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Investors seem positive.

"Videogame publishers are definitely facing near-term competition from Fortnite," BTIG's Brandon Ross wrote in fortnite items late April. " But, Fortnite's victory reminds us, and even epitomizes the huge opportunities for publishers brought by connectivity, especially as they continue to transition into the matches as a support (GaaS) version. And, the learnings from Fortnite's victory may actually help the significant publishers in the GaaS transition and also to unlock new growth opportunities."

50 vs 50 Is Back, With One Big Change For 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'

There was a surprise drop into Fortnite: Battle Royale this day: the restricted time 50 vs 50 V2 style is back, and playable now. 50 vs 50 has always been among my favorite sport modes, and Epic's second iteration made some significant modifications: each group now has their own Battle Bus, as well as the final circle is visible on the map for its beginning. It makes for a single mad rush to a large-scale melee in the center, and while the matches finish in blowouts a bit more frequently than I'd like, they are always a welcome break from the familiar rhythms of standard play. If you want to play with 50 vs. 50, simply pick it from the manners menu.

Longtime Fortnite gamers -- or really just anyone who has been using the match a couple of weeks now -- will probably notice a large change for the sport as a whole for this inclusion. I guessed it might happen when Epic shifted the "manners" menu into what it seems like today, but this marks the first time that we've got two limited time modes running simultaneously. Thanos is in the mix, and in this time, it's a little unclear how long he'll stick around.

It's the right move, in my opinion: restricted time modes are one of the greatest things Forntite has going for it, and as additions like Thanos reveal, they are just getting better. And because there are obviously enough millions of players to support matchmaking for five manners across multiple platforms, Epic does not actually lose anything by fortnite items for sale giving us a little more flexibility regarding how we'd love to play with.

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