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Billy Mark

Dawn of Isles is a fairly new game. The best thing about the game is its graphics. You get to build your own uncharted island and take part in combat. When you start playing the game, you will go through a quick tutorial. If you want to know how to master this game, then check out the tips and tricks mentioned below.

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1. Understand the Basics

Dawn of Isles game has a unique setting, as compared to other games of the same genre. Irrespective of the class picked by you, you will go through a tutorial wherein you will be introduced to the initial game characters. Your job will be to save your sister Daria who has been kidnapped. Collect the necessary materials that constitute the recipe of items, and then you need to create them as instructed. As you continue playing, you will get acquainted with the fighting mechanisms. You will get more versed in stringing your special skills to form combinations, etc.

2. Understand the Character Classes

The game lets you select your character from any of the character classes. The four character classes in the game are:

  • Dancer
  • Fighter
  • Ranger
  • War Mage

When it comes to the main story quests in Dawn of Isles, no matter which class you choose, you will have to go through the same game story and the same challenges. In case of time being a non-issue, then you can check out all the four classes. Simply tap the menu icon located at the right hand of the screen, select Settings, and then you can make the switch. Here are the strengths of the different characters:

  • Fighter is suited for the protection of teammates.
  • Rangers specialize in damage per second and crowd control.
  • Dancers are suited for healing
  • War Mages are good at attacks.

3. Complete Quests

All that you have to do for moving to the next level is listed on the left-hand side. In order to speed up, you need to complete the quests. If you complete the main quests, then you will be able to unlock more features. By completing certain quests, you can win more equipment. This will boost the basic statistics and protect you from various dangers. Even though quests may seem boring, you need to complete them to move to the next level.

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4. Collect the Rewards

When you open Dawn of Isles every day, you will get a Daily Sign-In award. The Benefits screen will open, and it will show a number of rewards. You need to sign in multiple days in a row. When you have reached any milestone level, that starts from the fifth level, you can also grab the Level Up Rewards.

5. Check the durability of tools

A number of tools will be required for the purpose of collecting, mining, chopping wood, etc. Hence, it is recommended that on the case you are in the middle of a quest for gathering a number of resources, then it is better to keep a spare tool with you as if you use the first tool a lot then it might get damaged. Additional tools can be crafted on the island; you just have to visit the crafting bench.

6. Control the elements

When you are in a battle, then abilities can be combined using different elements. In case you are in combat with world bosses, then this can be very beneficial. To craft flasks, go to the Home Island, tap on Crafting Bench, and select Ele.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

Billy Mark

Gaming is fun- and broadcasting it is even more fun, think of an animated episode of a duel bout on Killer Instincts with your friends. A range of modern consoles comes bundled with functions that enable gamers to capture and broadcast footage on the go, which does away with buying expensive capture cards. If your gaming console happens to be Microsoft’s XBOX One, then capturing and sharing gameplay video can’t be more convenient. We’ll tell you how to do this.

How to Record a Gameplay on Xbox OneSource :

On the Xbox One, you can record in-game footage with the handy buffer that instantly lets a gamer capture crucial gameplay moments.

Press the button on the Xbox controller

Pressing the button located on the middle of the controller’s top side will prompt a menu which will display options like snapshots, gameplay recorder, and other capture tweaking options.

To take a snap of the screen press Y

By pressing the handy button for capturing,  a gamer can prompt the console to take a screenshot of the gameplay screen which in turn can be saved to the disk by pressing Y.

To record press View button

The small circular button called view, dedicated to capturing gameplay video will provide you with the option of Record from now during the gameplay. After you select it, the gameplay will start recording until you manually end it by pressing the Xbox button and then the X button.

To share recent gameplay press X

By pressing the X button on the controller, the Xbox One will automatically take the footage of the last 30 seconds of gameplay saved in the buffer and makes it apt to share your perfectly timed gaming highlights.

Grab longer gameplay video

Gamers can record video to a maximum duration of 10 minutes, which depends on the resolution of the video and space available in the console’s hard drive. Nevertheless, an external hard drive will come to your rescue if you want to record more extended footages. All that needs to be done is change storage location and even change the resolution in Settings if you plan to record for up to one or two hours.

Xbox Mobile App

Now, that you have uploaded your exciting gameplay videos to cloud storage or they are in your phone memory- you’ll want to share them on the social network. XBox’s Android and iOS apps enable you to share footages easily on social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

Billy Mark  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

Billy Mark

Basketball enthusiasts who like to trash talk other fans and keep up-to-date information about the present scenario in basketball, then this sure is the list for a basketball fan. This lucky shot list has got all the names that should fit your choices for apps related to National Basketball Association aka., NBA.

The Best Collection of Free NBA and Basketball AppsSource :

1.Basketball NBA Live Scores

This official sounding unofficial app on Google Play Store, in neatly labeled time-schedule of all playoffs, keeps the fans updated about all from the world of NBA. It is free, contains ads, alarms can be set for games and is a suitable option- it downloads the schedule, in case one’s internet connection is not working.

2. Feedly

Feedly has emanated from being a basketball blog. This free app on the Play Store lets you access multiple blogs and other to-dos with Basketball. More prominent coverage websites and live channels like ESPN, Yahoo Sports and many other insightful blogs as well, can be accessed from Feedly.

3. Reddit

Well, Reddit users are all fans- some fans of secret cults, some of the food, and someone reading this would want to search for Basketball communities on Reddit. Look for r/NBA, r/CollegeBasketball, r/Basketball, and all info will be there- news, discussions, ratings, rumors, which makes it feel like the community of basketball fans.

4. NBA and NBA VR

NBA VR, it’s experiencing the fusion of new age tech with sports. Viewers can pair this with Google Daydream and enjoy highlights, interviews, and more. And the NBA App keeps you updated with rumors, trades, schedules, all the news, and more. If one is financially sufficient, then a paid subscription for live stream of various playoffs can be bought.

5. TuneIn Radio

Listening to radio while sipping your cocktail is an ultimate gateway for sunny Sundays. TuneIn Radio lets you stream the radio sound of all local and state AM and FM channels. The local station comes in the free version, however, if you want to listen to NBA action, suppose when you’re driving, then a subscription for around ten bucks can be bought to watch it for a month.

6. Twitter

Twitter squeezes the official version of people and celebrities. All the right people- NBA players, The Blogger Pirate, the Church of Christ members of NBA- will be sharing views on Twitter. It is free, and fans can see what’s up with everybody and maybe tweet to their favorite NBA players, who knows one may land onto a conversation between Snoop Dogg and LeBron over your tweet.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Billy Mark

Pokemon GO recently ended its ongoing February 2019 Swinub Community Day event, which turned out to be a massive success.

With the end of Community Day event, Pokemon trainers are now preparing for the upcoming Clamperl Limited Time Research event, still many enthusiastic players are speculating about the new 2019 March Community Day event.

Pokemon Go: New Treecko May Feature in March 2019 Community DaySource :

Earlier Niantic used to inform players a day or two prior to any release of an event, but now developers at Niantic are shifting this trend by providing players with ample time to prepare for the events.

Still, this shift in trend does not imply for the Pokemon selection, and possibly trainers may expect to experience the Treecko for the 2019 March Community Day event.

The Pokemon GO alternatively features starter and non-starter Pokemon for the community day event. Observing this pattern from past community day events, players can expect the inclusion of gen three starters now.

If such pattern continues, soon Niantic will run out of Pokemon to include in the title until the coming 2020. And if the developers also decided to include generation five Pokemon, then it would mostly last till the mid 2020s as they will run out of Pokemon to incorporate into the title.

Observing the ongoing inclusion of left out gen 3 and 2 Pokemon, many trainers are speculating that the next Pokemon for the Community Day Event would be the Treecko.

Many pro players have noticed a shift in ongoing norms of Niantic as recently trainers were allowed to participate in the Eevee Community Day event which lasted for a complete weekend. The Eevee community day event also broke the common three stage evolution as compared to other challenges.

Also recently players got to experience the generation four cross evolution in the shiny Swinub event, where trainer got to add and evolve this cute monster into a generation four Mamoswine.

It is also possible that Nintendo chooses to include generation four Pokemon for trainers as recently players also had an opportunity to grab onto Sinnoh Stones which are quite rare in the game.

Also, it is expected that the next Community Day event may be released for trainers from March 9 or possibly March 16th, by considering the on rotation trend in the game. Let’s see what more Niantic has planned for Pokemon GO for the future as trainers are quite enjoying different Raid and Battle events.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Billy Mark

Niantic has recently ended their latest Community Day event, and trainers have already started to prepare for the next event.

A new update for Pokémon GO is on its way, and possibly the recently announced new AR feature would be introduced with this update. Still, data miners managed to find codes and asset files which hints towards many new features for players to enjoy.

Pokemon GO Plans to Add New Team Change Item With Crazy CooldownSource :

Chrales, a dedicated Pokémon GO leaker managed to gather resource files of upcoming update and tweeted all possible inclusions for the forthcoming pokémon update.

The tweet posted by Chrales indicated on an exciting new feature for players to experiences. With the latest update, players will be able to change their team faction. It would be possible with the help of a new item called Team Medallion.

This new feature can result in a lot of switching and shifting of players from one team to another which can create massive problems for Pokémon GO developers and servers. So Niantic has come up with a solution that would allow players to use the Team Medallion for once per year.

Players will be able to purchase this item once every 365 days from the store. Which means the changing of your team will become possible after every 365 days.

Players have been requesting Nintendo to include this feature for a long time, and indeed developers have heard their plea and have finally introduced an item which could help players to change their team.

As players had to choose teams in the initial stage of the game, players dint knew how would choosing a particular team would affect their gameplay. So it is pleasant to see Niantic providing players with an exclusive chance to switch from one team to another.

Also, it seems reasonable to let players switch to another team which they connect better with. Moreover, the Gym and Raid battles have turned out to be much more robust, and the metagame has also evolved.

Currently, players have three teams to chose from, which includes team Valor, Mystic, and Instinct in Pokémon GO and fans are all distributed amongst their factions.

More interesting interactions can be explored in the future for trainers to grab on to some exiting generation 4 Pokémon and with the option of switching between teams, players will have much more to do in the game.

It will be quite interesting to observe how would the Team Medallion change the meta gameplay. And moreover, how would the switching the faction affect the Gym control and Battle Raid composition. Let’s wait for the update to become live in order to undermine the changes in the title.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Billy Mark

Fortnite is ongoing with Overtime Challenges as season 7 has recently ended. Developers at Epic Games have planed 13 different Overtime challenges for players before season 8 is made available for gamers to explore.

These Overtime challenges are quite easy to complete and provide a golden opportunity for players to receive a free Battle Pass for season 8. But players require completing all the 13 Overtime Challenges in order to receive their free Pass.

Fortnite How to Locate Waterfalls for Overtime ChallengeSOURCE :

In addition to those events, players have a new challenge of visiting seven different waterfalls in the match. Fortunately, Fortnite has eleven waterfalls spread all across the map; fans would have no such problem to locate seven of them.

Players can successfully visit the waterfall by getting close to it, either at the bottom or at the top of the waterfall. No such item or object is available to collect at the waterfall, so players require keeping track of their visits.

Many pro players suggest that Loot Lake is the best bet to access waterfalls as it has a lot of turns and verticality which provide waterfalls nearby.

To complete this challenge player should first visit the Loot Lake which would provide four waterfalls close by each other, and then after visiting the Loot Lake players require spreading out to different locations like the Paradise Palms and south-west of Frozen Peaks.

If everything is executed in a proper manner and the player does not die upon landing, then completing this task would be quite easy and achievable. Even if you are eliminated in a match while trying to visit a waterfall, all your progress would be transferred to your next match.

This would assure you to complete this challenge event within two to three tries. Players can set a route before starting the challenge as all the locations for waterfall are quite distant and require a lot of map to cover.

Currently, players are also trying to accomplish other Overtime Challenges like searching seven loot and ammo boxes, dealing damage to an enemy with a shotgun or scoring top 10 rank during a squad mode.

Amongst all the recent challenges scoring top 10 rank in a squad mode is comparatively more challenging. Still, players have a lot of challenges to accomplish before the new season 8 releases, let’s see what more Epic Games will introduce to make the game much more interesting and exciting for fans.

Billy Mark  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

Billy Mark

Apex Legends, the latest hit in the battle royale genre, is undergoing with some major server issues. Pc gamers have reportedly claimed that they have been unable to log in to Apex Legends on their PC.

PC gamers reported that they were unable to open the game and many other players who were able to get into the game faced constant disconnection. Seeing the server break down Electronic Arts came forward and confirmed the issue and assured the gamers with quick resolve.

Apex Legends PC Gamers Faces Server Issues Resulting in Stuck Loading ScreenSOURCE :

It is not yet clear that what caused this issue to occur but many players reported that even though the game opened still, they were unable to access any feature in the game.

As players told that were able to see the initial loading screen for the title with a loading circle constantly spinning. But the game did not respond beyond the loading screen.

Many other users of Apex Legends claimed that they were able to get across the loading screen but then received an error. As the loading screen ends, a message pops up stating Disconnect Persistence Read Complete for data storage Respawn failed.

The error code suggests that the Respawn servers failed to connect players which resulted in long loading screens or login failure. This issue rose up around 5 AM in the morning time, and immediately a tweet was posted at 5:30 PM by Electronic Arts.

Currently, servers are down, and no such information is provided as to until when the servers come back to life, probably it would take some time to restore the game for PC players.

It is also possible that developers at Respawn have halted the services for the Apex Legends due to a prior issue with the Twitch Prime Loot pack for the title. The recent Twitch Prime loot pack was available for those players who successfully added their EA account with the Twitch Prime. But this event also faced some significant issues like many players failed in receiving a loot pack after linking their EA accounts with Twitch Prime.

On the other hand, those who dint linked their accounts managed to get the Loot pack, and probably Apex Legends was brought down for some time to resolve this issue.

It appears that this new title is facing its initial problems due to inadequate coding or some other issues are associated to the server malfunction, but evidently, EA and Respawn are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible for the fans to enjoy Apex Legends.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Mcafee products at

Billy Mark

Apex Legends is a battle royale style game which has made a huge fan base in minimal time. Still, this successful game had to face similar issues which other battle royale style games come across.

Respawn Entertainment made a huge leap forward by developing a current hit genre game, but they failed to tackle the issue of cheaters in the game who manage to come up with new ways to gain an extra advantage over other players.

Apex Legends 16000 Gamers Get Banned From the GameSource :

Respawn posted a new post on Reddit with their take on the in-game cheating issue. They stated that they had received plenty of feedback from gamers and possibly they are considering to add an in-game reporting feature for players to report any suspected players.

Respawn also clarified that they would not sit idle until next update and instead they have already banned 16,000 players who were caught red-handed while cheating.

Still, 16000 player ban would barely impact the 25 million concurrent player mark which Apex Legends achieved in its first week since launch. Also, players can currently report any suspected cheater by notifying them at Easy Anti-Cheat.

Players can even add some evidence while reporting a cheater like a screenshot to make the investigation much more comfortable and immediate action could be taken against them.

Even though if you fail in collecting any shreds of evidence against the cheater you can still file a complaint against them by reporting the ID of the cheater and flag them. After that Respawn will take the necessary action against them, once the accused is proven guilty of cheating in the game.

Seemingly Apex Legends has achieved massive success and become quite famous amongst the gaming community giving great competition to the retro Fortnite and PUBG titles.

Although Respawn managed to eliminate 16,000 cheaters from the title but seeing the rising popularity of the game, players are looking for every possible means to have the upper hand against the other players.

It not yet clarified that how will the new in-game reporting feature work, but community members and fans are quite excited about how would the new feature function. Also how much time would be required to remove the suspected player from the game or will they have a cooling down period instead of a complete ban.

As developers at Respawn claims to sustain Apex Legends as a ten-year game, it will be quite interesting to observe them come up with new and innovative means to halt the in-game cheaters. To take appropriate action against such players to provide every player with an equal chance of winning the match.

Billy Mark  is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Billy Mark

Red Dead Online Mode was initially not a part of Red Dead Redemption 2 title, and the game only featured the single player mode during the launch.

Still, the developers at Rockstar kept players busy with a variety of modes like the Battle Royale style Gun Rush and other minor tweaks and fixes with regular updates.

The latest post on Rockstar Newswire has hinted fans with a new update for the Red Dead Online. The upcoming update is said to bring new content and items for fans to enhance their in-game experience.

Red Dead Online- billymark007Source :

A most significant change in the Red Dead Redemption 2 update is associated with the griefing players and destructive tendencies online. Developers at Rockstar Games have taken notice for this issue and has come up with a solution to reduce the visibility of player blips for long distances.

By doing so, players map location would not be visible for others until they are within 150 meters range. Which means players can only locate another player once they both have a distance of 150 meters or less between them.

This feature is included in the game with a motive of preventing players from getting targeted again and again from far away distances. Also, a new system is introduced which would highlight the extremely violent players.

Players who intend to play rash and create hostility for others by killing them or their heroes in free roam mode would now be highlighted on the map. Such players will be denoted as a dot on the map, and gradually will become darker in shade, with color switching from blue to red.

And now players can even choose to use the Parley or Feuds options in Red Dead Online. Players can choose the Parley, which would stop the attacker from attacking for 10 minutes but it can be used only if you get killed once.

The Feud can be used to resolve the dispute by entering a deathmatch, which has limited time and can help in ending arguments for once and for all. With the new February update, gamers would also experience the new Bounty Hunter and regulations for players.

Any player who has a high amount of bounty on their head would be libel to be targeted by the NPC bounty hunters. Also, unlawful behavior would result in a reduction in honor reduction. The amount of honor reduced will be based on the insanity of crime committed.

The new update would also include new XP and gold nuggets which players would receive by completing daily tasks and challenges. Let’s see what more content would players get to experience with this new February update.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, productive software and new media. He writes for software products at
Billy Mark

Respawn recently introduced Apex Legend, a new free to play battle royale style game which performed unexpectedly well as more than 2.5 million players have accessed this title since its launch.

Apex Legends proved to be a very indulging game and provided fans of battle royale games to experience new dynamics for this genre.

Apex Legends -billymark007Source :

This newly introduced title received a lot of attention and love from the community and streamers as it stood on the top of Twitch with more viewership as compared to other battle royale titles like PUBG or Fortnite.

It was more interesting to see a tweet posted by the creator of PUBG Brendan Greene, as everyone was expecting to see a backlash from him.

But instead, he congratulated the developers of Respawn and appreciated them by stating Really Great Job for the developers of Apex Legends.

It didn’t take long for Respawn to revert the compliments to the PUBG creator, as they thanked Green by posting a tweet and proclaimed that Apex stands on the shoulders of such giants, and indeed PUBG has shown the world a true path for battle royale style genre.

It was quite pleasing to see two competitors to acknowledge each other with kindness and uplifting the sporting spirit instead of indulging in fights over petty issues.

Greene even included a heart emoji suggesting he is not cringing or unpleased with the outstanding success of their competitors. Instead, he depicted that they are more dedicated to uplift battle royale style genre and provide the community with much more entertainment and fun.

In the past, things were not much pleasing as PUBG threatened the Epic Games to sue them for using similar concept art and in-game mechanics for their Fortnite title.

Rather players and community members were expecting similar reactions from the Tencent Gaming for the Apex Legends, but it was quite a relief by seeing a complimentary post from PUBG and not any hate posts.

Currently, a very high degree of competition is rising amongst the developers, and PUBG is suffering a bit to sustain against the horde of similar game types.

Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are turning out to be great alternatives for the PUBG, and it is astounding to see PUBG be comfortable with such ongoing scenarios.

Experts suggest that players are now having multiple options for the battle royale genre and it is a smart choice made by PUBG not to demote their goodwill amongst the fans.

Instead, they seem to be confident in their development team, and Tencent is quite sure of sustaining amongst the new competitors with their original content, and now they are setting trends that other titles are following.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
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