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Olive Gaea
Meet carefully chosen carbon offsets that help communities and heal the environment. They are accessible to everyone, anywhere, and at any time, and they come with motivating tales, accurate statistics, and worthwhile prizes to assist you in creating a resilient climate future. Vivek is a recognised expert in sales, corporate development, and business strategy. He has held positions at Crisil, Cairn, Reliance, and Baker Hughes. He founded Olive Gaea out of his love for innovative projects that popularise and make sustainable living simple.

He works to assist the business community in creating a culture of climate resilience and reliable Carbon offsetting in UAE by leveraging expertise in business transformation and strategy creation. He has a history of effective due diligence, stakeholder management, and risk reduction, Carbon Neutrality and he is especially interested in developing long-lasting, trustworthy relationships. Olive Gaea was created to assist individuals and companies in taking control of their climate narrative. To do this, we make carbon offsets profitable for everyone, anywhere, and at any time. We work hard to make this seem effortless, believable, and understandable at every turn. We are most concerned that everything truly makes sense for you, your company, your clients, nearby communities, and the environment. Because of this, we take you on a thorough journey that starts with calculating your carbon footprint and ends with customised natural climate solutions that fit both your needs and your spirit. Stories that merit hearing exist beyond the statistics.

Real livelihoods and ecosystems that gradually help to creating a world that is more livable are hidden behind the initiatives you fund. We respect connections that are formed via specialised incentive programmes that improve the well-being of all parties involved as much as we love sharing the success stories of the people you assist. We support you in owning your climate narrative in this way. Our founders have combined the finest elements of several sectors and the social sector over the course of more than 20 years to create their enthusiasm for scalable effects that are consistent with their principles and contribute to a sustainable future. Visit us online at http://www.Olivegaea.Com/
Olive Gaea

Olive Gaea seeks to assist individuals and companies in taking control of their climate narrative. This is our Carbon Offsetting in UAE will guide you on a journey from calculating your carbon footprint to customising natural climate solutions that fit your budget and your soul. For any enquiry mail us to

Olive Gaea

Our Climate friendly products support communities and restore the planet. We come with inspirational stories, actual facts, and meaningful rewards to help you create a resilient climate future. They are affordable to everyone, everywhere, and anytime. If you want to learn more read our FAQs.

Olive Gaea Aug 10 '21 · Tags: carbon neutrality

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