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Alessia Martine

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to release at the end of 2020 but has already earned massive popularity. The biggest reason behind the popularity of Cyberpunk 2077 is the body design of characters and their backstory. After the in-depth customization feature, some players are wondering how gender will influence NPCs’ opinion of their characters. Cyberpunk 2077 enables the players to select the character’s gender separate from the body and their voice type. So following the feature, if any player wants to create a transgender character, they can easily do that too. In the recent interview of CD Projekt Red Lead Quest Designer, Pawel Sasko stated that customization of gender would play a significant part in Cyberpunk 2077.


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Well, it’s great that something like this is going to be available in the game and gamer are praising it as well. Some people are curious to know about this freedom of customization feature. Plenty of players are interested to see how this is going to affect the relationship with the NPCs and will the changing of gender shut some quest for the players. In the interview, Sasko also shed some light on this question as well.

Based on the Sasko statement, the NPCs will recognize the character’s gender through the voice of the character they select. Your chosen voice of character will affect how other characters will pronounce to address you and perceive you. As far as the gender relationship goes, Saskostated that NPCs have their own choices. Romantic relationship plays a significant part in the game, and it has been observed in The Witcher series.

About the character gender and addressing them in the game Cyberpunk 2077 is very careful; Sasko said. This will take the game to a higher level of class improvement, and about gender customization, it is really going to help Cyberpunk 2077 for better reorganization. Customizing the character’s gender was never a spotlight feature in any big game but Cyberpunk 2077 taking it quite seriously.

However, in a game like Cyberpunk 2077, the feature makes more sense. It’s because in the game’s world people use cybernetics and bionics for customization of everything in their body. Customizing the gender is also one step further towards representing the transgender people in any game. There are very few games that represent transgenders in their game.

Whatever Cyberpunk 2077 is doing, they are doing it great. According to their work in the game, this game is going to focus on several things that haven’t appeared in any game before. Fans are really excited about the launch of the game.


Cyberpunk 2077 marked a separate spot in the heart of players. Fans are so excited about the game because the graphics and body design of the characters are unique from any other game. The initiative of customization of the character is quite impressive.


Alessia Martine

Mario Kart Tour is a well-known game for mobile gamers. For several months, the players of Mario Kart Tour were making requests for a specific feature that has now finally been added to the game. Well, it’s great that the company has worked on the request of the players and provided what they needed the most. After waiting for almost two months, Mario Kart Tour has officially released the “Landscape Mode” in the game. Players are so happy with the feature because they were the ones who requested it. Since the release of Mario Kart Tour, the landscape mode was completely missing, and fans were really curious to know why.


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On 21st July the “Landscape Mode” in “Mario Kart Tour” arrived. Players have to update the game on their device to enjoy the latest feature. Mobile users have been playing Mario Kart Tour for a long time, but the only feature they were missing the most was landscape mode. Because of this, players gave a lot of criticism to Nintendo. They had no idea why Nintendo did not provide the much-needed feature in the beginning.

Landscape mode has now been added into Mario Kart Tour, but this doesn’t mean Portrait mode is removed. Now players can choose which mode they want to play in; the traditional portrait mode or the newly launched landscape mode. The landscape mode comes with different control processes, so before playing a big race, players should give it a try and get comfortable with the new controls.

Mario Kart Tour is packed with some cool characters and cars that players love to operate. Racing on amazing tracks along with power bubbles that can slow down any enemy. This is what makes the game interesting. On mobile, there are already several types of racing games available, but the level of entertainment and excitement that Mario Kart Tour offers, no other game can match. It’s terrific to see the desired feature in the game.

Several factors make a game popular, but if the developers and company are connected to their fans, they can always get a great response. In the era of social media, every gaming company and developer can interact with their fans. They are fully aware of the requirements of their fans. If there is any bug or improvement required in the game, they can easily acknowledge it and get it fixed.

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