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Nitesh Kuchhal
Purple Brick is a ‘one-stop-shop’ digital marketing partner providing everything you need to successfully market your business to customers.

We provide a full array of digital marketing services like Branding, Marketing Strategy, SEO, Paid Advertising on Google & Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, and Marketing Automation.

The company has a varied portfolio, with marketing consulting practices in Manufacturing, Real Estate, FMCG, Healthcare, Software Services, Internet of Things, E-commerce, Shipping and Marine Technology, and Software Products

Purple Brick possesses a unique combination of strategic, creative & technical capabilities. This enables us to start delivering results today while also building value & brand awareness for tomorrow.

We help companies at every stage of growth, developing custom solutions and collaborating with all levels of the organization. Our ability to understand your business enables us to provide you with tailor-made strategies and unique solutions to some of your most complex marketing problems. We help out by creating the Marketing Strategy that helps organizations realize their potential.

We are not your traditional digital marketing agency and do not get satisfied with doing the bare minimum. We don’t believe in just creating the best designs or just writing in-depth content. They have no meaning unless they reach your target audience and achieve your goal – website visits, sales, revenue. We help our clients to acquire customers sustainably and predictably.
We Deliver Results.

Purple Brick is a team of dedicated digital marketing professionals with a passion to make your business grow. We believe in striving to exceed client’s expectations. Everytime Single Time.
mudit soni

Content marketing strategysucceeds by providing audiences with insightful and valuable content that adds value. Content marketing targets new buyers, keeps them interested and pushes them deeper down the purchase pipeline by using websites, eBooks, social media posts, images, and videos.

76 percent of advertisers took a holistic approach to content management in 2019. To put it another way, they use a methodology that formalizes the systems, people, and technology required to scale and produce information. The top goals of a content marketing strategyare:

  • Enhancing the customer experience.

  • Producing and nurturing business leads.

  • Maintaining the organization’s goals and criteria for success.

You've already found as a buyer that conventional marketing isn't as successful as it once was. These days, most TV and radio commercials consist of a non-sequitur, a pun, and a corporate logo. The more commercials pretend to be humorous, the more audience members cringe.

On at least any of their smartphones, about 40% of internet users use an ad-blocker. Meanwhile, conventional marketing is disliked or distrusted by 84 percent of millennials, the biggest target community.

Through beginning discussions rather than simply stating an offering's specific value proposition, content marketing overcomes the difficulties associated with conventional methods:

Conventional advertising informs customers of a company's services and how they are delivered. If you want to grow your business with content then you should probably hire content marketing agency.

Content marketing shares knowledge and actionable insights that help consumers understand why they should take action.

Content will take several forms as part of a marketing campaign, which we'll go through in-depth below. Content is most powerful when it addresses questions, offers deep perspectives, and puts the viewer – not the commodity – at the center of focus, regardless of the type.

Online traffic from organic search, social media networks, and other outlets, such as live events, is captured by content such as blogs and landing pages.

Brand visibility and market leadership: Well-written content will help the company become known as a market leader.

Lead generation and nurturing: During the promotional period, content promotions keep new buyers interested and active.

mudit soni

Content marketing has risen to the top of the B2B relationship rankings. It's ideal for longer sales times, as customers are researching their choices among rival firms. Finding the right balance of excitement and anticipation for what can sometimes be a very boring subject matter is never easy.

As a savvy B2B marketer, you understand the importance of content marketing in connecting with modern consumers. You still realize that you'll have to prove it to stakeholders who lack your firsthand knowledge, which is better said than achieved. To bring out the best in the market with premium quality content, you should hire b2b content marketing agenciesto do the task for you.

Here are some points of content marketing strategythat will help you to see the light when you start making and presenting your plans for next year (yes, it's that time again!).

Remember that getting buy-in from the organization's core players will help you access the money, time, and budget you need to build a content development campaign that meets the marketing and company goals they expect.

1. Content marketing is becoming more common in the B2B world, and B2B customers have come to expect it. According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing for businessInstitute and MarketingProfs, 89 percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing, and 52 percent of those who aren't expected to start using it within the next year. 

2. Content that highlights the company's skills and capabilities will help B2B customers find you. 74 percent of today's B2B shoppers can do internet testing before making an offline order, because either you're delivering what they're looking for, or your rival is.

3. Content marketing has proved to be not only more successful than other services, but also more economical. According to recent reports, recruiting a new content marketing team costs 31–41% less per lead than running a paid search programme for mid- and large-sized companies.


At the point when you need to improve the exposure of your web-based business, you might think that it is imperative to utilize the exhortation presented by an internet advertising organization. Nonetheless, it is crucial for track down a trustworthy promoting office by considering specific characteristics present in legitimate internet showcasing offices. These incorporate the accompanying:

Web-based Media Footprint

Many individuals utilize informal communities, for example, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and these destinations impact purchasers incredibly. You can let an office's skill by thinking about know if it can advance novel information through web-based media organizations and arrangements. This can show you whether the web based showcasing organization can coordinate with the data utilization inclinations of various expected customers.

Spurred Employees

The best web based advertising office is one that hugs and urges spurred workers to Marketing agency their thoughts and ability. This guarantees that no ability is wasted. Representatives who are enabled and work with solid initiative in the organization are extremely amazing.

Great Client Testimonials

When checking out advertising advisors, you will consistently need to realize how past customers have evaluated the promoting office you are keen on. It is desirable over pick a showcasing office that has great customer tributes. In a perfect world the tributes ought to illuminate you about the issues that you are keen on find out about. Something else that you can consider is contextual investigations. They provide you with a decent image of the profundity and broadness of a specific organization with regards to tackling different issues.

Industry Wards

There are many honors in the computerized advertising space. In case you observe that a showcasing office has gotten various honors, you can be certain that it can give you the best web based promoting administrations. It is likewise conceivable that such an organization has been cited by the media.

Plan and Functionality of the Agency's Website

A site offers a great deal of data about an organization. A web based promoting organization that has a site that is appropriately planned and educational showcases that it has the stuff to draw in clients. You will see that respectable advertising offices as a rule add social highlights to their destinations and a genuine model is web journals.

Imaginative promoting

A decent organization realizes how to use promoting for your potential benefit. It guarantees that it publicizes in every one of the spaces where your interest group looks for believable data. At the point when utilized well, on the web and disconnected inventive promoting can do contemplates whether you execute it with a solid web-based media advertising or article program.

Productive forefront staff

It is fundamental that an office has proficient staff conduct with regards to noting telephones, organizing on the web and disconnected and addressing possibilities during gatherings in addition to other things. This can have a major positive or negative impact on possible customers.

Inclusion in industry affiliation

An organization can show that its degree of responsibility is high assuming it is engaged with an affiliation. An office that is associated with setting rules, industry principles and preparing projects can separate it and give a sign of its skill.

The workplaces of the office

Despite the fact that web showcasing Marketing agency on a virtual premise, the vast majority of them keep up with actual workplaces. These workplaces can give the impression of the style, wellbeing or character of an organization.

Informal exchange

To assemble positive verbal, an organization needs to at first perform great work. The web based showcasing office that you pick ought to be one that makes it simple for you to pass on the uplifting news about your organization or ensures that your tributes are advanced in the legitimate way.


Can you do SEO all by yourself? Well, here is some good news.

You can do SEO all by yourself.

With deep research and practice, anyone can do SEO for their business.

Before starting, it's important to know about the fundamentals of SEO, like what exactly is SEO?

Understanding SEO

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. In SEO, you need to do a number of different actions on and off your site to help you show up in the search engines.

These actions can be simple things like doing research, incorporating keywords in the content, and doing complicated things that need technical knowledge, like making an XLM sitemap. Hence, the search engines know about the pages that you want in the search results.


If you are dealing with SEO fundamentals, you need to keep track of your tracks by following a step-by-step method. You may also want to maintain a checklist so that you know that you're not missing anything.

We have one on our website if you want to use it as a starting point.

Before you start anything, you should do an SEO audit from Affordable SEO Company in USA of your site. We offer an SEO checker on our site that can do your work quickly. This will help you to understand what you've been doing right and what you need to do to make changes.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO involves the elements of SEO on the site that you can control, like the title tag and Meta description that shows up in the search results and text and multimedia contents throughout the site.

A major part of on-page SEO checklist is keywords

When you write contents for your site, may it be for your blog or your homepage, you should include natural keywords throughout your content. This must also include title tags or meta description that you create.

Keywords describe the search engines what your page is about.

Suppose you run a luxury spa, you need to have a blog on your site so that you can discuss various treatments, products, services and other questions.

Suppose you're writing about how people should get facials, and you want to get exposed in the search result for that topic. In that case, you should insert the necessary keywords throughout the contents and also in prime headings where they can fit naturally.

To do research about the keywords isn't a much difficult task. Many tools offer various keyword suggestions for your content and information about how difficult it is to rank those keywords. You can also look for the related keyword searches on Google or pay attention to other things Google suggests.

Off-page SEO

The next part is to offer people the links for your content. If you provide the link to your site from other reputable sites, it can make your site look better in search engines and increase the overall position in the rankings.

It can also be difficult to do SEO by yourself. Technical SEO is also a problematic aspect. It involves responsive web design, site security, internal links, duplicate contents and other issues.

If you don't have technical expertise, you should get the help of some experts SEO Marketing Company USA to get into the technical SEO of your site. Things can get wrong if you're not able to do things properly.

Our dedicated specialists cum professionals are always ready to help you with your site's SEO if you don't want to do it yourself.

James Smith is a wonderful author and content creator. He wrote many articles till date which are widely popular among the people. He has also shown his interest in “SEO Marketing Company USA services. His contents are very much adored by the audience.


Currently, SEO is one of the most vital and most significant business opportunities that have consistency and the potential to grow in the coming years. It has become the heart of internet browsing and marketing.

More than eighty per cent of the earth's population at any given time is browsing through the internet for different kinds of information and online services. The future for a local SEO company in India is highly profitable.

To start an SEO company in India, you wouldn't require huge investments; it can be easily started from your home by being an independent SEO service provider and slowly developing it into one of Best Seo Services Company in India. To start a profitable SEO business from home, there will be many aspects that need to be considered; some of them are explained below for your better understanding.

·         As an entrepreneur, you need to have a thorough knowledge of SEO and its optimization skills. Before starting the business, you need to get certified training or work with an SEO organization for at least 1-2 years to gain expert knowledge.

It would help if you got the expertise of keyword analysis, writing quality content with the insertion of keywords strategically. Need to have a complete understanding of google analytics, appraising, and solving the errors on the website.

Gain expertise in social media handling, blogs, working with hyperlinks, building user interaction, and HTML programming skills.

·         For a local SEO company in India to shine through tough competition, you will have to be very creative while creating the website and demonstrate an epitome of professional behavior to build trust among the clients.

You will need to create a strong portfolio of yourself by listing your SEO credentials, service experience and expertise, and what kind of service you can provide before enlisting the prices for your service. Do the research and get to know what your competition is charging for the same kind of services.

·         You will have to create a monitoring and analyzing feature of your website, which will provide the reports on certain key points before providing your services to a customer.

If you are not an expert in this, you can take the help of a freelance developer and integrate this feature into your site.

Once you successfully established your local SEO Company in India now, you will need to gain clients for your SEO business. You will have to use numerous marketing skills in order to acquire clients; some methods are mentioned below:

·         If you are an independent startup, you can provide free giveaway resources to attract web traffic. You will have to prepare a quality report about yourself and the types of services and the prices you will be providing and set it free for download. 

·         You can search agencies that provide services that you are not able to provide or vice versa and collaborate with them with a referral fee of 10% from the amount charged from the customer. In this way, you can gain recognition and access to renowned and beneficial clients.

Following the above methods, you can establish yourself. Still, to become the best SEO service company in India, you will have to provide up-to-the-mark services and exhibit professional behavior in every aspect of the business.


James Smith is a wonderful author and content creator. He wrote many articles till date which are widely popular among the people. He has also shown his interest in “local SEO Company in India services. His contents are very much adored by the audience.

Adaan Digital Solutions

With 245 million peoplewatching online videos each month in the country, it is no surprise that YouTube is an essential part of digital marketing in India. To keep these numbers up, YouTube is constantly improving its features. The recent update is their response to a message that YouTube heard from many viewers: their Home feed feels a little stale.

Customers complained that they were receiving identical suggestions and wanted more variety in the explore category. So, YouTube introduced New To You, that as the title suggests, presents a feed of entirely new content to the users. It permits users to discover content beyond their usual suggestions and browse various kinds of videos. As the second most popularsearch engine, YouTube offers your brand an opportunity to attain greater exposure and engagement with your target audience, improving your SEO strategyand, in turn, boosting organic rankings.

Youtube’s New To You Improves Content Discovery

This new function by YouTube is presented in two ways- one is among the list of subjects on the Explore bar at the top of the display page, which YouTube calls "New To You on refresh". On click, users will see a completely new set of suggestions that they haven't seen before on the New to You feed.

The second can be accessed by scrolling down the feed far enough without selecting a video where they will present an option to discover something different than the usual videos present on your feed. This is referred to as "New To You on prompt" by YouTube and uncovers a new category of movies different from the usual recommendations. 

How Is New to You Different from Explore Feed?

Explore helps viewers discover content that falls under different verticals like gaming, music, comedies, etc. and is not necessarily customized to a particular user; however, and doesn't consider the user's previous pursuits. 

On the other hand, New To You is personalized and provides content that users will like and content that does not match their common viewing habits. They can find videos from new creators, which helps their content marketingefforts and these personalized suggestions are not based on their viewing history. But, the users get recommendations they will most likely be interested in, and these are exclusive to every user.

For example, if you have been watching soundscape videos recently, New To You might recommend a channel that creates mashups of vintage songs that sounds like a vinyl record being played in the other room with a background sound of drizzling rain and thunderstorm outside.

How Does This Benefit a Content Marketing Agency or Other Content Creators?

YouTube hopes that this will benefit both viewers and creators by helping channel creators access a whole new set of audiences by presenting their content to a more diverse group of viewers. This can provide brands with a broader audience to structure their YouTube marketingstrategies around. It is a whole new experience for creators to connect with those who love their content but hadn't discovered them before. It's also a fantastic experience for the viewers to find new content that is not similar to their previously watched videos but still captures their interest. 

Since keyword optimization is an essential aspect of YouTube SEO, you can go through videos with the most views because the video is optimized around a popular keyword. All the videos on the New To You feed are customized to each user, aiming for a balance between content users will like and is still a little outside their viewing habits. 

If you want to be discovered by people beyond your brand's existing audience base, make the most of this update. Working with a digital marketing agencycan significantly ease the process, and using their expertise can help your channel see growth. You can get in touch with us if you want to improve your brand's exposure and curate content for a completely new set of audiences.
Adaan Digital Solutions

The scope of digital marketing in Indiahas seen drastic growth in the last couple of years. It is expected that the number of active internet users in India will increase up to 666 million by 2023. It makes sense that those companies who weren’t marketing online have started to do so.

An SEO audit looks at the infrastructure of your website, the on-page elements and the off-page essentials to boost search engine visibility. It increases the quality and quantity of your search traffic to your website, giving you a better opportunity to convert prospects. Audits need to be performed regularly for your website’s long-term success by checking errors and helping you uncover what needs to be fixed on your site to boost its visibility. 

There are many good SEO tools but choosing the one that works best for you can be difficult considering the sheer number of options available. SEO auditing is essential for your website, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s look at some of the best tools you need for successful SEO auditing and better content marketing.

Screaming Frog

While this is more of a crawling tool than an audit tool, it is one of the best choices to analyze your complete website at once. It crawls your website, presenting all the possible SEO problems with your website and reports technical issues over 30 specific parameters, including meta description, outlinks, response time and security. It provides a comprehensive report on on-site SEO performance and highlights what requires improvement. The free version includes all essentials and is the right choice if your page has less than 500 URLs.

Ahrefs Content Gap Tool

Content gap analysis evaluates existing content and identifies any gaps that can be improved upon. By providing content that fills in the gaps left by competitors, you can get better ranking results. It helps your content perform better by improving your SEO strategy, and automating the process using Ahrefs makes it even easier to identify gaps. You get a list of keywords you should be targeting, which is done by subtracting the keywords your website ranks for from the keywords your competitors rank for.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

According to SEMRush, it allows you to “conduct dynamic keyword research that covers relevant keywords and remains profitable”. You can track the competitors' organic keywords, backlinks, and PPC keywords by accessing their extensive database to implement those in your SEO efforts. It helps you find new keywords and phrases that have popped up by checking your current ranked keywords against a new primary keyword search.

Google Sheets

You might be surprised, but Google Sheets is an excellent tool for anycontent marketing agencyfor SEO data tracking, particularly alongside content databases. All SEO tools offer the standard option to export raw data and reports, but no one report fits all the companies. Using Google Sheets, you can take all those exported reports and use them in a format that works best for you. Multiple users can access the file to edit in real-time, which is a real boon for remote workers. 

Now that you have learned about the entire set of tools you will need, it’s time to start auditing to optimize your page. If you are looking for a digital marketing agencythat can provide the right digital marketing strategy to boost your business, get in touch with us

Adaan GCC

SEO copywriting is the method of producing content that’s keyword-optimized and written to compel readers and appeal to search engine crawlers. In other words: Content that search engines like and people can understand and find relevant. A digital marketing company in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabiacrafts keyword-focused content that increases your ability to rank, improving organic traffic to your site. If your site is technically sound and your copy is optimized correctly, it can make off-site efforts more impactful.


Why does search engine optimization still matter?

Search engines algorithms can easily navigate through content without keywords to guide them. Search engines favor optimized content because it is what people prefer. Because ultimately, all of this is to create a better user experience and provide relevant, informational content to the readers. Other than the obvious, why do people go for optimized content?

  • Builds topical relevance 

  • Expands coverage

  • Ensures alignment with user intent 

  • Provides executable information

By availing ofDigital Marketing Services in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia,you get optimized content that is more relevant, aligns with search intent, and is more actionable than unoptimized content. Users are more likely to read it, and search engines will pick up on the increased traffic, low bounce rates and better conversions and rank it higher on its search engine results pages.

What are the best SEO practices for better copywriting?

  1. Match with the search intent: 

Imagine that “basketball shoes” has many searches, which would suggest it is a good keyword to write blog posts on, so you’d think you can only do that if you have a sports blog. But if you search “basketball shoes”, you’d notice that top results are related to e-commerce. Why? That’s because Google understands the searchers were in buying mode, not learning mode, and hence displayed results relevant to purchase. 

Creating the right kind of content for the keyword you are targeting is vital for SEO. To understand search intent, you need to figure out which category the content would fall under, whether it is a blog post, product category, video or images. The content format matters too, so when the user searches for “picnic ideas”, they get lists of recipes, opinion pieces, etc. Another thing to consider is the content angle; for example, if the search is “how to play chess”, the top content is targeted at beginners. 

  1. Research competitor’s pages

By analyzing the top content for the word you aim to rank for, you can provide the exact content the searcher would want to read. You can find the common factor in the highest-ranking pages and frame your content to cover those topics. This would improve relevance, which Google favors, and improve your content’s utility for searchers.

Google considers links to be in their top three ranking factors, explaining the direct association between links and organic traffic. By understanding why people link the competitors’ pages, you can apply those insights to your post.

  1. Create easy-to-understand content:

Reading takes a lot of time, so you need to make your content as crisp, short and to the point as possible. Here are some tips to make your content an effortless read: 

  • Break the monotony in longer posts by adding notes, side notes and other elements. 

  • Longer sentences are hard to follow. Spot transitional words like “and,” “because,” and “that.” Remove them to break it up into shorter statements. 

  • Including multimedia like videos, images and GIFscan help illustrate your points, so you don’t have to put everything in words. 

  • Pinpoint the areas where your content doesn’t flow smoothly by reading out loud.

  1. Include a CTA

“Buy My Product” isn’t the only CTA you can use in your content. Your CTA will depend on the search intent, and if they are at the top half of the funnel, it will be easier to convert them if you provide links to similar content rather than pushing them for a purchase. Match the CTA with the right stage of the buyer’s journey. 

SEO copywriting is not just about ranking higher on search engines. It is also about increasing traffic and engagement by providing relevant content. If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabiato refine your content and improve your strategy, you can get in touch with Adaan GCC Digital Solutions.

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Adaan GCC

The idea behind content marketing is to share informative content in a relevant way while conveying valuable information to your target audience. There are four forms of content- written text, audio, video, and images. Copywriting is a text meant for advertising or other forms of marketing, so it needs to evoke interest and grab attention. You can hire any digital marketing agency in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia for content marketing, whether it is creating a new one or improving your businesses existing marketing efforts. 

Content copywriting

Many ways can help you write a copy that attracts customers. Putting the reader first, keeping it simple, sketching an outline before writing to remind yourself to stick to the matter are some points you can keep in mind. Content plays a significant role in marketing, so find the best digital marketing services in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia that offer effective content marketing strategies for your business. Most people skim through content, which makes headlines the most crucial aspect of any copy. 

How can you write the perfect copy?

Brands either outsource content marketing servicesor hire copywriters for their content team to write compelling copies for all their business needs. If your goal is to write a clear, concise copy, you can keep these tips in mind and train yourself to do that.

  1. Determine your target audience: Decide who you are targeting. Get specific about your audience to analyse your copy from their perspective. If you have a broad audience, you can choose a subsection to focus on.

  1. Define an objective: Choose a clear aim behind the copy. What exactly are you trying to convey? What do you want the copy to compel someone to do? Answer these questions and decide the objective before you start writing.

  1. Create an urgency: You can mention sales, discounts, offers or special occasion services to create a sense of urgency in your copy. Prospects are more likely to convert if they feel like they have exclusive or limited access. 

  1. Add facts: Statistics are attention-grabbing and add authenticity to your claims. If you present it right, it can seem less like clickbait and be more compelling.

  1. Use customer reviews: It takes so little effort but can have a significant impact. Since people are more likely to believe a customer than a brand, you can use existing reviews to compel more people to convert.

  1. Write in an active voice: “Bananas are adored by monkey’s” vs “Monkey’s adore bananas”. See the difference? Active voice conveys a strong, clear tone and is more concise.

  1. Choose proper adjectives: Using words that over exaggerate the products or services you offer can be off-putting. People shouldn’t have to consult a dictionary to make sense of the copy.

  1. Focus on the customer: Instead of bragging about your business, convey how your customers would benefit from the brand.

  1. Provide a solution: You need to show that your business can solve a problem and highlight the solution without being wordy.

  1. Use analogies: To explain a complicated idea more easily, use parallels that the average person would understand to increase empathy.

Practice these tips next time you write a copy, and with time, you’ll steadily compel more people to take action. If you are looking for a digital marketing company in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, U.A.E. and Saudi Arabiato improve your content marketing strategy, you can get in touch with us. 

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