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Dastaar Clothing

Dastaar Clothing




Dastaar are a clothing brand that focus on making fashion more sustainable, responsible and ethical.


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Dastaar Clothing


Unit 84, Herlwyn Avenue, Ruislip, HA4 6HQ


+44 (0) 203 026 376


Kids clothes singapore

Maison Q is a boutique brand based in the modern city-state of Singapore whose central purpose is to present collections that allow children to play, live and have fun in their outfits.

We take great pride in producing our reversible collections ourselves at our family-owned atelier in Indonesia. Our apparels run through the hands of passionate artisans who have been trained in the art of reversible apparels. 

Why reversible apparels you ask? Oh, they are simply just double the fun and twice the mileage. Two designs in one dress? A shirt that can be worn two ways? In many happy prints? Yes, please.

Having our own atelier gives us full control of the production process and an outstanding advantage — the freedom to create. And because the collections have been designed and made by us, they are one-of-a-kind and cannot be found anywhere else.

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Charli Thomas

Premium women clothing is a form of clothing made by high-end brands. These types of clothing are made by using high quality and expensive materials. If you wear premium clothing, it will help you improve your confidence and status. Many times, this designer clothing is bought to impress rather than worn on a daily basis.


Premium women clothing is custom-made using high-quality fabrics, so you won't have to worry about it comfort, but it is also a known fact that this premium clothing are quite expensive than normal clothing. Here, we discuss some key reasons, why a Premium women clothing is so expensive.


1. Better Materials & Quality


As we know, the high-end brands made the products using the best material and quality and hardly use any synthetic fibers in their clothing. While if buy from an average fashion brand, you can find several issues in the clothing such as cheap use of material, not comfortable, etc. On the other hand, the premium clothing brands use original organic and natural fibers such as silk, cotton, wool, and linen to ensure the comfort of their clients. They also gold and diamonds in order to make unique look, which further raises the price tag. 


2. Higher Cost of Labor


As the premium women clothing is custom-made, there is a large amount of labor fees involved in the cost of these clothing. The amount of people working on one design is also a factor. A large number of people work on the designer brand’s pipeline that needs high payment. Most designer brands offer quality materials on their products. It also means that they have much more staff to pay. 


3. Exclusivity


Each premium brands want uniqueness in their clothing, as that makes them stand higher than its competitors. The most common reason for high price of premium women clothing is the exclusivity of their brands, you can’t get the similar clothing at the same price, made from the same fabrics from another brand. They also use various marketing tactics like producing limited quantities to mark up the value.


Although exclusivity doesn’t just come with a specific amount of products, it can also show through the type of materials the luxury brands are using. If they are going to outsource a rare piece of jewelry for a clothing collection, it can mark up the price significantly.

4. Target Clients


Premium women clothing helps to show the status and wealth of women wearing it, and so the target clients of the premium clothing are the upper class or rich people who don’t think about the money, but give more importance to the brand and fashion trend.


Most designer clothing is found in high-end boutiques and malls with dedicated customers. These boutiques also sometimes double or triple the mark-up price of the garments compared to the original price. Most designers cost from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars.



5. Branding & Advertising


Premium clothing brands spends a ton of money in the marketing of their brands. They use several A-lists celebrities in their advertisements, which further enhance the value of clothing. They target a small number of people that can pay for the prices of their products, then stick to them. Designs clothing thrives at the idea of giving their customers the best, luxurious experience they can have.



6. Business Model


The business model of premium brands is quite different from several fast fashion brands. They don’t charge the customer on the basis of cost to create the dress, but how much they are willing to pay for it. This premium clothing cost so much because there are still people that are willing to pay for them. Some non-luxury brands can even have a higher quality with lower prices compared to designers.




Many people become attractive to premium women clothing, because it is a notion that wearing premium clothing boost your confidence, status and recognition among people.  A lot of designer clothes also serve as collector’s items.


However, it’s still very hard for middle class people to buy these premium clothing, and somehow if they are able to buy it, it gives them a sense of accomplishments. Due to the advertisements done by premium clothing brands, people are now hooked to the idea of luxurious life as a sign of success.

Piktina - Ứng Dụng Thời Trang Secondhand

Piktina – Checklist ngay những địa điểm bán quần áo cũ uy tín tại Hà Nội và TP.HCM để sở hữu những item second hand cực xịn sò nhé!

Cùng với xu hướng thời trang bền vững, quần áo qua sử dụng không bị vứt đi mà được tái sử dụng bằng nhiều cách, trong đó có việc thanh lý cho các shop second hand. Từ đó, các cửa hàng quần áo cũ sẽ xử lý, tân trang các món đồ và bày bán trở lại cho người tiêu dùng có nhu cầu.

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Piktina - Ứng Dụng Thời Trang Secondhand

- Địa chỉ văn phòng: 62 đường Trần Hưng Đạo, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, TPHCM

- SĐT: +84824713713

- Website:

- Email:

Ellie Niu
Have you noticed the present road style: ladies in leggings, crop tops, and sports bras, males in sweatpants, hoodies, as well as tennis shoes. Everybody looks like they just finished exercising at the health club, drinking coffee at the cafe, having breakfast with pals, or going downtown purchasing.

According to the latest Euromonitor data, the worldwide sportswear retail market, consisting of sports and also leisure, will certainly get to $666.2 billion in 2021, a year-on-year boost of 22%, rating initially in both absolute range as well as relative growth price of all clothing classifications.

Why Is Athleisure Wear So Popular

Fitop is both a sportswear brand and also a sportswear manufacturer.
Get our catalog of the latest athleisure trends now.
What is athleisure?

Athleisure is among the most famous fashion trends taking the world by tornado. Athleisure is the amount of sports and leisure. Athleisure describes informal clothing developed for sporting activities and also general use. As a style fad, activewear is a trend; clothes made for physical activity are made use of for various other functions, such as workwear, sportswear, or affairs. One of the most usual athleisure wear is leggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, sports storage tank tops, sports bras, hoodies, bodysuits, shorts, tennis shoes, and extra. This pattern is expanding fast, as well as athleisure can currently be seen as an activity in the garment industry. It's a mix of flashy and casual, designed to provide a comfortable garment that's sturdy enough for the user to work out in it.

Why Is Athleisure Wear So Popular

Why the athleisure trend will not quit?
Brand name development
Sports brands are regularly investigating designs and materials, with the goal of producing much better fabrics as well as features. Convenience and feeling are the leading concerns of sports brand names.

Parallel to technology, style is another variable that sporting activities brand names can get even more from athleisure brand names.

As the athleisure market has actually obtained hotter, it has actually created tougher times for the fashion business.
Comfortable as well as leisurely lifestyle
While activewear is for motion and also workout, athleisure wear can be used anytime, anywhere. For the exact same reason, athleisure clothes attract a lot of individuals, not just health and fitness enthusiasts.

The athleisure trend is extra prominent at gatherings and also celebrations. Use them on road strolls and also at supper. No one will stare at you. Activewear is more durable, odor-resistant, and less vulnerable to wrinkles. Consequently, even more people are wearing them, as well as extra brand names are making them.

Easy upkeep
Athleisure apparel not only conserves us the moment of altering from one activity to another, but it is also less complicated to look after than lots of alternatives on the market. Fail to remember the meticulous sizing and ironing required for cotton shirts or the pricey dry cleaning of fits and formalwear, athleisure apparel can commonly be washed conveniently in a residence cleaning equipment without wrinkling, so there is no need to locate time to schedule ironing on the move.

Climate flexible
Unlike apparel that is time-specific, athleisure is suitable for all weathers. Activewear textile is excellent for summer due to the fact that it wicks sweat and also keeps moisture far from the skin, maintaining the body completely dry and awesome. Coats and also hoodies are likewise appropriate for wintertime as well as cold weather as they aid control body temperature.

Surge of the health and fitness lifestyle
The health and fitness market is being intensely promoted, and also increasingly more people are taking note of a healthy mentality and a healthy and balanced way of living. Several health and fitness influencers gain a great deal of followers on social media sites. They frequently promote activewear and much of their fans follow this fad. This caused a craze for athleisure, with activewear being worn on the runway, on the street, as well as in the health club.

Athleisure is sporting activities style and also classy sportswear. Both ladies and males intend to look great as well as elegant in comfortable and also laid-back clothes. The style globe has a clear message: People will certainly continue to purchase athleisure- now and in the future.
abbey wu
If parents have a button that freezes time, you better trust them to — not just protect kids while they still have round faces and zero attitudes. No, to keep them from undressing so quickly! When it seems like you've just finished buying a bunch of stuff, it's time to go out and buy another one. Shopping for kids' items online is a lifesaver for parents, as it allows them to take their pants one size up (or two or three) while wearing comfortable clothes. Whether you're looking for timeless, classic designs or sleek, trendy fashion, here are the best kids' clothing online stores.

First, you need the basics. ccmom prides itself on offering high-quality essentials, bold colors, and no flash/slogan/licensed characters that will drive you nuts - all at an affordable price in sizes up to 12Y.
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2.targetGo ahead, but all of their clothes at Target — you buy everything else there, anyway. Target's Cat & Jack line is a favorite for parents, with trendy styles that go up to sizes for teens and tweens. 
RELATED: Target Is Launching a Loyalty Program With Birthday Rewards and Cash Back

Similarly, H&M's on-trend clothes are priced at the "stock up" price point, so it's a good one to hit up the next time they hit a growth spurt and need a big closet replenishment. 
4.zaraFast fashion isn't just for adults. When you want to mix up the basics with some trendier items, you can shop at Zara for clothes for babies and kids up to size 14. kidsWith sizes that go up to kids' XXL, you never have to worry that your kids have outgrown the Gap. Plus, they often get graphic T-shirts and dresses with your kids' favorite characters.

abbey wu Mar 25 '22 · Comments: 2 · Tags: clothing, kids, shop online
fashion gym wear

Custom clothing manufacturers When we think about health, we consider many things like having a good nutritious diet, a refreshing morning walk or fitness training, etc. Like health it is important, caring for your appearance is also important. Wearing something interesting and beautiful when exercising is a very important thing to consider because no one wants to look sweaty and ugly.

Not long ago, buying active clothes is for gymnasts or hardcore athletes alone. But lately, bodybuilders and gym fans began to pay attention to training clothing, all thanks to brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, and so on.

However, the wear of fashion gym is now a trend because of the coolness and comfort. There is already a crossing point between fashion and fitness. What is it about sports clothes that makes it so famous? Why does the Figure embrace leggings and wicking sweat superiors have ruled our shopping basket, both in High Street and Online?

Here are some reasons why fashion gym clothes are very popular lately;

Build the community
Social media has formed a large fitness community. People can now start training with strangers through an online interface even though you don't know each other as long as you share the same enthusiasm. There are many ways to enjoy fitness on the internet whether it's through social media, fitness applications, or direct training. You continue to compare exercises with others, fight for the best time, best consumption, or best results.

With the pressure sharing each achievement and posting photos through social media, the burden came to look good all the time and be healthy regardless of how moist you with sweat. This is when active clothing manufacturers come to play their roles. Wearing the latest trends in sports and activewear clothing can be the key to making you notice on Instagram or Facebook, and feel great in your charming exercise clothes and vogue clothes can help you stay motivated. T shirts manufacturers in india

Key fame.
Social media fitness experts are usually famous people with their own rights, from celebrities, crossfit competitors to fitness models. Being famous on Instagram is a different story. At this point, such as being rich in the surroundings of the monopoly, it is really useful, and there is original cash made. The basis of success through solid social media, and this implies being found in the most stylish activewear trends. Everyone with the following Instagram will wear the latest and trendy sportswear from top sports manufacturers in their posts that have contributed a lot to the sports industry. Apparel manufacturers in india

Fashion Gym Wear 2

fashion gym wear 2

Used like uniform
The world of fashion clothing manufacturers makes stylish sports clothing, with sneakers and shirts seen on the runway in the season-season Alexander Wang and Chanel, among others.

The big reason for Athleisure's success is because it can be accessed in most of his shops and clothes comfortably. With various prices, the brand has something to be brought to the table, from conventional athletic names to the chain of strength to high fashion names.

Like ordinary special products, athleisure is progressively put into everyday clothing type. It's now adequate - even stylish - to wear tights to work under a dress or out for dinner with cardigans. Wholesale printed t shirts suppliers

Health is wealth
Become an interesting healthy. Just like how in the time of being overweight is an indication of being rich. Today, wearing your luxury women's sportswear while sipping green smoothies £ 10 at the boutique gym bar is an indication you do good for yourself. Sportswear is a superficial interesting place. Having a pair of trainers and top training of the latest merino fur shows that you care about your welfare and prosperity. This shows you gladly set aside efforts to work for your welfare.

Why is suddenly very trendy?
Who will be expected to use the aus fashion gym can be considered valid for everyday clothes? It used to be false actions can be found in your training jeans and tennis shoes outside the gym but these days of clothes like that can be considered stylish.

I think Alexander Wang summarizes it briefly (he has also launched his energetic line for H & M almost years back): "I live in sports clothes. When you go out on the road, it's uniform now." He also conceded you didn't have to Become athlete to enjoy sportswear. Textile manufacturers in India
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Bewakoof Online Store

Style inspiration can be found anywhere, most notably in Bollywood films, where with every passing year, trends are revived following  unique depiction of screen play and cinematography. The long-lasting fashion influence itself is inspired by handsome B-town stars. Be it a fashion of casual shirts for men or any attractive look, some of the coolest personalities of Bollywood continue to rock the trends with their unbeatable skills in embracing the styles and catchy concepts. 

If you also seek some motivation for men’s fashion, learn from B-town celebs. Watch these famous films and copy your favourite star's style. 

  1. John Abraham dominant style from “Rocky Handsome”

2016’s most popular action and thriller movie “Rocky Handsome” is popularly known for John Abraham’s sexy yet killer looks. In the movie, you see John Abraham in his favorite tight tees and jeans. Throughout the movie, John is featured in black concepts in different variations. You can copy the black casual outfits and gentlemen type dark suits inspired by John Abraham in his film. 

  1. Ranbir Kapoor’s coolest fashion hues from Film “Tamasha."

We can’t overlook Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer “Tamasha” movie. After all, Ranbir Kapoor's coolest styles in the movie continue to inspire the modern generation. In the movie, Mr Kapoor is featured in a well-dressed style. The casual shirts for men, jackets and simple denim seem to be an ever-lasting fashion brought into the limelight by Ranbir Kapoor through his film. Boys must watch this movie to get inspiration for perfect college fashion. 

  1. Bachelor looks by Ranveer Singh from Film “Befikre."

Befikre movie is also another inspiration-packed movie for men’s fashion. Boys can copy Ranveer Singh's t-shirt and contemporary look. Throughout the movie, Ranveer tries numerous fashion hues that look genuinely awesome and comfortable. It's no surprise that you must watch this movie for the sake of fashion inspiration.  

  1. Hritik Roshan Jacket looks from Film "War."

When it comes to the best looks for men, Hritik Roshan doesn't make a special appearance; this may sound a bit awkward. After all, the list of the most charming male personalities in Bollywood begins with no other than Mr.Roshan, and his appearance in the movie "War" proves it. Throughout the movie, Hrithik wears only green concept in numerous style variations, which is quite interesting. Still, it is truly inspirational.  

  1. Varun Dhawan’s desi swag from Film “Badri ki Dulhania."

Badri Ki Dulhania is another fantastic film. In the movie, Varun and Alia represent a beautiful love story. But the desi style of Varun makes it an attractive film. The way Varun carries desi kurta on a funky jean pant in the film definitely makes a new statement piece. Even boys have already started copying this style. 

  1. Coziest look by Aditya Roy Kapoor from Film “Fitoor."

The tall and handsome personality of Bollywood- Aditya Roya Kapoor- through his movie “Fitoor” inspired us how to try vest for menwith perfection. You can see Aditya Roy Kapoor's vest style in the title song of the movie. In the movie, you may also see Aditya in a different unique style that, with every passing moment, changes from one variation to another.  

  1. Sidharth Malhotra denim jacket look from Film “Jabariyan Jodi”

Jabariyan Jodi movie ultimately represents a desi love story through a desi swag. Sidharth Malhotra looks phenomenal in the film with his denim jacket style. Sidharth can also be spotted wearing floral pattern shirts throughout the movie in numerous scenes that equally look good. For bachelor boys, Sidharth's look from Jabariyan Jodi is genuinely the most inspiring thing that every boy should try. 

The Bottom Line

 It’s no surprise that all these movies prove to be incredibly inspirational when it comes to men's fashion. From the hunk guy John Abraham to the handsome boy Sidharth Malhotra, every B-town celeb seems to be an expert in how to stay in the limelight. Even in real life, you can find these male stars incredibly stylish. Still, if you genuinely seek the best inspiration, then watch these movies. When you find the best winning look for yourself, visit because all these catchy styles are readily available at India's fastest-growing shopping site where finding trend is extremely easy.  

Vlone Stuff

Vlone Clothing from V Lone Online Store. Shop Hoodies, Shirts, Jackets at Official Vlone Website. ✅ Big Discounts ✅ Free Shipping Worldwide.

John Eric

Starting your own clothing business can be difficult. The competition is tough and the clients are even tougher. A startup business has to think a lot about what they will sell, how they will find the right clothes and if they want to go the wholesale route then how are they going to find the best wholesaler in the market. 

However, even that is a major task for a newbie. When you are just starting your business, you need to look for a wholesaler who will provide you with summer dresses wholesale, t-shirts and even jeans in bulk so that you can buy them at an affordable rate and sell them at a price with your margin intact. 

If you are looking for a wholesaler for your apparels business, here are some tips that will help you find the best in the market. 

Look for A Reliable Seller

Here is the thing with wholesalers. They have a huge variety of clothes available and they are even able to get some things custom made for you. However, if they are not reliable, they are not good for you. You will be relying on them to provide you with quality clothes so that you can sell those clothes to your clients. If the seller cannot meet your requirements on time, you will have to look for another supplier. 

Look for Fast Delivery

You need to find a wholesaler that offers fast and on time delivery. Time is money in the clothing business. If your clients cannot find clothes from your store, they will not hesitate from going somewhere else. Even your most loyal customers will shop somewhere else if they cannot find what they need at your store. So think carefully and choose the wholesaler who can provide fast delivery. 

Look for Easy Returns 

Usually wholesalers are very accommodating and do their best to offer you the best services. However, before you make any deal with any wholesaler, make sure you do your research and check if they offer easy returns. Sometimes you will get bad products or you will get clothes whose quality you don’t approve of. You should have a way to get those clothes back to the seller and do it without a hitch. 

Look For Low Shipping Costs

Here is the thing, the shipping of these clothes is going to cost a lot. Since you will be buying in bulk, you will have to consider the amount of shipping. Since most shipping companies price deliveries according to the weight of the package, you need to make sure your wholesaler choses the right shipment company that will deliver the products on time and not charge you an arm or a leg. 

These are some tips that will help you find the best wholesaler for your business. Make sure you set a budget for the project and never exceed it, even if the wholesaler has the best deal. Take note of what you need and not, and follow it to the “t.”

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