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Blank Cigarette Boxes
Custom Cigarette Boxes

If you want to bring your cigarette brand into limelight make sure you pay attention to packaging. Custom cigarette packaging will enhance the value of your cigarettes like never before. You can organize plenty of cigarettes in one box and get the best of everything. We offer premium packaging solutions at affordable rates. Cigarette packaging boxes are made with cardboard, Kraft and corrugated materials. The innovative printing designs and methods will make your packaging look alluring.

Enriched and aesthetically designed custom cigarette boxes

We offer enriched and aesthetically designed Cigarette box sleeve at the best prices. These boxes will help you organize your cigarettes and keep the safe from damage. Your cigarettes will not tear or fold away when during transit. You can also get your brand’s story on the Printed cigarette packaging. At the same time you can print information about the cigarettes. As cigarette smoking is considered luxurious make sure your packaging reflects the same. You can offer your customers the best with a customized box.

Get cigarette boxes in stylish look

The packaging you choose plays an important role in marketing your brand. As there are a lot of brands in the market the Custom printed cigarette packaging will help you differentiate from others. We offer cigarette boxes in stylish look that will elevate the product display too. Kraft cigarette packaging is a secure packaging solution and keeps the cigarettes fresh. When you choose an alluring box for packaging it helps with the branding. Brands can enhance sales instantly if the packaging is good quality and eye catchy. It is important to give a stylish look to your box as your sales also depend on it.

Buy cigarette packaging boxes in creative designs

We offer some of the most creative designs for the Cardboard cigarette packaging. As cardboard is printing friendly we can print all the details easily. When your logo is embossed it will make your brand recognized among the crowd. There is a wide range of design templates that you can choose from. Our experts will help you choose a design that fits the theme of your tobacco brand.Printed cigarette boxes are very much in demand as they look glamorous. We can use spot UV, matte and embossing as a coating to make them even better. Laminations offer a protective layer on the box keeping the cigarettes safe from contamination.

Cardboard cigarette packaging with free shipping

Cardboard is considered one of the best packaging solutions for the cigarettes. At the same time Kraft cigarette Boxes are also a good choice. You can keep the environment safe and elevate the position of your brand in the market. We offer free shipping charges and will deliver the boxes wherever you want. Brands can have affordable, authentic and reliable packaging services from our company. Every box offers something unique it gives you a competitive edge. If you are looking forward to purchase well manufactured boxes you can count on us.

Why choose us?

We are a top packaging company and have the talent to turn your outdate packages into something unique. Cigarette packaging is manufactured with premium materials that include cardboard and Kraft. The smartly designed boxes will take your brand to a new level altogether. All the fantastic prints and striking colors will help you get necessary attention. We make use of latest digital printing methods and print some of the best images. Our customers come first and that is why we offer flexible solutions. It will lead us to create a good relationship with our clients. We offer free shipping services and will deliver your boxes at your doorstep.

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Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette smoking has become very common among people all over the world. Even though Government is making an effort to let smokers know about the bad effects. There is no way people are going to stop it. Due to his demand for cigarettes, many brands are entering the tobacco industry. Cigarette Boxes are made with premium materials and they will retain the quality of cigarettes. It is easy to organize multiple cigarettes in Cardboard cigarette boxes as they are durable.

Cardboard Cigarette boxes elevate product display

There are a lot of tobacco brands that offer high-quality cigarettes to smokers. Brands can choose from a wide range of Cigarette boxes wholesale that are available in different shapes. If you want to enhance the product display make sure you decorate your boxes well. It has become easy to give an innovative display to the cigarettes with Custom sleeve cigarette boxes. This box style is popular among smokers who like to smoke out of fashion.

Get disposable cigarette boxes at the best price

According to the latest research, a lot of waste is coming from packaging companies. When they choose disposable Cardboard cigarette boxes wholesale it keeps the customers happy. The boxes made with cardboard are available at the best prices. If you place an order in bulk the discounts will be even higher. We will help you decorate Cigarette Boxes with innovative designs. You can print ingredients, expiry, and production date on the box to keep your customers satisfied. The logo at the top of the box will help them recognize your brand.

Buy cigarette packaging boxes in creative designs

We offer a wide range of Cigarette box wholesale that are available in creative and innovative designs. If the packaging design is not good it will turn off the customer. Minimalistic designs are very popular among buyers. The creative designs will attract them towards your brand. You can customize the Wholesale cigarette boxes with different coatings like spot UV and matte. It adds a lot of shine and glamor to the box without going over the top. Sleeve style design will also attract a lot of buyers instantly help your business to grow. You don’t need to go over the top as subtle designs can also work in your favor.

High-quality printing services with logo

If you want to elevate your brand make sure you choose a high-quality Cardboard cigarette box. With high-quality printing techniques, we will elevate your brand’s position in the market. Your logo will become your identity and enhance sales efficiently. We create some of the best Custom cigarette boxes that feature a logo. You can get your brand’s details printed at the top of the box to make it recognized among buyers. You can use flip-top rectangular boxes that are everyone’s favorite. These boxes will keep the cigarettes organized safely without folding or damage.

Quick delivery without any charge

There are a lot of cigarette brands in the market. All of them sell similar cigarettes. It is important to differentiate yourself from others. We will help you choose some of the best Custom cigarette boxes wholesale that are available in different shapes and sizes. If you want a quick delivery without any charges we will help out the most. When there are no shipping charges it will keep your budget low. Custom cigarette box will help you elevate your brand’s position without putting in much effort. The logo at the top will become your brand’s identity. These boxes are made with cardboard, Kraft and corrugated material to keep the cigarettes safe.


The cigarettes are mostly consumed thing of today’s time. A person of any age uses a cigarette as a style or fashion that gives the aesthetic and classical look. Unbelievably the youth of today mostly college-going they tend to use cigarettes on large scale. There are lots of smokers chain all over the world. Some of them are use narcotics that are also illegal but they have the interest to take the drugs. Cigarettes are available at any retailer's shops. The access to cigarettes is very easy is very sad to explain that unless you know about the side effect that can badly disturb the liver, and infection in the mouth. The most damaged part due to cigarette consumption is the lungs. That sucks the tobacco smoke inside their lungs and suffers from the severe illness of lungs or liver. Although it has adverse side effects still the long number of consumers is still there. The businessman and the high profile people tend to take the cigarette and smoke in style by picking up the cigarette in their fingers and look classy.

The cigarette is no more look bad in hands when the number of people is consuming it. The writer john said after analysis of a group of people that are using cigarettes from long times have been suffering from severe health issues. The one thing that should be noticed here that the quantity of consumers is still getting increasing and facing health issues too. The manufacturer of a cigarette is earning huge revenue and make turnover approximately in millions.

To sell the cigarette in great quantity on the more important thing is its that the customer grabs the cigarette packet in one look. So the Cigarette Boxes should be very attractive and also the logo printing explains the company. The customer will remind about the brand name and the company name by watching the logo on the cigarette packaging.

John said if you want t to increase the sale then make creative packaging of it, the creative and unique packaging will drag other’s attention easily also if the packaging featured with exclusive design and ideas. The manufacturer should choose the best and reliable manufacturer so that they can produce the relevant cigarette packaging for you that helps in the sale of the product and you can get the high sale in the shortest period. Once you get a reliable company then you will have the bulk quantity of high-quality cigarette packaging that will boost up your sale a few times.

Smoker’s rate is increasing very speedily in developed nations but has declined in the developed world. Although it can affect the organs of the human body still, it is suing on a large scale. The nicotine in it has high addictive properties so; half of the smokers die with these addictions each year.

The Person Loses His Life By Using Cigarette For A Long Time

In the study, john said that half of the smokers die each year with long-time consumption of the cigarette. Many people suffer from adverse health issues, organs effect very badly by using the cigarette. Also, the man loses his 14 years of life after he/she started consumptions.

Research About The Mortality Rates Of Cigarette Consumption

The research shows that cigarettes killed 8 million people worldwide and other people who accompanied smokers die in 1.2 million strength.

Other Defects Of Cigarette

Commonly, cigarette smoking leaves a bad effect on your health for a lifetime. If the pregnant women smoke then she can involve in birth defects. her child will suffer from any disease like he/she can be involved in low weight, fetal defects and also preterm birth.

A Cigarette Is Selling On A High Scale In The World

Unfortunately, by knowing every side effect caused by cigarette we still use the cigarette in great quantity. Group of people thinks that whatever the results are, actually they are an addict to it. They can’t quit smoking.

What Are The Ways To Quit Smoking And Spent Healthy Life?

If you have planned to quit smoking and want an active and healthy life then you should join the meditation classes or consult any psychologist or psychotherapist who can counsel you in quitting smoking. They will help you with exhaustion and all.

Cigarette Packaging Core Value In Selling Cigarettes On A Big Level

As a business, you must be thinking about which ways to get high standards in the market. Cigarette packaging is found in generic, homogenous and standardized packaging that represents the color images and also the logo on it. The manufacturers of the Custom Boxes are forced to produce high-quality cigarette packaging with mandate font sizes with stamp and warning about the health issues and the other mandate information that requires as security of the company.



Empty cigarette boxes are used for all types of cigarettes which have the luxury as well as ordinary cigarettes and you can get the best packaging. Wholesale packaging no matter if its empty cigarette packaging or any other you can reliably use it and get at the best rates. Empty cigarette boxes are very viable in terms of the host when they are wholesale and thus you can save big prices once you get them at wholesale rates. Empty cigarette boxes are highly influencing and cheap as compared to other packaging which is very expensive and has a high cost. The best way to get your bundles of empty cigarette packaging is that you can get the bundles at wholesale rates. Thus you can save your money meanwhile getting the best prices and saving your packaging costs. So try these amazing empty cigarette boxes at wholesale rates.

Customize cigarette packs as per your requirements

Empty cigarette boxes are always very attractive and good looking and you can customize them as per your requirements and you liked designs. We have very creative and skilled designers who always make the best designs and prints and turn your absolutely empty cigarette packaging into a beautiful one. Customized cigarette boxes are really very trendy and they look attractive. These empty cigarette boxes are the best place on counter display which can always bring you more and more leads for sale. These us what most of the brands are doing what they are using wonderful empty cigarette boxes for their brand promotion. Empty cigarette boxes are best for all the purposes because they are really worthy of your money and price. So don’t go for some and blank cigarette boxes and you can use our customized and designed empty cigarette boxes.

Do you want to buy custom cigarette boxes?

Empty cigarette boxes are the best boxes to use for a cigarette, their long term usage and maintaining quality. If you’re looking for reliable custom cigarette boxes you should go for ICUSTOMBOXES and its empty cigarette boxes and you can fully trust the quality. So you can simply buy our empty cigarette boxes. These boxes are quite worthy of your money and you can get them at best rates. Now, these empty cigarette boxes are very approachable and attractive so don’t waste your time here and there in search of the best empty cigarette boxes when you get it from ICUSTOMBOXES the most reliable brand. Empty cigarette boxes are always very efficient and good looking and you can save your cigarettes in such a wonderful way that will be useful for quite a time. So empty cigarette boxes are perfect from every aspect.

Get 40% discounts on cigarette boxes right now

ICUSTOMBOXES is the best packaging brand and it makes the best and important packaging boxes of all types. Now as this is the year-end time you can get 40% discount on Custom Boxes from ICUSTOMBOXES. It is offering the best sale deals and offers for you due to the Christmas event and you can get the best sales and deals. Empty cigarette boxes are now best due to their prices as well. So place your orders today for empty cigarette boxes for which you can visit our website and place your orders. For checking the samples of empty cigarette boxes you can go to our website and see the samples. And later on you can check the details for your required empty cigarette boxes and place your orders. For getting them on time, place the orders today and have free delivery for these wonderful empty cigarette boxes in a very short time period.



We also give our customers the opportunity that they can buy blank cigarette packaging which almost contains nothing and absolutely blank. It is always the customer’s choice that what kind of packaging they go for. Blank cigarette packaging is prepared by ICUSTOMBOXES on specific demands of its customers for which you can place your orders anytime you want and get the best cigarette boxes.  These boxes are made from the best packaging material which is of very good quality and always has natural and organic features. Blank cigarette boxes are always top on the list of best cigarette boxes that you can buy and use for your brand as well as for personal usage.

As far as it is about luxury cigarettes or having the quality boxes, blank cigarette boxes are always recommended and used. You can get blank cigarette boxes with your own specifications as well which you can design with your own mind and use your own recommended high-quality material. Blank cigarette boxes are always one of the most famous boxes and there has never been any complaint about the quality and standard of these boxes because, in the end, it is always the quality of blank cigarette boxes that is most important of all and that has highest concerns. So this s the time to give our blank cigarette boxes a try which you should never miss and see how wonderful they are.

Why are Cigarettes in Plain Packaging?

Cigarettes are usually sold in plain packaging or blank packaging which has nothing on it except the quality material which they are made from and the little bit of printing done on them. Again it is the choice of customers that what type of cigarette boxes they need or what is the usage for their cigarette boxes. Some customers go for customized and designed cigarette boxes whereas mostly the customers like blank or plain cigarette packaging which they use for their cigarettes. Plain cigarette packaging is just like blank packaging which literally has nothing beautiful or decorative on them but is richly made from pure and original material as customers always go for the best material and for luxury cigarettes, plain cigarette packaging is most recommended so you can also try this plain packaging and enjoy it’s high quality because these boxes are fir long term usable and even over the time, there is no damage to their quality and they are used for a reasonably long time.

Blank or plain cigarette packaging has several other advantages which include the quality maintained of the products or cigarettes and they don’t make any harm to cigarettes. Plain cigarette packaging is highly regarded as most valuable cigarette packaging which you can easily use and this is fully worthy of your money and the prices because in the end, customers always want to buy something that pays them in the long run and that has huge effects on their products in a positive way. Plain cigarette packaging is always very worthy and if you aren’t trying it before, it is the right time to make it your choice and your basic requirements for a wonderful experience of best cigarette packaging.

We Make Disposable Custom Cigarette Boxes

Custom cigarette boxes are a step ahead if the plain packaging because we know that for custom boxes, the appearance of these boxes always matters a lot. For custom cigarette boxes, it is of great value that you always use good material that complements the beauty of the boxes. If not so, you can end up having the worst experiences and you can disappoint your customers too. Cigarette boxes if are made from cheap material can damage the shape of cigarettes, can damage their quality, their characteristics and their overall appearance as well. These boxes can prove a great disaster during the delivery of your cigarettes and can damage it completely. Our cigarette boxes are made from cardboard or Kraft which is the best material and you can always use this material for several of your boxes manufacturing. Cigarette boxes are also recyclable and they are made from natural material which is very resistive.

Apart from that cigarette boxes are also very long term use because these boxes bring a lot of benefits. They are completely printed with all the required and necessary hygienic or health concerns and they don’t have any negative impact on the minds of customers. Customers are made completely aware of the nature of products through the printing done of cigarette boxes. Cigarette boxes are 100 percent original and they don’t increase environmental pollution as most of the packaging boxes do because these boxes are always free from any harmful or pollution causing elements that can deteriorate the human environment. So for safe packaging, our cigarette boxes are always there for you which are definitely going to give you a great and wonderful experience. Don’t waste your time here and there and you can use our cigarette boxes so place your orders today and receive them with the best options for fast delivery.



Cigarettes are now days just like an important product of human life without which it seems very difficult to spend the time. In fact, it has become a habit of numbers of people to use cigarettes for their anxiety relaxation and keeping several all problems away from them for a while. In several countries, there are various brands that are specially making cigarettes and selling them to their customers and they always need a very resistive and good quality packaging which they can use for a long time and fulfill their order requirements. In the USA and Canada, it is only ICUSTOMBOXES which is providing the best standard cigarette boxes to all the top cigarette brands which are having billions of sales for their products. Although there already exist a lot of packaging brands that you can use and get the boxes from all of them lie second and the cigarette boxes made by ICUSTOMBOXES are always first.

These cigarette boxes you can buy both from our offices in Canada and the USA as well as from online. Custom cigarette boxes are now very easy to obtain because through the online website you can check the samples and see the results for your required boxes and then you can place the orders. Cigarette boxes are really of great usage and you can have better usage of it through your products and you can make their best use and keep your products used for a long time and send them for your orders. Cigarette boxes we provide all over the world and provide the best delivery services so that you can enjoy the best cigarette boxes and often we have no delivery charges for cigarette boxes to your orders.

We are here to provide you with fully customized cigarettes boxes

Customized cigarette boxes are very different than simple and blank boxes because they have all the decoration done on them and they look very different appearance. Now is the trend that customers are changing their minds about packaging and they oy find those boxes attractive which are good to look at. Before now only customers have been using simple and blank cigarette boxes that have only the logo of the brand and nothing else. However, now according to the new trends, cigarette boxes are also being designed and you can get them with wonderful looks. It is very classy to use trendy boxes which are designed and look pretty. The designs or customized prints are done by the creative team which is highly experienced and has huge skills in creative designs. The designs made by our teams are very rare and unique and they look extra brilliant.

We always make trendy and fashionable designs and they look never repeated or replicated. All the credit goes to our team members as well as our customers who guide us in a certain direction and who want to get oy the best designs. Custom Boxes are best to keep as a display of your samples and if they are liked by your customers you can sell them and deliver them as your orders. Customized cigarette boxes are a new idea because nobody has made such beautiful looking boxes before us and now so many brands are following this trend and bringing out more and more beautiful looking boxes. So give thee customized cigarette boxes a must try and start using them for your brand which will surely promote your brand in addition to making your products look very exciting.

Blank cigarette boxes are cigarette packaging manufactured

ICUSTOMBOXES is a comprehensive packaging manufacturer that can create all types of boxes and serves them to its customers. As far as we are concerned about cigarette packaging, it can be of two types either customized cigarette packaging with several beautiful designs or blank cigarette boxes with absolutely blank and zero designing appearance.


What Cigarettes boxes are used and how you can easily use them for your purpose?

Cigarette boxes are very useful and especially nowadays, there is no parallel to good packaging that also for a product which has millions of sales on an everyday basis. Cigarettes are in use by a countless number of populations with an increasing number of youth that is indulging themselves. Just like every other product, cigarettes need packaging boxes as the basic coverage. So we make cigarette boxes that are properly spaced and covered with sufficient paper further which protects the cigarettes from all types of damages. Cigarette boxes are of so many benefits to the customers and users that they can’t rely on any other covering or packing for their valuable cigarettes. Every cigarette is different from the other due to the contents it has inside it so the cigarettes remain completely well and always in their original condition while maintaining the real taste and purpose. Cigarette boxes no matter whatever kind they are, their increasing demand reflects their value and importance and because of which it can never be sidelined. So try these wonderful cigarette boxes soon.

Custom Cigarette Boxes are one step ahead of your required Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette boxes are available with several options which include the customizations and designing of these boxes as well as their printed layouts. Custom cigarette boxes are delivered simple and blank as well as customized and designed and it is always up to customers that what kind of boxes, they can use easily and what kind of boxes actually fulfill their requirements. So even if they want to use custom cigarette boxes, they can place their orders easily. Custom cigarette boxes are slightly better than simple and blank boxes because they contain several designs that are used to beautify them. Custom cigarette boxes are overall more preferred and liked because they never fail to not get the attention of customers. The beauty of designs and expertise of our creative designers can be seen through these wonderful boxes which are always perfect and flawlessly designed to match the customization standards that are recent and modern. Custom cigarette boxes can be of great appreciation for you if you keep on using them and trying to introduce your cigarettes through them getting the chance to have huge exposure to your cigarettes.

Cigarette boxes are made from different materials but usually, cardboard cigarette boxes are always preferred

Cigarette boxes are one of the highly reliable boxes for cigarettes and you can keep all types of inside them which can be a great favor for you and your brand. Cigarette boxes are made from different kinds of stuff but usually, it is always cardboard that is preferred to make cigarette boxes. Cardboard cigarette boxes are of great help for customers because they can make a long term usage without getting damaged or destroyed. Empty Cigarette Boxes are absolutely very fine and ensure a guaranteed safety to your valuable cigarettes. So without any doubt, you can just go and check these cardboard cigarette boxes and place your orders. You will find very heartening and positive customer reviews about cardboard cigarettes and custom cigarette boxes which will make it clear for you to know about the boxes in detail. Cardboard cigarette boxes are always have gained a positive perception because before delivering the orders to our customers, we try to make sure that cardboard cigarette boxes are good and usable from every aspect and don’t damage the products even if they need to pack for a sufficient time.

ICUSTOMBOXES is famous for its range of wonderful cigarette boxes with several choices

ICUSTOMBOXES is a very old brand and being an old name in the market, it is quite aware of the packaging trends and always is the first brand to bring out new and creative designs and packaging boxes. Our cigarette boxes are not just monotonous boxes with only one type of boxes but we have introduced them in the form of cardboard cigarette boxes and custom cigarette boxes with many other choices available that you can easily avail and place your orders. Being made from a hundred percent original materials, there has never been any complaint about the packaging of our boxes. Our cigarette boxes are reused and thus they are free from any danger. Being absolutely environmental friendly boxes, these cigarette boxes are non-hazardous and we try to create awareness among our customers by making motivating descriptions about health issues on these cardboard cigarette boxes. So if they are of any interest to you, just simply visit our website, browse the cigarette boxes, check your required options available and after that just click on the place order button. Once your order is placed, you can get your cigarette boxes delivered on your address.



Get Custom Cigarette Boxes according to your requirement

Smoking cigarettes is in fashion for decades; every tenth person you know has smoked a cigarette once in his life. Custom cigarette boxes offer a great way to protect your cigarettes and they also promote your cigarette brand recognition. If you’re willing to beat your competitors and promote your tobacco brand, you will need some good quality cigarette boxes.

The high consumption of cigarettes has created a great diversity among cigarette users as they differ from each other according to their taste and choice of cigarette brands. There are many people who prefer simple cigarette boxes while others prefer fancily designed and customized ones. Cigarette boxes have their own charm; they describe the personality of the smoker.

We provide custom cigarette boxes according to your requirement that not only target the smokers but also increase your overall sales. You should know that the tobacco industry is never going down and there are many notable brands manufacturing cigarettes. So, no matter what the style and nature of your cigarettes are, you can benefit from our packaging services and rely on our cigarette boxes.

You can design your Custom Cigarette Boxes with different sizes and styles

Custom cigarette boxes are used to pack a few cigarettes and they also do the task of preventing them from being damaged before they reach your customers. The boxes are designed either in a flat box or rectangular shape. You can design your custom cigarette boxes in different styles and sizes according to your requirements. We provide blank cigarette boxes so that the demands of all the brands are met. We don’t design any particular cigarette boxes but go according to the demands of our customers.

Our blank cigarette boxes are just perfect and they can meet the requirements of your cigarettes no matter what style, shape, or size they are. Mostly the custom cigarette boxes are rectangular with an open lid at the top which makes it easier for the customers to pick a cigarette without any fuss. The material used for the boxes is printable and can be used for printing the company’s logo and brand name with striking colors.

you should only use Cigarette Packaging by iCustomBoxes

iCustomBoxes is the finest packaging brand with great reputation and name in the market. It has been bringing out only the best and most useful packaging boxes of all types and styles. Cigarette packaging is available with all the options that you want to order or with all the requirements that you need for using cigarette packaging. iCustomBoxes has been supplying millions of cigarette packaging along with other boxes and you can see the feedback of our customers through our website as well.

These boxes are also easily recyclable and can be used for as long as you want without any complaints from your customers. For shipping your cigarettes, they are highly useful and make a smooth delivery of your cigarettes. For retailers, cigarette manufacturers, businesses and sellers who deal with cigarettes all the types, we provide the option of cigarette packaging wholesale which will help them get the best cigarette packaging at retail prices.


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