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For the exterior walls of their homes, the home owners are fond of using brick facades siding. For exterior decoration, Brick is normally the automatic choice due to its durability, beauty and uniqueness advantage over other materials.

Since it is easy on the eyes and beautiful, durable and sturdy to touch, Brick has long been seen as exterior beautification of Log walls and the siding material. Since it does not need any paints, caring for it is not a headache to the homeowner.

Even in harsh environment and weather conditions, the siding walls that are made of bricks do not fade, are ageless and durable. This is why for the exterior walls, it is preferred as suitable insulators and from the different weather patterns that tend to adversely affect the outer walls of houses; it acts as protection for the house against damage.

Since they are porous by nature, to protect them from the moisture effects during the rainy or freezing seasons like the winter, Care should be taken to apply some clear vanish to the brick print walls.

On wood framed wall over building paper, it is usually used where a combination of lime, sand, cement as well as water is used to fix the bricks firmly and mixed together.


To look more attractive, this mortar that is used in holding the bricks can also be decorated in place. Extruding between the raked or bricks, the decoration can take different forms, like the flush, with concave bricks. Some requirefast renovation.

Looking just like brick, there is a new contemporary material and it is called brick veneer. Finding popularity with home owners as a brick replica, this is a manmade material. It is in varied sizes, texture and colors and is not as heavy as the old fashioned brick. Although in longevity and durability, it is very similar to the old brick, it has creative modern touch and unique patterns.

To do a proper job for them, those who choose the brick sidings should at least find the qualified brick layers.

KM Haus Solutions Inc

As we know that bathroom wall panels are water proof panels but what we may not know is that they are generally manufactured using thermoplastics, which is also known as UPVC, although there are some panels that  may be manufactured from Medite Exterior grade medium density fiberboard, which is more commonly known as MDF.

Many UPVC bathroom Rust metal wall panels are manufactured with two outer walls (front & back) and a honeycombed interior, which is required for good rigidity and keeping the panel flat.

Using a tongue and groove system they are joined together, depending on the style of panels, and this makes sure that each panel is locked together, thus making a more watertight and rigid joint. The joint between the panels can then be made more secure by applying a bead of silicone, and this is only recommended when a power shower or high pressure shower is installed.

As these panels are manufactured using either UPVC or Laminated MDF, they are quite easy to keep clean, and are extremely resistant to most chemical cleaners such as bleach products. It is highly recommended and necessary to use a wet soapy soft cloth, as this will be sufficient for most cleaning requirements forbrick wall.


In various designs and colors, the bathroom wall panels are available, which will suit any bathroom improvement requirements and some of these styles can include:

Marble effect

Wood grain effect

Mosaic effect

Plain colors

You can also compliment these shower wall panels with ceiling panels, and help to give that extra finished look.

UPVC and laminated wall panels are quite easy and quick. Installation can be applied in different ways, some of which are:


Screw fixed


Installation may be supplied and fitted by the supplier or can be carried out by the purchaser and all installed panels can be finished with a matching trim on the top and bottom edges.

There are many panel systems available in kit form, and with the installation an accomplished DIY enthusiast should have no problem. You will get most bathroom panels or panel systems with a 10 to 15 year guarantee, although this depends on the system purchased and the quality and may vary.

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