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Ruby Nash

Men and women have different ways of communication. By means of communication techniques information and ideas pass from one person to another. Moreover, it is of great importance for human beings to interact and express their own feelings. There are a lot of differences in communication style of men and women. The ability to present arguments is distinctive feature of communication. Women tend to use rhetorical and informational questions in order to deliver their argument. In contrast, the contribution of women during arguments is not that strong. The body orientation of men and women is also very different during communication. Women always look at other things while communicating. They also like to maintain eye contact while they are in any form of conversation. In contrast, men do not maintain eye contact while communicating with each other. This presentation covers the area of gender and communication styles of both men and women. Understanding these differences will help to enhance effective and efficient communication.

The interaction style of men and women is different. According to different researches, women like to use the report style of communication. This style emphasizes on sameness during communication. Linguistic researchers claim that report style helps to establish close relationships between the people who are communicating. In contrast, men do not prefer such style while discussing issues. This type of communication is impersonal. However, it is very efficient in terms of the exchange of information. Men like to use this style of communication in order to maintain their status in the hierarchy. The process of taking turns while communicating is also different between genders. While discussing something, men like to interrupt women in order for them to convey their ideas. This is despite the fact that the woman might have been explaining her point. Men also tend to dominate in conversations. They take a lot of time explaining their own ideas and views. Some of the linguistic researchers argue that women are treated as children while talking in turns.

Question tags can also be used to explore the difference in communication style between men and women. Modal tags and affective tags can be used to illustrate this difference. People use modal tags to request for particular information. They are also used in order to confirm the information that the speaker may be uncertain about. Speakers use affective tags while expressing concern for the addressee. Men tend to use modal tags more often in comparison to the way that women use these tags. Some researchers on linguistics argue that men use modal tags since they are mostly insecure about their opinions. Affective tags are used in order to invite listeners to participate in a particular type of conversation. Men do not use these tags since they do not like engaging in some sort of conversations. However, women love such tags since they like to control the flow of conversations.

The use of silence can also be a tool to explore the difference in communication style between men and women. Men are considered to keep silence more while discussing certain topics, while women try everything possible to present their views during conversations. In most cases, men become silent when they have a critical issue that affects their own emotions. Men become silent when they process certain type of information and it is better to keep it in a secret rather than to share it with everyone.. As for the women, it is much easier for them to share their personal feelings. Some of the men argue that sharing their feelings makes them vulnerable.

Women tend to use modal verbs more frequently as it is considered more polite form of communication. Some of the modal verbs which women frequently use are “could” and “would.” It is common to hear from women requests such as “Could you pass me that pen?” Women also like to use qualifiers more comparing to men. Qualifiers help to avoid the authoritative tone in conversations. It is all because of the society which does not allow women to behave independently and boastfully.

One more distinctive feature is that women like to pay compliments unlike the men do. . Women always appreciate if they are given positive results or references on a particular issue. This is because they consider it as a form of politeness. Women also like offering unsolicited advice during communications. This is because they value sharing feelings with each other and offering emotional support whenever it is needed. Men mostly try to interrupt in order to take over a particular conversation. In contrast, women interrupt when they want to seek clarification about a particular issue under question.

Coming to foregone conclusion, the communication style between men and women is absolutely different. In certain cases men are more silent, however, in other cases they tend to interrupt in order to gain control of a particular conversation. Concerning women style of communication they tend to use qualifiers and modal verbs during communication as they show the level of politeness. If people understand the gender difference in communication, they will be able to know why men and women act differently during conversations. It will facilitate mutual understanding and cooperation during communication in the future.

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Callie Lorenzo
A Guideline for Comparative Essay Outline
Comparative essay is based on comparison of two or more views, persons or events. The two subjects may have similar features or issues. You can compare their advantages and disadvantages and provide your view in favor or against the subjects. Comparative essays can also be written on a single subject by comparing its different aspects. You could be asked to write an essay about myself through which you will be asked to compare your strengths and weaknesses.
Whether you write English essays or Urdu essays, every essay has a predefined format or outline of the form: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. In case of comparative essay outline the body hosts the comparison of two or more subjects with help of suitable examples. The comparative essays outline will give you a clear idea about the process of writing a comparative essay and will serve as great help when there is not much time to write an essay
Incorporate the following points for Comparative essays outline :
1. Selection of topic should be such that a comparison can be made between any two subjects related to that topic. A comparison needs to have a strong backing of research. Thus do a proper research and make sure you have a complete knowledge of the topic and the subjects to be discussed.
2. Next is the introduction, which describes the central theme of the essay so keep it short, precise and accurate. Define your objective of comparing the two subjects and state in short the points you are going to include, for the readers to understand your preference. End the introduction with a thesis statement which can also include a claim or a point you want to make about the topic.
3. While writing the body of the essay you must be perfectly clear of the purpose of writing this essay. In a comparative essay the body also has significance on the structure or the order in which you compare the subjects. Though there are some sample structures for a comparative essays outlineyou could use the one you are comfortable with but make sure the reader understand all the points.
Some of the commonly followed practices are as follows;
--One method you could follow is by comparing each aspect of the subjects together in a paragraph and continuing the same throughout the essay. For instance take a topic as “plasma TV versus LCD TV”. You could compare these two products for their features in one paragraph and drawbacks in the other.
--Second method is to handle each subject individually and compare them in separate paragraphs. This method is helpful when you are dealing with a topic having more than two subjects to compare. You can handle each subject one by one and describe them separately. For instance if you are asked to compare “different forms of music”, you could explain them individually as per their popularity over the generations. But while using this method you need to be careful and attentive as you may discuss different points for different subjects and may not offer equal time to all.
4. At the end conclude the essay with a brief and general summary of the discussed points and their similarities and differences.
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