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Oliver Davis

What is Fildena Super Active?

A man should always remain healthy and strong. Now many people think so. Sex is an important factor in life and relationships. So if intimacy doesn't work out the way you want, your relationship will affect your overall well-being.

Your partner may also be dissatisfied and unnecessary frustrations may arise.

Fildena 100 is a medicine commonly used to treat erections and treat pneumonia (high blood pressure affecting the lungs and heart) in men with erectile dysfunction (ED). The drug is exceptionally convincing in patients with erectile dysfunction caused by the active component of sildenafil citrate.

More precisely, it improves the performance and efficiency of the guys in the regenerative organ.

Fildena Professional 100 belongs to the Fildena family and works just like its other counterparts. Like other drugs in the family, it relaxes the muscles of the penis and increases blood flow through the veins, which causes a proper erection throughout the sexual intercourse. Super Fildena is also used to treat people with erectile dysfunction.

Because it contains a PDE-5 inhibitor that helps clear and block veins. In addition, it increases nitric oxide levels, allowing the veins to gradually draw different blood streams into the penis.

When the penis fills with enough blood, it helps it stay hard and hard during sex for longer. It is a safe and trusted drug that can be taken to treat erectile dysfunction in men. However, the only precaution you should take is to consult a licensed physician and only take recommended medications.

Fildena 120, specifically for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, is a well-known notable adaptation of this drug.

The time it takes for Fildena to start working depends on several components. Typically, Fildena 50 takes about 30 minutes to get amazing results. However, your daily routine, your general health, the medications you take, and any underlying medical conditions will affect how long and how long Fildena stays in your system.

Fildena Super active Compound

Sexual dysfunction, better known as erectile dysfunction, is a typical problem faced by men all over the world: sexual behavior pills, struggles and massive erections. Fildena Super Active belongs to a family of generic therapeutic drugs. Fildena 150 is developed and marketed by Pocheon, a pharmaceutical company based in India. The drug contains the main components that form components such as sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil. Thanks to the fantastic blend of these three compounds, our physically active preparations are used to treat erectile dysfunction. This pregnancy contains mixtures that change the blood flow to the limbs of a clean bath, which illustrate the results.

How to take Fildena Super Active?

The dose should always be taken as directed by the physician; Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Fildena Chewable 100 should be taken with water, not mixed with other substances.

These tablets should be taken one hour before sexual stimulation for best results. Low doses can be taken once a day without interruption.

How does Fildena Super Active work?

All it takes is male sexual enthusiasm to make Sildenafil work.

From this moment, pressure in the lungs begins and the tension of the smooth muscles of the pelvis begins to cancel. Fildena XXX 100 main ability is to maintain the CGMP proteins and cause them to collapse.

This allows blood to pass through the genitals properly for certain male parts and helps men to withstand the required stiffness for 4 or 5 hours.

An erection occurs when a nerve in the penis becomes activated. As a result, the muscles around the two round and huge hollow charges (called the corpora cavernosa) along the penis relax and blood circulates through them, causing an erection.

In erectile dysfunction, the nerves cannot speak to the brain, and the blood cannot effectively enter the corpora cavernosa. The moment you take Fildena, the vessels in your veins relax and blood can surely enter your penis space, causing an erection.

As a rule, they take one-time measurements with water, without biting off or breaking something like that. Try not to burn cocktails in the allotted time and get measured accordingly.

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Alex Tmothy

Summary:Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is a widely recognized issue among men whose prevalence is increasing at a constant speed. Getting treated for erectile dysfunction is generally a huge sum of confusion and the exact treatment depends on various factors including how your body reacts. While there are a plethora of treatment options available to overcome erectile dysfunction, men are generally in search of the best one. They ask everyone around and then choose a medication such as viagra just because people say it. But is it worth it? Is there any best medicine for ED? This text will help you understand different pills for erectile dysfunction. 

How to choose the best ED pills?

When you are set to observe the best ED pills it might take some experimentation. It is noted that each person reacts differently to each prescription, so what works for one individual may not work for another.

Conversing with your primary care physician is the most ideal way to settle on the ideal choice concerning which ED treatment is appropriate for you. Sometimes, Cialis 60mgwork for you while Viagra won't. Here are a few inquiries you may pose to your PCP to go to the best choice:

  • Which ED pills have the most adverse effects?

  • What are the most genuine symptoms of ED pills?

  • Which ED pills have minimal measure of medication drug collaborations?

  • Which ED pill is most secure for long haul versus transient use?

  • Will my age influence which ED pill is best for me?

  • I have other ailments, what ED treatment is best for me?

Assuming that your primary care physician prescribes you medicine for erectile dysfunction, you might have the option to buy them both online and offline. 

Is there any ideal medication for erectile dysfunction?

You must know that there isn’t one single prescription drug that’s best for treating ED, it depends on what works for you. Multiple drugs can help improve erectile function with different efficiencies. The most popular erectile dysfunction pills are Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and Cenforce. 

These medications are classified as phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. Normally, sildenafil is the primary medication that specialists recommend for erectile brokenness. Be that as it may, others such as Stendra, Cialis and Levitra are equally effective.

Erectile dysfunction medications claim to improve erectile function by increasing levels of nitric oxide, a chemical that is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscles in the blood vessels.

This in turn increases blood flow to the penis, which allows men to get and maintain an erection that’s firm enough for sex. If used correctly, erectile dysfunction drugs are safe to use and can be very effective at helping men feel more fulfilled in their sex lives.  

What are the erection dysfunction pills that are accessible in the market?

Viagra is the brand name medication whose nonexclusive medicine version is sildenafil citrate. It's one of the most famous medications on the planet and has been given the epithet "the little blue pill" as per its appearance. It is considered to be the most protected and powerful drug and works for most men.

It was found out by review that men who were utilizing Viagra long haul had a further developed capacity to take part in sexual movement. Although it depends on how men's bodies react to Viagra, most of the time it is endured and works on erectile dysfunction. 


Levitra is the brand name medication that has vardenafil as a working ingredient. As indicated by the research, Levitra portions of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg have all been demonstrated to be more compelling than other treatments.

Around 69% of men getting vardenafil announced that treatment further developed their erections contrasted with 26% of men designated with a fake treatment bunch. Levitra 40mgis also one of the doses available in the market. 


Cialis is the brand name of the conventional drug tadalafil which is the longest lasting one. As per the FDA, the adequacy and security of Cialis in the treatment of ED have been assessed in 22 clinical preliminaries, including more than 4000 patients for as long as 24 weeks of treatment.

At the point when taken depending on the situation close to one time each day, its doses were demonstrated to be viable for treating erectile capacity. Incidental effects commonly happen 12 to 24 hours after dosing and normally settle inside 48 hours.


Cenforceis a brand-name medicine that has an active compound namely avanafil. There is presently no conventional variant of Stendra accessible. When it is contrasted with other ED pills, Stendra has a quicker beginning of the activity.

Due to its abrupt outset, Stendra might be liked over other ED drugs for patients who need greater adaptability with the circumstance of sexual action. A few examinations recommend that Cenforce might be pretty much as similarly successful as other PDE5 inhibitors, similar to Viagra and Levitra while having less unfavourable impacts and medication associations.


Erectile dysfunction is an issue in which a man faces extreme trouble now and then in achieving and retaining an erection. Occasional sessions of erection loss cannot be termed as erectile dysfunction. People with ED generally get baffled and try medicine on their own to cure it before consulting a physician.

They gorge upon it without knowledge and end up suffering. Hence you must understand that there is no ideal medication for ED, but what works for you is all. You must first visit the doctor, tell him the issue and inform him about all your medical history. Tell him everything and he will guide you to the right treatment. 


Alex Tmothy
Summary: Testosterone is identified to be the main male hormone but amazingly there is the presence of it in females too but in a small amount. This hormone is produced in the male's testicles and women's ovaries. Adrenal glands are also one of the producers of testosterone levels in the body. When a man hits puberty, It is known to be a driving factor that can make the secondary character of men visible like beard and pubic hairs. The strength in the voice is also affected by testosterone levels. Although more testosterone is harmful, you must have an average level of it. Troubled with low T level? This text will help you out.


Top 7 Ways to help men boost testosterone levels:


Exercising regularly:


One of the best ways of forestalling numerous life-related illnesses is exercising daily. Strangely, it can likewise support your testosterone. An investigation discovered that individuals who routinely exercised had higher testosterone levels.

Along with it a new examination in stout men recommended that expanded active work was significantly more useful than a weight reduction diet for expanding testosterone levels. And specifically, weight lifting is the best sort of activity to support testosterone. Additionally, short-and long haul Intense cardio exercise (HIIT) can likewise be extremely viable, albeit a wide range of activities should work somewhat.

Eat Protein, Fat, and Carbs:


It is known to everyone that what you eat significantly affects it just as other chemical levels and along these lines, you should focus on your drawn-out calorie admission and diet procedure.

Consistently consuming fewer calories or gorging may upset your testosterone levels. Hence you must eat sufficient protein that can assist with keeping up with sound levels and help in fat misfortune, which is likewise connected with your testosterone. Carb admission likewise assumes a part, with research showing carbs can assist with advancing testosterone. 


An eating routine dependent on entire food sources is ideal, with a good overall arrangement of fat, protein, and carbs. This can enhance both chemical levels and long-haul wellbeing. 


Limit Stress: 


Innumerable explorations are continually featuring the risks of long-haul stress, which can lift levels of the chemical cortisol and unnatural rises in cortisol can rapidly decrease TT level. These chemicals work in a teeter-totter-like way: as one goes up, different descends.

Stress and high cortisol can likewise expand food admission, weight gain, and the capacity of unsafe muscle to fat ratio around your organs. Thus, these progressions may contrarily affect your testosterone. For both ideal wellbeing and chemical levels, you should attempt to lessen tedious distressing circumstances in your day-to-day existence. Increased stress can also lead to erectile dysfunction for which you will have to shift on Sildenafil Citrate 200mg.


Get Some Sun:


Nutrient D is rapidly becoming one of the world's most well-known nutrients and exploration has shown that it has different medical advantages, and may likewise function as a characteristic to boost it. Notwithstanding its significance, almost 50% of the US populace is insufficient in nutrient D, and a much higher rate has imperfect levels.

A year-long investigation discovered that enhancing with around 3,000 IU of nutrient D3 each day expanded testosterone levels by around 25%. In the older, nutrient D and calcium additionally upgraded testosterone levels, which prompted a decreased danger of falling 

Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements:


Albeit the advantages of multivitamins are fervently discussed, explicit nutrients and minerals might be advantageous. A review was conducted on zinc and nutrient B supplements that expanded sperm quality by 74%. Zinc additionally supports testosterone in men.

Different examinations likewise propose nutrients A, C, and E can assume a part in your s*x chemical and testosterone levels, albeit more exploration is required. Out of the multitude of nutrients and minerals accessible, the exploration of testosterone shows nutrient D and zinc enhancements might be ideal 


Get Plenty of Restful, High-Quality Sleep:


Getting great rest is similarly as significant for your wellbeing as diet and exercise  

It might likewise affect your TT levels. The ideal measure of rest fluctuates from one individual to another, yet one investigation discovered that dozing just 5 hours out of each night was connected to a 15% decrease in testosterone levels


One long haul concentrate saw that the individuals who rested just four hours of the night had fringe insufficient levels. Although certain individuals appear to do fine with less rest, research recommends around 7–10 hours of rest each night is best for long-haul wellbeing and your testosterone. Ensure you get a lot of top-notch rest to keep up with sound testosterone levels and enhance your drawn-out wellbeing. 


Take Some of These Natural Testosterone Boosters 


A couple of normal testosterone sponsors are upheld by logical examinations. The spice with the most examination behind it is called ashwagandha. One review tried the impacts of this spice on barren men and observed a 17% increment in testosterone levels and a 167% expansion in sperm count.


In solid men, ashwagandha expanded levels by 15%. Another review thought that it brought down cortisol by around 25%, which may likewise help testosterone. Ginger concentrate may likewise support your levels. It is a tasty spice that likewise gives different other medical advantages. Meds like Levitra 40 mg can help you beat low T levels. 




After reaching a certain age men's TT levels start to decline naturally and that might cause trouble. Researchers show that there is a link between low T levels, obesity, certain illnesses, and much more. Low levels can also make you unsatisfied with your s*xual life. Hence you must take forward an important step to have maintained levels of testosterone. Improve your health and body while increasing T levels. 



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Alex Tmothy

Summary:Marriage is a long-term commitment indeed and you have to go through various settlements with each passing day. It is believed that the sex frequency of a couple decreases after certain years of tying their knots and you start to compare your sex life with your folks. For innumerable years researchers are continuously working to answer the question that how often should a healthy couple have sex? Should they do it daily, monthly, or weekly? But there's no exact answer to it. Even at 25, a person might have sex once for a month and at 50 twice a week, it depends. This text will help you get an idea about the sex frequency of couples

What are the factors that affect the sex frequency of a couple?

Health Issues:

It is a notable fact that Individuals might have intercourse less frequently or have a low sex drive if they have a disease or pain in their body. It is proven by researchers that ailments, drugs, and medicines can bring down the sex drive in both men and women. For instance, if a man has low testosterone it is pretty evident that he probably won't feel keen on engaging in sexual relations however much he used to. Conditions like joint pain might make sex feel off-kilter. 

A man with Peyronie's infection might also not be able to have sex because the bend of their penis makes it excessively troublesome. Also, meds like antidepressants can have sexual incidental effects. Ladies might encounter vaginal dryness after menopause, which might make sex feel awkward. On the off chance that medical problems are influencing your capacity to have intercourse, converse with a medical services supplier and shift to medications likeViagra 120mg.  


A woman or man starts to get more established that if their age increases, they might engage in sexual relations less regularly. The reduction might be connected to by and large issues with the wellbeing or an absence of accomplices. Hormonal changes might assume a part, as well. Men's testosterone levels progressively decay as they age. Also, ladies' bodies produce less estrogen after menopause. Both testosterone and estrogen are significant chemicals for sexual capacity. 

Relationship Issues:

The world knows the fact that couples who are in the early vacation phase of their relationship might have intercourse more regularly than the people who have been together for quite a while and that's understandable.

Here and their connections are more energizing toward the start, yet they become standard following a while or a long time. Struggle in the relationship may likewise influence sexual recurrence. Great correspondence between accomplices is significant for a sound sexual relationship.  

Life Events:

Life gets going and a couple gets engrossed with work or family obligations, they may possess trouble making energy for closeness. And again they may be excessively drained for sex in the wake of dealing with everyday obligations.

Stress and uneasiness can influence sexuality also. Couples in the present circumstance are urged to support their connections and possessing date evenings and holding the energy for closeness can assist with encouraging enthusiastic bonds. This might include asking relatives and companions for assistance with childcare, tasks, and different assignments. 

Mismanaged Sex Drives? 

Now and then, accomplices differ on sexual recurrence and that's human tendency. For instance, one should have intercourse a few evenings per week, while the other is happy with one time each month. In these cases, compromise is fundamental. A few couples talk about different exercises that would be physically fulfilling or choose to attempt an open, non-monogamous relationship. 

What is the sex frequency of the average couple is how often do they have intercourse?

This is pretty much a question that every couple ponders upon. What amount of sex would it be advisable for them to have? Is our sexual coexistence typical? It is safe to say that we are having less sex than we ought to be? Or having more sex could be harmful?

Many individuals get influenced by the reel world of fantasy such as TVs and movies that make them believe that a normal couple spends quality time each night but that's not the truth. On the other hand, it was noticed that grown-ups ordinarily don't engage in sexual relations consistently. 

According to a survey American grown-ups engage in sexual relations 54 times each year all things considered, which is simply over one time each week. Significantly, this information incorporates both single individuals, hitched couples, and couples that are unmarried. You must be aware of the fact that how many times an individual has intercourse on a yearly premise changes enormously depending on their relationship status. 

In an examination, unmarried individuals who live with their sexual accomplice had intercourse the most habitually, checking in a normal of 86 times each year. Individuals who lived independently from their accomplice had somewhat less sex, with a normal of just shy of 75 times each year.

Surprisingly it was found out that wedded individuals had somewhat less sex than unmarried individuals and had more ED meds likeLevitra 60mg. They normally have 50 sex acts each year. While this may recommend to you that marriage kills your sexual coexistence, they think that this distinction is possibly identified with age and your health. A healthy person can happily enjoy a sex life at any age. 


A person's sexual desire entirely depends on physical and mental health and this is what decides their sex frequency. Both male and female partners must be healthy enough to enjoy sexual life. Getting older might decrease hormone levels and hence you might face a low sex drive. Have a look at your physical health if you don't feel like having sex. Book your appointment with a physician to get your checkups done. 



Sexual health problems are quite common among men. Most of these are situational more than long-term affairs. The most common ones are Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. While both the problems are equally serious and concerning, the awareness towards both is bleak.

Men tend to get confused about Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation and do not really know what's the main difference. Although these 2 health issues can affect each other in indirect ways, knowing the difference is extremely crucial so that individuals do not resort to wrong connotations and wrong treatment methods.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual health condition in which a man is unable to obtain and maintain firm erections during sexual activity. Every 1 in 5 men is known to have suffered from this health issue. 

The problem of erectile dysfunction is unrelated to changes in sex drive or any other sexual issue. It's a sexual condition caused by restricted blood flow to the penis, resulting in penile erection failure.

Physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors together constitute the probable causes of ED. 

The physical factors include other health comorbidity like diabetes,heart disorders, hormonal disturbances, increased BP and cholesterol, obesity etc.

Psychological factors include stress, anxiety, depression, trauma etc.

Lifestyle factors involving no work-life balance, substance abuse, lack of physical activity, wrong dietary pattern etc.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

A sexual disease in which a man ejaculates earlier during sexual intercourse is known as premature ejaculation. This is a situational rather than a biological issue, and it occurs seldom in most situations. 

Although premature ejaculation isn’t something very serious and it usually resorts away within some time, it can also be prolonged in certain cases and cause health issues and may require treatment further. According to a survey, one out of every three males has experienced premature ejaculation at least once in their lives, even if it was only for a brief time.

With Premature ejaculation, the factors include psychological stress, anxiety, overthinking, distress etc. Other factors may also include certain emotional associations like poor self-esteem, poor body image etc.

Treatment ways and options

Treating ED

You can find out if you have an ED by meeting with a doctor, who will perform basic physical and lab tests as well as sketch out all of the possible causes and triggers. He or she recommends the appropriate treatment for you based on the state of your ED and your clinical history.

Both patients and doctors agree that ED drugs are one of the most trusted and preferred methods of ED treatment. They are relatively safe, effective, and practicable ED treatments that come in a variety of brand names and generic versions on the market. ED medicines are only available with a doctor's prescription, so you won't be able to get them without one.

Cenforce: ED medication as a treatment option

Cenfoce is one of the key medications involved in the treatment of ED. With a whole lot of demand and trust from men all over the world, Cenforce turns out to be a fair choice of stimulating erections. 

The active ingredient in Cenforce is Sildenafil Citrate, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Cenforce is a PDE5 inhibitor that has been authorized by the FDA. The PDE5 enzyme is responsible for preventing the release of nitric oxide and cGMP factor, obstructing blood flow to the penis, and making erections difficult. Cenforce works by blocking this enzyme, allowing for consistent blood flow and hard erections.


Because Cenforce is a high-potency dose, it is advised to consume one single tablet everyday. Make sure not to crush, chew or break the medicine in any case. Swallow it whole. The dosage instructions are set by your doctor and you are not allowed to self medicate. Cenforce needs to be taken around 45 minutes prior to your sexual activity and the person needs to be sexually aroused beforehand to get the most out of the medicine.

Side effects of Cenforce

  • Dizziness 

  • Indigestion 

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Excessive Sweating

  • Dryness of throat

  • Flushed face

  • Ringing or buzzing in the ears

  • Increase in the blood pressure

  • A Sudden increase in the heartbeat

  • Nervousness and confusion

Busting doubts related to Cenforce

  • Are women able to use Cenforce 200 mg?

Cenforce 200 mg is strictly for men and is not recommended for women or children under the age of 18.

  • Do I need a prescription in order to get Cenforce 200 mg?

Yes, it is correct. This drug cannot be purchased or used without a prescription from a licensed physician.

  • Can I take Cenforce 200 mg while drinking alcohol?

Without a doubt. Alcohol and high-fat foods should be avoided when using Cenforce 200 mg because they have negative side effects.

  • Do you notice any strange changes in your body when using Cenforce 200 mg?

Because Cenforce 200 mg might cause dizziness and drowsiness, as well as disrupt brain function to some level, it is recommended that you do not drive or operate any machinery while taking this medication.

  • Can I share my prescribed medication with a friend who has the same problem as me?

A strong no. Because our bodies react differently to the same medications, what works for one person may not work for another. In addition, before prescribing any medications, the doctor conducts a thorough physical examination.

  • What happens if I forget to take my Cenforce 200 mg dose?

There will be no problems if you miss a dosage. When you recall, you can take it. However, you should avoid taking numerous doses at once to make up for the missing one.

  • What are the available strengths for Cenforce?

Cenforceis available within various strengths in the market notably the following-

  • 25 mg

  • 50 mg

  • 100 mg

  • 150 mg

  • 200 mg

  • What are the instructions for storing Cenforce 200 mg?

Cenforce 200 mg should be kept in a cold, dark, and dry location. It should not be exposed to sunshine or humidity. Also, keep it out of children's reach. For long-term use, keep the drug sealed and wrapped.

Treating Premature Ejaculation

Consult a doctor to determine if you have Premature Ejaculation. A healthy talk will help you resolve your fears about premature ejaculation and keep your thoughts and insecurities at bay.

With Premature ejaculation, the treatment involved can be various. It can be by inducing better masturbation techniques before the sexual intercourse. Another suggestion from your doctor is to take a vacation from intercourse for a while and concentrate on sexual games to prepare for your sexual experiences.

You can relax your muscles and strengthen your pelvic system by doing pelvic floor exercises. Aside from that, "Climax control" condoms with numbing ingredients like lidocaine can be used.

Premature ejaculation can also be treated with oral medications and topical anesthetics. These tablets contain numbing chemicals that cause ejaculation to be delayed. Premature ejaculation is, thus, a prevalent condition that can be treated and reversed.

What's worse- ED or Premature Ejaculation?

Frankly speaking, no sexual health problem is easy to deal with. With men suffering from these issues, the bar of stress, anxiety, and tension are always higher. With ED and Premature Ejaculation, the answer to what's tougher is neutral. Both of these sexual health disorders are of the same order with worse outcomes.

All you need to do is timely take action to prevent the issue. Manage your lifestyle and get in touch with your doctor in case of any symptoms experienced by you. 

Alex Tmothy

Summary:There is a general misconception among people about the generic medicines related to erectile dysfunction that those aren't effective. Yet those are equally effective but are consumed less even though priced at half rate. One of the popular medications for impotence is Viagra, whose generic form is also available in the market ( not in the United States). Viagra is but high in price and comparatively, Sildenafil is priced low. But the consumption rate of Viagra is still higher. Are you also confused between Viagra and Sildenafil? You will get all your answers in this article. 

All about Viagra 100mg:

Viagra is a brand name erectile dysfunction medication that can be bought both online and offline. It is widely used for both treating impotence and for recreational purposes. Not only in Europe but the huge population of the United States uses it too.

It is a PDE-5 inhibitor that can restrict the mechanism of the natural enzymes that can make a man lose erection fast. It does the same as what all other medication does to erectile dysfunction. There are varied doses available in the market but the highest dose is Viagra 100mg. 

You can just have a single tablet of 100mg or 120 mg viagrain a day and not more than that. Excess of Viagra can lead to build-up in the body and show side effects in the long run. Also using it recreationally is hazardous. Viagra is a prescription-only medication and not meant for non-medical purposes. 

All about Sildenafil 200mg;

Sildenafil is a generic version of the brand name Viagra that is available in the market. Sildenafil has already hit the Indian market and is now sold in different doses. People generally think generic medicine to be of low quality due to the low costs.

But that's completely a myth. There is no relation between costs and quality. Sildenafil is made with the same ingredients and under the same quality standards to ensure that people can safely have it. It is also known to be as effective as Viagra but the doses remain to be a bit higher. 

It is too a PDE-5 inhibitor that relaxes muscles around pelvic organs and hence opens a wide gap that allows the blood to flow smoothly.

It has an exact mechanism as all other brand-name medications so there is nothing to worry about. But defying disbelief that it cannot cause erection all alone, you will need to be in the state of arousal. 

History of Viagra and Sildenafil:

Viagrahit the market by 1998 and has revolutionized the aspect of treating erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient that is present in Viagra is Sildenafil which was initially intended to treat cardiovascular diseases.

It actually was thought to work by dilating blood vessels and further blocking the action of the PDE-5 enzyme. Later it was found out that it can help men with erectile dysfunction. The trial found the fact that

Sildenafilworked in the body but not for the part it was thought to be. It didn't work because the heart showed magical results on the penis. It was approved by the FDA for the same. Viagra was the brainchild of Pfizer. 

After the patent for Viagraexpired, it was permitted to all the competitors to manufacture the generic version of it. Pfizer still continues the manufacturing of those famous little blue pills but its competitors have started to produce white pills that are generic versions of Viagra and are named Sildenafil.

It is safe and effective enough but the difference is the low price factor. While Viagra is sold for a price tag of $60 to $70, Sildenafilis pocket-friendly and can be bought for just $10 or $20. 


A brief comparison between Viagra 100mg and Sildenafil 200mg:

The brand version of Viagra is a little blue pill that is diamond in shape while Sildenafil is generally found in white or blue color and shape depends on the company manufacturing it.

Some sildenafil tablets are found with chalky finishes while some other brands manufacture them with smooth finishing. There is nothing so different as inactive ingredients and mechanisms of action between both.

Comparing prices Sildenafilis a better option than Viagra. Sildenafil comes at cheaper prices due to the huge number of manufacturers and the competition in the market.

As per bioequivalence, it is safe enough to say that generic versions of medicine have the same ingredients as brand-name medications. It is checked by necessary organizations before launching them in the market.

Hence both Viagra 100mg and 200 milligram viagraare safe to consume. Also, both of them are prescription-only medications and hence require a prescription from a medical professional.

If you follow protocols to administer the medications you will have great results. Considering dosages it is better to have Viagra 100mg than high dosages like Sildenafil 200mg.

There is nothing that says that if you take a double dose you will get better results. In fact, having double doses of PDE-5 inhibitors will lead to more side effects. It will also create a build-up in your body that could cause harm in the near future.

It is safe to consume high doses like Sildenafil 200mgonly if you are prescribed by your doctor. After all unsuccessful attempts, your doctor might prescribe you Sildenafil 200mg with all necessary instructions. Follow all of them and avoid repeating such high doses within 24 hours. 


If you have erectile dysfunction consult your doctor about every medication you are thinking of. Also, inform him of any other medication that you are on to avoid a clash as both Viagra and Sildenafil can show drug interactions.

If used accurately both of these medications can surpass your expectation. But remember chances of risks are with both of them.

To date, both of them have shown excellent results on erectile dysfunction patients. And there are almost equal to no cases where Sildenafil did not work for the patient who was previously on Viagra. But it is always best to try out the plan that works for you.

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