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Sadie Blair

The First Day of Gettysburg Battle

During the period 1861-1865, the war between the North and the South, also known as the war of the Union and the Confederation and simply as a Civil War in the United States, took place. The unprecedented bitterness of the parties and huge human losses were characteristic for this war. The central event in this war, which has largely determined the final victory of the North, was the extremely bloody and stubborn battle of Gettysburg. In particular, the first day of the battle on July 1, 1863 provided certain circumstances that influenced further leaders’ decisions, which were significant for the battle development as in grade my essay discussion.

At first, it is necessary to examine the main factors that have determined Robert E. Lee to provoke the battle. After the battles of 1862, it became clear that the only chance to withstand the Confederacy was to transfer the war to the enemy's territory; thus, Robert E. Lee, the commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, crossed the borders of the Union on September 4, 1862 seeking to transfer military operations to the lands of the northerners and thereby reduce pressure on Virginia. On the eve of this battle, in May 1863, the South won another victory at Chancellorsville, and Robert Lee, commander of the Northern Virginia Army, appealed to the supreme commander-in-chief of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis, for approving his plans for an invasion of the North. Given that the North suffered a number of serious defeats in recent months, this made sense. Capturing the city of Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, would undoubtedly strengthen the fighting spirit of the Southern army, and adversely affect the popularity of Lincoln. Strategically, Pennsylvania was a convenient way to the capital of the Union - Washington.

An important aspect of the first day of the battle on July 1, 1863 was the issue of the territory occupation. The northerners tried to break through to Gettysburg, though their attempt was unsuccessful; the Lee's troops repelled the attack and even knocked them down from their strategic height. In general, on the first day of the battle, both sides had the opportunity to take the Culp’s Hill without a fight. However, the battle began quite suddenly, and in the turmoil of the battle, neither the Confederates nor the Unionists bothered to reconnoiter the area.

Another important aspect that determined further defeat of Lee’s army was the obscurely pronounced order of General Lee (which was generally notable for the vagueness and “blurring” of the wording of his orders). The order was misunderstood, and the retreating opponent did not pursue the southerners. It goes about his order to Richard Ewell that was determined by Lee’s doubt regarding the necessity of the battle. Lee’s order was rather contradictive and stated: “should I actually send my troops to take Culp’s Hill or should I not bring on a general engagement? I don’t know what to do”. This issue has determined the weak actions of the army. This allowed Commander-in-Chief John Mead to stop and reorganize his retreating units, preparing them for the second day of the battle. In terms of this issue, scholars tend to suppose that in case Stonewall Jackson was at Ewell’s place, he would better understand Lee’s order and would take the Hill that was strategically important for the battle winning. In such a way, this issue represents how incoherent orders of military staff can influence historically significant events.

It is also necessary to mention the precondition of the first day of the battle and its role in the further battle outcomes. According to Lee’s strategy, his three corps had to reach the Gettysburg area in the beginning of July. At that moment, the cavalry of the Southerners under the command of General James Stewart was in the raid along the rear of the Yankees. In the middle of June, Lee ordered Stewart to make a raid to clarify the positions of the northerners, and then settle on the right flank of the corps under the command of General Richard Ewell. As a result, Stewart joined Lee only on the evening of July 2, when the battle was already in full swing. Thus, he deprived General Lee of the main information and support of the cavalry in the most critical days of the Gettysburg campaign.

The peculiarity of the first day of the battle was that regardless the quantitative advantage of Lee’s army in terms of loss in the end of the battle, the following outcomes were quite opposite. The Southerners achieved notable success - they threw the northerners behind Gettysburg and almost destroyed the 1st and 11th federal corps. The successes of this day influenced the decision of General Lee to attack in the afternoon of July 2: "[The battle became] unavoidable. Encouraged by the successful issue of the engagement of the first day, and in view of the valuable results that would ensue from the defeat of the army of General [George] Meade”. At the same time, without enough concentration, the Confederation's army actually got involved in a battle on disadvantageous area, without having information about the enemy's forces, which ultimately affected the outcome of the whole battle.

In general, the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg implied significant contribution in terms of the military leaders’ decisions, which have determined further battle outcomes. With a little consideration of the area peculiarities, underestimation of enemy’s resources and not coherent enough military staff communication, it has provided further advantage to Northern side, despite the success of Southern forces during the first day. Further outcomes of the battle have represented the significance of the consideration of both tactic and strategic aspects of the battle in order to obtain long-term historical advantage.

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Luiza Spectrum

The Death of Woman Wang

The first book that we had to read was The Death of Woman Wang by Jonathan D. Spence. There are many characters in this story, but the main one is the woman Wang. Through the life of this person, the author shows the life of the people of China. The second book was Bitter Choices by Michael Khodarkovsky. From it one can get acquainted with the history of Russia and the northwest Caucasus as well as with the anger and violence of Russian officers. The next book was All Quite on the Western Frontby Erich Maria Remarque. This famous and respectful writer showed us the meaning of wars for common people in the best way possible. The last book that we had to read was Survival in Auschwitzby Primo Levi. Is shows all the horrible truth about the famous camp and the treatment to people who were there.

From the first sight, there is nothing common in these four books. They describe different countries, people, and even time periods. One book describes the disasters that happened to the country and brought awful consequences, another one the beautiful nature, mountains. In one of the stories, the author talks only about the disasters that humans made, in another - about the nature disasters that were combined with human cruelty. In one book, it is written about a time period that was a few centuries ago, and in the other one is it told about the previous century. In different countries, there are diverse cultures, religions and customs. Everything is different.

However, if one thinks and looks deeper, one will see obvious and clearly common things for all four books. First of all, it is necessary to mention that all these stories are historical, but they describe not only some historical facts, but have a plot. It makes them more interesting for reading. Each book has the main hero and one can see the history of appropriate country through the lives of these characters. In the beginning, I wondered why all these books were sad. There was always somebody who had to die. The death, pain, and unhappiness combined in these books. Now, I understand why. The authors wanted to emphasize the regimes that were in the described countries. The state authority plays the main role in the wellbeing of the nation. In China, Russia, and Germany, the political authority was cruel, indifferent, and violent. It was easy to live for people who were on “the high” positions. For common people, life was like a hell. They did not have any rights, it was forbidden for them to tell their thoughts, actually, they were nothing. When “the high” people wanted to invade some country, they did not fight, they ordered the normal people to fight for them. Thousands of youngsters died on wars for nothing. These boys did not fight for their freedom, they fought for the desires of the political authority.

Another interesting common thing is that in All Quite on the Western Front and in Survival in Auschwitz, the authors, like anyone else, knew what to write in their books, because they had their own experience how to be on the war and how to be the prisoner in Auschwitz. It is really hard to describe the truth in the way that would be clear for the readers who do not have any idea about how to live in the war time. These writers did this well because of their own human experience.

These people who lived in the periods of wars, authoritative political regimes and famine are the strongest people in the world. They know the worst side of human being. “Let the months and years come, they can take nothing from me, they can take nothing more”. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for them to come back to normal and peaceful life. This article is the great example of book report prepared by head of writers department of - Luiza Spectrum, more her papers you can find just following the link.

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john miller

When looking for assignment help online, you’ll find many students using online tools to make their tasks easier. These are available online for free to use any time you need. All students cannot afford to buy assignment papers or hire professional writers. For these students, online tools are the best option available to write high-quality essays.


1. Proofreading tools to brush up your paper


Students have to look for assignment writer when they get low grades in their paper despite completing and submitting it on time. This situation arises when you don’t proofread your work before submission. You’ll realise that there are many spelling and grammatical errors in the paper. Here, you can use proofreading tools like and Once you run your essay through hit, they will highlight the mistakes and suggest corrections.


2. Maths equation solver to improve your maths assignments


Students usually look for paper  help when they face challenging subjects like Mathematics. You’ll find many students struggling with complex maths equations. It’s no surprise that they end up with low grades because of one mistake or the other. In such times, you’ll find a maths equation solver tool convenient. and will help you out with any challenging equation you have by providing you with step-by-step solutions to the same. This will help you understand the problem better so that you can improve your knowledge of these equations.


3. Plagiarism checkers to give your assignment the final touch


Plagiarism is unacceptable in any form of academic writing. Your professors will penalise your paper if you submit anything that is not original, and you’ll have no option but to look for write my paper services to help you out. You can't check for plagiarism in the paper all on your own without the help of tools. An online plagiarism tool will assist you in detecting any form of plagiarism in your work so that you can fix the issue. By doing this, your assignment’s quality will improve a lot.


These are the most commonly used tools by students in general. If you’re looking for globalassignment help and cannot afford any writing service, you can use these online tools as much as you want to polish up your paper.

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Jane Stane

Human use of any living organisms raises ethical issues. Scientists used to conduct experiments on animals in biological and medical research for several centuries. Millions of animals are killed every year around the world, and the controversy surrounding the question “Why and how animals are used?” not only did not cease, but even took a very sharp and dramatic form. Currently, there are two points of view on this problem: to prohibit experiments because they are immoral, cause pain and suffering to animals and even lead to their death and to allow experiments by observing the principles of humane animal treatment. In the latter case, animal experiments are regarded as a further progress of science and human well-being.

Firstly, animal testing is considered useful because it saves the lives of humans. Obviously, conducting experiments is never safe. Thus, experiments on human beings put their health and life in general at a high risk. Animals, on the contrary, are very useful in identifying specific primary indicators (percentage lethal outcome, etc). Additionally, they have a high rate of reproduction, which means that if some of them die during the experiments, others are reproduced within a short time. Scientists cannot wait until the second or third generation of the test person will be born; it is a very long and often pointless process. A good example of animals that have been used for various experiments is the Guinea pig since its lifetime is short and it reproduces in large numbers.

It should also be mentioned that animal testing is the most reliable and the most inexpensive form of experimenting. With regards to reliability, animal testing can be easily conducted since animals for experiments may be obtained at any time. There is no obligation to convince an animal to agree to be used for experiments. On the contrary, human beings may prove difficult to convince. Regarding the inexpensive nature of animal experiments, there are various animals that can be cheaply bought and used for experiments. On the other hand, the use of human beings in experiments is extremely expensive. A huge sum of money should be paid for a person to convince to be used for experiments. In case of accidents during the experiment, people would also ask for compensation. Accordingly, animals remain the most inexpensive for experiments.

On the other hand, many animal rights activists advocate for a total ban of the use of laboratory animals in medicine and biology, because animals “are radically different from the man” and, therefore, cannot serve as model objects. Scientists know quite well the similarities and differences between the laboratory animal’s physiology and human physiology. Some effects, particularly related to the effect on the psyche, can be detected only at the last stage of testing, when the medicine is tested on humans.

The third point for animal testing is the fact that experiments are necessary during the learning process of biologists and physicians. Entering the university, every student wants to get a quality education, become a qualified expert in a particular field and be ready for any eventuality that awaits in the future professional activity. Therefore, an important part of training is practice. While working with not a living being, but with a mannequin, a student subconsciously knows that if something is going wrong, nothing bad will happen because it is just a mannequin. In reality, a specialist be lost or frightened of unexpectedness. During the learning process, students have to carry out various experiments. Thus, animals remain the only specimen during experiments since most animals’ body morphology is almost similar to the human body morphology. Therefore, by using such animals, students are accorded a chance to understand the human body. Therefore, they are given an adequate knowledge to handle humans in the real life situations.

Those who are opposed to animal experiments defend their position with a fact that experiments with animals are ineffective since they make animals suffer from pain. Animals’ senses respond to pain, and there is no much difference between the pain senses of human beings and animals. The only difference is the manner of reaction. However, the pain that animals experience during experiments is equal to that of human beings. Thus, it is unethical to subject animals to such pain simply because they are not human beings. There is a need to find an alternative for the future experiments. The fact that animals are an inexpensive way to conduct experiments should not subject them to pain and sufferings.

Contemporary experiments on animals are not aimed at mocking the defenseless creatures; it is the desire to make human life better and safer. If a person carries out experiments with laboratory animals, it does not mean that one does not like animals. In the long term, it would be just perfect to completely abandon the use of animals in biomedical applications, but nowadays, it is impossible with regards to the present level of science.

About the author: Jane Stane is a freelance writer at helps students to simplify study life because she writes ready-made essays for them. She is interested in history and politics. She has five years of experience, and 20 years of in-depth study of history and politics. Apart from writing, she also likes to spend time with her friends and family, so you can find a lot of photos from different countries on her Facebook page.

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Carol Stewart
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 Absolutely sure, with out the desire to actually work flat out, these will never definitely do really a lot to improve your amounts, whilst you will find allows that can help, this kind of as calculators or marking means. When you consider you may analyze productively by by yourself, without the need of paying out for outdoor support, this may show to generally be disastrous, about the other hand.

In equally circumstances, performing perform smarter could be the critical.  The underside line is to possess a chance to go through the sort of assessments, that should consider your potential, and what forms of research as well as other assignments you can expect to be needed to entire. You can expect to explore numerous distinct styles of computer software and courses available to support learners working with their many varieties of programs. 

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Exactly the same retains legitimate to the SAT's. Whilst you will find totally free hints away from your tutors over the evaluate alone, you will not know the way to generate utilization of that data or what tricks to consider any time you do your research and do your time period paperwork. It can be not since the tutor is conscious anything you do not, it is simply because you have an understanding of how that bit of information will help you realize your objectives, whenever you remodel within your papers. 

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If you can find passages which may be deemed plagiarized, when you use a coursework writing help company, they will check out your papers for plagiarism and allow you to know. They will also locate any statements that may be deceptive or that existing bogus particulars. Ahead of any adverse evaluations return to your papers, They're going to notify you that can help you deal with the specific situation.  From time to time learners will need coursework writing help because their instructors are certainly not as handy as they may be. You could need to feel about using the services of a coursework making support if that is the problem using your teacher. 

Most expert services give quite a few diverse sorts of expert services which incorporates enhancing, proofreading, one of a kind producing, and appointment.  It truly is vital to develop into profitable with the school diploma, whilst creating essays could be challenging do the job. Look at employing a qualified writer's products and services that will help you out if you have been strike with plagiarism or have prepared an essay which was plagiarized. It may well necessarily mean the real difference among acquiring by means of your training course and failing and you will be satisfied recognizing that your professors became pleased with your function.


A critical analysis essay is a difficult task if it's your first time. A paper like this requires in-depth analysis and evaluation of each author's ideas. Some students find it easy to complete the task, and they choose to read a book, watch a film, or write reports.

Even if you don't have a lot of writing talent and aren't a skilled writer, having the right strategy can help you finish a winning assignment. These tips will make it easier to finish the paper.

Make sure you spend enough time reading

An A-grade critical analysis essay requires more than just reading a book or watching a movie. It is essential to find the main ideas and determine if the author has successfully communicated the key message. If you are unable to find the main ideas, it is important to dig into the source. You can search the dictionary for unfamiliar terms to help you understand their meaning. Make sure you spend enough time reading, watching and reviewing to finish the assigned paper.

Plan ahead!

While some students may think it's a waste to create an outline, others might be more likely to make mistakes and have unintended consequences. This could lead to you losing your focus and missing important details required to complete a winning assignment. A detailed plan will allow you to handle the task easily. This will help you organize and perfect your essay.

Design your style

Try not to copy the style of another writer. It is important to be comfortable with the style you have chosen. Although it can take some practice to get your style right, it is worth the time.

Write an introduction

It can be very difficult to write an introduction before you complete the body of your assignment. An ideal solution is to keep your main body focused and to then begin thinking about background material to provide to the reader. It doesn't matter if creating a thesis sentence introduction seems difficult.

Your assignment can be supported with evidence

If you don't provide compelling evidence, it will be very difficult for the reader to believe your statements. Be sure to back up any statement you make. You might even be able to use textual evidence taken from the source to back up your main points. It's no easy task to provide sufficient evidence. This is why some learners hire an essay writer for help.

Great help comes from another pair of eyes

Be sure to proofread your essay before you submit it. Ask a friend, or someone who is knowledgeable, to look over your assignment and make sure it's clear. You don't have anyone to help you with this assignment. A professional expert will edit your paper to perfection.

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john miller

About 79% of students opt for online research paper writing service to ensure that their paper is devoid of plagiarism. After all, even 1% of plagiarism can bring down the entire quality of your research paper. It is not only considered academically unethical but can also leave a solid bad impression on your professors throughout your academic career. So, here are three important tips for you to write research papers without any plagiarism.

1.     Write the ideas in your own words

It is needless to say that you might need a wide slew of sources to write an impressive research paper. But, it is unethical to use someone else’s ideas without giving them due credit. So, you can write down the ideas in your own words instead of just copying them blatantly from the source. Copying directly from a source is known as direct plagiarism. And you can avoid it by paraphrasing the texts and writing them in your own words. In the case of essays, you can use an essay helpto get the paraphrasing done automatically.

2.     Use quotation marks

According to expert essay writer, the best way to avoid plagiarism is by using direct quotes. At times, you may want to quote a short extract from an external source relevant to your topic. That is when you can enclose the words in quotation marks while writing the paper. The quotation marks indicate that it’s a direct quote meaning the idea is someone else’s. Make sure you use the direct quotes sparingly without including large amounts of text. You should use quotations wherever you need to highlight the source of a particular idea.

3.     Rely on different types of sources

Whether you are using a math problem solveror writing a research paper, using the right type of sources is important. Besides that, you should also focus on using different types of sources rather than using the only type of source. Using pieces of information from a wide variety of sources indicate that you have read widely about the subject. You have researched thoroughly to formulate your opinions and views regarding the topic. You can use sources in the form of electronic media and print.

You can always use a essay checkerbefore submitting your paper in class. Make sure you use a reliable tool to check for plagiarism in your content. However, if you don’t have the time to check for plagiarism, it is better to buy courseworkor research paper as per your requirements. Similarly you can use free online algebra calculator.

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Helena Brown

Those most successful will also continue their educations with advanced courses that allow promotions and new opportunities as this field continues to expand.

It’s a fast paced specialty, but one that is both challenging and rewarding. It’s also one more incentive to update a resume. Again, one place to start is with writing a paper. It’s one of many ways to bring yourself current with the latest trends in terms of what employers are looking for. Whether you’re composing a resume or just updating your experience, ensuring it is current is crucial if you’re to redefine your goals.Acccounting is a challenging carrer, but the opportunities for advancement are endless for those wishing to redefine their parameters. As we bring in a new decade, it can also symbolize a new energy towards one’s dedication to his line of work.

Are there any sources of info to help me with my resume? This is a big question for first time job seekers because resumes are the main platforms to pay someone to write my research paper. Writing a resume is a part of the job hunting process. This is the way to come up with a document that will become the passport to get a job. For most people a professional resume is the key document that will lead to job interviews. If you want help in writing your resume, then you are in the right place.

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john miller

An abstract is a short summary of your thesis paper. It concisely reports the outcomes and aims of your research. However, students often require thesis help from experts to write a concise abstract. In addition, some specific rules and regulations go in to the format of framing and abstract. Here are 5 simple tips by which you can a detailed abstract for your more extensive work.

Revise The Outline

Every thesis topics requires revising the abstract. You cannot include the same elements for all your thesis papers. You also need to consider the discipline to frame an outline for your abstract. For example, a humanities paper will have a different abstract than law dissertation papers. To craft a proper outline, figure out specific primary keywords that report the entire issue of your paper. Structure one or two sentences based on these keywords to include all the ideas. Moreover, your abstract should not be repeating your introduction or conclusion. It should consist of the main points included in the story without giving out all the information.

Take Help From Similar Topics

Writing a thesis paper is a great deal of work. Now writing an abstract can trouble you more. However, to save you from all the hassle, you can research similar topics on the internet. You can take some ideas on how to condense your main story. You can search various journals and databases to frame and structure your abstract. Moreover, you can also take help from university assignment help services. These services have the best experts who have in-depth knowledge about all topics, and they can form an abstract just by glancing at your assignment.

Write Concisely

Your abstract should contain all your ideas in a condensed form. A great abstract will always be short and impactful. So if you do not have the necessary skills, you can always hire an essay writer to do the job for you. These writers understand the significance behind each word and can formulate an impressive summary. While writing a concise abstract, you should keep in mind that every sentient should convey one main idea. So avoid unnecessary fillers and also avoid cluttering your summary with unnecessary words.

Focus On Your Research

Your abstract should report your original contributions to the research. So avoid station any other's works even if you have mentioned them in your thesis. Instead, include a sentence or two to state your scholarly background. Situate your research and also note the relevance of each pint to restate a further debate. Avoid including citations unless extremely necessary. You can also use a paraphrasing tool to ensure compact, precise and impressive sentences.

Check Formatting

Your thesis paper requires you to follow a particular style. Every university has its own style of wiring dissertation papers like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. So before submitting your paper, make sure you have maintained all the guidelines and followed all the instructions for formatting. Moreover, check if you have mentioned the main keywords in your abstract to give out the core issue. You can always you matlab assignment help to search the exact keywords. Just click on search inside project and enter the word you want to search. It will display the results in no time.

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Evelyn  Burke
The arrival from the Net has produced it really easy to search out all kinds of info regarding how to compose an essay for school. Now you'll be able to get solutions towards your faculty questions on the internet, get entrance direction from professors and comprehensive formal faculty instruction from your home. Nonetheless, finding all this information is no simple process. You have to speculate a while to understand about many of the means accessible on-line. before you begin exploring over the internet, It's important to get fundamental knowledge about how to write down an essay for school. 

You will find various websites which offer essay producing aid for college kids, school, employees and college and facultyschool and college and academic advisers. every time they need to generate their university essays School college students and faculty lecturers also request aid from freelance writers when they Crafting an essay is just not a simple task. You have to have superior creating competencies, a transparent standpoint and precise info about the subject. The net offers countless essay composing companies and writers who specialize in creating essays for college.  The primary stage to acquire whilst writing your college essay should be to look for a superior exploration company. Should you have any question pertaining to the quality of freelance writers out there over the internet, you could check the web site in the National Affiliation of colleges of Company. 

The website presents detailed details with regards to the types of essays getting explained at a variety of colleges. The essay creating course of action duties and strategies are obviously pointed out. Many excellent study firms and authors are shown listed here.  A lot of these corporations and writers deliver essay crafting solutions and exploration companies for school students, instructors, faculty and university managers and academicians who have educational tasks to get well prepared. A lot of these composing expert services and investigate cheap essay service supply providers at very affordable rates. A lot of the companies and educational essayists cost no less than $20 for every academic task.  

The subsequent action that is critical in finding out how to produce college essay should be to make your mind up what subject matter you would like to jot down. essential in studying how you can produce higher education essay is to come to a decision what matter you'd like to write down. That's Another move which. You can find quite a few appealing subjects that are available such as man growth, sporting activities, heritage, politics, literature along with a great deal much more. based upon the requirements of your admission assessments, Whatsoever you end up picking, it should be intriguing and should and willmay and will be . After selecting the subject, you might want to glance for essay web templates and recommendations that may assist you in crafting your documents. 

You'll find several internet websites that supply free university essay trial samples.  Another phase you need to acquire would be to choose a design from one of the free samples and use it for your guide. Numerous college students have their own personal view in regards to the success of themes. Some gurus mention that they offer an awesome base to the college application essay. Some claim that it is just a good notion to help keep it very simple. Still other authorities mention that you should not use templates but develop your individual by using word digesting computer software.  As outlined over, a vital factor to recall when finding out how you can generate your essay is you must composition your papers in a very reasonable purchase. 

Such as, you ought to start by having an launch afterwards and then continue on to your overall body within your essay. If you are crafting your essay being a reaction to another's essay, it is vital which you organize it inside of a fashion that could present that you will be responding towards the original essay. To put it differently, you need to organize your essay in a logical get.  Lastly, whenever you are through together with your producing process, you should be sure that you manage your essay based on the college's admission specifications. are as a result of with your producing procedure, you should make certain you organize your essay according to the college's admission requirements, At last, when you just before a college student might be thought of for entry, most schools have certain demands that have to be met . You could check out out the necessities of one's college's major essay or additional essays. This can make the complete school writing course of action much easier to suit your needs.

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