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The newest Path of Exile league Delve also introduced the Delve mechanic. If you are you looking for more about Cheap POE Chaos Orb check out our website. You journey down into an infinite dungeon which gets progressively harder the further you go. You can also go sideways allowing for infinite exploration even if you aren’t comfortable going further downwards. But there’s a lot of speculation over how Delve will go core because it’s simply too big not to. Which raises the question what is Delve?

The new Path of Exile (PoE) expansion Delve comes out this week on August 31. I personally couldn’t be more excited because this expansion has the potential to be their best in a long time. Along with the many quality of life changes this expansion addresses one of PoE’s biggest issues: retention. Since these two areas saw the most modification in terms of long-term PoE changes they’re what we’ll be focusing on here.

There is a darkness that enshrouds Path of Exile. No I'm not talking about the dank crypts and black mausoleums I stalk through clicking madly on my never ending quest for loot. I'm talking about the seemingly impenetrable shadow of complexity that hangs over it that feeling of total confusion as yet another esoteric system is introduced without any idea what it's for or how it will help my character become more powerful.

Before the Fall of Oriath update Path of Exile had four acts which were then repeated twice with slightly higher difficulty. Acts are what split the areas of the game and the story up similar to a level in a more linear game or a chapter in a book. The concept of Delve is very simple and elegant: it gives players a reason to keep playing long after they have mastered tier 16 maps. You may be able to run tier 16 maps but can you defeat mobs twice as strong? Three times? At what point do you cap out? Can you top the leaderboard?

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