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All the gamers out there, you all keep our houses all spick and span, right? Then why not your gaming consoles? Have you ever thought of how dirty your gaming console might be? So, just like we clean our house and different appliances from time to time, our gaming consoles also need to be cleaned properly. It is just as essential as any other work! Gamers simply spend hours playing their favorite games with their beloved consoles daily while munching on their favorite snacks. Your sweat, layers of dust particles, and also your favorite munchies get accumulated as dirt on your gaming consoles. However, you must have never realized how much gunk you add to these favorite gadgets of yours! Even if your beloved consoles are built to withstand wear and tear and maybe a bit of gamer rage as well, you should never take dust lightly.

Also, a dirty panel may not seem slightly appealing. However, we do know that getting that console cleaned is a bit tacky and delicate process but don’t worry! We are here for you. So, just get up, put on your gloves and follow these instructions to breathe new life into your gaming consoles.


Set up your space with all the cleaning supplies at hand. Also, do have some dry, rough cloths or paper towels. Even some newspapers also may do the needful. This will help you manage any spills.

Switch off and disconnect the consoles from the wall before starting with the disinfection procedure. Do remember to turn off the sleep mode as it may overheat if the console is covered or woken up accidentally.

Now, begin with dusting your consoles lightly to get rid of the dust and all that loosely layered dirt.

Remember to do this every week to avoid constant accumulation.

Next, get a lint-free cloth and a cleaning solution. Remember,  the solution should be ammonia-free, and try to invest in a good quality microfibre cloth for this purpose. If you don’t have any cleansing solution, don’t worry. You can simply add some liquid soap and water and use this solution as a cleaning solution. This solution will also be equally effective. Be extra cautious while cleaning with the solution, and avoid getting the solution into any of the openings. Also, do remember that the cloth should only be damp and not soaking wet! You can also use wet wipes if you wish to.

Start cleaning from the corners of the consoles and continue doing so until it is all clean. Once you are done and satisfied with your work, grab a clean, dry cloth and wipe the console’s surface.

The buttons are the toughest part! It is quite difficult to clean it with a cloth because of the crevices and nooks and the dirt build-up stuck in there. Now, to clean these buttons, you can use a Q-tip. Dip it in Isopropyl Alcohol and use it to clean all the gunk hidden in those crevices.

Next, you can simply use a brush to dust off the console margins from where they can be opened. Try getting out as much dirt as possible without taking a risk to open it. In case your console has a disk drive, clean inside the drive as well. Remember to be extra cautious and gentle while doing this. You don’t wanna be harsh on your baby, right?

Well, you can’t do anything regarding the scratches, though. But, all that gunk must have gone by now! Now you have your prized possession all spick and span, bright and shiny.

Now that you are done with the cleaning procedure cover your consoles with a dust cover. Invest in a good quality cover if you wish to else a clean, dry towel may also do the needful. This will help your gadget remain squeaky clean as long as possible.

Congratulations, all your hard work is done, and now you can enjoy your near-new console and start gaming with your beloved!

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