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Alex IT Expert

The popular game of CD Projekt Red provides a unique gaming experience of fighting monsters alongside several unique hidden creatures. However, the game’s objective sounds weird as there is a process of locating and unlocking the boss of the game, popularly known as a secret boss.

Witcher 3: The Secret Boss Nobody Knows About - Mcafee Activate

Gamers across the world are pretty intent to locate and fight with the secret boss. Thus, this article will grant them access to the arena of the final boss. Gamers who are pretty serious about this concern needs to be sure that they read this article with full awareness to avoid any mistake.

How to Find Secret Boss

Gamers need to attain access to the secret battle of Chort, and it can easily be done by money-making. Gamers need to simply move down to White orchard and require to locate the farm that is being loaded with cows. Gamers can easily slay the cows to attain Cowhide, which they can later sell to the local vendor to grab an average amount of money.

The process of meditating will regenerate the cows for numerous times and thus make this process worth one to farm easy and extra money. In order to get access to Chort area requires to repeat the money-making process several times more. Once gamers have kill merely about 20 cows, then they will encounter the creature of Chort. The Chort will instantly begin to attack the players and must be pretty intended for you to hinder the players from the easy money.

Dealing with Chort

Gamers need to be ensured about their level because the players with low levels will suddenly fall down in front of Chort. The reason for it is weakness, too, but the game developers also didn’t allow players to stand in front of Chort.

Gamers need to have at least a level of 20 to become eligible for the fight of Chort alongside needs to head to the White Orchard area. Gamers also need to be aware of the weapon aspect of Geralt because Chort is a creature with several hazardous attacks. Players need to maintain a distance from the claw slipes of Chort and should begin to attack when time is suitable.

Although, it is highly suggested that gamers must craft their own strategy to tackle Chort but here are some suggestions that you must need to consider. Gamers need to attract the Chort to get over the soldier’s brigade that will inflict severe damage to the beast by shooting arrows on him. Gamers also need to use the quick speed of Geralt to confuse Chort and begin to attack him consecutively.

After some time, players will notice that Geralt begins to break into pieces such as green mutagens alongside Chort mutagens. Several gamers have also stated that they have spotted another Chort after being killed in the first one. Thus, you can say there is a heavy chance of respawning of Chort, but you don’t have to worry about it because it will die with the same attacks too.


The article is comprised of valuable information on Witcher 3 secret Boss, as several veteran players are also unaware of this boss. Thus, this topic is a must to be highlighted, and yet we have successfully done it. In case, if we have missed including any useful information about the topic in this article, then we are extremely apologetic for that.

In the end, we hope that this article will help you in achieving your purpose. New gamers who haven’t try the gaming fun of Witcher 3 can obtain it on Nintendo SwitchPS4Xbox One, and PC.

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Alex Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

Alex IT Expert

The developers of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has added a DLC Pack for the players to alter the look of YenneferTriss, and Ciri. This DLC is free for gamers, and it can be unlocked them any time they intend to.

How to Access Alternative Looks DLC in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - office setup

The DLC is known as The  Alternative Looks, and it is pretty popular among the users. The initiative of CD Projekt Red is remarkable because changing the outfit of characters is an intriguing aspect in gaming, and thus, it was a big step in the gaming world back in 2015. Although it is pretty simple to use due to its new inclusion makes it difficult for the players to understand.

This is the primary motive of our article to facilitate gamers with easy ways to attain access to Alternative Looks DLC. It is highly recommended by players to be aware while reading this article as the process is a bit large.

About Alternative Looks DLC

At first, gamers must know everything about these DLC packs, and it appeared in the summer season of 2015. When players successfully activate it, they will attain the outfits for their characters alongside few characters that will unlock, including Yennefer, Triss, and Ciri.

In this DLC, Ciri will wear a fantastic outfit of Chainmail, whereas Triss will wear a set of green ceremonial dresses alongside golden strips. Yeneffer will wear a black sports dress in which its thighs and shoulders are visible. Along with the ladies, Geralt is also planning to alter his appearance by getting a new grooming inclusion.

His Beard and Hairstyle have been changed, and players can also do several more customization to this change. Gamers need to locate the barbers in the land section to avail of the customization option of Geralt, whereas the ladies customization option will appear after activation.

Change the Outfits

Gamers who intend to change the outfits of Yeneffer, Triss, and Ciri should head to the main menu of the game. Gamers need to activate the Alternative Looks DLC from the options of the Main menu. Players need to go to the option of Gameplay and then require to hover to the middle of the appeared list. Players will locate the option of the Alternative Looks DLC, and they need to tap on it.

Once they selected the option of the Alternative Looks DLC, then they will attain access to the customization option. Gamers can alter the outfits of all the characters through this option except Geralt as we have already discussed that its customization settings area available through barber’s land. Thus, players are free to prevail in any customization to these characters.


The article is to feed the gamers about The Alternative Looks DLC in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, the feature appeared 3 years ago, but still, it is becoming an intricate issue for gamers. The game popularity is still emerging just because of its fantastic gameplay experience.

In the end, we hope that this article has served you well, and you have successfully attained all the required information through it. Gamers who haven’t try Witcher 3 can obtain its experience on PCXbox OnePS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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Alex Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Alex has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


HORSE is actually an acronym describing a combination of five poker games:


Omaha Hi/Lo

Razz (Seven card stud low)

Stud (Seven card stud high)

Eight-or-better (Seven card stud high-low)

The background of HORSE

HORSE is one of many popular mixed game variants. In large cash games in brick-and-mortar casinos, the players often agree to play a mix of poker games rather than a single game. This reduces the edge that a single-game specialist has, and emphasizes a player's breadth across multiple versions of poker. Many people feel that HORSE and other mixed games are the best judge of a player's true poker ability. It’s also part of WCOOP, the World Championship of Online Poker, held annually on PokerStars.

Playing HORSE

HORSE is played as one ‘round’ of each of its component games. It begins with Fixed Limit Hold'em, then rotates through Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz (Seven Card Stud Low), Seven Card Stud (High Only), and finally Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. When the Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo round is complete, the game goes back to Fixed Limit Hold'em, and so on. You can tell which game is being dealt by looking at the top border of the table window.

When switching from Omaha Hi/Lo to Razz, the button is frozen. That way, when the game switches back to Hold'em (after Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo), nobody skips blinds, or pays extra blinds.

All the component games in HORSE are played Fixed Limit - there are no Pot Limit or No Limit fun88 games. The limits (such as $5/$10) are kept the same throughout the entire game rotation, and you play $5/$10 Fixed Limit Hold'em, then $5/$10 Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, etc.

JordanT Jan 21 · Tags: games, poker, casinos, fun88
Eva winget

Aquaman 2 starts shooting in the mid-2021 with James Wan returning as the director. DC Extended Universe found the new track in the past 13 months. Aquaman gained box office success by gathering a fantastic crowd last December, while Shazam is 2019’s best-reviewed comic book in Spring. Although it exists separately from DCEU continuity, Joker of Todd Philips is the biggest pop culture event of the year as well.


2020 and 2021 are predicted to be even better performing than 2019 for DC Extended Universe with the directors, including Matt Reeves, James Gunn, planning to work on Batman and Suicide squad. Likewise, Cathy Yan is working on Birds of Prey and Patty Jenkins will be back next year with a new adventure named Wonder Woman. Fans have to wait for the updates of Aquaman 2 as the shooting will begin in mid-2022 and Aquaman 2 will not be shooting before 2021. Jason Momoa  Amber Heard is going to repeat their roles as a new ruler of Atlantis Arthur and Mera. According to Variety, Warner Bros is going to start shooting in Aquaman 2 in 2021. If everything goes according to plan then the movie starring Jason Momoa will go in front of a camera in a year. It will be a long way with rough shooting schedules in mind and hopefully, Warner Bros has a great plan for the Sequel.

It is not at all clear whether James Wan will partake in this movie and execute the producer role like his Conjuring series. It is expected that he may return, but for now, it’s not clear that Warner Bros and DC have signed the deal for James Wan to shoot Aquaman 2.

The production team has decided to start shooting in mid-2021 that provides Wan and the team sufficient space to make changes in the sequel and its extensive visual effects for promotion. This update shows that Wan’s scheduled agenda is for a couple of years. He is presently busy shooting an original horror movie named Malignant.

However, Wan may have to promote Malignant next year, so he has to complete that before returning to Atlantis. Momoa states that the sequel is going to be amazing as the audience is expecting more excitement in the sequel. That may be the reason why Wan has to take time and plan before heading to produce the film. The author, David Leslie, has ended a story for a sequel so Wan is in an excellent position to properly shape the shooting. Waiting for four years nowadays is a lot for a movie, but because of the Aquaman’s popularity, the audience will still be hyped for the sequel.

Howdy, I’m Eva. I’m a web developer living in United States. I am a fan of technology, design, and surfing. I’m also interested in programming and writing. You can read my blog with a click on the button above quicken support.

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99 poker

"Saya 99 poker benar-benar berpikir para desainer yang sebenarnya akan sebesar leher botol sebagai manufaktur. Kami tidak memiliki banyak lembaga penelitian dan basis industri untuk melatih para desainer," katanya.

Departemennya dibiayai sebagian oleh Huawei, raksasa komunikasi dan telekomunikasi China di tengah badai politik internasional.

Pada bulan Mei, AS menambahkan Huawei ke daftar perusahaan yang tidak dapat diperdagangkan oleh perusahaan AS kecuali mereka memiliki lisensi, menyalahkan masalah keamanan.

Banyak pengamat industri khawatir bahwa perang dagang AS-Cina, berisiko terurainya rantai pasokan teknologi global.

Secara khusus, China bergantung pada perusahaan luar negeri untuk chip komputer (atau semikonduktor), perangkat kecil yang digunakan dalam segala hal, mulai dari elektronik konsumen hingga perangkat keras militer.

"Secara politis semuanya dapat digunakan sebagai kekuatan tawar-menawar," kata Yue.

"Jika perusahaan dan negara ini mulai menahan diri dari teknologi maka semua orang akan terluka. Ini tidak baik dari sudut pandang teknologi," kata Yue.

Cina tidak merahasiakan keinginannya untuk menjadi mandiri dalam teknologi. Negara ini adalah importir dan konsumen semikonduktor terbesar di dunia.

Saat ini hanya menghasilkan 16% dari semikonduktor memicu ledakan teknologi.

Tetapi ia memiliki rencana untuk menghasilkan 40% dari semua semikonduktor yang digunakannya pada tahun 2020, dan 70% pada tahun 2025, sebuah rencana ambisius yang dipicu oleh perang dagang dengan AS.

99 poker Nov 19 '19 · Tags: games, news
Game Code

Metro Exodus : The Two Colonels Free Download PC game in a pre-installed direct link. Download the game instantly and play without installing. Metro Exodus  actually and does the franchise stand behind this pretty gameplay sequencethe answers canbe your steam engine for Metro Exodus free Download and discover yet another mystery of titular metro. The reviewed game reminds me of Atomic Heart.


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 Online Casino

Online Casino's popularity is increasing day by day.People are now more interested in the games. You can easily earn money from this platform. But it is more important to find the right company. Because most of the companies are fake or unsecured. Only few of those are real. In this case I suggest you a company called ProperSix. Now you can ask that what make it's different?. ProperSix Casino is more secure than any other online casino in the world. Because it use the latest artificial intelligence blockchain technology which make it more secure than the other casino. It provide it's own token to it's client. Using this token clients can easily play the casino. It supports not only the crypto but also the other currencies like fiat.

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emily Rose

The world of gaming has evolved to the volume that even deciding on a manner to play video games is a difficult selection in itself. As well because the variety of gaming systems, there may be also the value to remember, and you would not get an awful lot exchange from some months worth of loan payments if you were to buy each gaming system and console currently on the market. With the cost of the actual games too, you can literally go broke staying on top of factors if you are a avid gamer. The price of involvement hasn't hindered the improvement of the gaming enterprise even though, that is now extra popular than ever earlier than.

The online competencies of maximum gaming systems and games has been highlighted because the most important purpose for the past predicted boom of the gaming industry. Whilst on line gaming has been round in one shape or any other for a while, it is simplest recently that it has come into its own. From the days of definitely playing 'Pong' with a friend inside the equal room, we now find ourselves in a time where we are able to play games with pictures equivalent to a film, against 20+ humans simultaneously, from everywhere in the world.

Not long ago the dream of on-line gaming turned into a pipe dream, due to the fact at the same time as the computers might have been speedy sufficient to control it, the Internet connections have been generally now not that correct. Today, with the advent of excessive speed connections like Cable and DSL, it's far feasible to play on-line in addition to you would in case you had been physically stressed into the same console as your opponent and within the equal room.

Obviously, the variety and kind of video games available nowadays has also contributed to the boom in on-line gaming. There is something, and more, for anybody, irrespective of their age, tastes and gaming revel in. Gaming companies have diagnosed that there may be critical money to be made from producing high-quality games and are making an investment more time and money into pushing the limits of what may be completed. The better the video games they make, the greater people come to be gamer, the larger the market, and extra reason there's to make an even higher sport next time round - anybody is a winner. Click here

Most of those various video games include a plethora of on-line help from various communities, and the extra popular the game, the greater involved the network turns into. There are many companies accessible which might be committed solely to the amusement and play of a particular recreation. Much like fans of Star Trek were known to have gatherings and such, the net gaming network has been acknowledged to be a totally enthusiastic bunch. In truth, a great many on line gamer without a doubt use this as a networking opportunity, in which they are able to meet others that percentage within the identical desires and pursuits.

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