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The selection of a compressed gas filter actually involves many aspects, as well as the design of the entire system, so when choosing a filter, you should refer to the air volume, surrounding environment, pre-filtration, etc.

1. Conditions required for actual operation: mainly consider the working conditions, operating pressure, filtration accuracy, dust holding capacity, dust holding form (surface filtration or deep filtration) of different types of compressors. Every item here needs to be designed with that in mind.

2. Design of processing air volume: Generally speaking, while ensuring the filtering effect, the larger the flow, the better. It must be used reasonably to increase the service life of the compressed air filter.

3. Design of compressed air filter: mainly consider the selection of installation method, filter area, sealing ring and filter shell material.

4. Multi-level filtering: In many cases, it is difficult to complete the filtering requirements with single-level filtering. Three-stage filtration can be installed, which can protect the precision filter well and prolong the service life of the filter.


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