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Maria Janes
What do you think is the main obstacle preventing Chief Information Officers globally from attaining their goals? According to research, it’s the lack of available technical talent. Today, software engineers are in high demand that considerably exceeds the supply. In fact, it’s the most highly demanded professionals in the world.

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Maria Janes
It isn’t always possible to write good quality code right away. The reasons may be different – from lack of programmer knowledge to lack of time. Also, sometimes the requirements change during the execution of a task, and this also has a negative impact on the quality of the code. Therefore, software refactoring becomes an integral part of the development process. Code refactoring is very important for any project. What does refactoring code mean? In this article, we will tell you about refactoring meaning and why is refactoring your code important.

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Maria Janes
Making the right choice of the stack is vital for setting the foundation right for your web project. Selecting the right stack from the available ones can become problematic as well. This can be attributed to factors ranging from project requirements to the developers available. From the stacks available, developers normally choose to specialize in either MEAN or MERN, which provides a greater pool of developers to choose from.
Finalizing the selection of MEAN or MERN developers relies on fully understanding the technologies and what they have to offer. Let us delve right into the matter.

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Maria Janes Mar 7 · Tags: development, web
Maria Janes
Various sorts of team extension are gaining popularity year after year. The trend has shown especially intensive dynamics in the days of COVID lockdowns when remote workflows became the “new normal” for many companies.

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Maria Janes
The advent of streaming and web radio has ushered in a new era for the music industry. The ease of listening, accessibility and personalization of music has led to us listening to it much more often. In this article, you will learn what music streaming is and how to deal with audio streaming app development.
Maria Janes
Learn how to create an app like Yelp, what main features could be interesting to users, and how much the development process will cost you.
Maria Janes Jan 31 · Tags: app, development

These days, a website isn't simply a set of websites linked together to provide information about your company and the products or services you offer however it's one of the best marketing tools to build an image of your business.

A few years ago when website design company in bangladesh were first launched, they were intended to satisfy web-based presence requirements, but as users began spending longer and longer online it was evident that there was a new trend to make websites more user-friendly, which requires the relevance of its content to provide precise information to users. In actual fact, the importance of the content has been increased by Google through its famous updates: Panda (2011) along with Penguin (2012).

A reliable website designing company should know the primary reason for having a site: to develop the theme for the design with a content strategy that will make the website more effective to ensure it stands a good chances of appearing being found in search engine results pages (Search Engine Results Pages). Designing the theme without having a an idea of the type of content the site ought to have is essential common these days. Therefore, focusing solely on the designing aspects without incorporating content to build the theme of the design isn't the best approach when content is necessary nowadays. You can call it dominance of search engines or just being a follower of what people really want today and having a solid content strategy for a site is how a reliable website designing company works these times. They also employ modern technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3 to ensure that the site is relevant and will be discovered online as the new technology is suitable for search engines.

Therefore, a reliable website designing company not only understands how websites are created but also understands that they are useful also. Therefore, one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the best website design company is that it must focus on using the most recent and appropriate technology and, most importantly how it displays your website in a way that is enjoyable and user-friendly.

Some of the important things you need to remember for your site and which should discuss with the web design/content provider could be:

Navigation system

Website loading time

Regular Content updation

Design/code that is friendly to search engines.

Also, a look at their past projects on websites and see how much their current clients recommend them. This can reveal a lot about whether or not they are a website design company in bangladesh can actually provide for you. While it's not an important factor, it is a good idea to determine if they're actively taking part in forums that are that are related to their area and are they also keeping an online blog and updating it often? Some web design companies start a blog with hype to stay within the lines however they don't refresh it after the initial flashes. There are a lot of things to consider before you decide on the best website design company for your ideal website. changes.

Ayush Sharma

If you are looking for any kind of website, then you can employ designers and developers from us. We are Aquatec Innovative Private Limited. We have experience that spans over 8 years. Additionally, we also do SEO on your behalf for the project you are working on. Therefore, you don't have to find a different company when you reach us. Below are the detailed services we provide

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Ayush Sharma Sep 23 '21 · Tags: design, development, seo
Direct Acyclic Graph Development

DAG referred to as Directed Acyclic Graphcould be a organization that uses topological ordering.DAG is associate implementation of directed graphical structure.DAG is usually used for determination issues like processing, finding the simplest route for navigation, scheduling, and information compression. DAG graph solely involves transactions therefore avoiding the necessity for the mining method. therefore DAG is thought as Blockless information ledger that solely contains transactions and eliminates the necessity of miners for mining a replacement block.


Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Technology

DAG technology has been used by many developers to upgrade the future of blockchain development. Let’s look below at the projects built on Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG)which have the potential to overcome the issues of scaling or security.


Technologies supported DAG


IOTA, the primary DAG-based crypto project, aims to eliminate the conception of a miner’s fees. The platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum need miners to approve the transactions and also the fees is important to incentivize validators for writing the history of records to the blockchain. But IOTA assigns the duty of mining each|to each} member of the network; every user on the network is additionally a group action validator.



Nano reaches agreement employing a balance-weighted vote on conflicting transactions. agreement vote is triggered solely within the case of malicious transactions and once nodes with higher account balances area unit weighed a lot of fairly.



Byteball   Byteball is another technology supported DAG that emphasizes on conditional payments and human-understandable contracts that perform actions during a inventive approach.      

Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) In Compiler Design


Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Compiler Designis a top level view that is additional communicative than Associate in Nursing fully linear model. A DAG is Associate in Nursing info or organization which might be utilised to demonstrate numerous issues it's Associate in Nursing acyclic graph in topological ordering. Every directed edge encompasses a sure order followed by the node each DAG starts from a node that has no oldsters and finish with one that has no children. These graphs area unit ne'er cyclic. A DAG contains of a collection of nodes and arrows wherever arrows area unit directed from one node to a different.

In simpler terms, DAG is a graph that flows in one direction and elements cannot refer back to themselves. Hence, DAGs are not cyclic.

DAG’s components

Nodes or Vertices. each node represents some data. Arrows or Directed edges. A coordinated edge beginning with one node to a different depicts some type of affiliation between those 2 nodes. Arrows during a DAG might not frame a cycle. A root node. one among the nodes can don't have any forerunner. this is often the bottom of the DAG. it's additionally known as a zero node. Leaf node. Some nodes can don't have any assessors. These area unit known as leaves or leaf nodes.



Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) In Company


Directed acyclic graph(DAG) area unit a more and more widespread approach for characteristic unsupportive variables that require adjustment once estimating causative effects. This review examined the utilization of DAGs in applied health research to tell recommendations for rising their transparency and utility in future analysis.

Nadcab TechnologyDirected acyclic grapharea unit generally non-parametric diagrammatical representations of the assumed information generating method for a set of variables (and measurements of) during such context. Variables and their measurements area unit depicted as nodes (or vertices) connected by one-way arcs (or arrows; therefore ‘directed’) depiction the hypothesised relationships between them associate degree arc between 2 nodes denotes the assumed existence and direction of a causative relationship, however doesn't specify the sign, magnitude, or constant quantity type. A node cannot be caused by itself (hence ‘acyclic’), as a result of no variable will cause itself at a right away moment in time, and the future cannot cause the past.


A path may be a assortment of 1 or a lot of arcs that connects 2 nodes. ways could also be either open or closed; open paths transmit applied mathematics associations, closed ways don't. A causative path (or direct path) is one wherever all constituent arcs flow within the same direction from one node to a different. the overall causative result of a nominative exposure (i.e. cause) on a nominative outcome (i.e. consequence), that along type the focal relationship, is the joint result transmitted through all causative ways connecting the exposure to the end result. With regard to the focal relationship, a confounder may be a common explanation for each the exposure and therefore the outcome, a negotiator is caused by the exposure and successively causes the end result (i.e. falls on a causative path between the exposure and outcome), and a competitive exposure may be a explanation for the end result that's neither caused by nor causes the exposure. an immediate causative result is that the result that doesn't act through one or a lot of nominative mediators.


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