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"Fortnite" controls can feel cumbersome and overwhelming in the Fortnite materials beginning -- since they are totally cumbersome and overwhelming.

This is especially true for the construction aspect of the sport, which demands that players change between buildable objects quickly while under fire.

It's difficult and slow, but there is a brilliant way to repair that problem: Switch the default settings to "Builder Pro" In this setting, every material is mapped to one of the shoulder or activate switches. It's a little tricky at first, but -- despite the "pro" title -- is really far simpler to Buy fortnite items use for building.

You'll be popping up 1x1 shelters in moments very quickly!

Pick up that handgun and utilize it.

In virtually any instance in "Fortnite," you are better off walking past that pistol till you discover a shotgun.

Additionally, it is probable that the first players you encounter are interior of a building and the only useful weapon interior of a building is really a shotgun. A single well-placed shell will carry out other players, despite the most common of all shotguns.

Quit digging about for this sniper rifle you likely won't ever use and get you a fantastic shotgun, and fast!

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