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"Let me say this, Isaiah Thomas is a hell of a player," Hoiberg began. "An unbelievable competitor -- he's a warrior, everything he's going through right now. He had a hell Youth Jason Spezza Green Jersey of a game tonight. But when you're allowed to discontinue your dribble on every possession, he is impossible to guard. He's impossible to guard when you're able to put your hand underneath the ball and take two or three steps and put it back down. It's impossible to guard him in those situations." After watching Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas dominate his team to the tune of 33 points in a 104-95 Game 4 loss on Sunday night, the frustration that has been building up inside of Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg finally boiled over. Hoiberg believes that Thomas has been carrying the ball at various points through the series and is upset about how the All-Star point guard is being officiated. Hoiberg said he has been talking to officials throughout the series, telling them that he feels Thomas is carrying NHL Jannik Hansen Canucks Jersey the ball. Hoiberg said he has been told by the officials that they would watch for the violation. Hoiberg was asked specifically when the violation he is asking about -- carrying the ball -- is usually called in the NBA. "That's a great question," Hoiberg said. "They talk about it every year. They talk about it every year, being a point of emphasis. It should be called. I've said all I'm going to say about it. I'm not going to talk about it anymore." Led by Thomas, the Celtics knotted the series at two games apiece as it heads back to Game 5 on Wednesday night in Boston. "Isaiah's a terrific basketball player," Bulls All-Star swingman Jimmy Butler said. "So I wasn't paying attention to whether he was carrying the ball or not. It's not my job to watch that." Wade did acknowledge that he thought Hoiberg's commentary was good for the morale of a Bulls team that has now lost two straight games. "It's great," Wade said of coaches standing up for players in a playoff series. "All players want coaches to have their back. Whenever Coach does that, it makes guys want to do a little bit more for him. Want to give him a little bit more. So it's always great when you feel that your coach has your back." In a separate incident, Butler and Celtics guard Marcus Smart were each assessed Blackhawks Keith Magnuson Kids Jersey technical fouls in the second quarter for exchanging words after Smart had the ball stripped from him by Bulls backup point guard Isaiah Canaan.
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In the crucial moment of the impact of the playoffs, the Bulls suffered a five-game losing streak, fell to the east of the first 10, which makes coach Fred Hoyberg again in the cusp. Bulls player Rajon Rondo directly questioned Premier Brandon Saad Navy Blue Jersey Hoyberg's way of employment. "Obviously, I want to win, that's where we are here (the Bulls). I'm here on a goal: that's the win No matter what business or what, winning is always part of the plan. To do business or promote a brand, you need to win, because only then your business will be good, will someone buy it. You also want to do things well, Blindly young players do not work right." Rondo said. "We are now imperative to improve the ranking as soon as possible into the playoffs, rather than blindly exercise young players." Rondo said. Hoylberg has been completely unable to control the team, he was in the game of the people questioned, his audience a total of 12 players, and playing time in 12 minutes or more, the purpose is very clear. Said he was training newcomers, starting point guard Jerry Grant game played only 12 minutes. Said he wanted to win it, Wade, Rubin Lopez and Jimmy Butler and other mature veteran time are controlled in 25 minutes. "A game with 12 players will be in trouble.If a player does not know how long a game can play, will be very difficult, especially the spirit will be bad. We have some relatively young players, It is understandable, after all, coach no matter who to play, he is to solve the problem. "Compared to Rondo, Wade began to say some euphemism. Bulls are now from the management to the coaching staff of the decision is very confusing, people do not understand. If the bulls do not want to score, they in the summer of 2016 and fat about Wade and Rondo and other veterans. If they want to score, but also in the transaction deadline sent away from the first Thai Gibson and sixth man Doug McDermott. Hoyeberg is also people can not read, he would like to train new players such as Maike Wei, for a while let them start, while they are directly abandoned. Because the management and coaching Kids Alexander Mogilny Canucks Jersey staff of the toss, the Bulls 2015-16 season, the ninth in the East, the difference from the playoffs, and can not win a good draft pick. Now 2016-17 season may repeat the same mistakes, but do not know who is responsible for the time, is the coach or management changes?
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According to San Antonio media reports, Duncan has been selected for the National University Basketball Hall of Fame, settled in the ceremony will be held NHL Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey in November. As we all know, Duncan may be the NBA's greatest ever power forward, his career averages can contribute 19 points 10.8 points 3 rebounds and 2.2 blocks, won a total of 5 championships, twice elected regular season MVP, 3 times to get the finals MVP, a total of 15 times selected All-Star, 15 times selected league best team, 15 finalists Union best defensive team. In fact, Duncan's college career is also very brilliant. Duncan and Paul, all from Wake Forest University, where he played four seasons, averaging 16.5 points and 12.3 rebounds and 2.3 assists. Which in the senior season, Duncan averaged data is reached 20.8 points 14.7 rebounds and 3.2 assists and 3.3 blocks. Duncan for four consecutive years to lead the Vic Forest into the NCAA tournament, he himself twice won the ACC Division Player of the Year, 3 times won the nation's best defensive player. Which in 1997, that is, Duncan's big season, he is the best player in the United States won the honor. Duncan announced his retirement last summer, and he was about to wait five years after his retirement to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame. However, the American University Basketball Hall of Fame is not the provisions of the retirement age, they announced in the local time on Wednesday 2017 session of the University Basketball Hall of Fame list, Duncan led the finalists. And Duncan at the same time selected college basketball Hall of Fame and Jazz legend Youth Bo Horvat Canucks Jersey pointkeeper Stockton, he is the NBA history assists and steals the king. "In general, members of the University Basketball Hall of Fame, who broke the barriers to break through the barriers, won the championship trophy, had created a record, also won the glory for the country, or in the field of coaching left a permanent mark. Said the team chairman of the Basketball Hall of Fame, Reggie Menton.
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As we all know, "gloves" Gary Payton is the best defensive point guard Canucks Daniel Sedin Jersey in NBA history, but also the history of the NBA's most famous "trash words king", no matter who, if and Payton spray trash, I am afraid "Willing to admit defeat", even strong as "the god of basketball" Michael Jordan, I am afraid but also "concessions three points." Payton's performance on the pitch is commendable, like his defense, and the trash is also the art of the piazza shown by Peyton, and defense and trash also make Payton become different. Mention Michael Jordan, everyone will tear his hat to pay tribute, after all, he is "the god of basketball", but not no one dare and "trapeze" challenge. This is not in the 1996 finals, "gloves" Gary Payton against Jordan big spray trash, "F" at the beginning of the dirty words ready to come out, this scene has become one of the classic NBA moments. Payton why curse Jordan, which is nothing more than "spear" and "shield" of the dispute, as the offensive and defensive basketball court is a pair of contradictory body, when the Jordan offensive play wind and water, Defensive end must not be comfortable; the other hand, when Payton in the defensive end triumphantly, Jordan in the offensive end must not be satisfactory, not to mention Jordan and Payton were the best defender and defensive player. Trash is part of the basketball court, but definitely the main part of the real contest to rely on basketball to speak. Payton, of course, knows this, if not because of his defense is excellent, how can have the opportunity and Jordan spray trash words, therefore, although Payton greeted Jordan, but still won the "trapeze" praise. In the 1996 finals, the supersonic first three games, it seems that this will be a round of the finals, in this life and death time, Payton take the initiative to coach George Karl invited, demanding special " Jordan. So, the finals of the trend has changed, not to ignore, then Payton also with a serious leg injury. "When you face Nike Vince Carter Adidas Jersey an opponent like Jordan, you can not take a step back because he is a wolf, and if you take a step back, he will rush to chew you on a fine," Payton said.
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Austin Rivers is 193 centimeters tall, 24 years old, is the New Orleans Hornets (now the pelican) 2012 first round of the 10th pick. His high school is a super genius Alex Burrows Navy Blue Canucks Jersey, the nation's first high school students, college study at Duke University, freshman when averaging 15.5 points 3.4 rebounds and 2.1 assists, hit rate of 43.3%, third hit rate of 36.5%. Little Rivers was initially favored by pelicans, and Anthony Davis was seen as the core of the team. Little Rivers is the son of the Clippers coach and president Doc Rivers! Unfortunately, Little Rivers did not play in the pelicans, career precarious. He averaged 6.9 points and 2.3 assists and 1.9 rebounds per game during the Pelicans, only 39 percent from the field, only 33.2 percent from the third, and 63.1 percent from the free throw. Little Rivers was very poor attack, the organization is also lackluster, did not achieve the shooting guard to the point guard transformation, if you continue to stay in the pelican, most likely to be eliminated by the NBA. January 17, 2015, Rivers decisive, in the Clippers, Celtic and Pelican tripartite transactions, with Chris Douglas Roberts and others to get the small Rivers. After joining the Clippers, Little Rivers' organizational capacity is still in general, there are also great problems in attacking options, but Rivers insists on giving his son a chance, and on July 14, 2015, he gives Schreis two years. Million dollar contract. In Rivers's firm support, Little Rivers finally in the NBA foothold, the 2015 playoff against the Rockets, 2016 playoff against the Blazers, Little Rivers have excellent performance. Especially in 2016 against the Blazers, Little Rivers one eye injury, still bloody battles, touched Clippers fans. Rivers cross the boat, the summer of 2016 to his son out of 3 years 36 million US dollars of fat about the third year also set as a player option. Because Chris Paul injured, Little Rivers 2016-17 season played very well, averaging 12.2 points and 3 assists and 2.1 rebounds, hit rate of 44.1%, three percentage hit rate of 39.9%, averaging can hit 1.6 One third Crawford is the sixth man of the Clippers, when Little Rivers took the bench, the two had some overlap. For this reason, Crawford has been in trading Kyle Lowry Authentic Adidas Jerseyrumors for several seasons. According to Hoopscritic reports, the Clippers are peddling Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford, trying to trade them to upgrade the striker position.
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