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Raghavendra Puthran

If you want an eCommerce platformto start and manage your online business well, be sure to choose one that comes with customization options. The growing popularity of some of the most widely used eCommerce solutions is mainly due to their customization.

If you are in the market for a new e-commerce website, the first thing you need to decide is whether you will use a pre-made solution or custom services.


You will have to decide for yourself whether the major benefits of customizing your e-commerce websites are much easier than using a ready-made product.


You have customized products

If you want to give consumers more options to customize the products they purchase, you should demonstrate this diversity through a custom e-commerce website.


One common use case is a T-shirt store that allows you to customize the sizes, colors, fonts, and drawings on each boat.


As it is played with so many variations, each one creates a different cost, you may want to charge a different price for each T-shirt.


Out-of-the-box e-commerce system will not be able to accept all of these single product options, let alone for all.


Complex orders like these will require a sophisticated e-commerce solution to manage them.


Increase in Sales

The custom solution will allow you to build the space the way you want it; showcase products in the best way and moreover, you can make your exit process easier. In short, you can add new features and functionality to your site to make your online business stand out. All of this can provide your visitors and customers with a unique shopping experience that can help increase conversion rates.


Integrates Easily with your Existing System

Over time, you may want to use the CRM system for a small business or large business to get a better understanding of customer needs. Standalone CRM or other unrelated systems may result in double access and data entry. So in order to avoid these time-consuming tasks, it is important that the software tools are fully integrated. Integration issues are unlikely to occur if you are using a custom eCommerce platform. You can easily connect your custom website with third-party tools like CRM and ERP systems. This is one of the great benefits of custom development that ensures the flow of seamless data between different systems.


Security Concerns

The biggest security concern when using an e-commerce website protects the personal data of your customers, in particular, their credit card details. Without third-party support with a customized platform, it is difficult for companies to know that they are performing e-commerce security properly. You know how you run your business, of course - but can you also say that you offer consumers the safest transactions when you do business with them? Using a custom-built website allows you to benefit from the expertise of engineers and security professionals who are best able to protect customer information.


SEO Tailored to your Business Needs

Choosing an SEO-friendly platform is important to ensure that your store ranks highest in search engines. Most online eCommerce solution package comes with basic SEO features with many limitations. For example, standard SEO features may not allow you to select different keyword tags and page URLs. Customizing page URLs as needed is also not possible. So to overcome these restrictions go to a custom eCommerce platform. Such platforms come with SEO capabilities that can be met to meet your online business.


Choose Best eCommerce Service Provider

We have a vast experience of more than 10+ years in Ecommerce Platform. We have an expert team who can create an E-store and upload products on different marketplaces such as Amazon, Sears, Walmart, Shopify, Newegg & many more.


The Advantage of choosing our service

The Advantage of choosing our service than another Freelancer is a professional approach, daily updates, long term relationship, variety of skills, ease to expand the work.


You can contact us if you want to test our skills. We will provide you examples of work done by us. Visit for more info – or Skype – sales.leapfeed


Raghavendra Puthran

The situation is quickly evolving. The measure of people considered protected to accumulate in a solitary spot has dwindled from thousands to hundreds, to ten. Cafés, bars, cinemas, and rec centers in many significant urban communities are closing down. In the interim numerous office, laborers are confronting new difficulties of working distantly all day.


Basically, people are dealing with the real factors of our interconnected world, and that it is so hard to briefly isolate those associations with others. To say that we are living on remarkable occasions feels like a misrepresentation of reality.


One of the reactions we've seen to how individuals are moving toward this time of disengagement and vulnerability is in immense short-term changes to their shopping practices. From mass purchasing to internet shopping, individuals are changing what they're purchasing, when, and how.

As more urban communities are going under lockdowns, unimportant organizations are being requested to close, and clients are by and large maintaining a strategic distance from public spots. Limiting shopping for everything except fundamental basics is turning into another ordinary. Brands are adjusting and be adaptable to address evolving issues.


Is it Safe to order Online During COVID-19?

As it turns out to be even more clear exactly how irresistible COVID-19 is, a few customers have brought up issues about the security of getting their online orders. Specialists are finding that the infection can live on surfaces from three hours to as long as three days, contingent upon the material. (Note that definitive discoveries are hard to get at the beginning of the infection, and as specialists proceed with their investigation of it, these numbers may change.


All things considered, it's impossible that COVID-19 would make due on your bought things from the time they were pressed to the time you got your bundle (particularly with the lull in the conveyance framework). Also, delivering conditions make an intense climate for COVID-19 too, so it's not likely you'll be uncovered by means of the actual bundle, by the same token.


As indicated by the CDC, "There is likely okay of spread from items or bundling that are delivered over a time of days or weeks at surrounding temperatures." The CDC's assertion alludes to bundles that have been in shipment for at any rate a few days and didn't come into contact with any wellsprings of defilement in the wake of bundling.


The World Health Organization tends to worry too, by saying that it is protected to get bundles from areas with revealed COVID-19 cases. From their site: "The probability of a tainted individual debasing business merchandise is low and the danger of coming down with the infection that causes COVID-19 from a bundle that has been moved, voyaged, and presented to various conditions and temperature is additionally low."


E-commerce and COVID-19: What can you do?

·         Move your customers online

·         Look after your existing customers and their communities

·         Ensure your e-commerce platform meets the needs of B2B customers

·         Streamline your returns process

·         Roll out web stores to new regions and markets

·         Deal with demand and supply chain disruptions

·         Put in safety measures to protect your employees and customers


Your clients are making an honest effort to adjust to weird occasions without much traction and moving their conduct thus. As an entrepreneur, you are confronting a large part of a similar vulnerability, while attempting to help your clients' requirements and your own.


Depending upon your industry and crowd, your reaction to the consistently developing circumstance will change. You know your clients better than anybody. We trust this asset has assisted you with understanding the manners in which their practices are changing, so you can keep on serving them decently well. Visit for more.


With the advent of ecommerce, retail businesses are expanding across the globe. If your target audience is available worldwide, there is nothing that can prevent the growth of your business. When seeking for the best ecommerce store builder, Builderfly is the most promising one that you can count on.

The intuitive store builder enables you to create, edit, and customize your store professionally without any knowledge of coding. Builderfly empowers you with a powerful dashboard that lets you manage the backend and frontend, marketing and sales via a single dashboard.

Let me share some of the reasons that make, Builderfly platform the best:

  • Start for free and upgrade later

Creating your store with Builderfly is extremely easy; you need to register your business. You will not be asked for any credit/debit card details. You can explore all the Builderfly features that can benefit your business for free within a trial period of 14 days. To start selling from your web store, subscribe with a suitable Builderfly business plan that fits your needs.

  • Startup benefits

As a startup, there are numerous challenges for you in understanding the business niche. To ease your journey, Builderfly has an exclusive plan specially designed for startups. When you register your business as a startup, Builderfly enables you to build a store for free without any commission charges.

  • Build your native mobile app

Builderfly gives you complimentary access to build your native mobile app. Like store builder, using your ecommerce native app builder, you can design your AI integrated native mobile app. Later, you can test the build and launch your native mobile app on the app store or play store. Your mobile app makes your products more accessible to your mobile users, thus improve the chances of growth.

  • A single dashboard to manage it all

Builderfly easy ecommerce platform empowers you with the tools with which you can manage the backend, frontend, inventory, cross channel sales, marketing, and mobile app via a single dashboard. This keeps you from the trouble of shuffling the screens. With Builderfly analytics, you can keep an eye on the performance of your store.

  • Integrate your sales channels

If you are already selling the products on other ecommerce sales channels like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. you can link your account with your Builderfly store. It makes it easier for you to track your inventory and manage orders.

  • Market your products

With integrated marketing tools, you can create offers and discounts for your customers. Connect with your customers with the monthly newsletters and update them about your latest collection.

  • Analyze the performance of campaigns

Builderfly’s analytics can help you in checking the performance of your marketing campaigns and alter it based on market trends. No need of keeping the manual track, automate the report generation on periodic terms.

  • Migrate your store

Do you want to shift your store from another ecommerce platform? Builderfly experts can make it happen for you within minutes; you need not worry. We value your data, and you will not lose anything during migration.

Register your business and start experimenting for free under a 14-days free trial period. Design your ecommerce store with Builderfly and skyrocket your sales.


The agenda of the webinar is to give a comprehensive introduction to creating a stunning online toy store using Builderfly and give the right reasons to claim its uniqueness from the rest. The webinar shall be focused on clarifying all the queries of the users instantly through the live Q&A session. The host for the webinar, Mrs. Justina Jibin, will be taking the audience through the process of building an online toy store as well as designing it based on the current business standards and market value. After the visual explanation, the host shall be giving a live Q&A window, wherein the participants will get an opportunity to raise queries regarding the webinar to the host. Although the queries shall be answered instantly, in any adverse situations, the participants can reach out to the Builderfly experts through the live chat from

The details of the webinar are as follows:

  • The title of the Webinar: How to create your Toy Store using Builderfly Ecommerce Platform?

  • Date: 25th September 2020

  • Time: 5:00 PM (IST)

  • Host: Mrs. Justina Jibin

By attending this Webinar, the participant shall be thorough through the following points:

  • In-depth understanding of how Builderfly Ecommerce Platform works

  • Features of the Builderfly Ecommerce Platform to create an online toy store

  • The method to design a stunning online toy store

  • The right reasons to choose Builderfly for building a toy store over the rest

  • Ways to market a toy store with Builderfly

  • Steps to manage a toy store

Any individuals, retailers, or wholesale sellers with sellable toys can attend the webinar by registering via All the registered participants will be provided with the link to join the webinar, the ID, and the password. The registered participants must click on the link and enter the ID and password on Friday, 25th September at 5:00 PM, as mentioned above. The host shall soon accept the joining request and the webinar will be started.

About Builderfly

Builderfly is an all-inclusive, do-it-yourself ecommerce platform that enables the user to build a fully customizable online store and an AI-driven Native Mobile App. It helps online sellers create a beautiful online store and an AI-powered native mobile application. The mobile app comes with a DIY design editor tool that does not require any technical skills. With Builderfly, the user can seamlessly sell his/her products to the targeted customers with the use of the right marketing strategies as well as set higher business goals. Some major benefits of building an online business with Builderfly are that there is absolutely No Transaction Fee and that the user can enjoy an iOS and Android mobile application for free along with the website. One can build a brand new online store as well as integrate data from an already existing online store. The pricing plans of Builderfly are crafted for all businesses irrespective of their stage of development. With intuitive inbuilt tools, Builderfly helps in bringing an offline business online by building a strong online presence.

Visit, explore the exclusive features, and give wings to your business by attending this free webinar right from the comfort of your home. At all stages of business, Builderfly is the right partner.

Reach us:

Press Inquiry.

Telephone Inquiry. Toll Free: 1877-327-6143 (USA) | 1800-123-2403 (IN)

Follow us on all major social platforms:







Moving ahead with the series of the webinars to guide users through store creation and ecommerce business management, Builderfly is conducting its next webinar on 13th June 2020 at 5 PM (IST). Register Now


Technical experts will cover the topic "How to add your first product in the Builderfly store?" The live session will give you a better understanding of the utility of all the functionalities that you can leverage to manage your product catalogue.


Key takeaways:


     Creating product pages and updating bulk lists.

     Addition of product categories to showcase on the store

     Managing custom attributes for each of the products

     Creating & managing gift cards.


On your Builderfly store, you can add unlimited products and create variations with the attributes of your choice. You can select the best look of your product and update image attributes as well.


About Builderfly


Builderfly is a compact ecommerce platformthat goes well for all sizes of business. You can create your ecommerce store, build your m-commerce app, and streamline different fronts of your ecommerce business.


The company aims at motivating startups to launch their store for free and upgrade functionalities as per the need of time. The scalability and growth options with AI - inbuilt mobile app is a bonus for businesses to take their venture to the next level. 



Reach us:

For press Inquiry, you can reach us at

Telephone Inquiry-Toll Free: 1877-327-6143 (USA) | 1800-123-2403 (IN)

Builderfly is coming with another live webinar on 13th June 2020 at 5 PM (IST). The topic of the webinar will be "How to add your first product in the Builderfly store?" All ecommerce enthusiasts who are interested in creating their store can reserve their seats to join.


The technical experts will share a step-by-step guide for individual and bulk product listing, and refining product detail pages.


Key takeaways:


     Creating individual product detail pages

     Bulk list your products

     Selection and creation of product categories

     Updating SEO of individual product pages

     Addressing queries in live Q&A session


Builderfly doesn't limit product listings on your ecommerce store for all the subscription-based business plans. By registering your store, you can create product detail pages and optimize it for your store and sales channels.


Register Now


About Builderfly


An all-inclusive ecommerce platform, Builderflyis known to help you create an ecommerce store, design, and launch your mobile app.


With a mobile app and store, you will get doubly benefited. AI - the inbuilt app can be a lot favorable for understanding your customers and adding business opportunities.



Reach us:

For press Inquiry, you can reach us at

Telephone Inquiry-Toll Free: 1877-327-6143 (USA) | 1800-123-2403 (IN)


Follow us on our social platforms:






Builderfly is coming up with the third successive webinar to help small scale and large scale, entrepreneurs on 6th June, 2020 at 5:00 PM (IST). The title of the webinar is “Go onto a quick tour to Builderfly’s Manage Section!” and the agenda is to provide a visual guide of the Manage Store section of Builderfly. The webinar will be covering the following topics:

  1. Ways to add and customize themes.
  2. The process to manage products, product categories, and product reviews.
  3. The method to add, import, and export orders.
  4. Tips and ways to manage customers and customer groups.
  5. Expert ways to manage the marketing of the online store.
  6. The way to view and manage Analytics.
  7. An insight into the selling platforms.


Any individual with or without an online store, who is interested in selling online efficiently can participate in this webinar. Interested people must go to and register themselves for the free webinar. The applicant will soon receive the details of the webinar including the link to the meeting, ID, and password. A representative from the Builderfly store will be conducting the webinar in the mentioned time wherein the participants should request to join in. The representative shall start the meeting 5 minutes before to give enough time for the participants to join. The webinar will be explanatory and there will be a live Q and A session for the participants to raise their queries. The representative will make sure to solve the query and in adverse cases will direct the participants to the live chat support system offered in the Builderfly platform.

About Builderfly

Builderfly is an all-in-one ecommerce solution to bring an offline business online. Builderfly aims in making businesses accessible to everyone. Any individuals, retailers, or wholesale sellers can create an online store with Builderfly. It is a completely customizable platform that lets you create a beautiful online store and an AI-powered mobile app. The distinct themes and templates for the online store and the mobile app are professionally designed for businesses of all kinds.

With Builderfly, you can seamlessly set higher business goals and sell your products to the targeted customers with the right marketing strategies. Some major advantages of creating your business with Builderfly are that there is No Transaction Fee and you get an iOS and Android mobile application. Builderfly is professionally designed for sellers of all ages. You can build a brand new online store as well as integrate data from an already existing online store. The pricing plans of Builderfly are crafted for all businesses irrespective of its stage. With Builderfly, business growth is predefined that helps the user reach their sales target to the maximum. Your dream business is fulfilled using the best solutions with Builderfly.

Visit the official website, explore the exclusive features and give wings to your business by attending this free webinar right from the comfort of your home. At all stages of business, Builderfly is the right partner.


Reach us:

Press Inquiry.

Telephone Inquiry. Toll Free: 1877-327-6143 (USA) | 1800-123-2403 (IN)


Follow us on all major social platforms:







Builderfly is organizing its next webinar on 30th May 2020 at 5PM (IST). The webinar's topic is, "How to set up your Builderfly store within just 10 minutes"? There is no restriction for any business niche; you can join us in the webinar to understand store creation with Builderfly.


The speaker will give a quick overview of Builderfly and guides you through the store setup process on Builderfly. After completing the free webinar session, the participants will be able to design their own store.


Key takeaways:

  • Gives brief intro about Builderfly
  • Guides you through the store building process
  • Solves your queries in live Q&A session


Builderfly has e-commerce business plans ready for all sizes of businesses. From startups for enterprise-grade enterprises, everyone will find the right solution, as per their needs. You can register for free and avail your 14-days free trial to gain insights about all the features and functionalities.


Register Here


About Builderfly


Builderfly is a DIY ecommerce platform that arms you with an online store builder and a mobile app builder. With our intuitive design editor section, you can personalize your ecommerce store and mobile app to gather better traction towards your business.


Leveraging the power of AI and numerous ecommerce features, you can uncover growth opportunities for your e-tail business.


Reach us:

Press Inquiry.

Telephone Inquiry. Toll Free: 1877-327-6143 (USA) | 1800-123-2403 (IN)


Follow us on our social platforms:







The technological advancements have entirely revolutionized the interaction of businesses with customers. E-commerce gives you a new dimension to explore numerous opportunities and take your business to the next level. When doing business and marketing turned so easy, don't spend more of your time in looking for the tools to create your web-store. Counting on the ecommerce website builder can steadfast the process by offering easy access to all the required e-commerce features.

When you are seeking for the best e-commerce website builder, Builderfly can be your amigo. Builderfly offers the facility to scale businesses in all subscription plan and lets you reach maximum sales through social media networks. Builderfly believes in transparent pricing due to which there is absolutely no transaction fee in any plans.

Builderfly has an outstanding deal for newly rising eCommerce enthusiasts. If you own a startup, you can register your business for the Builderfly Startup plan and can start creating your store for FREE. You can launch your store and get a LIFETIME FREE access. Also, you can upgrade your store anytime with the Builderfly paid plans.

The Builderfly business plans include Standard, Advanced and Pro plans, which are available at $35/month, $75/month and $195/month respectively. It allows you to create an online website and launch an AI powered mobile app without a single line of coding.

On registering your business, you get free ecommerce platform access to Builderfly under a trial period of 14 days. In the meantime, you can create your store and learn the utility of distinct features, later you can upgrade the plan as per your business requirements. If you need free consultation to launch your business, feel free to connect with Builderfly.

Besides creating an online store at Builderfly, you can sell products online by integrating your Builderfly store with Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Flipkart. Take the leverage of the complete platform to attain your ecommerce business goals.


When opting for automation of ecommerce business, there are a few best practices you can follow. Automation needs more than simply using tools. You need to know if the uses of multiple tools are in synchronization with each other for smooth functioning. Strategizing the synchronization of the automation tools with Business Intelligence helps you in providing reports, alerts, and other such data to manage the tools efficiently. The decisions can be quicker and easier with the use of BI. Due to this reason, you must consider using automation tools that provide real-time data and reports. Some of the categories you can consider automating is research, ecommerce platform, operation, marketing, fulfillment, accounts, and data analytics.

Ways to automate your ecommerce store

Automation of ecommerce stores needs to be done with a planned strategy. If not done right, it can bring you losses more than the profits. Below are a few ways by which you can automate your ecommerce store the right way:

Sponsored advertising

Sponsored advertising is one of the best ways to market your business online. However, it can be a daunting task to manage bulk advertising. Automation of sponsored advertising looks after the minor changes in bulk advertising, bidding, etc.

Strategizing the product pricing

When it comes to deciding the prices of the products, it is to be done carefully. If you prize the products extremely high, the competing business can easily knock your store out. Similarly, if you prize the products too low, you may not be able to meet the operational costs or you may not make any profits from your business. Due to such reasons, automating your pricing strategy can help you set the right prices for all your products as well as manage them to meet your goals and enhance your business revenue.

Demand forecasting

The customer demand for online products may keep fluctuating. In such situations, it might be difficult for you to manage the data, especially in the case of bulk products. Demand forecasting is an automation procedure where it analysis billions of data across sellers and provides you with accurate data for the current customer demand and helps you manage your selling with the utmost ease.

How does ecommerce automation work?

There are different types of automation for which various software are designed. Automation software adjusts to the varying actions of the website users using Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the power of AI, the software tracks the user actions and triggers responses for the same. As the interaction with the customers' increase, the machine learning process helps in enhancing the intelligence to build a personalized and efficient relationship with the customers. You can integrate features such as chatbots, smart search solutions, and recommendation engines using AI to provide the best experience to your customers. You can manage and enhance the customer interaction to deliver quality website experience to your customers that eventually benefit your online business.

How to choose the tasks for automation?

As an ecommerce owner, you must know the tasks that are best done when automated. You can do so by creating the list of tasks you have in your ecommerce store and noting the time consumed for each task. Once you note the time, you need to scale them as per the level of importance and the scope of interest in each task. You can pick the tasks that you least enjoy doing and automate them to save your time along with boosting your business.

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