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Kylie Bergen

Yoga in modern society

This essay was written by Kylie Bergen for her client-student. This student needed essay according to her speciality and in this cases was sport/nutrition. Kylie Bergen proposed her to write about yoga and the final work you can read now. More similar articles or just obligitary papers for all baccaleuraties students you may read or buy at ib extended essay writing service and for now wish you good luck for reading this nice work.

To complete this task I have intentionally attended a class announced as sivananda yoga. The present essay, however, reflects my experience during this class. It compares a real-life yoga practice in studios and gyms with theoretical teachings learned during the LMU yoga course. Based on this analysis, it provides some recommendations that can be used to improve a conventional serving of yoga in modern society.

The theory of Ashtanga yoga devotes careful attention to techniques of correct breathing to ensure a proper flow and accumulation of energy (prana) in subtle channels known as nadis during the practice. In fact, harmonization and maximization of the energy charge is achieved through the connected impact of specific pranayama and asana (Mohan). It is instructed that yogi should always pay attention to his breath while moving and ensure that it is even, smooth, and continuous. Therefore, the unspoken rule during yoga classes is that practitioners should stop and relax when they have problems with breathing. For example, when the training load is so hard that they involuntarily hold their breath or the training speed is so intense that they cannot manage it and breathe properly (Devananda). We gave also learned that shortened breath may cause anxiety, stress as well as heart and mind disorders; while lengthened breath produces calmness, clarity, and ease due to the activation of parasympathetic nervous system. Unfortunately, I saw several practitioners in both situations during the class I attended. Surprisingly, the yoga teacher ignored the problem and continued the program without advising the struggling individuals. Consequently, those individuals finished the practice in a greater physical and psycho-emotional stress than they had before. It is recommended for yoga trainers not only to provide basic instruction at the beginning of the class, but also to ensure that all the practitioners actually apply the rules throughout the program. This is the only way to realize one of the main yoga principles, i.e., connectedness of movement and breath.

Surprisingly, yoga class immediately started with the warm-up activities and finished with shavasana. The classical teaching emphasized the importance of meditation as an instrument for efficient practice and assessing its effects on the body after one completes specific set of asana and pranayama exercises (Mohan). To my mind, it is necessary to begin the class with several minutes of sitting meditation to clear the mind of all the accumulated anxiety, thoughts, and stress of the day. I noticed that such initiative is indeed helpful for having a proper mood and intent for yoga. Moreover, opening meditation calms the breath and provides a proper flow for safe and invigorating practice (Devananda).,The practitioners otherwise risk injuring their bodies through inattention and harsh movements. In the end of the class, meditation is a valuable tool for personal assessment of yoga effect on all of the aspects of human being.

Another issue I would like to mention is a need for yoga teacher to propose and show multiple options for asana adaptation (Devananda). In this class the teacher suggested possible adaptations but never showed them. Obviously, yoga followers did not fully understand how to perform the simplified versions. Therefore, they continued with difficult postures even those caused problems with breathing and excessive muscular stress. Undoubtedly, a yoga teacher should always introduce asana adaptations verbally and physically to make sure people understand and are capable of performing an adequate practice.

To conclude, the yoga class I attended could be improved with more thorough implementation of theoretical principles. In particular, it is recommended to pay greater attention to the connectedness of breath and movement, opening and closing meditation sets, and explanation of adaptations for complex asanas.

sam low
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Maks Romanov

Each essay writer is a bit of a philosopher, and therefore there is hardly a higher occupation than writing and reading an essay.


I think that it is so unpopular and incomprehensible that it should be clarified that if someone has already been born and has the opportunity to read essays, do not miss it, in any case, you can always order an essay (for example,custom essay writing service)
Richard Axel, for example, not only knows how to write an essay, but also joins the secrets of writing an essay, telling everything about what and how in his book. And when we already think we can learn it, we can laugh out loud when he writes in his book that:

I can probably say with a calm heart that there are as many essays as there are essayists.”

- The attentive reader can learn from him write my essay a relatively strictly structured essay in English, but even he understands that

Although in this book [i.e. himself] is in no way considered a "single" and "raw" composition, it is worth noting that the composition is traditionally associated with experimental, non-scientific and even amateur activities

the essay is different in that we don't even know what if it's in English? Besides, we don't know if it's French? What if we don't know Hungarian?

We can be quite sure, after reading many, many essays, that they mean something other than an essay in French, an essay in English, an essay in American. But what this difference is is very difficult to determine. Anyway, I personally have always considered the essay a very European form, even if I consider the American Bill Bryson to be the best contemporary essay writer. Essay is a form of exceptional exceptions, which, thus saying "type my essay", was first described by Montaigne.

The author of an essay can know himself, maybe he wants to know everything else through himself, including himself.

At the same time, the first half of Gide's phrase is indeed considered by Mykola Gyöngy, following Bowen, who places precisely this self-interpretation, this study of one's own face, undoubtedly at the center of the Montaigne interpretation of the work.
As he writes:

The facial features that Montaigne draws are blurred; in fact, a polyphonic openness is hidden, the face is covered by a masterfully executed mask. (…) Montaigne's self-portrait is not only self-representation, but also self-creation, observation and personality formation. It's not just about being like that, that's my nature, but also about making myself like that every day. In this sense, essayization is not a purely intellectual activity, not just a philosophy, but a practice of life, similar to Eastern meditations, their peculiar Western form.

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Darlene Taylor

It is worthwhile for students to think about the practical relevance of a term paper even at the stage of selecting a topic and planning a research project, since in this case we are talking about what the is basically done for and what its value and usefulness are.

The formulation of the practical importance of the course project is usually present already in the introduction. Justification of this thesis will be the subsequent study of the theory, conducting experiments and experiments, development of methods and their approbation in the course of scientific activity, which is necessary for writing a high-quality and full-fledged term paper.

The results obtained during the work, the student will need to analyze and conclude how the information obtained can be applied in practice and what specific benefit will bring when implemented in a specific process: production, coursework writing service, pedagogical or any other, depends on the field of research.

The benefit can be associated with economic benefits, improvement of the environmental situation, optimization of production processes, modernization of research and educational methods.

When writing a term paper in the section that will be the rationale for the practical value of your research, you can use boilerplate phrases: "The practical value of my work is that the developed methods can be recommended to implement in..."; "The practical value of my research is that the results obtained can be applied to..."; "The developed methodology will be useful for the work of the enterprise in the field of..." and similar wording.

Place emphasis on the practical usefulness that your research has. This is always positively noted by members of the commission on the defense of the course project, which will help to get a good grade.

In a number of universities justification of the practical usefulness of the term project is a mandatory requirement that the work was at least allowed to defense.

The practical part of the term paper involves the development and validation of new research methods, testing their python assignment help. The task of the student in the application of new developments to obtain positive results, to conclude about their practical usefulness in a particular area and to propose their implementation in real processes.

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Lincoln Mullis

In any case, the main thing is to start. Coursework is no exception. If you have been confronted with a fact or this is the first time you have encountered writing such a study, then do not panic. Initially, you need to choose the right topic. Often, a teacher or department already offers a list of topics that are distributed among students. If you do not have such an advantage, then you will need to use write my papers and independently form the topics that you will consider in your study.


Advice for students who have to choose a topic on their own: stop at a topic on which you already have ready-made developments, for example, author's abstracts, interesting material. In the future, the course work will become a good basis for the thesis. If you are a freshman and have never faced such a choice, then read our article to the end.


Should You Take Into Account Your Interests When Choosing a Topic for a Term Paper?


When choosing a topic, first of all, decide which direction is interesting for you. If the subject interests you, then you can write a quality paper that will capture several aspects of a particular issue at once. If you did not find the topic “to your liking”, then you can order writing from the authors of the service. An experienced team of specialists will prepare a high-quality and unique term paper in accordance with the task and requirements.


How to Choose "Your" Topic: Search for Options


In order not to miscalculate and not suffer while writing a term paper, use the following recommendations:

  • Do a brainstorm. From the proposed topics on one sheet, write down those that interest you and those that you do not like. Analyze the ones that interest you and choose a few more. Keep doing until you stop at two or one option. If there is no list of topics, then look at possible examples on the Internet or consult with a teacher, senior students.
  • On the selected topics, analyze the information in electronic and printed resources. It is important that there is enough data, otherwise writing will become more complicated and delayed.
  • Pay attention to relevance. It is best to investigate topical issues that have social or scientific value. This way you will demonstrate not only your professional interest, but also the ability to track trends.
  • Don't forget to consult with your supervisor. It will certainly help to deal with all the features of the selected topic.


Remember that the service team will definitely help you with writing, supplementing or editing the work within a clearly specified time frame. Counting on them is the right move if you're struggling with your papers.
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Marlene Claudio

Writing at the Highest Level

Much has been said about writing that it becomes difficult already to determine which ones are really the signs of a good writer. Some would say that the ability to evoke emotions through writing is a sure sign of a great writer while others negate this notion, saying that emotions are not really need to be put in the open especially as far as academic writing is concerned. Moreover, others would say that a good writer is someone well-versed with grammar rules and various English usages such as American, British, or Australian. Still, this notion is limited because it is not only the aesthetics that make a good writer.

So what really is a good writer?

Sure aesthetics such as proper grammar, proper language usage, and proper word choice are important when it comes to writing that is why mastery of the aesthetics is one, but not entirely, the mark of a good essay writer. Language usage is especially key here because the use of English is different in various countries. For instance, Australian English is different from American English that is why the writer must know the peculiarities of each. There are Australian English words that are different in usage that is why the writer must know such words perfectly.

More than style and aesthetics is the substance

Good essay writers must be able to reconcile aesthetics with deep content. Suffice to say, perfectly structured essays without thought-provoking content are useless. The primary aim of essays is to inform and if the writer lacks the ability to present information, then all effort would be deemed useless. This is the reason why the ability to make good use of language is very integral in being regarded as a good essay writer.

Writers that will take care of your needs

Service has writers that are well-versed in Australian English without compromising the content. Our essay writers are able to handle the demands of academic writing at Australian learning institutions at ease. This is because they are degree holders of different academic fields and they have significant experience crafting academic papers of any type. Our writers are able to craft dissertations, research papers, term papers, and the like according to your own specifications and instructions.

We know that studying in Australia is tough especially with its high academic standards that is why we have excellent writers ready to help you in any way they can. Our writers will ensure that you pass every academic writing requirement you ask of them by rendering excellent custom writing services.

You can never go wrong with our writers because they know the importance of staying faithful to the rules of English grammar and usage without sacrificing the depth of the writing. Order a dissertation, research paper, thesis, or term paper from us and you will be treated to the best writing you will ever encounter in your life.

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Willie Miller

Essay on Islamic Finances

Researches in the Field of Islamic Finance

We live in a world where money holds a very important place in our lives. To generate enough money to suffice for the needs of the people is the general task of financial and banking sector of any country. Although different countries follow the conventional banking and financial sector i.e. profit taking, but this method is being started to be believed as huge risk now. According to get homework help experts many times depressions like the ones of 1929 and 2007 have been triggered due to the bubble bursts of this transactionary system. In recent times a lot of research are being done on the Islamic way of banking and raising capital.

Basic Islamic Finance Rules and Traditions

Islam is a religion that guides its followers in every walk of life. Similarly there is guidance in the banking sector as well from the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H and his disciples. To start with, Islamic banking and finance is a mode of transactionary system that prohibits the payment of interest also called “Riba”; from one side to the other. Similarly, Islamic sharia also prohibits its followers to not indulge in investing into any forms of businesses that provide goods or services. These two principles or say objectives were one of the main foundations of western banking and financial system.


Clever Ideas for Islamic Finance Essay Writing

In Islamic way of raising capital, a great emphasis is laid on limited liability partnerships, exchange bills, promissory notes or bonds. In Islamic banking and finance, profit and loss is shared among parties rather than been taken from one party. In this way Islamic banking and finance helps keeping a check on the capital side and makes sure that the inflow of money trickles down to the very basic level i.e. poor part of the society. Mortgage is another method used in Islamic banking where bank serves as a third party between the buyer and seller. Thesis Writing Service points that the bank buys the items from the seller and pitches it at a slight high rate to the potential buyer. According to homework answers free experts the buyer pays off the cost in installments and there are no penalties on the buyers for late payment. Penalties in Islamic banking are also considered to be a part of interest charged by banks.

Islamic banking is progressing by leaps and bounds now with research being done on it not only in Islamic countries but also in the West. The West sees Islamic banking and finance as a potential banking sector for the future and is trying to bring people to this newer concept.

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David Flores

The SAT article and surprisingly the Demonstration exposition with buy an essay online reviews are important for a government sanctioned test and should be reviewed in a manner that is consistently something very similar. In this manner, the exposition can't be reviewed the manner in which your English instructor would grade it.

So don't compose as though your English instructor is reviewing it, compose as a necessary evil. You need to focus on three things:

an opening

the body

furthermore, the end

Start by choosing if you are Ace or CON regarding the matter alloted. Try not to stress over which see you pick the perusers don't have the opportunity to assess your proposal. They will peruse many papers and should score them impartially or it will not be a state sanctioned test. The best thing to do is pick the view that causes you to feel generally good and you will compose all the more certainly.

Whenever you have settled on your position, make a speedy blueprint utilizing your opening, the focuses you will make and your end. In the event that your compose every one of these focuses in a sentence it will assist you with making your passages.

Presently, compose your article. It ought to be around five sections in length and express the view you picked. Try not to get excessively worried about spelling or syntax blunders and ensure you stay on theme. Remaining on theme and not allowing your contemplations to meander is absolutely critical.

However, stand by brief you need to compose an uncommon paper, correct?

All things considered, here is a rundown of procedures to make your paper surprisingly better, in the event that you practice early.

1. Concentration

Keep fixed on your topic. Each sentence and passage ought to support your theme.

2. Consideration Grabbers

You should stand out enough to be noticed of the peruser inside the initial not many sentences. Make them need to peruse more. You can do this by utilizing a statement, posing an inquiry or uncovering a revelation. You need to come out punching.

3. Dynamic Action words

Use activity action words like run, bounce, energize and inspire. Aloof action words like is, am, was, and were just exist. The more activity included the almost certain the peruser will proceed.

4. Associated Passages

Each passage ought to intelligently associate with the following. Your blueprint will help you this cycle. Compose your focuses regarding the matter, focus on them, submit them request of significance to your topic and remember the a few most significant focuses for your last section.

5. Close Solid

The end is likely the main piece of your paper. In the event that you don't have an end your article is ill-fated. So end effectively or even significantly if possible. You can do this by utilizing a statement or making a source of inspiration. A source of inspiration is an incredible method to end if the point is questionable.

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David Flores Jan 20 · Tags: essay
Adam Clarke

The thesis statement is the substance of the essay. It depicts your comprehension of the topic and your position in a short way. By perusing a thesis statement, the reader becomes more acquainted with what they will pursue in the essay. There are some students who can easily buy dissertation writing services to put their thoughts on paper. Thus, your thesis statement should be all around expressed. Regardless of whether you read a paper by the best essay writing service you will track down a solid thesis statement in it. Following are a few qualities of a decent thesis statement:



A decent thesis statement should be brief. The thesis statement's ideal length is 2-4 sentences. Nonetheless, it's anything but an entire paragraph. All things considered, it is composed toward the end of the introduction paragraph. On the off chance that a thesis statement is excessively long, it kills the actual reason for writing it. So, attempt to keep the thesis statement as short as could really be expected.



Clarity is one of the significant characteristics of a decent thesis statement. One thing you should survey is that paying little notification to how long or short your thesis writing service remarked on book reference is, it should be done on brief regions. There is no space for point by point clarification or representation in the thesis statement. So, you need to ensure that the couple of sentences you write in a thesis statement are adequately clear to be seen without any problem.



Being concise doesn't mean you will think twice about the content of the thesis statement. A solid thesis statement is fittingly contentious. It precisely gives an outline of your essay. A thesis statement is neither agonizingly short nor too long to even think about including everything about the essay. At the point when you advise somebody to compose my paper for me, guarantee that the thesis statement mirrors the whole thought of the essay.


Topic Centered 

The thesis statement's motivation isn't to give insights regarding the topic. There are some students who can easily buy dissertation writing services to put their thoughts on paper. It should feature your fundamental contention or message in regards to the topic. So, try not to give additional subtleties or references in the thesis statement. All things being equal, simply characterize the topic and your position.



A solid thesis statement should act naturally illustrative. Your thought should be passed on to the readers regardless of whether they just read your thesis statement and not the remainder of the essay. Likewise, guarantee the tone and jargon of the thesis statement to be perceived in a solitary read. This is one of the ways how "do my paper" services make high-scoring papers and writings for you.



One more trait of a decent thesis statement is that it is specific to the topic and your contention. The standard length of an explained summary can shift and depend on dissertation writers with your writing piece. It isn't unclear. Your thesis statement should zero in on a solitary arrangement or a solitary position. It should not rest in the middle. It is justifiable that there is a great deal of data that you have added to the essay. In any case, it isn't required that you need to make reference to everything in the thesis statement.


Illustration of a Good Thesis Statement 

Assuming the topic is " Internet-a Curse or a gift," your thesis statement can be one of the accompanying, contingent upon your position. "Has the web helped human culture or exacerbated it? The web should be where individuals can unreservedly express their real thoughts unafraid of judgment. There are some students who can easily buy an essay writing service to put their thoughts on paper. That is the reason I don't feel that it has exacerbated society, and every one of the advantages have certainly been worth any disadvantages."


Certain individuals accept that the web should be controlled or transformed to decrease its effect on human existence. Assuming you are one of them, your thesis statement can be: "Has the web helped human culture or exacerbated it? The web is a magnificent device for social cooperation, yet it has numerous drawbacks. It's turned into the main driver of certain wrongdoings since hoodlums utilize its obscurity to perpetrate unlawful demonstrations unafraid of being gotten."


A decent thesis statement is interesting and makes the reader need to peruse more with regards to what you have composed. The standard length of an explained summary can shift and depend on an essay writer with your writing piece. This post would have assisted you with seeing how significant a solid, convincing thesis statement can be intended for your paper's prosperity. So, compose a decent thesis statement for your paper or ensure your "write my essay" service writer composes it for you.


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