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Adrees Shafiq

Manchester: The man who set fire to the Five G Tower in Britain has been sentenced to three years in prison.

According to the News, the man who set fire to the Five G Tower in Manchester was sentenced to three years in prison. Michael Vetti, 47, set fire to the tower in Liverpool.

A judge in Liverpool Crown Court sentenced the man to three years in prison, with a loss of  15,000 caused by the fire.

According to the report, the 47-year-old convict is the first person to be convicted in the tower attacks. There have been 13 attacks on the Five G Tower in Liverpool alone. The attacks have cost the tower companies a total of two and a half million pounds.

Judge Thomas Tag QC remarked that he was concerned about the state of such crimes at the national level and that the attack involved high-level planning.

It should be noted that the director of the NHS, Professor Steve Powys, called the theory of the spread of the virus through FiveG as fake, baseless and vile.

Five G and mobile device are very useful technologies for us in emergencies caused by Coronavirus. People can't believe such fake rumours that they are destroying infrastructure," he said.

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