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Breton Masbaber

Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses or eyeglass frames is quite easy these days as there are tons of eyewear stores available everywhere. But the easiest way probably is choosing an online store. Online eyewear stores offer huge collections of eyeglasses and eyeglass frames for women, men and children. You can get countless varieties of eyewear items to choose from, but you know that not all of the eye glasses are for you. You have to choose only one pair of eyeglasses that is right for you.

The process is simple when you are going to buy eyewear online. Choose a good and reliable store that has a ton of 5-star reviews from happy customers. It’s easy to find a popular e-store nowadays. Just do a Google search and the search engine will show you a list of popular e-stores on the search results. Choose one of the stores that comes on the top of the search results page and browse through their product line.

The next step is to enter your preferences to filter the search. A filtered search on the products page will show you all the relevant eyewear itemsthat are relevant to you. The list of items gets smaller and you can easily find the right pair of eyeglasses for you.

If you are on a budget, you can choose stores that offer discount eyewear products. There are many stores that sell high-quality eye glasses at a very lost. Eyewear Insight is one of them that offers a huge collection of top-quality eyeglasses and eyeglass frames for women, men and children at discount rates. Their website is user-friendly and they manage to offer an exceptional customer service always. If you are going to buy eyewear online, you may choose the Eyewear Insight e-store for a fantasticdeal.


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Shyam Kumar

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Donnell Dean

Choosing the metal

Usually, the brides prefer the same metal for both rings as it creates a pleasing and well-coordinated look. Both 2mm gold wedding band and engagement rings have the same wearability and hence complement each other.

However, mixing and matching metals is also a wise thought. This renders a modernistic yet trendy look, making the band seem more special. You can also add anniversary rings each year.

Choosing the metals depends on your personal preference, but make sure that the metals are durable. Also, the rings that you choose should be made of metals that have the same hardness. This prevents the softer ring from being scratched by the harder rings. For example, a hard metal like platinum can wear down gold and silver easily.

Should my wedding band be flush fit?

It is a matter of choice if you want your 2mm wedding band to sit flush against your engagement rings. Most women don't like to have a gap between two bands and think that it destroys the overall look.

There are no conditions that state that the two rings should be of the same shape and size and fit against each other. You can keep the gap between the two bands and wearing rings of different shapes and styles.

However, if your engagement ring includes a large gemstone like a pear or marquise, then it's a good idea to get a contoured wedding ring. This will ensure that your wedding ring is visible and there is a gap between the two rings.

You should note that the width of the ring may not fit to scale and can vary.

Here are some trends that have been seen over the years. Each person has a unique shape of their fingers as per their personal style, and make sure to choose the one that fits you. It would be better to see the jewellery and try them in person to know if you like it on your own hands, so we recommend you go to a jewellery store where you can get several options of jewellery.

·         1.5mm: It is very delicate, and you shouldn't choose anything thinner than this.

·         2mm: Narrow, perfect if you want a thin band against your engagement ring.

·         3mm (Spaghetti): Classic width fits nicely next to an engagement ring but is also quite heavy to be worn on its own.

·         4mm: Medium, it is normal for men who want a slimmer band or women who do not wear an engagement ring.

·         5mm (Linguine): it is a traditional men's wedding band, but many women also choose to wear this.

·         6mm (Fettuccine): it is usually wide, bold and solid.

Are you wearing both engagement and wedding bands?

Traditionally, a 2mm gold wedding band is worn on the third finger of your left hand along with the engagement ring. This is a common way to wear rings, but there are also other ways.

One creative way is to wear two thin wedding rings, one on either side of the engagement ring. This enhances the look of the engagement ring. Focus on your gemstones as it gives your ring a dynamic and stacked appearance.

There is also a way in which you wear the engagement ring on the right hand and the wedding ring on the left. This adds sparkle to your hands. 

Emma Smith
Furthermore, however you will be unable to destroy this stuff on the planet at the present time, there's a decent possibility that by June we'll be more liberated than we are currently and you can don one of the key pieces we've chosen from each pattern to, say, the stylist.  

1. New utility  The utility pattern has been doing the rounds for a few seasons now, with the safari coat fixation arriving at breaking point at the Spring/Summer 2020 shows. Presently, for Spring/Summer 2021, the look has been refreshed with a greater amount of an inside and out "high-work" vibe From the military-man-meets-twitcher-around field coats at Gucci and Zegna (cut from material at the previous and cowhide at the last mentioned) to the all-over safari takes a gander at Balmain and that madly extravagant crocodile field coat at Dior, the following summer it's tied in with appearing as though you're emerging from the end times battling (which you sort of will be).  

2. Nautical  Maybe to a greater extent a miniature pattern, this, however nautical notes showed up at various shows, including the anchor-shrouded intarsia-weave sweaters at Gucci, overstated Breton-style tops at Dolce and Gabbana(where they were cooperated with custom fitted isolates in occasion prepared tints) and mariner sweaters at the by and large sun-splashed Casablanca show.

Bewakoof Online Store

Style inspiration can be found anywhere, most notably in Bollywood films, where with every passing year, trends are revived following  unique depiction of screen play and cinematography. The long-lasting fashion influence itself is inspired by handsome B-town stars. Be it a fashion of casual shirts for men or any attractive look, some of the coolest personalities of Bollywood continue to rock the trends with their unbeatable skills in embracing the styles and catchy concepts. 

If you also seek some motivation for men’s fashion, learn from B-town celebs. Watch these famous films and copy your favourite star's style. 

  1. John Abraham dominant style from “Rocky Handsome”

2016’s most popular action and thriller movie “Rocky Handsome” is popularly known for John Abraham’s sexy yet killer looks. In the movie, you see John Abraham in his favorite tight tees and jeans. Throughout the movie, John is featured in black concepts in different variations. You can copy the black casual outfits and gentlemen type dark suits inspired by John Abraham in his film. 

  1. Ranbir Kapoor’s coolest fashion hues from Film “Tamasha."

We can’t overlook Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer “Tamasha” movie. After all, Ranbir Kapoor's coolest styles in the movie continue to inspire the modern generation. In the movie, Mr Kapoor is featured in a well-dressed style. The casual shirts for men, jackets and simple denim seem to be an ever-lasting fashion brought into the limelight by Ranbir Kapoor through his film. Boys must watch this movie to get inspiration for perfect college fashion. 

  1. Bachelor looks by Ranveer Singh from Film “Befikre."

Befikre movie is also another inspiration-packed movie for men’s fashion. Boys can copy Ranveer Singh's t-shirt and contemporary look. Throughout the movie, Ranveer tries numerous fashion hues that look genuinely awesome and comfortable. It's no surprise that you must watch this movie for the sake of fashion inspiration.  

  1. Hritik Roshan Jacket looks from Film "War."

When it comes to the best looks for men, Hritik Roshan doesn't make a special appearance; this may sound a bit awkward. After all, the list of the most charming male personalities in Bollywood begins with no other than Mr.Roshan, and his appearance in the movie "War" proves it. Throughout the movie, Hrithik wears only green concept in numerous style variations, which is quite interesting. Still, it is truly inspirational.  

  1. Varun Dhawan’s desi swag from Film “Badri ki Dulhania."

Badri Ki Dulhania is another fantastic film. In the movie, Varun and Alia represent a beautiful love story. But the desi style of Varun makes it an attractive film. The way Varun carries desi kurta on a funky jean pant in the film definitely makes a new statement piece. Even boys have already started copying this style. 

  1. Coziest look by Aditya Roy Kapoor from Film “Fitoor."

The tall and handsome personality of Bollywood- Aditya Roya Kapoor- through his movie “Fitoor” inspired us how to try vest for menwith perfection. You can see Aditya Roy Kapoor's vest style in the title song of the movie. In the movie, you may also see Aditya in a different unique style that, with every passing moment, changes from one variation to another.  

  1. Sidharth Malhotra denim jacket look from Film “Jabariyan Jodi”

Jabariyan Jodi movie ultimately represents a desi love story through a desi swag. Sidharth Malhotra looks phenomenal in the film with his denim jacket style. Sidharth can also be spotted wearing floral pattern shirts throughout the movie in numerous scenes that equally look good. For bachelor boys, Sidharth's look from Jabariyan Jodi is genuinely the most inspiring thing that every boy should try. 

The Bottom Line

 It’s no surprise that all these movies prove to be incredibly inspirational when it comes to men's fashion. From the hunk guy John Abraham to the handsome boy Sidharth Malhotra, every B-town celeb seems to be an expert in how to stay in the limelight. Even in real life, you can find these male stars incredibly stylish. Still, if you genuinely seek the best inspiration, then watch these movies. When you find the best winning look for yourself, visit because all these catchy styles are readily available at India's fastest-growing shopping site where finding trend is extremely easy.  



I disagree with Jonathan Brill on the player but not the position. Teams are certainly built around QBs in what's become a passing league.

There is one QB who is clearly in his prime: Aaron Rodgers.

You could also make a case for Drew Brees (33) or Tom Brady (34), but at 28, Rodgers really is in the catbird seat in terms of a hypothetical re-draft across the league.I really want to include Cam Newton hair but there's just not enough of a sample yet to prove he can keep carrying his team on his shoulders.

Beyond his current ability, there are other reasons to suspect Rodgers is the best pick too:

He handled the self-implosion and peanut gallery antics of Brett Favre with grace.

Rodgers was never pounded to a pulp as a rookie. Taking over after Favre's reign ended gave him enough skill to not suffer rookie wear and tear.

He's got the self-belief necessary to sport facial hair like this:

Model kings

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