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Oliver Peck

Your internet service provider (ISP) sets an upper threshold of internet speed beyond which you cannot exceed. Most providers will have a limit and will probably slow down your connection when you hit that limit.

For most consumers, this cap usually depends on where they live, their internet service provider, the type of connection, and where they place the routers in their homes. 

In places with incredibly low internet speeds, providers often give their consumers access to Linux. This operating system's primary design is written on a disc drive, and as many computers lack a DVD drive, Xtra-PC gives consumers access to the same OS through Xtra-PC.

Besides giving you access to the Linux OS, it comes with the support you'll need to use. The support usually comes in handy for people who have difficulty learning how to install and use the device. At the same time, the manufacturers of this product have ensured that you'll get help every time you want to use it in the near future.

Although there has been a tremendous advancement in operating system technology globally, the Linux OS remains the one loved and trusted by professionals across different fields.

Why Do I Need Xtra-PC?

In case you are struggling with a slow and old computer, and you are tempted to buy a new one to replace it, don’t. All you need is the Xtra-PC to solve all your problems. This is just a little portable thumb drive that does not utilize extra space on your desk. Moreover, it is much cheaper than purchasing a new computer which will perform the same task it does. It has a super speed with a fully-featured OS that overrides the outdated operating system, thus enabling you to carry out all your tasks perfectly well.

The product comes with a quality interface and operating system suitable for carrying out the task required urgently. It is portable, and the information can be retrieved faster than when using a normal PC. Typically, windows OS seems to be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks like hack and other cybercrimes. However, Linux is stable, and it makes Xtra-pc more desirable and dependable to customer’s needs, though it is not perfect.

Every machine has some hiccups, but Xtra-pc serves clients well, and that is the greatest reason why people should use it. Moreover, the package management, repositories concept, and other features make it more secure than windows. Linux does not require anti-virus programs used by windows, thus eliminating extra cost that one may incur on top of the initial purchase price.

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Ritika sharma

Xiaomi is a respected and prestigious brand that never fails to impress its users. Xiaomi is coming up with another promising smartphone.

The new Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will launch soon by the company. After the success of the Xiaomi MI 10 worldwide, the company is going to launch the upgraded version with the upgraded features. The flagship smartphone will pack interesting features.

Angel Smith


The keyboard is a device that we use almost on a daily basis. The keyboard is considered an external device when we talk about desktops or laptops; however, you only can use a virtual screen-based keyboard when it comes to the full touch screen tablets. A considerable number of users are now using a tablet instead of a laptop as their daily driver for petty tasks. It can sometimes become a challenge to rely on the touch screen keyboard, especially if the work involves extensive typing.

It can be an excellent idea to use a Bluetooth keyboard paired with the tablet. We’re counting down the list of some of the best Bluetooth keyboard options out there. You can use these keyboards with a tablet, a smartphone, or even a laptop.

Arteck Universal Keyboard

Arteck checks all the boxes when it comes to the best-overall Bluetooth keyboard to purchase. The Artech has been the number one choice of customers on Amazon due to its features, affordable pricing with a long-lasting battery. The keyboard is super compatible and can be paired with almost any Bluetooth device, be it Android, Windows, or Mac.

Unlike several other keyboards that consume power from the tab/mobile, they are connected to, Artech features a lithium-ion battery of its own that is proven to be long-lasting.

You’ll find this keyboard to be ultra-slim and compact, giving it the edge when it comes to portability. However, it misses the feature of docking your device. You may want to use a vertical surface or any object to lean your tablet on while using this.

The box contents of this product include the keyboard, warranty card, welcome guide as well as a USB-charging cable. Arteck provides a 2-year warranty on this product.

OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard

OOTRON’s version of the Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is an absolute eye-catcher for its looks, and it provides a great deal of portability. While you have the option to connect the device to almost any Bluetooth 3.0 device (Android, Mac, and Windows), the keyboard’s design seems to be centered around Mac devices. It offers seamless connectivity to a broad spectrum of   Apple devices. It packs in a bunch of features like multiple language support, an amazing Bluetooth range of about 33 feet, along with 13 hotkeys that let you control music, volume, and screen brightness. This keyboard also has two AAA batteries, meaning it won’t consume your tablet’s power to run. The battery life is claimed to be over six months. The slim dimensions make it an excellent choice for people who travel frequently.

Microsoft’s Universal Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft has designed its Universal Foldable Keyboard, keeping portability in mind. In spite of being a Windows-centric keyboard, it works just fine with Mac or Android devices. It has the latest version of Bluetooth 4.0, which promises a greater range with higher power efficiency. The device is super compact, weighing over one pound. What sets this keyboard apart is the foldable mechanism adding an all-new dimension to portability. When folded, it becomes almost identical to a wallet’s size. The fold mechanism also works as a handy way to turn the device on and off. Unfolding the device will turn it on while folding it back will trigger a shutdown.

Anker Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

When it comes to compatibility, Anker’s Ultra-Slim version of its Bluetooth keyboard is a clear cut choice. The keyboard is efficiency optimized to work with all Android devices, iOS tabs/phones, Mac as well as Windows. Apart from its amazing compatibility, it also promises to be highly compatible with its weight, similar to a billiard ball. 

Keyboard layout, backlighting, and an ergonomic design are the major parameters to keep in mind while purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard. All the above-mentioned keyboards are worth your money.

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