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Most people feel tired and sleepy all the time. If you look around in a roomful of people, you will almost always find someone wondering and yawning. While mostly it is not a cause for worry, in the case of some people, it might be a symptom of one or another illness. So, if you experience fatigue all the time and are trying to find whether it is serious or not, then read this list. Here you can find the cause behind feeling sleepy all the time. Have a look!

Reasons to feel sleepy all the time

  1. Sleep schedule

Most people find it difficult to sleep at night because they do not follow a regular sleep schedule. They might be taking long naps during the day or staying awake till the wee hours of the morning on a regular basis. Change in time zones because of travelling or altering work shifts can also explain the inability to sleep on time. This, in turn, can make you tired and sleepy during most of the day.

  1. Consuming carbs

When you are craving quick energy, you might find yourself reaching for carbs. But, consuming a lot of carbs is not a healthy practice as it can cause you to feel tired all through the day. It is so because when you eat carbs, it causes a rapid rise in your sugar levels. As a result, your pancreas creates insulin. This instant spike and fall in your blood sugar levels can make you exhausted, causing you to feel sleepy all through the day.

  1. Not getting restful sleep

If you are not resting properly, then it is likely that you will catch yourself feeling sleepy all the time. According to the American Medicine of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society, people need to rest for at least seven hours a day. Notably, this sleep must be undisturbed and peaceful.

So, these are some common reasons that can make you sleepy all the time.

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