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Aztek computers

Considering the continuous downturn, lenovo Factory Direct store and shoppers have been holding off on the acquisition of new PC frameworks; all things being equal, they're going progressively to PC extras for the purpose of enhancing the capacities of the PCs they currently own. The us market will see little development over the conjecture time frame, as per cutting edge research, while developing business sectors, particularly China, will be fruitful ground for these extra peripherals.

A reseller's exchange adornments class that stands apart is gaming regulators; makers report solid deals as shoppers answer the downturn by going to remain at-home gaming as an option in contrast to more costly out-of-home exercises. Selling extras for PCs online is simpler than selling the actual PCs. The web has turned into a fast and advantageous method for gaining merchandise from the solace of our homes, and these frill have an amazing web-based market presence that can be effectively investigated by online retailers. It is helpful for buyers to look for extras for their PCs on the web.

Since there are great many extra items accessible, it is simpler to search for them at online stores that sell a wide cluster of these things. One of the upsides of selling extras for PCs online is that web-based retailers can offer their shoppers an alluring web-based store with appropriate visuals and content about unambiguous PC adornment items.

One of the advantages of selling embellishments online is that these are among the most straightforward merchandise there are to source, when contrasted with getting the actual PC. It is more advantageous and simple to acquire extras for PCs from different sources like internet based discount merchants, direct discount sellers, or by buying made PC adornment things from the home.

One downside of selling adornments online is the way that these are generally, product things, and PC clients that purchase online will more often than not be very sharp. In the event that we can send out adornments like screens, hard drives, PC cartridges, and so forth, we can be important for a thriving economy really taking shape for the long term.Computer frill can be purchased on the web or face to face, however the pattern is increasingly more toward internet buying as delivery is done around the world.

I was frightened of the cost until my child took me through a web-based webpage and they were right there: the ideal PC alongside some rebate PC frill. The more canny purchasers normally inline to move toward purchasing marked PCs in spite of the fact that there is a pattern toward unbranded things of good quality. A long time back the Japanese were at the very front.

Today China can create top quality product for a portion of the expense for comparable things made in the USA. A web-based Wholesaler like Com professes to have north of 8,000,000 sections, going from apparatus parts to PC frill, and other new parts. They sell different sorts of items including workstations, programming, equipment and PC frill.

They started circulating PC adornments and supplies to entrepreneurs and home clients all through the Auckland district and to different pieces of New Zealand as required, and have developed into a significant business today. All in all, obviously the PC frill market isn't just colossal , however developing and while the downturn hits our pockets ordinary , an ever increasing number of customers are focusing on adornments as a method for supplanting new buys with moves up to existing machines for a portion of the expense of another machine.

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PC sluggishness can be highly frustrating The good news is recovering your computer’s original speed is possible. You can do it on your own. In this post, we help you find out how to speed up a slow computer.

  • Close System Tray Apps

The system tray contains apps that you’re running. Go to the bottom right side of the taskbar and click on the upper arrowthere. Find the apps you don’t want to run and right-clickon each to Close them.

  • Disable Startup Apps

Similarly, you can boost Windows boot another way too. Right-click the taskbar to launch Task Manager. Expand the window and go to the Startup tab. Right-click on each app you don’t want to run at the startup and click Disable.

  • Update Windows, Apps, and Drivers

Keeping your PC updated by all means is one important way to speed Windows up. To update the OS, go to Start> Settings. Click Update & Security> Windows Update.

You can update drivers manually or by using Driver Updater Prowhich fixes corrupt drivers as well.

  • Delete Unnecessary Data

It’s a no-brainer but deleting unwanted files from hard drives, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Desktop, Music, etc. can save a lot of hard disk space. In turn, the Windows speed enhances to 75 percent.

  • Uninstall Unused Apps

Head to Settings > System > Apps & Features. Click on each app you don’t use. Hit Uninstall.

You can do it in one go with the help of PC Cleaner Pro. The app deeply removes the app data scattered on your PC as well.


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Download and install Canon ij setup from cannon/ijsetup  to start using powerful features packed into the incredibly compact bodies of your Canon printer. You can find multiple ranges of printers such as canon inkjet selphy, Maxify, Canon mg3620 ink, Canon mx490 ink, or others. Cox webmail Login| Skype Login||
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Lucas Smith

Windows provides the Sleep mode where it stops everything temporarily on Windows, but you can start where you left. Still, if you need to blackout the screen immediately, then there will be no inbuilt process. In this, you will get the list of free of charge software to switch off the screen in Windows. Go through the blog and follow the instructions to get the idea to turn off the screen of a laptop but keep the computer running.

How to Turn off Screen of the Monitor of a Laptop

Several times you may want to play music on your PC in the background. While this is the only thing, you want to do for sometimes, then it is better to switch off the screen. Such software are readily available when you may want to turn off the display.

  • Turn Off-Screen
  • ScreenOff
  • Turn Off Monitor
  • Black Top

Some can be opened directly from the system tray or may provide keyboard shortcuts.


ScreenOff is very great inhouse freeware that is not handy but particularly the quicker than most software in the list. You can switch off the monitor of Windows display in seconds as it utilizes SendMessage the Visual command to share commands to switch Offscreen. You don’t have to download the .NET  framework version nor you have to install it as it is handy so you can carry anywhere you want. It is better to place it on Taskbar to make the best use of it. 

Turn Off-Screen

It is the type of bat file that may take a while to perform. It uses the C# command in the batch file; it means text process from C. Though as you open it, this will run command in PowerShell using command prompt. You can make the shortcut of the folder and allocate the keyboard shortcut to execute it fastly.

Black Top

BlackTop ships with already explained hotkey Ctrl+Alt+B, which will quickly switch off the screen. The only issue is that you have to install it.

Turn Off Monitor

It provides 3 technique to switch off the screen. You may utilize the shortcut, keyboard shortcut, or the Taskbar shortcut tab. While we are discussing the direct switch off, then ensure to set the shortcut on a keyboard as you install it. The program may be accessed from the Start section. Tap on the switch off the Monitor Settings tab to organize.

If you want to Turn Off Monitor, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Tap on the text box that prompts Hot Key to switch off the Monitor under the Settings option.
  2. Now click on the hotkeys, including CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, or all together with the use of the alphabet. It will then display in the text place.
  3. Press the save option if you are performing this for the first time. And you want to change it, then tap on the Change tab and hit the save option.

In a similar position, you have an option to make the keyboard shortcut to switch off the screen and then lock PC. Win + L does not switch off the display quickly, although using this option, you can select to switch off and lock the laptop instantly. You may download the switch off the Monitor option from the official site.

Hey I am Smith, a certified technical professional for bitdefender with over five years of experience. If you face any issue regarding your then can help in all sorts of problem and get instant solution from bitdefender Experts in a small time period.


Mia Watson
aol email login

AOL is a Desktop service provider. It offers excellent services due to which people appreciate it so much. AOL has given AOL Desktop Gold and AOL email to the people. Both the products are given by AOL is highly recommended to use. AOL Desktop Gold is a Desktop software, which gives all the desktop requirements like a web browser, email, media streaming and much more, at one place.

AOL software has a web browser in which you can make save the web pages you like as favorites. So, in the future, it will be easy for you to visit that site. But what if the favorites you have created gone missing? No idea? Don’t worry, read this blog and know the steps to retrieve the missing AOL favorite places. Also, you can get to the   aol email log in

 team and share your problem with a team of experts. The team of experts has professionally trained techies, who are capable to give you the solution of an issue with AOL services.

My Favorite places are missing from my list

Favorite places in the AOL automatically gets synchronized between AOL Desktop user and the AOL server. That means, automatically go with you to any AOL Desktop client you use. If you are unable to find your favorites, try given below steps to retrieve them.

1.    Check connectivity: Open some other websites on your computer and check, you are not facing any issue with the internet. Check that your internet connection is connected with the router. If you are not able to open any website that means your internet connection is dealing with conflicts. Fix the internet issue or if you are not able to do that, then talk with your internet operator.

2.    Check the webmail: If you have fixed your internet issue. Then, go to the AOL sign-in page and log in with your AOL account. Once you get access into your account, check the favorites you have created. If they are in their place, then well and good. If not, perform reinstall process of AOL Desktop Gold software.

3.    Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold: Go to the ‘programs and feature’ in control panel. Then choose to uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold software. Then again install AOL Desktop Gold on your computer.

Hope, these methods will take you out from your problem. But if the problem still persists, then call on Troubleshoot a problem in AOL Email Loginand talk to techies. Share your problem with these techies and get the exact solution of your problem. These techies are 24X7 available to help the AOL users.

Ref url:-  AOL Favorite Places are missing from my list

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Dell laptops are not immune to the problem. Sometimes, the user faces major issues that frustrate them. To eliminate such, we have the best team of technicians who always make you high priority so you can resolve any issues. Well, laptop create problem after a year when its memory gets full therefore it starts behaving laggy. In this situation you can follow the steps and troubleshoot all your problems completely.

There are two methods to fix your Dell laptop’s RAM

·         To launch conditions Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, go to the start menu, enter Windows Memory Diagnostic and hit the enter button.

·         Moreover, you can press the times Windows key + R key then enter “mdsched.exe” and hit enter key.

·         You have to reboot your system to perform the test. While the test is happening, you won’t be able to use your laptop.

·         Now, Right-click with the terms and conditions and restart your system.

·         Your computer will restart and the windows diagnostic tool screen will appear. This process will take a time. You can leave your laptop along until the process is done.

·         Once your Dell laptop is reboot, it will return to the Windows desktop. You will log in to the test results will appear.

·         Now, open the event viewer. Right click on the start menu and then you need to select “Event Viewer”. If you working on windows 7, press Windows + R key and enter “eventvwr.msc into the run box and hit enter.

·         Go to the Logs tab, select a system. There you will see list of a large number of events. Tap on Find in the right pane.

·         Enter “MemoryDignostic” into the find box and tap on Find Next. Now, you’ll see the result at the below of the screen.

Method 2: Boot and Run MemTest86

·         If you’re looking for a optimum testing tool, you can download and access MemTest86. It performs a wider variety of tests and may find glitches that create nuisance.

·         You can also try the free and open-source MemTest86+. Well, this tool doesn’t seem to Windows anymore.

·         Both of these are bootable is done contained tools. MemTest86 render both an ISO image you can transfer it to CD or DVD. Open .exe file included with the download and provide a spare USB drive.

·         We have mentioned two methods you can pursue any according.

We have a team that will help you and make you resolve your problem completely. Technicians are well educated and experienced who are always at your service to ensure best and reliable solution. People can reach the techies on Dell Repair Center and guide you through the process.

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Aol Email Login

This issue of AOL mail not being able to sync properly with mail apps on the computer is a very routine problem. There have been many people who have lodged this complaint and are still continuing to have the same problem almost every day. There have been cases where the windows software can read all the folders of AOL but cannot perform the sync with the mail. A reason behind this sync failure is the fault in the server settings and also a problem with windows 10 update. The software seems to reject the sync. So to get rid of this problem once and for all, this blog has been created. It contains the steps that are vital in resolving the syncing issue of AOL mail with other mail apps. So keep reading this blog if you want to learn the steps. Or you can also get it by talking with the experts at
aol email logon support number. This blog contains two solutions that you can try to get rid of the problem. One solution will require you to remove your AOL mail and adding it again. The other solution will be to check the server settings in the mail app. Let not waste too much time and get right into the troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1: remove your AOL mail and add it again.

Sometimes due to configuration errors, you will not be able to sync your AOL mail to your mail app. If your account details aren’t correct you might need to delete the app and add it again.

ØEither in the mail or calendar app on your computer, go to settings.

ØAnd under settings select ‘manage accounts’ and carry on clicking ‘delete an account’ and ‘select and delete the AOL account’ respectively.

Solution 2: inspect the server settings.

ØGo to the manage accounts section under settings and select the AOL account.

ØClick on the mailbox option and ensure the following settings. Your IMAP username must be ‘your username along with’. The incoming server ‘imapaolcom (port number 143 and for SSL 9930.

ØThe SMTP outgoing server should be ‘ and the port number 587’.

ØThe SMTP username and password should be ‘your username’ and the password will be the same one you used to log in to your windows mail app.

By practicing these methods on your computer, you will be able to sync the AOL mail to the mail app on your computer. If you run into any secondary problems or complications you can contact aol. Email login support number.


Ref:- AOL mail does not sync properly with the mail app

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Billy Mark

Norton Setup protects the computer that it is installed on. You can also protect your phone data by downloading the Norton antivirus. To get more security in your device, Norton antivirus Setup permits the users to place the lock in their installed applications. If you like the features of the Norton antivirus Setup and want to download, install and activate Norton antivirus  on your device, then go to


Norton Setup Activation

It is important to activate the Norton product, or else you will not be able to use it past the trial period. Here is the process for activating


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Billy Mark

Most of the times you will not face any issue with Internet Explorer, but sometimes the Internet Explorer won’t open even after trying so many times. There are many reasons behind this, but it can be easily fixed. Let’s see how.

Here’s How to Fix Internet Explorer Won’t Open

McAfee Activate - :

•    Common Fixes When Internet Explorer Not Opening

1.    You have to right-click on the toolbar.

2.    Choose the Task Manager option.

3.    Find the Internet Explorer browser by going to the Processes option.

4.    In case the Internet Explorer is on that window, then shut down it.

5.    Start restarting the system.

•    Go Through Your Internet Browser

1.    Choose the Start option.

2.    Enter the Internet Options in the search bar.

3.    Click on the Internet Options button.

4.    Choose the Programs option.

5.    Below the Opening Internet Explorer column, choose the Make Internet Explorer the default browser option.

6.    It will launch the Default apps option.

7.    Go down to the Web browser column.

8.    Choose the Internet Explorer as your default browser in case it is not set as default browser yet.

9.    In the context menu, you will get all the installed internet browser.

10.    After that, choose the Internet Explorer browser.

11.    After setting up the Internet Explorer as your default browser, start the system again and open the Internet Explorer browser.

12.    Now, you have to check whether you have fixed the Internet Explorer won’t open issue.

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•  Setting Web File Association to Internet Explorer

1.    Go down to the Default apps option.

2.    Click on the “Choose default apps by file type” option.

3.    Go down to the web file association.

4.    Choose the browsing application.

5.    After that, choose the Internet Explorer browser by going to the menu list.

6.    This procedure will start setting the HTM and HTML files with the Internet Explorer browser as a default application.

7.    Start restarting the Internet Explorer browser.

•  Go through the Add-Ons

1.    Choose the Start option.

2.    Enter CMD in the search bar.

3.    Choose the Command Prompt Desktop app option.

4.    Enter cd/ in the given box.

5.    Click on the Enter option.

6.    Enter “c\program files\ Internet explorer\iexplore.exe” -extoff

7.    After that, click on the Enter option.

• Turn On Internet Explorer Add-Ons

1.    Launch the Internet Explorer browser.

2.    Choose the gear symbol located at the upper side of the display.

3.    Choose the Manage add-ons option.

4.    You need to right-click on the add-on located in the Add-On Manager.

5.    Then, choose the Enable option.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Mcafee products at

Billy Mark

If your PC is getting slower and slower day by day, it means that your CPU’s processor is getting older and slower. Now it’s time to change it and get a faster, modern processor which will also enhance the overall performance of your device. In 2019 there are a lot of processors to choose from, but, how can you choose the best processor which will be suitable for your condition? Let’s find the answer to this question.

Norton setup - :

Top 5 Best Processors for CPU in 2019

1. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X-  Best Performance in Budget

This processor has beaten down all of the Intel current processors. It is currently considered as the best processor in whole the market. The price is affordable, and the performance is up to mark. Today the Ryzen 7 2700 is the best performing processor, and the price is also less than the Intel ones.  If you want to put your PC to the next level in of speed and performance then go for it without breaking a sweat.

2.Intel Core i5-8600K- The Best Gaming Processor

For our gaming kids, this will be a better option to get better performance while playing high-resolution games. It is a six cores processor with the base clock of 3.6GHz. This processor supports all the latest PC games. Make sure you also upgrade your RAM if you have lower 8 GB is enough with this process to handle Full HD games. If you want any 4K resolution game, then go and upgrade your RAM to 12-16GB.

3. Intel Core i9-9900K- Best for Professional Use

It has eight cores of the processor, and the boost clock is 5.0GHz. The i9-9900K delivers insanely fast performance while using multi high-end applications such as Photoshop, Coral Draw, Adobe premium pro, etc. This is considered as the best processor unit for a high-end user such as graphic designers, video editors, studios, etc.

4. AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

It comes with integrated graphics which can handle Full HD (1080p) games without any lag. If you are a gaming nerd but have a tight budget, then you might adjust with this one. It has four cores and the Boost clock of 3.7 GHz. This is the cheapest solution to play High graphics games on PC. People are claiming that it handles some 4K games at their peak settings with smooth performance.

5. AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

In reality, AMD provides better things at a low price. Where you will get the DUAL cores in Intel, it will give your quad-core. I mean you can go for the AMD processors because you will get better performing by paying less amount. This processor is a quad core with 3.9 GHz of boost clock speed. It also has integrated graphics, which makes it an excellent choice for playing high-resolution movies. It is a good processor for PC home theater. The price will also fit your pocket; it is one of the cheap priced processors in the current market.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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