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Robert Ferguson

Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics provides an in-depth analysis of the main ethical problems of the Ancient Greece, but many of them remain topical today as well. One of such questions is the relationship between the good life and different widely attractive phenomena such as wealth, pleasure, and honor. According to Aristotle, happiness is the final aim of everyone that is why it cannot have incomplete, derivative or instrumental worth. Happiness in this context means the state of mind when the good life concerns the way of individual’s behavior, but, in general, both terms relate to the same phenomenon. Aristotle’s happiness is the main aim of everyone, and that is the reason why it should possess an absolute worth that depends only on a person. The paper will discuss Aristotle's arguments for why the good life is not merely a life of wealth, pleasure, and honor.

The main thesis of Aristotle is that “happiness is the supreme good”. As long as everyone desires good and avoids bad, it is clear that all people crave for happiness as the final point of their needs. Besides, in contrast to other virtues, “happiness we always desire for its own sake… whereas honor, pleasure, intelligence and every virtue we desire partly for their own sakes”. Aristotle’s main idea is the dependence between the virtues’ fragmentary value and the full worth of happiness. In this way, he concludes that “what we need, in order to live well, is a proper appreciation of the way in which such goods as friendship, pleasure, virtue, honor and wealth fit together as a whole” (Kraut). In other words, the virtuous people are happier because they possess more fragmentary elements of happiness from each of those virtues. Each virtue has some limitations that do not allow it to become full and equal to happiness in general. That is why the activity of soul in accordance with wealth, pleasure, and honor lead only to different aspects of happiness, but not to happiness itself.

The argument provided by Aristotle is persuasive because it is based on the elaborated logical analysis of the issue. Wealth, pleasure, and honor differ from happiness in different aspects, and that does not allow consider them as equivalents of happiness. The good life should possess three characteristics that correspond to its status of the realization of the supreme good which Aristotle calls happiness. Those are intrinsic, unconditional, and complete values of the good life. Thus, wealth possesses none of these characteristics because its worth is instrumental, derivative, and incomplete. It is clear because no person desires wealth for wealth itself, wealth has no unconditional value (but only some value dependent on its relations with other values), and wealth is not a complete value because no one can become rich enough.

The same concerns pleasure and honor; and the only one difference is that they, in contrast to wealth, are desired intrinsically as people’s direct aims. Through this point of view, happiness is approachable only through the combination of all virtues that allow an individual to achieve the result needed. Certainly, happiness cannot rely on the object of physical world because of its changeful and unstable nature when happiness has to remain unchanged always due to its characteristics mentioned. In this way, the argument of Aristotle is also good because, in fact, the philosopher indirectly claims that happiness has a mental nature in contrast to different physical phenomena that may only help an individual to become happy but not to substitute happiness. For literature fans it's also will be interesting to read post about symbolism of a bird in trifles.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the argumentation of Aristotle is persuasive because of two details: the articulation of the difference between the means of happiness and happiness itself, and the understanding of the holistic nature of happiness as a state of mind that cannot include any contradictory elements in contrast to wealth, pleasure, and honor.

Jack Brooks

Our dissertation abstract service has prepared this piece for you.

It has already become a general truth that employees’ engagement and their performance are two interrelated factors which influence the efficiency of the company. Thus, employers try hard to make their employees more engaged in the working process. The Towers Watson 2012 Global Workforce Study proved that current situation in business demands a new approach to employees’ engagement, which is called “sustainable engagement” (Schwartz, 2012).

“Sustainable engagement” provides for enhancing physical, emotional and social well-being of the workers, in such a way creating favorable work environment which will inspire the employees to make considerable achievements in future. Having analyzed 50 global companies, Tower Watson proved that companies where the engagement score was law had an operating profit margin under 10 percent. The results of the companies with high traditional engagement demonstrated 14 percent margin. Finally, the companies which showed the highest “sustainable engagement” had an operating profit margin of 27 percent (Schwartz, 2012). The results of the survey show that the real challenge for modern companies is to move from their traditional principles based on getting more out of their employees to improving work environment and meeting employees’ needs. Under such conditions people will be more eager to work flat out.

However, there are also such a part of staff which undermines the operating capacity of the group. A leading international survey research and consulting firm called the Gallup Organization defines these people as actively disengaged employees. Actively disengaged employees are the people who are not just dissatisfied with their job, but those who also have an influence on their motivated co-workers and diminish their accomplishments at work. Due to the statistics, disengaged employees comprise the majority (approximately 54%) of labor force. Gallup estimates the percentage of actively disengaged workers at 17% – 22.5 million workers in the USA. Moreover, these employees make the businesses sustain losses of $300 billion annually. In spite of this fact, many companies are still unaware of the amount of productivity losses caused by disengagement (Ryan, 2004).

First of all, these are the managers who should be blamed for such a big number of disengaged workers. A lot of HR specialists and executives promote dysfunctional organizational culture and often ignore their own failures. Therefore, it is essential for the company guidance to be aware of possible consequences which bad management may lead to. All in all, the focal point of efficiency at a workplace lies in the willingness of individuals, managers and leaders, while each of them takes the responsibility for the role he/she plays. With the help of employees and employers’ desire engagement and by means of their mutual efforts, the company will succeed in achieving its goals.

Adrian Daley

The criminal justice system is an institution that deals with criminals and criminal activities guided by the goal of preventing and reducing crime, as well as in aiding in the maintenance of social order and control. In addition, the system creates certain laws and institutions of justice, penalizes those who violate set rules and laws in addition to correcting and rehabilitating prisoners. The death penalty or capital punishment is among the various punishments outlined in the penal code where punishment in form of executions and life sentences are meted out to criminals. The death penalty execution refers to the premeditated and planned legal killing of a victim by the government while life imprisonment means prison life without parole as punishment for capital crime committed. Many human rights organizations have spearheaded campaigns around the world against the death penalty considering it to be the ultimate and irreversible denial of human rights. This defines the lack of consensus between whether the death penalty should be upheld whereby punishment is reduced to life imprisonment. This paper discusses the pros and cons of life incarceration and execution

Life Incarceration versus Death Penalty Executions

Many states still mete out the death penalty in form of executions which are performed in various ways including lethal injection and electrocution, among others; while others, like New Mexico, have abolished the death penalty and put in the punishment through life imprisonment. An advantage of death penalty executions is that it is a strong crime deterrent measure; research studies conclude that each execution deters between seven and eight homicides. Additionally, justice prevails as the executions give closure to the victim’s families considering the suffering they undergo as a result of the perpetrated crimes, and society is deemed better off considering taxpayers money that is used in life imprisonment. The deterrent measure is based on the idea that the threat of punishment, that is, execution by murder, is severe enough to counter the benefits or pleasures that criminals gain from capital crimes. However, from an ethical perspective, human rights organizations generally believe that the death penalty executions only serve to create a cycle of violence precipitated by a criminal justice system that is riddled with racial and economic biases and worsened by human errors. This is in line with the brutalization effect, which Shepherd (204-10) avers, brutalizes the sensibilities of society making potential murderers less inhibited and, therefore, more willing to commit more crimes. This precipitation of more crime and violence is perceived as the major disadvantage of death penalty executions worsened by the many botched executions that show inhumanity as provided by statistics from the death penalty information center.

For life incarceration, the advantage lies in the potential for the criminal to be positively rehabilitated for the betterment of society, which is supported by the reason why the criminal justice systems spends copious amounts of money rehabilitating prisoners. Prisons like Dwight Correctional Center in Illinois are one of the examples of prisons that affect positive change in prisoners and society especially due to the lenient conditions that enable rehabilitation. Ethically and morally, sparing human life is another advantage that life incarceration has over the death penalty considering that all human life, despite the wrongs, is sacred. The justice system demonstrates its humanity by giving the life sentence instead of the death penalty execution while supporting other crime deterrence and rehabilitation programs. Additionally, some criminals may be innocently charged for crimes they did not commit or some who are not fit for the death penalty as seen in the case of the mentally ill Joseph Corcoran. However, from a social perspective, the grieving families are forced to relive their misery due to the death of loved ones; when the perpetrators are released in one way or another, someone might even seek revenge against them. Moreover, from an economic standpoint, preserving criminals on capital crimes with regards to life imprisonment considering their highly negative criminal activities, borders on misuse of available and scarce resources, financial or others. The DPIC shows a cost of over $90,000 per year per inmate and over 60 million dollars per year. Some prisons are also characterized by the most inhumane and harsh conditions including violence and terrible sanitation, among others, which act as another death sentence as shown by prisons run in Texas.

Evidently, death penalty executions and life incarceration deliver punishments to criminals that may be commensurate with the type of crimes perpetrated. However, death penalty executions are inconclusively shown as being able and unable to deter crime. Even though death penalty executions deliver punishment fit for related crimes, the sanctions seem to be primarily based on revenge and not justice. Moreover, some people may be innocent, which underscores the reason why justice should not discard the sanctity of life where alternatives like life incarceration are present. The economic standpoint does not contribute much considering that human life is destroyed during death penalty executions, which defines why I prefer life incarceration over death penalty executions. In conclusion, I believe in the sanctity of human life where innocent blood may be split during death penalty executions and in consideration to positive potential change that life imprisonment may bring, I support life incarceration.

Adrian Daley Feb 21 · Tags: essay
Byron Kinkade

When writing your research papers on such a topic, you need to take into account the fact that this is a vast topic and there are copious amounts of things which can be discussed when writing it.


When starting off, define the term ‘management’ very precisely and aptly so that your audience does not feel bored and then switch to the main topic of your research papers which is the importance of planning in management.


So what exactly is meant by the term management? How can be it executed for effective results? Well, the answer to these questions is really not as hard as you think! Browse the internet and check out various resources to get interesting information for providing answers to these easy questions in the introductory part of your research papers.


The most important thing to consider is that your research papers should keep your audience entertained. So try to make your writing as appealing and interesting as possible. Indulge in the topic and take out the time to search for relevant information so that your content does not look draggy and nonsensical. In simple English, don’t just write because you are obliged to. Write it because you want to!


Once you are done with the management part, come to ‘planning’. Discuss the definition of planning and the pivotal role it plays in management. So, basically, you are supposed to bring the benefits of planning in the limelight when writing the body paragraphs of your research papers on hospital management.


There is saying this really wise saying about planning- ‘well plan is half done’. Emphasize on this when writing your research papers and talk about the various things which you need to be careful about with reference to physical and human resources for the success of an organization.


When writing the concluding paragraph of your research papers, discuss the aftermath of good planning and throw light on the results yielded by it.


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Helga Holl

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Jim Nill

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Byron Kinkade
Make Your Opinion Count By Writing A Good Opinion Essay

Opinion essays are among the most common types of essays written in schools and colleges. An opinion is feeling a certain way about something not necessarily based on facts and knowledge. For example, if someone says that “I like the way this artist painted a portrait”, then it is an individual’s opinion. A belief on the other hand is a feeling that something exists or is true, especially without proof. A religious belief is a good example.

Similar to a narrative essay or expository essay from, an essay on your opinion is straightforward, although giving only your opinion and viewpoint on a certain subject is not enough to get high scores. You have to support your words with citations of interesting facts and opinions from reliable sources and provide correct essay references. While these essays are not difficult to write, they require patience, time and concentration.

You can choose a topic accoring to your preferences – sports, politics, drama, art, etc. But bear in mind that you should not write an essay on a topic that you do not know anything about. Therefore you have to choose your subjects and activities carefully and then select one or two on which you can write passionately and with deep knowledge.

Similar to argumentative essays, you need to decide whether you are “for” or “against” the idea or the opinion of another person. The best effect can be achieved if you give pros and cons arguments. Try to make your essay bright and impressive. It has to impress the reader for you to score high.

The structure of the essay contains the introduction with a clear thesis statement, the main part of the work and finally the conclusion. Your opinion should be reiterated in a separate paragraph, preferably just before the conclusion. Remember to go through your final draft before you type the essay. Grammatical, spelling and stylistic mistakes will not benefit you in getting a high score. Add professionalism to the essay by structuring and organizing the ideas into a cohesive flow and refer to examples available online on sites for further inspirations.

Byron Kinkade Dec 1 '19 · Tags: education, essay, writing
Donald Bouton

Sensory Descriptions Can Make Your Description Essay Vivid and Interesting To the Reader

A description is a spoken or written account of a certain item. Therefore, when writing a description or argumentative essay such as you have to give detailed observations and descriptions about the subject you choose. This will give the reader a vivid and interesting idea of what you wish to convey in your essay.

Few Essay Tips

Decide on what you want to describe. It can be about a person, a place or an experience etc. Whatever you are writing about has to be the main focus of your essay. Use a variety of words. Using adjectives and verbs is of primary importance. Make your words convert something ordinary to extraordinary. Use of sensory verbs such as feel, see, smell, taste etc. can convey a more vivid account of the subject you are describing. For example, when writing about “A trip to the country”, you will not write about only the green trees and the blue sky. You will write about the wind in your hair as you walked the feel of the grass beneath your feet, and even the sound of the birds in the trees.

The reader has to be captured by your essay and should want to continue reading it. However, do not use too many adjectives as this will make your essay too jaded and verbose to the reader. Another essay tip that may be of help is that you can use comparisons in this type of essays. By comparing your essay with something extraordinary makes your essay interesting and enjoyable to the reader.

An Extra Dose of Creativity and Imagination

You should also convey the purpose of your essay to the reader. Why will you write about a certain topic? Instead of writing only the facts and statistics, you can express your own view points and feelings in your essay. Similar to opinion essays, this type of essay lets you explore your inner feelings.

Decide on the essay format and the style you will be applying in to your writing. Instead of using a straight forward method, try being creative and allowing your imagination to flow. But as in all things said before, do not go overboard. Metaphors and similes also should be used appropriately.

General Guidelines

As in all essays, yours should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The focus of your essay is shown in the introduction. The place, the person or the event will be described in vivid and grave details in the body of the essay. Your thoughts are summarized in the conclusion of your essay. Do not skip the pre writing stage and do not undermine the value of in-depth research. Use jot notes and an essay outline to capture your initial thoughts and turn them in to a cohesive and smoothly flowing essay. Always check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. If you decide to buy essay online, choose quality writing assistance services.

Donald Bouton Nov 30 '19 · Tags: education, essay, writing
Chloe Bailey

Music is an inseparable part of any culture. It is a part of everyday life. People wake up with music, have lunch listening to some random tracks from the playlist in their favorite restaurants; they like to dance, sing, and just enjoy the melody. Music is a constant background for life even if it is not always loud or noticeable. It is safe to say that it is actually woven into the fabric of daily life. When one understands music, which another likes, those people will find something to talk about. It is exactly thanks to songs that one can see the soul of his/her companion, understand him/her, and see what he/she has inside.

Music can be different, but it still touches the soul. Musical styles and genres are multiple. It is a kind of art, which responds immediately to listeners’ requests. Everyone can create music if they have talent and a call to share private emotions or some personal story. It helps people not only to express themselves, but also to feel relieved and breathe again. Music is a universal way to express a variety of feelings. However, if a person does not seem to be able to create some pieces, he/she can always find something insanely close in someone’s work. It does not matter if one is sad and reflective or jovial and delighted, one will always find a musician who has already felt the same way and has told the story using strings or keys and expressive metaphors and that one will stay alive forever. Therefore, music will be one of the few things that people will always care about in the hierarchy of needs.

People do not pay attention to the fact that music is everywhere and it is around people from the very beginning. There is a supposition that musical taste begins to form before birth. An unborn child can hear sounds and even recognize them after being born.

Music is a great way to keep memories. One does not need photographs, notes, or letters; it is enough to hear a familiar song and one will have a flashback. Being a strong psychological anchor, music immediately brings some associations to mind, recalls memories and feelings. People often associate important characters in their life with some song or melody. Everyone has someone in mind while listening to Lionel Richie.

As for me, music is an inseparable part of my life. It encourages, stimulates, or helps to relax. Life is full of stress and troubles and sometimes it is necessary to clear the mind. In this case, meditation is one of the best options. Surely, specific calm and relaxing music is very helpful when one tries to organize thoughts and release mind. Besides, music can be very stimulating when people do some physical work. Personally, I prefer going into sports only with music on. I always go jogging with my iPod; few energetic tracks put me in a good mood and motivate for doing more. The same thing is when I do exercises. Once when I was backpacking with my friends, we took a very long walk and the distance was pretty serious. When I was almost out of forces, I put my headset on and played my favorite tracks. I did not even imagine how great and helpful it could be. You do not give all your energy to the race already as you are only listening to your favorite music while doing something else. That route was wonderful.

All people need music. It is inspiring and it helps to find the truth and let go of feelings. Music will always be a reflection of the soul and the time that soul has lived.

As a child, Chloe Bailey dreamed of becoming a TV presenter. He used her ingenuity and creativity in another field. As a result, she works as a writer on, trusted and well-proven writing service. Competent writers provide help with different assignments.
Chloe Bailey Nov 28 '19 · Tags: essay, music
Sarah Colins

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