS4, and PC.

Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.



Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare gamers have found a bizarre glitch that makes players invisible while playing the game. From any angle, it doesn’t like it is happening intentionally because while running in multiplayer. It could be taken as advantage or disadvantage that player is getting invisible randomly. In the glitch, the invisible player doesn’t know that they are not appearing to other players. It’s a total random glitch that can happen with any player.

This problem is highlighted by a video that is recently uploaded on Modern Warfare from the user sp77ky. While playing with the ghost in the multiplayer match at the Piccadilly map, randomly ghost skin appears from nowhere. Being invisible is an advantage for the invisible player because he can kill the opponent without letting him know your location.

How Does it Happen?

At this time, saying uncertain things will not be the right thing because no one knows why this glitch issue is happening in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Some players are connecting the glitch with the skin of ghosts, and according to them, the glitch is happening from ghost skin. However, some players are describing it as a problem of server lag. Fans and players are looking for the glitch to happen to know the exact reason for the problem; however, for now, this glitch situation seems to like causing from ghost skin that appears from a particular distance.

Bugs and glitches are nothing new in games, but it does not happen with every player. If a particular player has a glitch in the game doesn’t mean every player will face the same issue. It’s all about file and network where bugs enter, and glitches show up. You might don’t know, but it’s not the first time when in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare invisible player glitch shows up. In January, one more glitch showed up “Dallas Empire Call of Duty League skin,” making the players invisible. On a certain distance, that glitch was making players invisible.

Without the clip, it is impossible to find out the glitch because without proof player can not verify the issue. Invisible enemies is an issue that players suffers in the game so it is important to report glitches for receiving the solution from the developers itself. In the January clip came out where the player gets killed by few rounds from the enemy and now after few months similar glitch again came up. It’s true that now the player is not wearing “Dallas Empire Call of Duty League skin,” but there is no doubt that it is the same as a previous glitch.

Considering it as a big issue, players are looking for the solution of this glitch that causing the problem. Some players take advantage of it give other players cheap death without letting them know what is really happening. It’s not easy to find glitch; neither can it be found intentionally, but now if the glitch is found, then it’s necessary to report for the solution.

Source :-

Daisy Martin  is a qualified IT engineer by education. After working in the IT sector for a decade, she began writing about it two years ago. She loves to write about emerging technology like


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 is finally here, and developers have added multiple new weapons to make the game highly competitive and interesting. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 already has two new maps. Guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 are categorized in the tier and from these tiers, players get to know the power and stats of the weapon. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 looks little different from the previous season, but in a positive way. In the weapon tier, A and S are the highest tier and weapons of these tiers are deadly and ultimate.

Even the A and S tiers have several new guns in the Modern Warfare Season 2. After the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2, there are several weapons that player should know about in order to play the game perfectly.

Why did Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Meta Changed?

In Call of Duty: Modern, several things have changed, and one of the biggest change occurred in the maps section. The maps used to be smaller in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so guns like SMGs had an advantage of killing the enemies. In the current version, the powers of guns are still the same, but the maps require more versatility.

Weapon Tier List

D-Tier Weapon of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It’s unfortunate, but Uzi made its mark in the D-Tier list of guns, and it is one of the worst guns of the game. In the shooting speed, Uzi is great and that is what makes it a unique gun. From season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Uzi is staying at the bottom because nothing is changed in this weapon.

Apart from Uzi, SA87 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can’t compete with other guns even after multiple additional items, and that is why it is also on D-Tier. Rifle gun, EBR 14 is also the worst from its entire same category.

C-Tier Weapon of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Shotguns are no use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and even if they used in close range, they are still not that affective to the players. Dragunov is still the worst sniper gun of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it’s fun to use. PP19, PILA and X16 all three are the same level of guns, and they are not impressive at all. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare some better choice of guns are available that does better than these PP19, PILA and X16 three guns.

B-Tier Weapon of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

In the SMG categories, AUG is considered the worst, but after using attachments, modification and versatility, it can perform better. The gun .357 revolver is terrible, but if you use it with shotguns rounds, then it can work better as a pocket beast.

A-Tier Weapon of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

In the A-Tier, you can find several deadly guns to use on the battlefield. The FN SCAR 17 is an ultimate A-Tier gun that can kill the enemy quickly, but it still falls lower than AK-47. The Holger-26 is an incredible choice of the gun which is an LMG but works like an AR. If you prefer to play on smaller maps, then Holger-26 can you help you in a much better way.

In the shotgun category of guns, R9-O is the best weapon, but in comparison with 725, it is little less in competition. The gun MK2 carbine is the perfect substitute for 725 because it can kill the enemy in one shot.

S-Tier Weapon of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

As mentioned above, both A and S tiers have the highest number of guns and one of them is AK47 which is an extremely deadly gun for close and long-range shooting range categories. M4A1 is also a great gun that gives tough competition to AK47. M4A1 is in S-Tier because of its power, and there is no particular weakness of this amazing gun.

Source :-

Devin Smith

Call of Duty has been making headlines as the game continues to offer new exciting updates. While the gamers are highlighting the updates offered by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, they should not leave the COD mobile behind. Call of Duty mobile recently released its latest zombie mode by the name of Mobile Zombies, and it is a massive hit.

Even though the mode has made a debut way back in the World at War, playing its mobile version is just as exciting. COD: Mobile Zombies is not merely a rip-off though; the mode offers a new special gameplay called Zombie Raid Mode.

The mobile counterpart of the well-renowned classic has been a hit ever since its release on 1st October 2019, but you are not here to read this. You are here to know just exactly how you can defeat the abomination zombie boss. Here is everything you need to know about the Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies and tips to defeat the boss.

What is Zombie Raid Mode?

Even though the veteran gamers have seen the zombie mode before in the World at War, it is everyone’s first time playing the Raid Mode. One thing to know before preparing to play the mode is that you must be at least level 5 in the game.

The zombies mode offer two modes:

  1. Survival Mode
  2. Raid Mode

The Survival Mode packs nothing new as it is similar to the older zombie modes. The players have to face endless zombie waves and kill them. It is the Raid Mode that offers a new style of gameplay.

You need to defeat several levels of enemies to meet the final boss in the Raid Mode. The mode can is playable in two difficulty levels:

  1. Normal
  2. Heroic

In the normal mode, you have to fend off 8 levels of zombies to reach the boss, while the number increases to 12 in the heroic difficulty. Beating the zombie boss is obviously tougher in the heroic mode, but you can do it, even solo, if you know the right approach.

If you are thinking the approach would be using the controller, then wrong answer. While a controller could be a big help, it is not mandatory.

How to Beat Zombie Boss in Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies?

Even though the internet is abundant with decent FPS/TPS shooting games, there is a reason why Call of Duty stands out. The game even competes with PUBG mobile and Fortnite mobile, when it comes to popularity. Other than stellar graphics and smooth gameplay, it is the latest zombie mode that makes the game fun and addictive.

The appearance of the zombie boss is equally disgusting in both the difficulty levels. The boss looks like an abomination created by the mating of crab, alien, disgust, and scorpion.

Follow the given tips to defeat the abomination:

  • The most important piece of advice for you is to fire at its weak point, mouth.
  • Run along the circle edges. It will not only confuse the boss but will keep the secondary zombies in the center as well.
  • Try building a good team with your friends.
  • Avoid the wiggly tree looking tentacles.
  • It is not PUBG’s classic mode where you cannot slide. You can, so take advantage of it and move swiftly.
  • Maintain a safe distance and avoid its melee attacks at all costs.
  • Run when it makes its ground-swimming attack.
  • Shoot down the thrown glowing skulls.
  • Utilize the weapon boxes to get rocket launchers.
  • Keep moving and deal continuous damage.
  • It is the most vulnerable while opening the mouth. Take advantage of it by using ARs and rocket launchers to deal more damage.

The players can also level up before fighting the boss, but that would not be much of a help. Still, the provided tips should be enough to defeat the boss quite conveniently. Agreed, it may take you several tries, but keep trying and apply the tips, and you will defeat the boss. The game is available for iOS and Android, so if you have not played it yet, then now would be the right time to give it a go.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


Billy Mark

Activision has announced about Call of Duty: Mobile will be in market this summer to the UK, US, Central Europe, South America and some other regions.

Norton Setup

Online multiplayer first-person shooter will be available in Android and iOS version. It will include maps, modes, weapons and characters from throughout the franchise’s previous history, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the Black Ops series

Developed by Tencent studio Timi, the game will be  PVP and free-to-play. And, their is no exact release date for this , you can pre-register for more information and a notification of when it is available on a dedicated website .

Android phone owners can also head straight to Google Play to pre-register there.

The first release will be a public beta in select regions, so look out for it.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Microsoft products at

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