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Sometimes the files in our PC Windows fail the compatibility check and the issue is known as the Kernel Security Check Failure. There are many reasons behind this issue and this blog will cover the majority of them. Read through to understand how this issue takes place in your PC and how to fix it:

Error Messages

  • Stop Code error.
  • Your PC ran into a problem and needed to restart. We are looking for error info then we will restart it for you.

Reasons for Kernel Security Check Failure Errors

These are the main reasons causing the Kernel Security Check Failure error on Windows,

  • When you Start-up your PC.
  • When you Shut-down your PC.
  • When you put your PC in Sleep mode
  • When you Upgrade your PC Ram.
  • When you update your Windows.
  • If your Windows driver is Outdated.
  • If your PC Ram or hard disk gets corrupted.

Fixing Kernel Security Check failure Errors on Windows

The most simple solution is uninstalling an update or driver. It works some times; however, if it does not, then below we have shared the ways to fix the problem.

  1. If any output device on your computer is not connected accurately to your PC then the problem of Kernel Security Check failure can occur. Remove all the output devices including CDs or any flash drives. Now Restart your PC and check if the issue resolves. You can also check the Power cord and monitor connections.
  2. Malware can also be the trouble creator in this scenario, so scanning the malware can also solve this issue. Proceed to the scanning part by using reliable antivirus software. Remove any Malware that appears and restart the device. Now see if the issue is resolved or not.
  3. Try to start the Windows in the Safe Mode; this will show you the recently installed apps that may be creating these issues. Uninstall these apps and Restart your PC to check if the issue is fixed or not.
  4. You need to update the drivers of your Windows because these are the main reasons for this issue. Go to Device Manager and look for new driver updates and update the available ones.
  5. The reason for the issue can also be the Windows update, so Check for Windows update. If any update is available, then update the Windows immediately. After that, restart your PC and check if the issue has been fixed or not.
  6. You need to Scan the RAM issues, use Windows Memory Diagnostic(WMD) to perform the Scan. After this, restart your PC and check if the issue has been fixed or not.
  7. You need to scan the system to find corrupt files; you can perform this task by using System File Checker. After this, restart your PC and check whether the issue has been fixed or not.
  8. You need to Restore the system; you can perform this task by using Windows System Restore. This will do an undo setup on your PC, and this will definitely fix the issue.
  9. If a blue screen of death appears on your PC whenever you open it, then go to Advanced Startup Options and choose” Startup Repair Tool.” It will fix all the issues regarding the booting of PC.

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