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1 full suspender

You may want to consider holding the ears when you're relaxing to towel dry from pool playtime. This swimsuit can also be dressed up as a top and should be worn with jean pants down the runway or on Main Street. It's just so cute to cover up.

2 crochet swimsuits

Speaking of wearing your swimsuit as a summer top, a crochet bathing suit is meant to be worn as a top, if not a swimsuit. Perhaps, swimming in this top comes second to your easy outdoor activities. Again, we recommend jean shorts, preferably low-waisted to fully do this justice. Jannah Skirted has her own crochet bikini design, in case you want to go only halfway with the crochet look. Either way, you are making the right choice.

3 Sport Speedo one-piece

If you want to still sport your sporty look but aren't quite as fussy when it comes to tankini or bikini options, the Speedo is the complete piece for you. If you have your own jet ski or have the option to participate and show off your water sports skills, this is the way to do it. While we love the print featured above, Speedo has been coordinating women's full-cut styles for what could be decades, and you'll definitely find your calling in their styles.

4 string bikini

Was it the '80s, was it the '90s that brought this look to its sexy climax? Whenever this revolution begins, this style is sure to retain its commendable place on the bikini beach hierarchy. You can rule this suit with or without cups, the most important thing is the chain. Keep it skinny and keep it stringy and you'll know you're headed in the right direction. We love white string bikinis, but this one takes a certain level of confidence if you get my drift here.

5 halter top

Halter tops full-piece bathing suits, or halter bikini tops rule the summer scene. The photo above features a very beautiful Carla Colletto Palazzo Halter Neck Wrap One Piece. This striped style we're admiring above features a high neck and a cute bow tie. This look will give you a relaxed beachwear feel, giving you the confidence and confidence we all need sometimes to make it in the crowded beach scene. Style Tip: Hoop earrings are great to enhance this look.

6 pieces swimsuit

You'll have to make your way to Europe for this gorgeous bathing suit you're admiring above. Designed from the Monki clothing range, this starry shade looks great on both fair and tanned skin alike. We love these summery colors, but just in case they're too girly, you can also find this style in all-black, a cute baby blue style, and a floral print, for any girl. The adjustable and considerate straps give you the look and comfort needed.

7 swim dress

This style of swimwear seemingly disappeared from the coasts when the string bikini came into coveted existence, and we almost forgot about it, until now. A swimsuit is a stylish alternative for any woman who wants to cover up a little and bring back some modesty poolside. This look looks great with a wide sun hat and oversized sunglasses. A magazine and a mojito aren't necessary, but it's not completely discouraged either, as long as you're still hydrated.

8 lace-up

A little lace-up or a lot, we'll leave that choice up to you and what you can find this season. The subtle lace-up is exceptionally charming and a great look for this year's pool party. If you can find deeper laces and manage to pull them off, we say go for it, we can't think of any justifiable reason to hold back this summer, especially considering how quickly this season seems to be moving and falling before we know it. Let's keep the sweaters in their drawer a little longer and put our minds out in the invigorating sun.

JoseRodriq Sep 2 '23 · Tags: fashion, swimwear, bikini
Emma watson

Upgrade Your Style With Kate Upton Astros Sweater

In the world of fashion, staying trendy is a never-ending quest. Fashion enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unique pieces that not only keep them warm but also make a bold statement. One such statement piece that has been making waves recently is the Kate Upton Astros Sweater. If you're looking to upgrade your style and turn heads wherever you go, this is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

The Rise of Kate Upton Astros Sweater

The Kate Upton Astros Sweater has quickly become a fashion sensation, and for good reason. This stylish sweater combines comfort with a touch of sports-inspired flair, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

What Makes Kate Upton Astros Sweater Special?
  1. Exceptional Design: The sweater features a unique design that showcases the Houston Astros logo. It's not just a piece of clothing; it's a statement of your support for your favorite baseball team.

  2. Comfortable Fabric: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Kate Upton Astros Sweater is soft, warm, and perfect for the colder months.

  3. Versatile Style: Whether you're attending a game, going out with friends, or just running errands, this sweater adds a stylish edge to your outfit.

  4. Celeb-Approved: Kate Upton, the renowned model and actress, has been spotted donning this sweater, adding to its popularity among fashion-forward individuals.

Ways to Wear Your Kate Upton Astros Sweater

Now that you have this fantastic sweater in your collection, let's explore some exciting ways to wear it:

1. Casual Chic

Pair your Kate Upton Astros Sweater with your favorite jeans and sneakers for a casual yet fashionable look. Throw on some hoop earrings and oversized sunglasses, and you're ready to conquer the streets.

2. Game Day Glam

Heading to a baseball game? Show your team spirit by wearing your sweater with a cute Astros cap and a denim skirt. This look is a home run in terms of style.

3. Layer It Up

As the temperatures drop, layering becomes essential. Your Astros sweater works great with a leather jacket or a stylish trench coat. Don't forget a chunky scarf to complete the ensemble.

4. Office Elegance

Yes, you can wear your Kate Upton Astros Sweater to the office! Simply pair it with tailored slacks and ankle boots. Add some delicate jewelry to maintain a professional touch.

Emma watson Aug 23 '23 · Tags: fashion


When it comes to iconic fashion pieces that effortlessly fuse style and attitude, the BIKER STYLE LEATHER stands tall. Born from a rich history of rebellious subcultures and motorcycle culture, this enduring piece has cemented its place as a timeless and versatile fashion statement. From Hollywood stars to street style aficionados, the biker style leather jacket has evolved into an emblem of edgy elegance that transcends gender, age, and time.

A Glimpse into History

The roots of the biker style leather jacket can be traced back to the early 20th century when aviators and military pilots donned leather jackets for their protective properties. However, it was the post-World War II era that witnessed the emergence of motorcycle clubs and their distinctive fashion sensibilities. Marlon Brando's portrayal of a rebellious biker in "The Wild One" (1953) further solidified the jacket's connection to counter-culture.

The Biker Aesthetic

The allure of the biker style leather jacket lies in its rugged aesthetic that exudes both strength and confidence. Characterized by its asymmetric front zipper, wide lapels, and numerous zips and pockets, this jacket is not just about appearance – it's a functional piece designed to withstand the open road. The leather's ability to mold to the wearer's body over time adds a personalized touch that deepens its appeal.

Versatility Personified

What sets the biker style leather jacket apart from fleeting fashion trends is its incredible versatility. It effortlessly transitions from casual to chic, making it a staple for countless occasions. Pair it with distressed jeans and a graphic tee for a laid-back look, or drape it over a flowing dress for an unexpected twist that merges contrasting styles. Regardless of the ensemble, the jacket infuses an element of boldness that's hard to ignore.

Evolution of Style

As fashion continuously evolves, so does the biker style leather jacket. Designers have embraced this classic silhouette and put their own spin on it. From minimalist renditions that focus on clean lines and premium leather to more daring interpretations featuring intricate embroidery, studs, and patches, there's a biker jacket for every taste. Moreover, the range of color options has expanded beyond the traditional black to include shades like brown, burgundy, and even metallics.

Breaking Gender Norms

The biker style leather jacket is not confined by gender boundaries. It has transcended the limitations of traditional menswear to become a unisex fashion staple. Female celebrities and influencers have wholeheartedly embraced the jacket's empowering androgyny, further fueling its popularity. This inclusivity has redefined the fashion landscape and underscored the jacket's universal appeal.


The BIKER STYLE LEATHER JACKET has journeyed from the asphalt roads of motorcycle culture to the glamorous red carpets of Hollywood. Its enduring charm lies in its ability to encapsulate rebellion, elegance, and versatility in a single garment. With a rich history and an evolving design landscape, this iconic jacket continues to inspire individuals to express their individuality with a touch of rebellious flair. So, whether you're a motorcycling enthusiast or a fashion-forward trendsetter, embracing the biker style leather jacket is a surefire way to make an unforgettable statement. 

william Aug 18 '23 · Tags: clothing, fashion, leatherjacket
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