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nisa subhani

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

The Evening Desert safari Dubai Tour starts at 3:30 pm, if you have not booked for the exclusive Evening Desert Safari Dubai. The driver takes you in a 4 x 4 Toyota Land Cruiser and you drive to the Al Lahab Red Sand Desert. After reaching the Dubai desert dunes, all vehicles form a convoy before moving on to Kfir activity and sandboarding. After experiencing a desert drive over Dubai’s big red dunes, tourists can see the beauty of the sunset from the top of the highest dunes in the desert, with convoys arriving at our Bedouin-style campus with traditional Arabic tents, also known as the “Majlis”. . ”, Here you will find an amazing display of Arabic Sweets along with Arabic Dates and Arabic Coffee (Gahwa), Mineral Water and Soft Drinks.

Enjoy traditional entertainment programs including fragrant Arabic smoke pipes, mehndi decorations, camel trekking adventure and exotic belly dance show, tanura dance, Egyptian folk tales, horse dance performance, fire show and more.

Enjoy mouth-watering sassy barbecue buffet dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, special Jain food with fresh fruit and Arabic desserts can also be requested.

There is a myth that heart patients, pregnant women and children will not be able to take part in this evening desert safari Dubai tour, they can definitely skip the desert dunes bashing session, take our rear cars straight to the camp site without traveling to them, and catch a glimpse of the beautiful desert at their own pace. Join them later. Why miss out on all the fun activities at camp, because they can enjoy a beautiful BBQ dinner in the desert with live entertainment.

In the evening there will be a safari in the desert

4 × 4 Jeep Desert safari Dubai

Bashing experience

Photo of sunset at the highest point in the desert

Sandboarding (congratulations)

Camel field visit

The camel runs in the desert

Arabic Coffee (Gahwa)

Traditional Emirati dress for photos

Rosemary decoration

Belly dance show

Tanura Dance Show

Fire show

Egyptian dance

Glass water pipe

Begin vegetarian and non-vegetarian

5 - Star Dinner Buffet and Barbecue with Fresh International Variety Salad

Jain food is available on request

Live display of Arabic sweets and openings

Tea, coffee, mineral water and soft drinks

Arabic sweets and fresh fruits

nisa subhani

Desert safari Dubai daries include the ride the camel, smoke some pots, get a mehndi tattoo and camp in the desert. Belly dancers, the fire clearly shows and cap your night with a lavish buffet dinner while people are dancing.

The ATV bike is additionally available over the counter where you have to pay a down payment in the best quality desert safari leisure package.

A safari in the Dubai desert allows you to experience the cultures forgotten by the Emirati Arabs for hundreds of years. There is some heart-pounding Done Motion and the luscious barbecue gourmet to go with it. Do every adventure you can think of on the dunes.

Rena's Dubai desert safari deals introduces you to the greatness of the desert in a very royal style. Enjoy the experience and enjoy the exquisite hospitality in our royal camp with dinner in the desert.

You can find opportunities to get henna tattoos or watch a belly-dance show or spend time with good friends at the table before you head back to your hotel.

With so many options to choose from, you can be guided to a desert safari that perfectly suits your unique taste and adventure level.

For anyone browsing Dubai, I have to do a desert safari. This is a great thing to try and do in Dubai. There is so much to take out and seriously worth the time! Recommend to end.

Attended a field trip and the whole working day was awesome! Show, camel experience, exciting 4x4 and so on! This DubaiVIP desert safari Dubai is a must do in Dubai because it is a dessert that considers all things!

The desert safari meets Dubai for its extraordinary desert scenery, awe-inspiring flora and fauna and above all, it offers wonderful opportunities for both of them to relax and enjoy the most adventurous routine. Does.

You can choose a short ride on a camel or get photos with all the hawk and country chicken in the UAE. Watching a hawk alone is amazing. This is amazing chicken.

After pulling the adventure streak around 50% or so per hour, we will go through your camp before sunset. Not exciting!

I have two chances for this tour, which topped with the lowest rate in singles! The driving force is great when he is on the go and during the safari, constantly updating us. He usually took us on dates to see what was going on and we were constantly checking on how we were.

When we reach the desert, we stop at the starting point. This trip gives you different opportunities for stunning golden hour photos as opposed to the stunning desert background. Get your first steps on the dunes.

This full-day work experience in the Desert safari booking Pack makes it possible to get the most effective experience in the desert every day only. Dune bashing is excellent, but sand is the perfect spotlight.


Incredible Desert Safari Dubai Tours At Morning Hours

Incredible Desert Safari Dubai Tours At Morning Hours. There is some good news in store for the early risers! You are bored and waiting for the paused world to stir and wake at dawn… Truly you are in for some good luck… You can give vent to your adventure instincts at the early hours while opting for the Desert Safari Tours in Dubai in the morning. Make productive use of your morning hours with the adventure pursuit planned ahead. Thrilling and safe adventures to experience, you can have a riot even just at the start of the day.


So, get ready to enjoy an awesome experience. Wait at your hotel or destination to be picked by our drivers.


Sunrise desert safari Dubai – Pick up times:  4:30 am to 10:00 am & Morning desert safari Dubai – Pick up times:  7:30 am to 8:30 am



Total duration of the safari: 4 to 5 hours


 Incredible Desert Safari Dubai Tours At Morning Hours

desert safari Dubai tours with quad biking

You will be quickly reached to the desert stretch where the adventure session is planned.  You can enjoy multiple adventures at the desert terrains.


The multiple adventures are:


Camel riding

Dune bashing

Quad biking


Dune buggy riding

All the adventure activities are equally safe and thrilling. Explore all the adventure activities and enjoy great thrills. Start your adventure session with camel riding. A safe and enjoyable adventure you will most enjoy. Get familiar with the typical desert adventures after this maiden experience. Many have not ridden on camel backs before and it is time you give into this activity and enjoy it. Most guests become addicted to camel riding and even prolong it to an entire hour. You can do the same if you totally adore the experience. Both men and women can enjoy this adventure and you will totally appreciate it. Now, we can head over to some most exciting activities such as dune bashing, sand-boarding, and quad biking depending on your taste. If you are a thrills-seeker, you will utmost enjoy the new adventures.



 Incredible Desert Safari Dubai Tours At Morning Hours

desert safari Dubai and camel riding

What is morning desert safari Dubai?


Morning desert safari in Dubai is a classic tour that will offer you best exhilaration in the desert terrains. Desert safaris Dubai tours are planned to introduce you to the pulsating, typical desert adventures and offer you a special experience. You can enjoy a large slice of adventure in the early hours and earn a good experience to reminisce. You can take in the brilliant view of the golden sun rising in the distant East casting golden beams on the vast desert stretch even glistening the sands. Be ready with your cams and video cams to capture the natural splendor and etch the images in your mind and cams alike.



Desert safaris are the best offerings in Dubai. A differential experience and an ideal getaway, you couldn’t find a better option to enjoy well in the global city. Shopping or dining can be monotonous but not desert safaris. Reward yourself with the brilliant experience at the end of your busy work schedules and rejuvenate. The thrilling safaris can be a great way to abate stress and refresh your mind.


 Incredible Desert Safari Dubai Tours At Morning Hours

Incredible desert safari Dubai experience

Desert Safari in Dubai quad biking



You may be planning to enjoy multiple adventures at the morning desert safari tours in Dubai. Do not miss out on quad biking especially for the thrills that this awesome adventure can offer you. Simple instructions will be provided by professional guides to enjoy quad biking. Both men and women can enjoy quad biking as the activity is simple but offers immense thrills. Remember to pursue this adventure during your desert safari tour in Dubai.




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