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Alessia Martine

A new Solstice of Heroes event has arrived in Destiny 2, and gamers across the world are going crazy about it. The most significant factor behind the gamer’s excitement is the new challenges that this event has brought up in the game. Furthermore, players who will thrive in accomplishing these missions will get a Solstice of Heroes Armor with several potencies. However, it is quite hard to unlock this Armor, and thus, in this article, we are going to brief the gamers about how to unlock Solstice of Heroes Armor alongside its upgrades in Destiny 2. Below we have provided a proper workaround to unlock Solstice of Heroes Armor Glow upgrade in Destiny 2.

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How to Unlock Solstice of Heroes Armor Glow Upgrade

Before heading further to the following process, let us first brief the gamers about Solstice of Heroes Armor. The Armor consists of several abilities that can help the players through the game. Solstice of Heroes Armor can be upgraded three times; the first stage of upgrading it is known as Renewed, the second one is known as Majestic. Finally, the third one is known as Magnificent, and precisely, it is one of the most difficult ones to unlock.

In addition to this, players need to unlock the Solstice of Heroes Armor for every class; if the players are keen to unlock the Armor glow on the helmet, they need to accomplish a Nightfall Ordeal over Master Difficulty. Gamers need to have at least 980 Light Levels.

Once gamers have succeeded in achieving the Nightfall Ordeal, they would witness the Armor glow over the helmet. Afterward, players need to accomplish few PVE missions to unlock the Armor Glow in the Solstice Chest. Although there are several missions in PvE, players only require to complete Pit of Heresy to unlock the chest’s glow. After that, gamers need to unlock the glow upon Solstice Boots, and for that, they need to win seven consecutive matches in Trials of Osiris. In the last, players need to accomplish at least Tier 5 Altar of Sorrows three times to unlock the Armor glow for Class Item.

A lot needs to be done to unlock Solstice of Heroes Armor in Destiny 2. It is nearly impossible for gamers to complete all the requisite quests without any assistance. Players can play Destiny 2 on Xbox Series XPS5PS4PCXbox One, and Google Stadia.

My name is Alessia Martine. I am a security expert; I have been making the people aware of the security threats. My passion is about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. I write for McAfee security products at


Alessia Martine

A datamine of the upcoming exotic weapon coming in Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals looks to have a unique, insane new perk for the game.

With the new season being launched recently, there has been a lot of talk about new content regarding various aspects of the game. And the thing that is leading the quest is the little bit of information that says a new exotic trace rifle will be introduced in the game during the course of the season via an exotic quest. As exciting as it is, there is very little to go on apart from the few glimpses in trailers and a screenshot.


The developer Bungie has stayed pretty silent about the introduction of the new exotic weapon. But if the data mine stands for even a little bit of truth, the new exotic weapon could end up being pretty crazy and a treat for the players to be used in the game. The new season already had some pretty good weapons like the Witherhoard exotic grenade launcher and a few new swords, the introduction of such an exotic will be a game-changer.

For the new exotic tracer rifle being introduced this season in Destiny 2, according to the datamine shared by From on the Raid Secrets subreddit, the exotic is called Ruinous Effigy. The exotic perk that it has is called “Transmutation”, and it goes as “Final blows with this weapon collapse victims into Void Transmutation spheres.” While this perk alone sounds a mouthful and a half and seems interesting enough, it also has a secondary perk called Evolution, which gives players the ability to wield the Void Transmutation spheres as weapons. The perk Evolution reads, “Transmutation spheres you create can be picked up and wielded as weapons by you and your allies.”

The buck does not stop there, the sphere can not only be wielded, but as some players might assume that wielding it means using it as a melee weapon like some other orb shaped objects in the game, but these specific Transmutation spheres have more than just a simple melee attack. According to the description in the datamine about the perk Evolution, a player equipped with the Transmutation sphere will be able to perform a light attack, heavy attack, and a guard ability that also appears to drain nearby combatants.

Apart from the fact that it is a tracer rifle, none of its other abilities are like anything ever seen in Destiny 2. But obviously, the only way for players to find out if the datamine is all true and the Ruinous Effigy is as strong as described, players will need to get their hand on it and start testing it out. But if it is as powerful as it sounds, Ruinous Effigy will join a powerful stable of new weapons in Season of Arrivals.

Witherhoard has been proven to be an amazing and powerful exotic grenade launcher. This weapon was such a success that it is even linked to the famous extremely powerful Anarchy raid exotic because of its overwhelming ability to lock on to players and dealing damage for an extended period of time without the shooter having to continuously land shots or deal continuous, direct damage. And all this is the statistics, the present bugged condition of the Witherhoard that is melting raid bosses in mere seconds.

With the new season being launched recently, players are still out there rummaging through all the weapons that they get. It is still really early to call which weapons are the best. Still, one of the early standouts is the Falling Guillotine that can deal massive damage with its special spin attack that is reminiscent of Destiny 1’s Dark-Drinker exotic sword.

Players are still getting to know the new season, and there will be a lot of debates going on about how good the new season is or how engaging it is or what potential it has to go forward or leave a mark. But one thing that can be said hands down is the selection of weapons that this game has put forward is nothing short of amazing. If nothing else at all, this season is delivering some top-tier weapons that could be especially good once gear retirement goes into effect with the release of the Beyond Light expansion and the accompanying Season 12.

As for the new exotic tracer rifle, Ruinous Effigy, there is no date yet given to know the release of the quest that will let players win the new rifle. But regardless, it is something that players need to keep an eye out for over the course of the season before it ends on September 22nd when Beyond Light releases.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.



If you are a player of the game Destiny 2 and you have used the Mida Multi-Tool, then there is no chance you are going to avoid the possibility of leaving this weapon behind.

Bungie has introduced the Mida Multi-Tool in the game Destiny 2, which has the same capabilities as in the previous version. This piece of weaponry is light in weight, fast-firing rate, and low reloading time. It has a clean scope, smooth handling, and excellent magazine capacity. It can shoot anything that can a scout rifle can except the Lighting, which makes this weapon a crucible in the game. It is much easier to get than other exotic weaponry in the game.

If you want to add this weapon in your inventory, then you have to follow these steps:

  • Finish the Main Storyline and the EDZ quest
  • Collect Mida Mini-Tool
  • Perform the 50 kills by the Scout Rifle
  • Perform 25 kills in one magazine capacity reloading
  • Disassemble any five legendary or blue Scout Rifles
  • Kill 50 airborne attacks from an SMG

To collect this weapon, you have to complete the main storyline as per the game suggest, and you get the different stages in the game. After the storyline, you have to complete the EDZ quests.

After these two steps, you have to get on the path of Mida Mini-Tool

Collecting Mida Mini-Tool

There is a change that you may consider it a bit strange you have to get a different weapon before you get the desired one, but as a gamer, this kind of action is pervasive. The collection of this weapon is straightforward. Before you start searching for this weapon, make sure you are at level 20, at least. After completing the quest named Enhance, go back to the arena of  Devrim Kay, which is at EDZ. Now you will have the Mida Mini-Tool, which is a legendary weapon.

Complete the Quest Sight, Shoot, and Repeat

After the prize, go to the tower and pay a visit to the Gunsmith. Then you can have a quest named Sight, Shoot, Repeat. Now you have to do as the quest suggests (where you mainly have to kill enemies more and more.

Here, you have to 50 enemies with the help of precision shots; after that, you have to kill 25 more characters with one magazine. These actions are based on the theme of the Scout Rifle. So, make sure you are using the scout rifle to kill them; otherwise, the kills will not be counted. You can perform other quests too, and the kills will be calculated for this quest also.

After completing the mission, you have to go back to the Gunsmith Banshee-44.

Complete the Under the Hood Quest

When you get back to the Gunsmith, you will get another quest naming the Little Devil. This quest doesn’t involve killing any of the gaming characters. Here, you have to disassemble the five blue rare Scout Rifles and five Legendary Scout ones with purple coating.

You had scrapped the spare kit recently, so you are going to have experience for doing this, and it will be done very quickly. After this task, too, you need to head back to the Gunsmith.

Complete the Final Quest

Now, our best friend Banshee, the Gunsmith, is going to provide a new and the final quest for us, which is named “The Fall will Kill You.” To complete this quest, you are going to need airborne SMG rifles all 50 of them. It merely signifies that you will not be on the ground when you take the shots. As other quests, you can perform any other quest simultaneously.

Take the Multi-Tool of Mida

After completing all the mentioned quests, you should reach out to the gunsmith Banshee-44, one last time. He will present you a gift in the form of the Mida Multi-Tool for which you have been doing all the quests for an extended period.

Elisa Wilson is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world .

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MiaMinton Mar 6 '20 · Tags: destiny 2, multi-tool
Devin Smith

Destiny 2‘s latest season, the Season of Dawn, is gathering a lot of heat in the gaming world. Franchise’s legacy is not the only factor favoring it to achieve fame as the advancements added by Bungie keeps on catching the eyes of gamers. Season of Dawn is totally distinct from its previous season except for the game’s objective and characters.

The new story has unveiled Osiris and Cabal‘s plan to change their destiny by Sundial; a time-travelling approach. Apart from that, there is one added feature that is intriguing the gamers a lot, and it is a Sundial activity feature. Sundial activity includes rounds, and they are Bombardment, Gatecrash, Datamine, Hollow voice, and fighting Niruul.

For those who are not familiar with Sundial activity aspect, offering a direct bout against the final boss after completing all the rounds. Completing these rounds is a bit hard, so in this blog, we are mainly focusing on Bombardment. Below, we have prepared a strategy that will lead the players to complete Bombardment round in Sundial activity efficiently.

Complete Bombardment Round in Sundial Activity

This is one of the Sundial activity rounds showed by Bungie while doing the first live streaming of Season of Dawn. This round comprises of a powerful Centurion boss that will appear in the middle of the arena. It has the ability that allows him to waste all the basic weapons of its enemy. The best chance to tackle this enemy is when Cabal begins to flood in the map.

At that time, players should navigate enemies by the yellow health bar and should immediately kill all of them. After players observe huge alertness in enemies’ health, you will encounter that they are dropping an orb. Players need to pick up these orbs and require to throw them at the Centurion boss. It totally resembles Gears of War Franchise’s Hammer of Dawn.

 The orb has the tendency to eliminate any major boss of this game, so keep on firing at Centurion boss until it didn’t beckon in front of you. Precisely, keep on throwing the orb at the boss until its health reduced to zero. You will be rewarded with a lot of points after killing the boss, and immediately, you will encounter the spawning of a new immune boss.

Essential Tips

Players will get only five minutes to collect points in Sundial activity, so players should keep on killing as many Yellow bar enemies as they can. These yellow enemies will provide players orbs along with several points that will favour them to enhance the Sundial bar. Make sure, after the boss shield strength began to break down, players should use the DPS option to reduce the health of Cabal immediately.


We hope that this blog will help you to complete the round of Bombardment in Sundial activity. Make sure you use all the steps carefully, and if you wish to play this game, then you can experience it on Stadia, Xbox One, and PS4 devices.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites. 



Players are back in the mythical virtual world of Destiny 2 as its new season is available in the market. Now in the new season, players are striving to save Earth’s Last City from several alien species, mainly Cabal. However, it has been two years, but still, the game advancement intrigues gamers by consecutively releasing the new season along with the new story and new game modes.

 Sundial appears similar to Menagerie, which is released in the franchise’s seventh season. The latest game mode of Destiny 2 privileged players with several rounds that lead to access the gateway to combat with the final boss. Moreover, players should get to know about the acclaimed reward that they attain at the end of the season can migrate with them to next season. One of the most often appeared activities that players witness after unlocking the Sundial is Gatecrash.

 This activity bothers players a lot, and players find it difficult to tackle. Although this activity is just about returning and collecting resources under a précised time period of five minutes. Below we have written specific ways that will allow you to complete this activity of gatecrash efficiently.


After players start the Gatecrash activity, they will encounter the opening of three types of VexMinotaurs is one of the first set of Vex, which is hedged by several goblins, and players need to thrash out these goblins from their way and quickly killed the Minotaur. After being killed, it will leave an Arc charge that players must attain.

Arc charges

After players attain the left Arc charges, players need to visit any one location that is being shown by a marker. Players should follow this marker and visit any of this place successfully. Players need to ensure that they don’t use the ability of double-jump while carrying an Arc charge and should avoid interruption issues such as dropping of Vex fluid. Once players have successfully placed one charge at one point, they need to deposit another two Arc charges to another available two points. After players have placed all the Arc charges, then they will encounter the arrival of the boss in the center of the arena.

Rinse and Repeat

Now, players need to tackle down the boss and once they have successfully tackled the boss. They will witness the spawning of Vex Minotaur along with its minions, aka goblins. Now, players have to kill the Minotaur and attain all the three Arc charges again. Players have to follow similar steps, such as placing of Arc charges at three distinctive points that can be located by following the objective marker. Now, again kill the appeared boss, which spawned after completing the process. Players need to complete this activity as much as they can in the precise available time.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


The online multiplayer FPS by Bungie, Destiny, is one of the best video games created in the previous decade. The game was released in 2014 and had been improving ever since. With Halloween just around the corner, Destiny 2 aims at offering a spooky treat to the gamers as well.

The Halloween-themed event known as Festival of the Lost would start on October 29 and will use the generic Halloween props for it. We will get candy, a little haunting, and masks to get engaging gameplay suited to this time of the year.

The event will somewhat resemble previous years; however, we will get a new weapon alongside new cosmetics we could collect. The centerpiece of it all would again be the Haunted Forest, and this would have three players to simultaneously go through the forest for 15 minutes. The further the gamers get, the more candy they will receive.

You can then spend the candy on the legendary Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle and some mystery grab bags. You can also complete Festival of the Lost bounties to get Strange coins that can be used for buying masks. The masks we get this year are:

  1. Shadowkeep Hive
  2. Eris Morn
  3. The Drifter
  4. Calus,
  5. Skolas
  6. Vex Goblin

Along with the event collectibles, the players will also receive some Halloween-themed items to pick from. Stuff such as a new ship, new ghost shells, and a new sparrow will be available at the event’s start and will remain this way for Bright Dust as well.

The items sale is a topic Bungie has not touched, but the wait is still worth it. Gathering a pinch of Bright Dust to buy cosmetics has been made easier by Destiny 2 Year 3. Witch’s broomstick sparrow is among the particular returning marquee objects for the Halloween –themed event. You may have seen the sparrow previously as it was available in Destiny 1 as a time-limited and free reward.

As a free addition to Destiny: New Light Owners and Shadowkeep, the event might not revolutionize the game, but it will definitely provide an entertaining distraction. The AR reward may be worth farming; however, it all depends mainly on its perk selection and archetype. Even so, auto rifles cannot be considered a top-tier weapon in 8th Season’s Meta.

The good news for us is that we will also be getting a new cave on the same day as the event. This makes the Halloween-based event all the more exciting.


Mia Davis is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, utility software and new media. She writes for McAfee products at

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