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Ayush Sharma

If you are looking for any kind of website, then you can employ designers and developers from us. We are Aquatec Innovative Private Limited. We have experience that spans over 8 years. Additionally, we also do SEO on your behalf for the project you are working on. Therefore, you don't have to find a different company when you reach us. Below are the detailed services we provide

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Direct Acyclic Graph Development

DAG referred to as Directed Acyclic Graphcould be a organization that uses topological ordering.DAG is associate implementation of directed graphical structure.DAG is usually used for determination issues like processing, finding the simplest route for navigation, scheduling, and information compression. DAG graph solely involves transactions therefore avoiding the necessity for the mining method. therefore DAG is thought as Blockless information ledger that solely contains transactions and eliminates the necessity of miners for mining a replacement block.


Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Technology

DAG technology has been used by many developers to upgrade the future of blockchain development. Let’s look below at the projects built on Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG)which have the potential to overcome the issues of scaling or security.


Technologies supported DAG


IOTA, the primary DAG-based crypto project, aims to eliminate the conception of a miner’s fees. The platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum need miners to approve the transactions and also the fees is important to incentivize validators for writing the history of records to the blockchain. But IOTA assigns the duty of mining each|to each} member of the network; every user on the network is additionally a group action validator.



Nano reaches agreement employing a balance-weighted vote on conflicting transactions. agreement vote is triggered solely within the case of malicious transactions and once nodes with higher account balances area unit weighed a lot of fairly.



Byteball   Byteball is another technology supported DAG that emphasizes on conditional payments and human-understandable contracts that perform actions during a inventive approach.      

Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) In Compiler Design


Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Compiler Designis a top level view that is additional communicative than Associate in Nursing fully linear model. A DAG is Associate in Nursing info or organization which might be utilised to demonstrate numerous issues it's Associate in Nursing acyclic graph in topological ordering. Every directed edge encompasses a sure order followed by the node each DAG starts from a node that has no oldsters and finish with one that has no children. These graphs area unit ne'er cyclic. A DAG contains of a collection of nodes and arrows wherever arrows area unit directed from one node to a different.

In simpler terms, DAG is a graph that flows in one direction and elements cannot refer back to themselves. Hence, DAGs are not cyclic.

DAG’s components

Nodes or Vertices. each node represents some data. Arrows or Directed edges. A coordinated edge beginning with one node to a different depicts some type of affiliation between those 2 nodes. Arrows during a DAG might not frame a cycle. A root node. one among the nodes can don't have any forerunner. this is often the bottom of the DAG. it's additionally known as a zero node. Leaf node. Some nodes can don't have any assessors. These area unit known as leaves or leaf nodes.



Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) In Company


Directed acyclic graph(DAG) area unit a more and more widespread approach for characteristic unsupportive variables that require adjustment once estimating causative effects. This review examined the utilization of DAGs in applied health research to tell recommendations for rising their transparency and utility in future analysis.

Nadcab TechnologyDirected acyclic grapharea unit generally non-parametric diagrammatical representations of the assumed information generating method for a set of variables (and measurements of) during such context. Variables and their measurements area unit depicted as nodes (or vertices) connected by one-way arcs (or arrows; therefore ‘directed’) depiction the hypothesised relationships between them associate degree arc between 2 nodes denotes the assumed existence and direction of a causative relationship, however doesn't specify the sign, magnitude, or constant quantity type. A node cannot be caused by itself (hence ‘acyclic’), as a result of no variable will cause itself at a right away moment in time, and the future cannot cause the past.


A path may be a assortment of 1 or a lot of arcs that connects 2 nodes. ways could also be either open or closed; open paths transmit applied mathematics associations, closed ways don't. A causative path (or direct path) is one wherever all constituent arcs flow within the same direction from one node to a different. the overall causative result of a nominative exposure (i.e. cause) on a nominative outcome (i.e. consequence), that along type the focal relationship, is the joint result transmitted through all causative ways connecting the exposure to the end result. With regard to the focal relationship, a confounder may be a common explanation for each the exposure and therefore the outcome, a negotiator is caused by the exposure and successively causes the end result (i.e. falls on a causative path between the exposure and outcome), and a competitive exposure may be a explanation for the end result that's neither caused by nor causes the exposure. an immediate causative result is that the result that doesn't act through one or a lot of nominative mediators.


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Hyperledger blockchain development solution

Hyperledger may be higher termed because the next level of blockchain. It focuses on rising the performance and responsibleness by the collaboration of developing blockchains and distributed ledgers. With Hyperledger Blockchain Development becomes extremely appropriate to businesses like finance, insurance, healthcare, automobile and provide chain. This specific style of distributed ledger works on use-specific modules, providing services like storage routines, identity, access management and good contracts. There area unit varieties in Hyperledgers and every one among them serves a particular purpose. this is often Associate in Nursing upgraded version of distributed ledger that works in higher within the refinement of resources.

Nadcab Technology has gained mastery on this technology too and prepared to supply firms with Hyperledger. Hyperledger Development has its own sub-categories and that we offer services on all of them that area unit Burrow, Fabric, Indy, Iroha, Sawtooth, Caliper, Cello, Composer, somebody and Quilt. Our team holds experience on these variant of Hyperledger and that we area unit providing service to all or any the industries wherever it fits supported the peer-to-peer design blockchain, Hyperledger uses a dynamic accord that permits hot swapping algorithms in an exceedingly running network.


Hyperledger Blockchain Frameworks

Hyperledger Blockchain Frameworks are used to build enterprise blockchains for a consortium of organizations. They are different Hyperledger frameworks include:



Hyperledger Burrow could be a permissioned Ethereum sensible-contract blockchain node that executes smart contract code following the Ethereum specification:

• Permissioned Ethereum virtual machine

• Consensus engine: Used for ordering and finalizing the dealing supported BFT tendermint protocol. The agreement is cryptographically secured.

• API entry

• Smart contract application: Validate the dealing and apply the appliance state hyperledger

HYPERLEDGER FABRIC Hyperledger Fabric may be a blockchain framework implementation. it's one among the inspiration framework for developing / building Blockchain applications or solutions with a standard design. the foremost putting feature of Hyperledger Fabric is that it permits parts, like agreement and membership services, to be plug-and-play. At the core of Hyperledger Fabric is instrumentation technology that is employed to host good contracts known as chaincode that comprise the applying logic of the system. the subsequent is that the list of cool options of Hyperledger Fabric: • Private channels for sharing counselling • Pluggable agreement (ordering service) and, membership service supplier services • Support for CouchDB for storing world state HYPERLEDGER INDY Hyperledger INDY could be a distributed ledger, purpose-made for localised identity. It provides tools, libraries, and reusable parts for making and mistreatment freelance digital identities frozen on blockchains or different distributed ledgers in order that they're practical across body domains, applications etc. With DLT, INDY puts individuals — not the organizations — to blame of selections concerning their own privacy and speech act HYPERLEDGER IROHA

Hyperledger IROHA could be a blockchain platform implementation that is meant for incorporate distributed ledger technology (Blockchain) into infrastructural comes. It options an easy construction; fashionable, domain-driven C++ style, stress on mobile application development and a brand new, chain-based Byzantine Fault Tolerant agreement rule, known as Sumeragi.


Hyperledger blockchain development solution

Hyperledger Blockchain development has grownup quicker than expected. Implementation of the Hyperledger framework is associate amazing thought of blockchain technology, because the application carries the inspiration of identity, privacy, and process. victimisation this latest framework, developing a decentralized enterprise application has become wide attainable.

Along with all the qualities of credibleness, Hyperledger additionally involves characteristics of optimized performance and quantifiability within the network. Also, the Hyperledger Blockchain Development framework offers affordable modelling yet as testing that permits users to create, check and deploy the applications.

From a business purpose of read, prime IT firms provide Hyperledger blockchain development services to deliver transparency and answerableness to their purchasers yet as customers.

Nadcab Technology incorporates a numerous team of computer code developers among that Hyperledger developers have an excellent team. experience understands needs|the wants} and requirements of the project and constructs applications terribly logically. to stay the gravity of the project, developers keep in reality with our purchasers incessantly, till we tend to deliver the simplest.

Why Create Hyperledger?

Blockchain technology is the outcome of advanced technology. The blockchain significantly let the companies to attach to all or any department and levels of the corporate because of these reasons, it feels like a natural development in business systems whose purpose is cooperative operating making Hyperledger offer varied benefits as follows:

• Evenly distributed ledger

• Need-to-know basis information

• Performance and measurability

• Permission membership

• Protection of digital keys

• Security of sensitive info

• Plug-in Component-based style

So all those corporations UN agency need to manage their all the knowledge, then Hyperledger Blockchain development sure enough play an important role in it. A peer to see assigned record system, the Hyperledger is formed via agreement and helpful technologies that promise to convert following generation of business applications.


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Maria Janes
In the past few years, custom CRM systems have gained large popularity. Many companies are using them successfully to increase both productivity and profit. However, most organizations are still only eyeing these solutions. Often, you don’t want to build your own CRM system because you are unwilling to waste money on something you can get with standard CRMs. Read the article for more information:
Maria Janes May 3 · Tags: crm, development

A site can be considered as the backbone of your organization and services. It’s among the best ways to manage clients worldwide. Whenever you start any company, you want to create a web site for this. Developing a site isn’t a simple job. Always remember good looks attract people, that is why having an amazing website can get you more internet users and earnings. Not only seems but functionality and usability of a website are also critical elements that help in traffic and sales. Running a website without appropriate site development and SEO techniques is comparable to a body with no soul. It is a great idea to select a website design company in London for the development of your website.


Many company managers have not had the opportunity to work with proper web development and software development London, the fact that has made them take the faith of their companies into their own hands. The problem, in this case, is that these managers don't know much about the online environment and generally have to deal with a lot of disappointments. Fortunately, there is an alternative that involves relying on a reputable website development company to suit your business needs.

The moment you choose to work with the right web development and software development specialists, you will realize that thisa is the best decision you have ever made. That is due to the fact that these IT experts know what they are doing. Not only are they qualified or trained, but they are also experienced enough to provide you with the solution you are looking for. First of all, they will ask you all kinds of questions so that you can tell them all your ideas. Based on the information you provide, they will come up with a design that suits your needs.

In fact, the result of your work will exceed your expectations. A suitable website development company will offer you a wide range of services, from guidance on optimizing your current website to digital marketing strategies. You can also ask them to work on the mobile version of your site and even an app that all potential customers can download. In this way, you maximize your chances of achieving all of your goals. Today, people enjoy brands that make life easier for them.

Let's say you own shoe business and you want to make sure your customers can easily browse your products and order the ones they want with just a few clicks. If you leave this task in the hands of experts in web development and software development, you can consider it done. It will take a while before they can deliver the finished project, but you will be more than satisfied with the status of the app, website, and mobile version. From then on, your customers will place even more orders and your sales figures will be through the roof.

A proper website development company will also make sure that you benefit from an easy-to-understand management system that will allow you to make changes to your website without too much trouble. Even if you don't know too much about websites and coding, you will still be able to manage them properly. Only hire IT experts who have a fantastic reputation!

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Voizac Inc

Job Portal script from Voizac Inc helps you in the fast dispatch of a rich component and easy to understand Job Portal clone scripts like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. influential script planned with constancy and expertise. Our Advanced PHP Job Script Solutionswill, in general, encourage services that deal with your online job portal site all in all, accordingly Voizac Inc outfits customization for your specialty imperative to build up a distinctive job portal webpage. 


We prone to present our new enormous scope Job Portal Script for the job providing organization to channel the certified job searchers who have signed up at the script, these days the securing the position and building a transporter is hard for the understudies or job searchers to work in the ideal region of intrigue, and finding the privilege qualified up-and-comer is very trying for the job enrolment specialist's to make them as their piece of the organization, so it is important to have this script. We have built up this PHP Job Portal Software with our vast experience and research. Our specialists help make this script remarkable and incorporate elements of significant fundamental job enlisting destinations with advanced usefulness. 


How does it work?


 The business sector is seeing exponential development and is taking off with large and better prospects. The business sector also has a noteworthy role in an economy and its development. 


 There has been development in the job portal industry with an expansion in industrialization and all developing areas. To stay up with the developing business, Voizac Inc has thought of transcendent Job Portal Script. 


 With expanding interest for platforms in the business, Job Portal script becomes a proficient and straightforward choice to fabricate and develop jobs and related business.


 Created with our own vigorous and flexible system, this Job Site script is coded with open source technologies such as PHP and MYSQL that make script remarkably adaptable, versatile, and powerful customization conceivable. This Php Job script gives you the benefit of designing the required features according to your online business.


 Tech Support


 Our Php Job script provides you latent Job Portal business objectives other than extending to you with a high element-rich job portal platform. Below are some of the great benefits of choosing us: 

 • Multi-domain License

 • SEO Friendly Script

 • Responsive Design

 • Complimentary Deployment

 • FREE Maintenance Support


 Features of our Job Portal script


 1. Job inquiries are simple 


 Online quest for new job sites is the savviest association among enrolment recruiters and job-seekers. Both job hunters and businesses can bear to join with Job Portal and characterize their requirements. This is a minimal effort and quick source for arriving at a wide objective with only a single snap.


 2. Job Portal Script Functions


 Job Portal Script by Voizac Inc is a social meeting point for interviewers and job seekers worldwide. Businesses post openings for job looking for the ideal candidates whose skills and experience will fill the employment opportunities proficiently. 


 3. Numerous Choices 


 Thousands of job seekers and recruiters enlist with Job websites consistently. There are a lot of decisions for enrollment specialists and job hunters to pick suitable competitors or occupations.


 4. Search options for proficiency


 Job Portal helps connect with a more extensive commercial center. Workers can look through employment prospects in any city, state, or nation. Applicants can even restrict their inquiry by posting their favored work areas. 


 Conclusion: The job Portal script from Voizac Inc is undoubtedly great for businesses. It is filled with numerous features that benefit not only job seekers but also employers. The product is very budget-friendly and gives you an excellent experience to use it.


Entony Green
If you are website owner or website master this article maybe will be interesting for you:
Entony Green Dec 29 '20 · Tags: development
zubair hassan

Today, we have become a smartphone society, and most of us own a personal smartphone. The digital or online world has a strong reality, and our phones are one of the primary ways to get online and connect to the online world. It's getting harder every day to think about a life without our phones. The cost of an average smartphone isn't very cheap, though. It typically ranges from 200 US dollars to 1000 US dollars. It verily depends on the features and functionalities of the smartphone, but it does cost a considerable amount to get a good phone.

Most people get worried when they come to know that they have to change their phone for some reason because it costs them a high amount of money to get a new phone. Moreover, they might need to transfer the data from the old one to the new one, and all of this may create a fuss for some non-tech-lover kind of people. This urges a need to take good care of phones and keep them maintained. The blog entails some easy yet important smartphone maintenance tips for you. Here you go!

Get a Phone Case

A phone case is the basic smartphone protection gear. The true importance of a phone case is understood only by those who lost their recently-bought expensive smartphone, all for not getting a case. Yes, once someone loses their phone for not having a case, they can clearly understand why a smartphone case is very important. So, make sure you get a case for your smartphone. Also, choose a case that is not only cool, but it does the job well too. Obviously, the basic purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone.

Install a Screen Protector

Most of us have already faced an incident where we get our smartphone's glass cracked. So, it's not very hard to understand that most smartphones have a fragile screen that needs to be taken good care of. Make sure you get a strong screen protector that covers it all well. Moreover, while getting a screen protector, make sure that the touch screen works well with the protector because sometimes it gets really annoying when the touch screen doesn't work smoothly due to the protector installed.

Don't Leave your Smartphone Unattended

It's important to keep your phone with you when you are outside your home. Many times people are careless about their phones, and they forget where they keep the phone. It could fall down or get hurt by anyone. It may also result in your phone got stolen. So leaving your phone unattended, particularly in public, isn't safe at all. Take good care of your phone and don't leave it anywhere when you are not at home.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

So, mostly our phones are safe when we are at home. However, even some areas at home aren't safe, and you should keep your phone away from those places. You should not place your phone near the stove as high temperature can be dangerous for your phone's life. Extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold, can be bad for a phone. Make sure you don't leave your phone in the microwave refrigerators. Obviously, you don't want explosions or your phone to be frozen so, be mindful where you keep your phone even at your home. Also, don't leave your phone near water or liquid substances.

Take Care of the Battery:

Phones battery is a major component of your phone, and it has to be healthy for your phone to work efficiently. For this, it is important that you don't leave your phone on charge overnight. As soon as the battery reaches 100% charging, plug it off. Also, don't use your phone if the battery gets too low. Put the phone on charge when you see the battery going down to avoid it getting off from low battery power. If you take care of your phone's battery, it will last long.

Update your Mobile Apps:

Keep your mobile app streamlined and updated. Keep checking timely if any app needs update or storage to work properly. Also, keep your phone secured by keeping a passcode or lock. You can also keep a lock on different apps on your phone. Since people are getting concerned about their phone's data and privacy, many mobile app development companies are adding the app's security lock feature within the app. WhatsApp offers a fingerprint lock feature for those who want to keep their conversation private in case others get hands-on their phone.

Clear the Clutter:

As the mobile needs an update, it also needs your time to check if there are unnecessary data on your phone's storage. Keep clearing the clutter from your device's memory to help it work efficiently without hanging or lagging. Keep checking your mobile app if there are high amounts of unnecessary data in the storage. Remove it before it causes the app to hang during use.

These are some of the smartphone maintenance tips that should be followed to help your phone get longer and better life. Most of the above-mentioned tips are quite common and simple but overlooked by many people. To conclude, make sure you get a good phone case, screen protector, avoid extreme temperatures, take care of the battery and update all of your apps on time to get your phone working efficiently and smoothly.



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