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Frozen Meat-  A Boon or a Bane?

In Today’s fast paced world, frozen food is an affordable choice on which one can lay their hands. Beside it’s nominal price, It is widely available in almost every store which has a fridge in it. Frozen food gives us the plethora of opportunities to munch on our favorite quality of food according to our individual planned diet.

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Benefits of frozen meat
Frozen meats are picked at its peak freshness and meat quality and often frozen within hours, locking in nutrients and flavor. Generally, frozen foods retain their nutritional values like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein or fat content. In some cases, frozen foods have more vitamins and minerals compared to fresh because fresh foods lose vitamins and minerals over time while freezing preserves nutrients.
Frozen foods are an easy way to incorporate healthy food in your diet because we have the luxury to acquire it from every food group, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy. In addition it also helps to save our time in this busy schedule of working hours. Frozen meat can be a benefit for individuals with limited kitchen space or utensils. Frozen foods are more affordable in price and can also aid in reducing food waste.

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Some of the common FAQ’s asked by the consumer:

Q1.Meat can be frozen for how long?
A1. Meat can be frozen depending upon the type of the meat that we are consuming. If we talk about hot dogs, luncheon meat, bacon & sausage then it will be safe for 1-2 months provided it should be below 0 degree temperature. In the case of hamburger, turkey, chicken, other poultry, veal, lamb, and mixtures of them it will resist around 3-4 months below 0 degree temperature whereas fresh beef, veal, lamb & pork steak, chops or roast will remain fresh for 4-12 months in same temperature as mentioned above.

Q2. Why meat is good for you or why meat is good for health?
A2. All protein sources are built with a mix of amino acids, which are released into the bloodstream and used within the body after we eat them. They're mixed and matched into various proteins based on what our body needs at that moment, be it rebuilding of our muscle after a tiresome workout or creating antibodies to bolster our immune system.

In total 20 amino acids exist, nine are considered "essential," It means that we need to eat them to utilize them. (Our body is capable enough to make the rest of the 11 proteins.). Unlike most plant proteins, animal proteins are known to be 'complete,' which means they contain all essential amino acids needed for anabolic growth.

Q3. Can meat cause breathing problems?
A3. There are a limited number of meat which may cause breathing issues if consumed in large quantities and not properly cooked but with proper food portions and daily exercise one can easily consume meat without any serious health problems.

We hope that this information might help our consumer in a positive manner.
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EID, called the 'festival of breaking the fast, ' is a holy day celebrated by Muslims worldwide on the 1st day of Shawwal according to the Islamic calendar. After all the rituals, there is a necessary part of the meal, and various dishes are decorated on the table at the festival. On that day everyone has the important job to eat to their heart's content.
Here, we have compiled the five best mutton dishes recipes that you can try out for a family feast on the occasion of Eid.

Mutton Meat Korma

Galouti kebabs are the main highlight of Awadhi cuisine. And made first for the nawab of Lucknow, galouti kebabs are juicy and tender and are supposed to have a mixture of 150 spices when it was first invented. After the years, these kebabs have traveled the world with various easy recipes. These melt-in-mouth kebabs are made with finely minced Mutton and are shallow fried in desi ghee. We can easily make this royal treat at home with various easy recipes and can relish them as an appetizer. This goes best with ulte tawa ka parantha, or serve it with a chutney of your choice. One of the best mutton recipes.

Mutton Galouti Kebab

A curry that is mildly spiced, creamy, and fragrant lamb curry made in desi ghee. This laziz lumb handi recipe has a boneless lamb cube cooked in rich, flavorful gravy. You can make this a delicious dinner party option. An easy recipe to cook with a few ingredients that you can easily found in your kitchen. It can be served with rice or naan and garnish with green coriander and lemon. This mutton recipe will definitely a super tasty recipe and brilliant idea for this eid.This curry would have all your heart.

These are quick and fuss-free cutlets that can be made in advance and can be stored. Mutton mince, potatoes, various herbs, and spices come together to make this super delicious delight. Minced Mutton marinated in exquisite flavor-packed ingredients. Parsi mutton cutlets are the perfect appetizer for the cook at dinner parties during this festive season. You can pair it with coriander chutney, and you're all set for these delicious mutton cutlets.

This is one of the signature Kashmiri curries, cooked with browned onions, spices, and yogurt. The use of Kashmiri red chilies gives a dramatic red color to the curry. Rogan Ghosh was initially brought to Kashmir by the Mughals.

this is a hearty recipe that is bursting with rich flavors of cream, almond paste, yogurt, and spices that will melt your heart. You can pair this meat korma with any Indian bread or rice and serve it at dinner on this Eid, and you can relish this mutton recipe during any festive season. The rich flavor of almonds would leave an impact of taste on your buds for sure.

Fresh Badami Mutton

Most mutton curries need slow cooking on low heat to retain their moisture, juices, and tenderness. Meat should first be cooked over high heat to seal liquids and then cooked till tender on low heat.
Another thing that you should be in mind is when to add salt. Do not add salt to the meat before cooking it. Salt forces the juices out and stops browning. You should add salt halfway through cooking.
The Mutton of a younger animal is tender and tastes better. It is pinkish with a firm yet soft texture. And If it looks red and 'wrinkled,' it will be tough.
Keep a pan of water close to the barbecue to keep the meat moist while being grilled.
While making kebabs, marinate the meat for longer. This will prevent the kebabs from becoming stiff and chewy. Also, refrigerate the kebabs for few minutes before frying. This helps in binding them and gives them a good texture.

We have compiled the five best mutton dishes that can be served At dinner at this eid festival. Best tips and tricks that should be kept in mind while cooking these mutton recipes. Indian cuisine is filled with mouth-watering mutton delicacies, and all of them are worth trying at home this eid. These mouth-watering mutton recipes can be relish at dinner in this festive season with friends and family.

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