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Do Linh

Released in 2018, LightboxGoodman is one of Fortnite 1 Square is one of more finished box in Other collection finished box used to decor your home or gift for you beloved. An entire frame combines paper and light to create fantastical scenes to light up your home and imagination. They are composed of layers of hand-drawn and paper cut that is spaced with strips of foam...

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Angel Smith

Fortnite Season 4 has arrived, and from the first day, it has become a massive success. The whole credit for this considerable acclamation must go to Marvel characters that have helped many gamers. Besides, the game allows gamers to unlock their favorite character’s skin, and after that, gamers need to accomplish the Awakening challenge of the specific character. It will inflate the gamer’s level in the game alongside it will evolve the skin to its next form. Precisely, each character’s skin is composed of different forms; Silver, Gold, and Holo. These forms are also called foils, and players can unlock them by reaching the requisite level in the game. Below we have provided a specific list that contains names of all the characters alongside their foils, and the level required to unlock them.

Ways to Unlock Marvel Characters’ Skin Foils (Silver, Gold, and Holo) in Fortnite Season 4

  • Level 220: Players can unlock the Holo foil of Wolverine by reaching this level.
  • Level 215: Gamers can unlock the Holo foil of Iron Man by reaching this level.
  • Level 210: Players can unlock the Holo foil of Mystique by reaching this level.
  • Level 205: Gamers can unlock the Holo foil of Doctor Doom by reaching this level.
  • Level 200: Players can unlock the Holo foil of Storm by reaching this level.
  • Level 195: Gamers can unlock the Holo foil of Groot by reaching this level.
  • Level 190: Players can unlock the Holo foil of She-Hulk by reaching this level.
  • Level 185: Gamers can unlock the Holo foil of Thor by reaching this level.
  • Level 180: Players can unlock the Gold foil of Wolverine by reaching this level.
  • Level 175: Gamers can unlock the Gold foil of Iron Man by reaching this level.
  • Level 170: Players can unlock the Gold foil of Mystique by reaching this level.
  • Level 165: Gamers can unlock the Gold foil of Doctor Doom by reaching this level.
  • Level 160: Players can unlock the Gold foil of Storm by reaching this level.
  • Level 155: Gamers can unlock the Gold foil of Groot by reaching this level.
  • Level 150: Players can unlock the Gold foil of She-Hulk by reaching this level.
  • Level 145: Gamers can unlock the Gold foil of Thor by reaching this level.
  • Level 140: Players can unlock the Silver foil of Wolverine by reaching this level.
  • Level 135: Gamers can unlock the Silver foil of Iron Man by reaching this level.
  • Level 130: Players can unlock the Silver foil of Mystique by reaching this level.
  • Level 125: Gamers can unlock the Silver foil of Doctor Doom by reaching this level.
  • Level 120: Players can unlock the Silver foil of Storm by reaching this level.
  • Level 115: Gamers can unlock the Silver foil of Groot by reaching this level.
  • Level 110: Players can unlock the Silver foil of She-Hulk by reaching this level.
  • Level 105: Gamers can unlock the Silver foil of Thor by reaching this level.

Fortnite Season 4 can be played on Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPS4, and PC.

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Fortnite has created heat in the gaming industry after its Season 4 has been introduced. The game has been updated with Marvel as well as X-Men characters. In addition to this, players are granted to play as these characters; however, until now, they are limited only to play as Thor. Now, the storyline requires the players to visit Bifrost Marks in Fortnite while playing as Thor. Thus, in this article, we are going to help the gamers to find and visit the Bifrost Marks. Read the article carefully, if you want to know the location of Bifrost Marks in Fortnite without any mistake.


fornite bifrost

How to Find and Visit Bifrost Marks as Thor in Fortnite Season 4

The first step that players need to take is to get Thor’s skin, and once they wear it, they need to visit Weeping Woods. Gamers need to utilize a world map and start locating the burned area in the Weeping Woods region. The region where players see an extensive area seems out to be burned is known as Sentinel. This region is the home for the Bifrost Marks, and gamers need to land there quickly. The following challenge will be completed by itself once players have stepped over the Bifrost Marks while wearing Thor’s skin.

Moreover, gamers need to know that wearing Thor skin is quite essential while opting to complete it. Additionally, there are several more challenges that require to wear Thor’s skin. In addition to this, gamers also need to unlock Thor’s weapons such as Thunder God emote, Hammer, and Mjolnir’s ax. All these weapons will ease the players while trying to accomplish Thor Awakening’s challenges.


Fortnite has become a lifelong favorite video game of the gamers after the release of Season 4. Epic Games have signed a proper deal with Marvel Comics, and thus, now-famous superheroes such as Thor and X-Men have entered into Fortnite. However, until now, Thor is the only playable character among the rest of other Marvel characters. There have been several challenges included in the game so far, and all of them require the players to wear Thor’s Skin. It makes it even more enjoyable and challenging because players aren’t familiar with Thor’s movements. Besides, in this article, we have briefed information on visiting Bifrost Marks in Fortnite Season 4. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will find worth reading it.

Gamers can play Fortnite Season 4 on Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPS4, and PC.


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Jon Snow

There are plenty of “Island Rift Codes” available to discover in Fortnite. Fans of Fortnite are waiting for “Season 3, Week 3” challenges, but until then, players can try a complex puzzle of searching for Golden Eggs. The “Island Rifts Codes” are special codes that show a puzzle made by fans. It’s a classic, challenging twist in battle royale like Fortnite. The following challenge is developed by “Weck,” features 6 levels along with hidden eggs. Players need to shoot the egg in every level to move on to the next level. Finding eggs is not going to be easy for players because they are hidden in some specific locations. The most challenging thing in the challenge is to find all 6 eggs.

Putting the Codes

To get the Golden Egg level in Fortnite, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you have to create a server. Search “Feature Rift” that will bring the Rifts back into Fortnite. It is a glowing portal that appears like a glowing piece of broken glass. Tap on the interact key, and a “Select an Island Code” display will appear. Simply put the code 5232-2456-2630 to start the Golden Egg challenge.

Fortnite: Locate All the Golden Eggs

Level 1

The first level will be the easiest level for you. First egg will be in front of you, and you simply need to shoot it to finish the first level.

Level 2

The second level egg is hidden at the top left corner of the barn’s opened door. You can see it about the bales of hay. You need to move a bit on the right side, and keep looking at the top side corner to see the egg.

Level 3

Level 3 theme is different from previous level themes. It is covered with a desert theme that has all sorts of cactus, sand and decoy eggs. The level 3 Golden Egg is located at the back of rock formation. Look on the right side to see the Golden Egg and shoot it to move on to the next level.

Level 4

Search inside the white tent which is situated on the very left side of the area. In level 4, the Golden Egg is perfectly hidden, so you might have to look around the site very closely.

Level 5

The level 5 offers the diner theme. The Golden Egg is also hidden inside the diner. In the area, you will see a black vehicle. That black vehicle is not a similar vehicle that Fortnite offers to fill the gas or to drive. Look at the black car through the fences. On the right side of the car, you will see the Golden Egg to shoot.

Level 6

The last level is water-themed, but it’s not similar to “Coral Castle.” You simply need to move far left side until you see the anchor. You will see the Golden Egg at the small gold pile which is between the anchor and leaves.

Conclusion – Players love this new small challenge they received from Weck. Every week Fortnite releases new challenges for players, but if any player completes the challenges early, they have to wait until challenges arrive. However, the Golden Egg challenge is free for every player, and there is no time limit.

SOURCE:- Fortnite: Locate All the Golden Eggs

Jon Snow Aug 25 '20 · Tags: fortnite, goldeneggs
Jon Snow

Finishing Fortnite’s weekly challenges are the best way to gain some great XP. Every week Fortnite releases new challenges for the players. In the 7th week of Season 3, Fortnite has provided a variety of cool challenges. Among several tasks, one task is to find the balls of yarn at the “Catty Corner.” Now related to the following task, some players are wondering exactly what specific location the task requires. Catty Corner is an area on the map that exists at the southeast of Lazy Lake side. To complete the challenge, it is mandatory to locate three balls of yarn at the Catty Corner.

Fortnite: How to Locate the Balls of Yard at Catty Corner

Fortnite: Balls of Yarn at Catty Corner Locations

  • Outside by the stairs at the back of the gas station.
  • Smash through the roof of Big Shots to locate the ball of yarn in the attic.It is contained in the shipping container.
  • Move upside at the back of the gas station and get into the room to locate the ball of yarn.

When a player collects three balls of yarn at the Catty Corner, they may desire to move to the northwest and pass the river to visit Fortnite’s Rapids Rest. Now, this is because there is already another weekly challenge location available. This following task location, ask to collect the Stone, which is quite close to the balls of yarn at Catty Carter.

Additionally, players can also use the nearby helicopter to gather the “Floating Rings at the Weeping Woods.” It is located on the top of trees at the east side area. For an easier process, players can also drop directly on Floating Rings during the beginning of the match. 

If the fans complete the following tasks, they will earn a total of 35,000 XP, which is a standard reward. Now it’s not a small number for most of the players. Mostly weekly challenges are quite tricky. However, these unique challenges make Fortnite a unique battle royale game. Even though it’s a battle royale game, it’s completely not about killing the opponents and winning the match. Sometimes completing the weekly challenges is way more difficult than killing the opponent.

Fortnite is popular because developers are always ready to bring something new. The developers of Fortnite are always ready to offer new rewards with new challenges. It keeps the game interesting for all the players.

SOURCE:- Fortnite: How to Locate the Balls of Yard at Catty Corner

Jon Snow Aug 7 '20 · Tags: fortnite, balls of yard
Jon Snow

Right now, Fortnite is the best battle royale game. Since the release of the game, Fortnite has rolled out several surprises. Most of the players were waiting for the new update, but it’s probably not going to be released anytime soon. However, some players are curious to know, “where did the cars go?” Cars are missing from the streets, parking, and a few more locations.  Now some players are expecting that they might be available for driving in the future. However, the important thing is that players should know the location of cars and how to find them. Apart from the cars, it’s necessary to know the gas station as well. So here is the guide to find the cars and gas station.

Fortnite: Where are the Cars and How to Drive Them?

Fortnite Car Locations

Right now, the chances of getting the cars in the game are quite low because most of the side of the map is flooded. Right now, sharks and boats are perfect for transporting, so cars might come back later in the game. The current season of the map is flooded, but cars might come back in the game over the course of the season. To use the cars, it is necessary to have ground-based tracks which are not completely available at the moment.

Since the cars are not part of the game yet, it’s not easy to say when players will be able to drive cars in the game. However, with every season, Fortnite makes some changes in the game, so there is a slight chance of getting cars in the game.

Fortnite Gas Station Locations

Based on leaked information, one thing is sure that there will be gas stations in the game for cars. Players will be required to fill up the gas if they are driving. The gas station will play a major role when cars arrive in the game. However, there are several gas station locations available on the map.

  • A5: Holly Hedges
  • D4: Salty Springs
  • D2: Pleasant Park
  • E2: East of Pleasant Park
  • G2: West of Steamy Stacks
  • G4: East of Frenzy Farm
  • F5: South of Frenzy Farm
  • F6: Lazy Lake
  • G7: Catty Corner
  • D7: West of Misty Meadows

On the map, these are the locations to fill the gas in the vehicle. There is still time left for the current season to end.

Since the launch of Fortnite, Epic Games has worked continuously to launch amazing content. As a result, Fortnite is among the top battle royale games. Cars are a major missing part in the game, and hopefully, Epic Games will fill this gap soon.

SOURCE:- Fortnite: Where are the Cars and How to Drive Them?

Jon Snow Aug 7 '20 · Tags: fortnite, find cars

It’s been over two weeks since Fortnite’s Season 3 has arrived. The game, as usual, continues to gather acclamation from all over the world. The game has changed quite a lot, especially when it comes to its surrounding. Now, most of the part of the game has been immersed in the water, thanks to Aquaman’s contract that took place between Epic Games and DC Comics. Although heading to the aspects, most of them are similar to those who were in the previous game; however, several hidden perks have been added to it. In this article, we will discuss one of those hidden perks; the secret loot boat. If you are intended to know how to find the secret loot boat in Fortnite, then read through the below-written workaround about them.

About Secret Loot Boat

Before heading towards the following process, let us first brief our gamers about the secret loot boat. Several amateur gamers must be thinking about why the secret loot boat is essential. The major reason is that there are numerous hidden gems, chests, and essential items hidden on the boat. Alongside this, the boat has several abilities too, that include floating and fast drive. Thus, we suggest to all the gamers reading this article to find the secret loot boat and avail of it. Below we have provided a guide to find the secret loot boat.

Finding the Secret Loot Boat in Fortnite

It is not the first time that gamers have faced an issue in finding something in the world of Fortnite. However, with few gimmicks and a proper strategy, they would have succeeded in finding them. Similar will happen with the secret loot boat. First, the gamers need to know that the secret loot boat is quite small in size and amongst other ships and boats lie in the Harbor, it would surely be difficult to find it. Thus, gamers need to find and use the Battle Bus to provide ease to their search for the secret loot boat, once they successfully manage the climbing over the Battle Bus, they need to start scanning the Harbor.

Though the process will conceive a lot of time for the gamers, they will surely be able to find the secret loot bus. Once gamers successfully find the secret loot boat, then they have to straightly jump on it. Gamers also need to be ensured about one more thing. Their intention of jumping upon the secret loot boat must be kept as a secret; otherwise, the other players will be going to hinder their motive.


The article contains information about the secret loot boat of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3. In this article, we have briefed about the methods to find the secret loot boat in Fortnite. We hope that the gamers who have visited this article will surely accomplish their purpose through it.

Gamers who are keen to attain the mesmerizing gaming experience of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 can obtain it on Xbox OneMobilePCPS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Ava Williams is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.

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A whole new set of weekly challenges have arrived on the Fortnite known as Location Domination. However, like the other previous challenges of Fortnite, these are quite different as they are interconnected. These challenges have appeared in a series of challenges, which is somehow a new experience and even more fun. In a few of these challenges, the gamers have to visit the Yacht; the headquarters of boss Meowscles. Now, after the Deadpool invasion, The Yacht is abandoned, and only Henchmen resides there.

Now, the challenging task from Location Domination is that the gamers have to throw all the Henchmen from the Yacht. The players will be rewarded with a handsome XP alongside several other essential items. The challenge is pretty difficult, but with a proper strategic workaround, it can be completed with ease. Below we have provided a specific workaround for the gamers to throw all the Henchmen from the Yacht.

Learn to Throw Henchmen Overboard at The Yacht

The gamers have to initiate this process by visiting the Yacht for apparent reasons. The gamers who are unaware of the location of the Yacht is located in the North-Eastern region. The gamers should use the map to track down the location of the Yacht. Once the gamers have successfully reached the Yacht, then they need to access it. The gamers will easily find the Henchmen that are guarding the Yacht through boats.

Once the gamers start interacting with the Henchmen, they need to start shooting them. Once they have taken down all the patrolling Henchmen, then they should start boarding the Yacht. The following mission requires the gamers to throw at least 10 Henchmen from the Yacht. So, the gamers must keep this in their mind that they only need to throw 10 Henchmen from the Yacht. If the gamers are unable to carry a Henchmen on their shoulders, they should shoot them. On the Yacht, there are numerous Henchmen, so if the gamers have killed a few of them, then it’s not an issue.

The gamers have to utilize the mechanic added in the Fortnite that allows them to carry things on their shoulder. It is also recommended for the gamers to execute the carrying over mechanic instantly because if Henchmen gets activated, there is only one option for the gamers to kill the Henchmen. So, it is advisable to be quick while sneaking out the Henchmen from the Yacht. Once the gamers have successfully thrown 10 Henchmen from the Yacht, then the challenge of throwing Henchmen Overboard at the Yacht will be completed.


The weekly challenges are one of the aspects of the Fortnite that has led the game to overnight success. Several games have followed the initiative of weekly challenges to add fun aspects to their game. Now, another Location Domination challenge of Fortnite has appeared, and in this article, we are going to discuss a strategic guide to accomplish one of its challenges. The article contains information about achieving the challenge of throwing Henchmen Overboard at the Yacht. We hope that the following article will help the gamers to complete this challenge.

The gamers who haven’t obtained the gaming experience of Fortnite should start playing it on Mobile DevicesNintendo SwitchXbox OnePS4Mac, and PC.

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Devin Smith

Fortnite is one of the most renowned battle royale games in the world. Ever since it has been released, it is persisting in mesmerizing the gamers. The game contains three gameplay modes, such as Battle RoyaleCooperative Shooter Survival, and Creative mode. The game contains various essential items that are quite helpful for gamers. One of the most essential and potent items in Fortnite is the Mythic Fish. However, gamers have to be fortunate to attain it because it is really hard to find it. In this blog, we are going to help the gamers through a proper guide to finding the Mythic Fish in Fortnite.

Where to Find the Mythic Goldfish in Fortnite

First, the gamers need to know that the Mythic Fish is a gold-type fish that can only be caught by the gamers through fishing. The gamers need to know the exact location of fishing where they have the chance to grab Mythic Goldfish in their fishing net. In the finding of the Mythic Fish in Fortnite, most of the gamers have stated that they have tried hard to find the fish. However, they later came to know that they were wrong as there is no such type of fish that existed in the world of Fortnite.

If you are one of them and still you have been enticed towards this article, then you will surely get the Mythic Goldfish in your game after reading it. There are two possible locations where the gamers can get the Mythic Fish in Fortnite. The first location is Misty Meadows, and the gamers have to start fishing in the river of that location. One of the famous Redditor gamers shared the location and the screenshot that proves the Mythic Goldfish’s true existence. Another famous Redditor gamer has also shared the second location, and the location is the river of Pleasant Park.

The gamers have to try fishing in those two areas continuously, and soon, they will surely find the Mythic Fish. However, in comparison to other essential items of Fortnite, the Mythic Goldfish has become a mystery. It is simple for gamers to attain other items, whereas it is hard to find Goldfish. Even after so much mystery and secret concealed within the Mythic Fish existence, we still recommend you to go for the fish because it is one of the most lethal weapons in the world of Fortnite. Below we have discussed some of the major factors why Mythic Goldfish is essential.

Why Mythic Goldfish is an Essential Item in Fortnite

The gamers who have caught the Mythic Fish will get a Mythic Goldfish Trophy, an essential item. The trophy has the power of inflicting 200 HP damage to the foes and opponents when the gamers throw it upon them. However, the gamers have to complete three short quests to attain the Mythic Goldfish trophy in Fortnite. Here are the three tasks that gamers have to complete to get the Mythic Goldfish Trophy as a reward.

  • The first task is to catch a Mythic Goldfish.
  • The second task is to kill at least one of your enemies through a Mythic Goldfish.
  • The third one is to kill yourself by hitting with a Mythic Goldfish.


The gamers who are willing to catch the precious Mythic Fish and its trophy should read this article. In the following article, we have provided information to find and catch the Mythic Goldfish. Alongside, the three shorts mission that gamers have to complete to get the mythic goldfish trophy as a reward. We hope that this article will help the gamers in accomplishing their purpose of reading it.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 can be played on PS4Nintendo SwitchXbox OnePCiOS, and Android devices.


Devin Smith Jun 5 '20 · Tags: fortnite, mythic fish

Fortnite introduced spy game challenges and looks like some new that never seen before. Fortnite is popular for its latest innovations of challenges and content for players. This time they have focused on those players who acquired premium pass. In this new innovative idea of Fortnite, they are just about to make players getting into the challenge. Just like the previous season of Fortnite, they added some hidden locations and missions that were visible only for those players who had premium pass. The main reason for these challenges is that Fortnite wants the players to invest in the game for a longer time and reach the maximum level of battle pass. Whoever completes these challenges and missions will obtain several amazing skins, cosmetics, and characters to play.

The latest season is enjoyable, and the theme of this season is Spy, where players have to choose a team among two. One side is Shadow, whereas the second side is Ghost. Both of these sides have their challenges that provide particular items of cosmetics depend on the side they choose. Spy game challenge looking great, and players can get sever benefits of it by taking part.

Alongside spy game challenges, there are many more things added with the new update in Fortnite. From a long time, it was just a rumor that Fortnite is going to add Helicopters in the game, and finally, they have added, and players can navigate map while flying the Helicopter. In the map of Fortnite, Helicopter Pads are added where the Oil Rig site destroyed utterly. The design of Lockers converted in all-new along with the Loadout Gift feature. Several things have changed in the game, and Helicopter is one of the most interesting things that will change the goal of the game. Spy games have presented the player’s new objectives to jump into.

What’s New In Spy Games

Spy games are all about playing operation matches and ensure the Intel. Every part of Intel can be collected along with the help of unlocking extra tech from Shadow or Ghost. Great thing about these operation matches is that players can use every tech while playing and also can switch between Shadow and Ghost if willing to get it all. Spy games are also adding new bonuses and perks for gamers. Before playing the spy games, players need to choose one team between Ghost or the Shadow. Both teams have different tech equipment that will be provided to players. So if you want any particular item you like, then look into the team they are offering and join it.

Ghost Tech – Starter AR, Proximity Mine, Move Faster While Crouching, Faster Reload, Regenerate While Swimming, Starter Semi-Auto Sniper.

Shadow Tech – Swim Faster, Starter Submachine Gun, Starter Pump Shotgun, Increased Starting Ammo, Gunsmith, Compact Bandage Bag.

There will be three several options available for players to choose from. When the player drops in the match, they will roll out for beginner perks. Every perk will enhance the weapon and moments of the player while the goal of the team will be killing 150 enemies as soon as possible. There you will see something different from battle royale match, and it is that you will be spawned if you died. Side of the area of battle will be smaller than usual that will keep the players closer. In the match there is no weapon available, you will just have those weapons that you choose at the time of loadout. If you want to win the game, then just remember one thing that you need to be aware of your surroundings, and that is why jump when you feel someone is nearby. There are challenges related to the first round of spy games.

  • Win a single match in Operation match.
  • Eliminate enemies in the Operation match.
  • Deal great damage to enemies in Operation match.

In the operation match, you need to be with friends. If you try to play solo against the enemies, then you might don’t get what you are looking to have, and that is how you are going to win. Keep connected with friends and guide them when required, and obtain the highest number of records. According to the challenges and rewards, competition for this will grow. You will receive your rewards every when a week will over.

It’s an old technique but quite effective to bring back players into the game by adding new content, rewards, and competitive challenge. Every week of the game, you will earn new rewards if you complete challenges. There is no place to get bored because there is always something new in the game to explore, and Spy game challenges is a fresh example of it. Spy games are full of challenges but providing attractive skins, weapons, and levels for the battle pass.

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