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Jason Martin

Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world.

If you also use Facebook and you have a company page on Facebook, then this article is going to be useful for you, in this we will tell you how to increase the likes on Facebook page.

This is what every user wants to like on his Facebook page. You can increase the likes on your page by following the points given below.

1. With the help of Facebook social plugin

You can use Facebook Social Plugin to increase likes on Facebook page. You can embed this on your website. With this help, any user will blog on your website and if he likes this blog, then he will click on the Like button on the plug-in option.

2. Use attractive info graphics images

If you have beautiful and attractive info graphics images on your Facebook page then the likes on your page will definitely increase because the user likes this, in which he will get useful information along with the image.

3. Invite people to join Your page via SMS text messages

You can also take the help of SMS to increase the likes on Facebook page. You have to invite those people who do not have Facebook account or they use very less. You have to SMS 32665 with the name of your page.

4. Ask all your company employees to like your page

The second best way to increase the likes on the page is by taking the help of your company’s senior employee, asking them and their friends to invite you.

5. Fill complete information on your Facebook page Info

If your company’s Facebook page does not have complete information, then visitors will not come and also like it will not grow because it does not make an identity.

For this, you also have to mention with the company’s logo, description, what does your company do, it falls under which category and what is its sub-category, and the company’s website link, company phone number, address, social link Should be.

6. Use LinkedIn profile link into your page

Also use the LinkedIn profile link on your company’s Facebook page and put the Join my Facebook page button on it. Those who follow you on LinkedIn will also come to your page with the help of the link.

7. Link to twitter profile

Another way to increase the likes on Facebook page is to use the Twitter profile link on the page as well. Put a link to the Facebook page on the Twitter page as well and link your account to Twitter.

8. Use the invite and share option

The best way to increase the likes on the Facebook page is to invite your followers in this page, which has the option of invite, and by sharing the post you have posted, it will definitely increase the likes.

9. Put video on your Facebook page

Keeping videos can also increase the likes on your page. This also increases user traffic and will increase your fan following.

10. Add a link on your personal profile

If you have too many followers and friends on your personal Facebook id, then do not forget to add a link to the company’s Facebook page in your personal profile as it will grow like this and this is a good way.

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